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Publisher’s Letter

I Believe in America I believe we are blessed by the Creator to live in a nation where freedom has been granted to each of us, that our freedom was purchased by the sacrifice of patriotic citizens who gave their lives and risked their fortunes for the common good. Where the Founding Fathers were gifted with insight and wisdom to assemble a form of government for the people and ruled by the people, who elect representatives dedicated to protecting our rights. That we should never have to fear our government, nor have our rights diminished by the actions of our government, nor have our lives controlled by the government. America has provided the people with the opportunity to achieve prosperity by the labor of their hands and the creativity of their minds through the benefits of our free enterprise system. We are entitled to live in peace, worship our God of our own free will and to pursue happiness, with the understanding that we are responsible for our own welfare.

by Dan Weber President & Founder, Association of Mature American Citizens

I am proud to say I am an American and I love this country. I pledge to do my part to protect our nation and our way of life for the benefit of our children and for future generations. God Bless America.

Dan Weber, Publisher

This issue is dedicated to the memory of Frank Buchwalder, our beloved co-worker and friend, whose creative vision helped AMAC fi nd its footing and eventual success. Frank was a true American Patriot whose love of Country lives on in his work. Frank touched our lives, and will stay in our hearts forever. October 30, 1970 - September 25, 2014

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DECENBER 2014 • VOL. 8 - NO. 5

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Speaking Your Mind

Sound Off

“sound off” at www.amac.us

Americans are speaking out on AMAC’s website. Please visit www.amac.us to give us your views and to read what others are saying! What Happens After Election Day

Jerry says: Well, the Republican Party got the result they say they wanted. The question now is will they have the tenacity to step up and undo the damage that the current Executive Branch (along with accomplices in both houses & Supreme Court) has been doing. Will the new majority by able or willing to restore our representative republic to a state closer to the amazing system of self-governance the founders of this great nation envisioned, or will the progressive Republicans persevere and merely slow down the deterioration of our freedom and liberty?

James Clement says: I would love to see the new Congress perform the oversight responsibility that they have and put a leash on the overly aggressive bureaucrats that are strangling the industries and individual entrepreneurs that are needed to spur the kind of growth that made this country great. In spite of what Hillary Clinton says, we DO need companies and corporations (and entrepreneurs) to create jobs for the millions of Americans sitting on the sidelines collecting whatever assistance they can get.

DBM says: The Republicans have only won a skirmish, not a course changing battle, and certainly not the war. Obama will be prolific with executive orders since he doesn’t have the faintest idea how to work in a bipartisan way. When Reagan was president he put together a bipartisan group of congressmen to address the budget issues. Tip O’Neill was on that committee. They came back with an agreement that included something Reagan was dead set against, increasing the tax on social security income. But a compromise had been reached, it passed both houses of Congress, and Reagan signed it. Contrast that with Obama’s “super committee” that he sent off to address the budget issues with the message that, if it didn’t include increased taxes on the rich, he would veto it.

The Country is on the Wrong Path to Economic Recovery

Lincoln Sorensen says… Yes, both parties are responsible for the demise of this once-great country. Corruption can be located by following

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the money. Ban lobbying and campaign funding, and install term limits. Why do we have term limits for governors and the president but not congresspersons and judges?

Joe K says… I am not a mathematician, but I can’t help wondering how the unemployment number keeps dropping, when the MONTHLY new jobs report averages 200,000 to 250,000 but the WEEKLY unemployment report averages 300,000 to 350,000 ( that’s 1.2 to 1.4 MILLION ) jobs lost each month. Why am I so confused???

AMAC Member Discounts Continue to Grow

Yvonne M. Hunziker says Thank you, I am so pleased with your roadside assistance program. The other day I locked my keys in the trunk and they came out within 40 minutes, and I didn’t have to pay anything or deal with filing any paperwork. I am just very well pleased with that. Thank you!

Ruth Carver says I am so happy to be a member of this great organization. I appreciate the prescription card more and more every day. One of my hubby’s BP meds took an enormous jump in the past 30 days, from $20.00 to $182.29. They said normal cost was $265.00? Yes I question that, totally ridiculous! Thanks to your card, we paid something we could actually afford.

Separation of Church and State

Brenda Lae says: I write in response to the Sound Off item that stated the US Constitution cites the “separation of Church and State.” This alltoo-common belief is incorrect. The phrase was lifted from a personal letter Thos. Jefferson wrote to the Danbury Baptist Assoc., calming their fears that Congress was not in the process of choosing any one single Christian denomination to be the “state” denomination, as was the case of the Anglican Church in England and VA. This letter reassured the Baptists that the government’s hands were tied from interfering with, or in any way controlling, the affairs or decisions of the churches in America. This letter was written 13 years AFTER the First Amendment.

