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Basic idea “The Internet is the first thing that humanity has built that humanity doesn’t understand, the largest experiment in anarchy that we have ever had.” “Media companies don’t control the conversation any more” Rupert Murdoch

No control

Social Media Starfish Facebook, MySpace, Flickr, YouTube,, Twitter, are just a few of the many social networking sites where the active consumer interacts. Add to this all the blogs and forums and you have what former Microsoft technical evangelist Robert Scoble calls “the Social Media Starfish.�

Place for interaction

Attention Brands must learn that social media is a trading game. The users currency is attention. This can be traded for values, information and entertainment, amongst others. But like any other medium format, unless brands learn the game quickly, some will misinterpret such social media with disappointing results as the likely outcome.

Push > Pull

> Participation

Challenge Marketing has not kept up with the radical changes in media. Users often expect more than what they’re offered. While social media offers perfect opportunities, there is a need for Social Glue. Social media users interact to find friendship, and friendship requires that you have something interesting to bring to the conversation, that you show respect, and you don’t spam them. A friend remembers you and what you stand for. Brands must do the same.

Brands must respect

Wisdom of Crowds Social media can be defined as the democratization of information. The users becomes a publisher. This represents a fundamental shift for marketeers: From a broadcast mechanism towards a many-to-many model, rooted in conversations and interactions. This means that the outcome can no longer be dictated. Traditional ways of dealing with the consumer is no longer working.

Users = Broadcasters

Bond People are social beings, they want to communicate, they like to share information and experience and they like to share it with the world. For a better outcome, give your audience credit for their intelligence, invite them in, in short: Bond with your target groups, intrigue them, get them involved. Don’t be shallow. Add value. Show them your love.


How Since there is an information overload, attention is scarce. As a marketeer you’ll need to be creative


Ways -Create a Speaker’s Corner -Offer something meaningful -Don’t be an island -Self criticism and evaluation is a must -Evolve during the project (don’t be afraid to change. the web is an ongoing process) -Stimulate users input -Communicate as a person

Things to take into account

Connect Environment


<> <>

Blogs Facebook Netlog Myspace



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Things to take into account

YouTube Banner PR (articles newspaper) Delicious Distribution

Rules There is no golden rule for captivating online audiences, no magic spell for harnessing user loyalty, making them like you, and persuading them to act as enthusiastic brand advocates. But, just as traditional marketing has spent decades perfecting its operating models and measuring its effectiveness, online marketing must attain maturity by undergoing a methodical process of development.

No magic

Rules -Introduce your brand where it is relevant. -Start by building relations, rethinking the character of your brand and examining how it is perceived within its marketplace. -Carefully consider what your contribution to the community is -Be able to distribute it to the right people, at the right time, and in the right way.

No magic

Guide -Forget about traditional ways of commercial distribution (copyright,..) . -Don’t stick to one form of distribution, send to many -Don’t stick to a website, think blog, Facebook group, or just on the content.

No magic

Key -Outstanding story (funny provocative, subversive, ...) . -Stickiness (fresh and original, never seen before) -Relevant (subtle and entertaining). -Portable (easy to share online and to pass on. F.e. video) -Shareability -Timely -Content (don’t waste time, make sure the point is there) -Depth (Add more layers, don’t be obvious)

No magic


No magic

Getting it out via: -microsites -social networks (also forums) -social media sites -blogs -tagging & bookmarks -personal communication tools (mail etc: still largest)

No magic

Possibilities 1. traditional bannering 2. gifts&goodiebags 3. community 4. guerrilla 5. infomercial and most of all combinations of all the above. Notice: All these things add a personal interest for the user

Hard work

Traditional bannering -Bannering is NOT bad, when done well. We notice that when done right, people write about it -Bannering is NOT a campaign. It only supports a campaign. (Can be a creative link to a site, or a teasing campaign, can be targeted very well.) -For bloggers: Adhese. (they built a strong relation with their bloggers and have their own ‘social network’ (Heroes)) -For sites: the well known channels.

Hard work

vb: Club Med + Enchante: wat: blogger wordt op reis gestuurd, en bericht dagelijks via twitter & flickr respons: hoog. via reacties op twitter, blogposts, interactieve dialoog, hoog PR gehalte (oa Le Soir + De Morgen)

inspiration: respons:

provide something interesting to viewers. it is not necessarily true that people do not read ads. people only read what is interesting to them - and sometimes, it can be an ad.

Gifts&Goodies -2 ways: give or test -used in the right context. when you are giving a box of chocolates it is obvious to give it. when it is about a computer or an expensive mobile, it is better to have them test it. otherwise it can be considered as ‘bribes’ -Let the consumer be your tester: it means valuable information for you, and a user is the best salesperson (wom), the consumer regards this testing as a conversation with the brand.

