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DAMSGÅRDBANEN 2015 First master semester at BAS. Led by Joakim Skajaa, Christian Victor Palmer, Håvard Austvoll, Eva Kun.

Damsgårdbanen is a proposal to create a cable car connecting lower Laksevåg with the hill above. The aim is to create more gathering public space for Laksevåg and promote the city part within Bergen. Damamsgårdbanen is a part of a housing and wood processing coop project designed together with Thomas Nesheim, which is based in the industrial zone in lower Laksevåg. This cable car is connecting sustainable wood industry with free time activity. It takes advantage of the potential energy of the wood, growing on the mountain. The wood would be gently excavated from the forest and used for different purposes on it´s journey down to the factory.


1. After cutting a tree, the trunks will be be stored at small huts around the forest to where they dry and serve as a protection for the hut at the same time. 2. The trunks are sent on ropes down to the main Lodge (also upper station of the cable car) where it is cut to boards and stored again. Here the piles of drying boards are used as a furniture for a small cafe and a kinder garden. 3. These piles of boards are later sent down by the cable car and used as a contra-weight for people coming up. 4. When the wood gets to the lower station (the tower) it is stored again as a furniture for a little cafe, where people wait for the cable car. 5. The wood is sent down by the elevator and it’s weight is again used to bring people up. 6. This pile of boards is finally taken by a fork-lift and taken to the factory.

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