Richard Welty says: I, for one, believe that God should be included in the public square. I too believe in the U.S. Constitution, but I do not read any provision that guarantees the separation of church and state. There is the provision dealing with the fact that a state cannot sponsor a religion (this was a problem back when, i.e. Church of England), but there is no mention of a separation of church and state. That concept arose from a letter Thomas Jefferson wrote to a minister. Because that wording was slipped into a decision of the U.S. Supreme Court, everyone thinks it is a part of the Constitution. It is not, as evidenced by the fact that Congress has had its chaplain from day one, and each day they are in session the Congress is opened with a prayer.

Obamaphones: Corporate Welfare Gone Mobile

Janet says: Those truly in need, as a practically lifesaving measure, deserve help in such things as being able to call for assistance but the way this program is run, the phone service is not limited to those in need. In addition, it is used as a commodity for barter or sale, and is misused by the providers. This program should be abolished as a foolhardy mass give-away. Instead, those with verifiable needs should be dealt with on an individual, controlled basis.

Bob Weete says: I do not see cell phones as a life necessity, period. Want a phone? Get a job, and buy your own, like I have to!

Paul E says: This is OLD news. This program has been around for years and was highlighted prominently leading up to the 2012 elections. As long as Democrats are in charge, this program isn’t going anywhere, as it helps buy them votes. Does no one remember the YouTube video of the woman screaming about how Obama gave her a free phone?

DON’T BUY SURVIVAL FOOD... UNTIL YOU READ THIS! Bad news... There are some people out there who think folks like you and me are a bit “odd”. They think having a stockpile ready for a disaster is something they can put off for “someday” or “never”. But those people are just hiding their heads in the sand. They are dead wrong – and you are dead right. You’ve seen the evidence and you know the situation is way too serious not to do something about it. When a crisis hits, you’ll be ready. You’ll make darn sure your family won’t go hungry. The fact is, if you don’t take action or if you stockpile the wrong foods, you could be setting your family up to starve. It sounds harsh, but the truth is too many people with good intentions are making critical mistakes with their food stockpiles.

Protect your family in a crisis with 25-year shelf life survival food from getfood65.com

Don’t Make Mistakes Like... 1. Buying MREs (meals ready to eat) with a 5 year shelf life (depending on where you buy them, they could be nearly expired)...

2. Getting gross survival foods that taste terrible and are so high in salt, MSG and preservatives you could clog your arteries and get yourself sick...

3. Or simply buying the wrong foods and leaving a critical hole in your meal plan, which means your family can become malnourished...

Well, I decided to stop worrying. Obviously, waiting for the government to give me a hand-out in a disaster just wasn’t an option for me. And I was completely turned off by the crazy prices of survival food sold by most stores. So I got in touch with my buddy Frank Bates and put my order in for his Food4Patriots survival food kits. This Is Frank’s New Line Of Survival Food: Food4Patriots is an incredible value. This high quality survival food is without any fillers or poor-quality “franken-food” that the other guys use to pad their survival meals. They are made and packaged right here in the U.S.A. You won’t believe the prices on these kits – a fraction of the price that other brands charge.

There’s no fancy packaging, it’s military-grade sturdy stuff and can stand up to the crazy things that happen in a crisis. This food has a shelf life of up to 25 years, so you have complete peace of mind for the long term. And he’s using the most compact kits so you can store them anywhere in your home without any extra hassle. They’re sturdy, waterproof and stack easily. And extremely covert too.

You can make these meals in less than 20 minutes; just add boiling water, simmer, and serve. I tried ‘em and I think they taste as good or better than any other survival food I’ve EVER had. And you get a whole slew of choices for breakfast, lunch and dinner so you don’t get stuck eating the same thing day-in and day-out.

Frank has come up with some impressive FREE bonuses that are ONLY available to folks who purchase one of his kits on a first-come, first-served basis. For example, my 3-month kit came with 5,400+ heirloom survival seeds, 4 hard copy books, an 11-in-1 survival tool, and some other cool stuff.

I want to make sure you don’t miss out on this because this is the #1 item to hoard today. Here’s why... If you don’t take action to get your food stockpile right now, you’ll be in the same boat as the brainwashed masses who think “everything is fine.” And if a crisis hits and your family asks, “What are we going to eat?” your mouth will go dry and you’ll feel powerless. But what if you decide right now to secure your food stockpile instead? Just imagine how much better you’ll feel right away. And if a crisis hits and your family asks, “What are we going to eat?” you’ll calmly reassure them that they’re safe and they will have plenty to eat. Listen, I can’t predict the future. I don’t know exactly when or how a crisis will hit. But from everything I see, it could be soon and it could be a big one. That’s why I really want you to get the same peace of mind that I do. P.S. Got a call from Frank and you’ll never believe who just tried to buy up his entire supply of food! You’ll be shocked!


