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MNOM / National Museum of Mongolia 2009/10 4th semester project at AAAD. Led by Mathias Rick and Benjamin Foester-baldenius.

THE TASK museum/ info-center about the life of mongolian Nomads located in Ulaanbaatar the building shall have an exhibition about the past, present and future of mongolian traditions, problems and potentials of nomadic life FIRST STEP I have never visited Ulaanbaatar but I tried to get the best possible research about the city. Then I found out that there already exists a museum which is quite successful and at a very nice place just opposite to the mongolian parliament, so I decided to design an extension of this existing museum. EXTENSION My extension was supposed to add exhibition space dedicated to mongolian present and future, workshops, cafe, office, etc. The only space for all of this is on the west side of the building and above the original building, so that was where I designed my esxtension. 106

MUSEUM Then I asked what is museum and what kind of experience should museum provide to its visitor -> It should be the most realistic experience possible. And that is the reality. So the first part of the museum works as a meeting point of native mongolians and visitors. They will meet among horses in a huge hall and then they will together go to see the real mongolia, because the only real way how to experience mongolia is in a horse seddle. WHO WILL GUIDE In suburbs of Ulaanbaatar are hundreds of unemployed people which have just their ger (yurt), few horses and goats. These people could go to the museum and offer their hospitality to foreigners and that would lead the visitors to the best experience possible and the herdes could earn some money

FUTURE The top floor would be dedicated to the future of Mongolia. There would be a big exhibition space, open workshop, cafe, library and lecture room. So it would become a kind of centre of mongolian culture. Foreigners could try to build traditional yurt or try to design their own one from special materials. ROOF On the roof is 4000m2 of real mongolian steppe, the actual home of mongolian nomads. There would be placed typical ger and a herd of goats so the visitor could try to build the ger in real conditions (-40c/+40c) or try to milk goats and to make cheese or fermented milk from it.

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