Hard work

vb: Canon leent 10 camera’s uit aan bloggers: wat: blogger krijgt toestel in leen voor jaar. mag ermee doen wat ie wil. moet teruggeven

respons: hoog. via blogposts, camera mag ook doorgegeven aan anderen

vb: Fox-in-a-box aan blogger: wat: blogger krijgt een fox in a box respons: de positieve review staat op 5 op google. Vlak onder de site van Foxin-a-Box zelf. als lezer ben je geneigd iets van een gebruiker aan te nemen.

Community -use your network -BUILD ONE!! -this means: carefully create a network, and build trust. -communicate with a network fe press releases -works perfect for ‘charity’ -works in combination with the other ways. -remember: what does the consumer get in return?

Hard work

vb: Sensoa doet oproep aan bloggers: wat: een gewone pers-release naar bloggers respons: heel grote respons, gezien het de eerste keer was. echter indien sensoa niet bouwt aan een ‘relatie’ met bloggers zijn ze dit volgende keer kwijt.

vb: Mortierbrigade zent press-release uit: wat: een gewone pers-release respons: heel slecht: de tone of voice van de mail zat volledig fout. teveel uit de hoogte.

Guerrilla -play on curiosity -be careful not to go too far: breaking into people’s privacy is often not enjoyed. especially as a brand. people don’t like stalkers.

Hard work

vb: Telenet: wat: bloggers kregen een bekeuring + autootje met hints die verwezen naar snelheidsverhoging van Telenet, wie hint doorhad en oplossing postte kreeg videocamera respons: redelijk miniem vooral doordat de tips te evident waren

vb: The Real Ray: wat: op de stoep van bloggers werden er ‘real ray’s’ getagged respons: veel respons, ook negatieve van bloggers die het niet leuke vonden.

Infomercial -Buys space on blogs like ‘sponsored article’ -Don’t! Buy ads! Same story as in magazine; people don’t trust it. It does more bad than good. Better be a sponsor of a site than buying articles -Wanna know more: read: sponsored-post.html


Hard work

Trigger An advertising concept, in order to work in a viral perspective, needs to add value to the user’s perspective. This value can be explained in something entertaining, in something educational or in something rewarding

Thus: contests, games, information, rewards, something the user ‘wants’ Doesn’t equal: buy off.

Think as a user

Problem with commercialized spaces Facebook and Netlog are becoming networks invaded by brands. They’re burning up.

Because people don’t want ‘pushed’ information. Which apps/brands work on both platforms? Those the users finds useful/entertaining. Why?

Think as a user

Remember Everything starts with a good campaign.

vb: Hรถrseltest wat: een site voor het rode kruis ( respons: heel snel doorgestuurd wereldwijd, ook al zijn de tools van de site miniem.

vb: The Girl Effect wat: een site die vrouwen empowered ( respons: heel snel doorgestuurd wereldwijd, vooral via YouTube en bloggers

vb: Sony Bravia wat: een video voor de nieuwe Bravia Colors respons: heel snel doorgestuurd wereldwijd, vooral via YouTube en bloggers, zo hip dat iedereen wacht op de volgende

vb: Electrabrol (door greenpeace) wat: een video over Electrabel ( respons: heel snel doorgestuurd wereldwijd, vooral via YouTube en bloggers, zo hip dat iedereen wacht op de volgende

Consumer generated:

. Where the hell is Matt? . Guiness . Mentos

vb: Where the hell is Matt? wat: Matt reist rond de wereld en danst. Een kauwgum merk nodigt hem uit het nog eens te doen, zij sponsoren. Zijn filmpje eindigt nu met het merk

respons: op YouTube heeft de 2008 versie op 1 maand tijd 8,738,632 views.

vb: Mentosfonteinen wat: een grappig videootje over Mentosfonteinen respons: groot, iedereen begon het te imiteren (zie youtube), ook op letterman (t

vb: Guiness wat: een controversieel videootje over Guiness respons: op heel veel sites te zien. Guiness is niet content (maar zal intussen toch geprofiteerd hebben van de media aandacht)


vb: Gsm popcorn wat: een videootje dat toonde hoe mensen met gsm’s popcorn lieten ‘poppen’ respons: talloze mensen die het zelf probeerden, en in België probeerde men het life op StuBru. Uiteindelijk bleek het reclame voor bluetooth-oortjes

Reach “Context is irrelevant. Remember that behavioral targeting is about reaching groups of people with similar interests, not pages containing specific content“

No magic

No key to success Predicting and planning these viral attempts is extremely hard, if not impossible, even for experienced practitioners. As appealing as the viral model of marketing seems in theory, its practical implementation is greatly complicated by its low rate of success. Such social epidemics are in fact rare.

No magic

No key to success Improve rate to success: -Send to a huge amount of people -Contact influencers -Optimize a campaign’s shareability and a larger amount of people will be reached.

No magic

No magic

No magic

Conclusion Marketing today is not about saying ‘hello’ and making an offer as if it was the turn of the 20th century. It is about enabling customers to never have to say goodbye. Success will hinge on how well you are connected with your customers. Will you always be on for them?

See you again

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