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ART MONASTERY 2009 3rd seclusion work at AAAD and my very first architectural design. Led by Mathias Rick and Markus bader.

ART MONASTERY is a housing system for three artists. Here they would be closed for a period of three months in modest conditions offering them good focus on their creative work. These artists would make an exhibition at the end of this period and the building would be open for the public to enjoy the peace of the garden as well as the exhibition. The building has three modes of use: A: OPENING AND SPECIAL EVENTS Rooms and living-room are closed. Gallery, kitchen and the garden are open for the public. B: EXHIBITION Rooms, living-room and the kitchen are closed. Gallery and the garden are open for the public. C: CREATIVE WORK The gallery is used as a workshop by the artists and the whole building is closed to public.


This parcel is situated in an old forgotten garden in Malá Strana (the oldest part of Prague). The new building is put inside the ruins of the original house. The garden and the ruins won’t be touched and would be left to the forces of nature, just like until today. The facade is made of transparent mirrors to reflect the surrounding vegetation and increase the specific atmosphere. Since it is hidden in the bushes and not seen from the street, it shouldn’t disturbed the historical feeling of Malá Strana.

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