Attention All Medicare Beneficiaries… AMAC Offers More Choices! Get the answers you need from the people you trust. • Competitive rates for Medicare Supplement plans • Medicare Advantage plans • Prescription Drug plans • Dental • Vision

Call Amac Senior Resources Network

1-800-334-9330 You will be connected with one of AMAC’s trusted Licensed Insurance Agents. Available Monday through Friday, between the hours of 9 AM and 7 PM EST.


Your Medicare Advisor

Do You Qualify for Help On Your Medicare Costs? A few months ago AMAC sent out a newsletter containing some brief but valuable information regarding extra help to pay for drug costs. Due to the tremendous response we have had from our members requesting more information on help with drug and other Medicare costs, we have put together some information for you to determine if you qualify for extra help. PACE (Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly): A Medicare and Medicaid program that helps people meet their health care needs in the community instead of going to a nursing home or other health care facility. A high level of coordinated care is provided. Different levels of coverage are available depending on your individual situation. Currently 31 states offer the PACE program. To apply, contact your state Medicaid office. Eligibility: For Medicare and/or Medicaid eligible individuals 55 or older ■ Live in the service area of a PACE organization certified by the state to need a nursing home level of care ■ Be able to live safely in the community with help from PACE ■

Extra Help for Medicare Part D - also called Low Income Subsidy (LIS): Many people qualify and don’t even know it. To be eligible you must be receiving Medicare benefits and live in one of the 50 states or DC. In 2015, drug costs for most people who qualify are no more than $2.65 for each generic drugs and $6.60 for each brand-name covered drug. Others pay only a portion of their Medicare drug plan premiums and deductibles based on their income level. Once your application is approved you must choose a Medicare Prescription Drug Plan in order to start receiving benefits. If you do not select a plan, Medicare will do so for you. If you do not qualify for extra help, you may be eligible for a Special Election Period to enroll into a Prescription Drug Plan.

by Diana Wisniewski

Income and Resource Requirements (2014 amounts): Single person: Up to $17,505 annual income and up to $13,440 in resources Married couple liv ing toget her: Up to $23,595 a nnua l income and up to $26,860 in resources Even if your income is higher, you may still be able to get some help. Alaska and Hawaii may have higher limits. Resources that will count towards eligibility: Money in checking or savings accounts, Stocks and Bonds. Contact Social Security to apply at 1–800–772– 1213 or go online at www.socialsecurity. gov/extrahelp. Medicare Savings Programs: These are state-run programs designed to help with other Medicare costs. You can apply for a Medicare Savings Program at the same time that you apply for Extra Help (LIS). These programs assist with Medicare Part B premiums, Part A and B deductibles, co-insurance and co-payments. If you are not eligible for premium free Medicare Part A, a Medicare Savings Program may also help pay for that premium. There are four levels of coverage depending on your individual situation. Call your state Medicaid office to apply. State Pharmaceutical Assistance Programs (SPAPs): State administered programs that help people on Medicare

with limited income and resources with their prescription drug costs. Most SPAPs work with Part D plans, and “wrap around,” or fi ll in the coverage gaps of Part D coverage, such as paying for drugs not covered by the plan. Each state’s SPAP plan is different and may go by a different name. SPAPs are available in 21 different states and the US Virgin Islands. To fi nd out if there is an SPAP in your state, please visit our website, amac.us/medicare/toolbox. Pharmaceutical Assistance Programs/Patient Assistance Programs (PAPs): PAPs are private programs offered by drug companies, and like SPAPs, help people with limited incomes pay for their prescription drugs. However, some do not help those who already have insurance or who already get prescription assistance. To fi nd out if there is a PAP for any of the medications you are taking, go to www.medicare.gov/pharmaceuticalassistance-program/Index.aspx or call 1-800-MEDICARE. ★

Call AMAC’s Medicare Department at 800–334–9330 to speak to one of our Trusted, Licensed Insurance Agents

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Simply Jedediah

The Midterms Are Over - Now What? Now that Republicans have celebrated a strong midterm election victory, many are asking, “What’s next?” What should they be doing? Where should the focus be?


ow do Republicans turn a 2014 midterm victory into a 2016 presidential victory? I have some suggestions.

❖ Be the party of solutions. Many are disheartened with Democrats, but they’re also not confident that the GOP will do much better. The first step should include crafting clean legislation that the public will support and the President will have a hard time rejecting. A clean border security bill, a clean Keystone pipeline bill, and a clean repeal of Obamacare’s medical device tax would be very hard for the President to reject. That’s not to say he wouldn’t, but moving such bills forward would give the public an immediate sense that you are ready to get practical things done. Remember that according to many exit polls, the economy and health care are top priorities for many Americans. ❖ Unite. Party unity will be essential, particularly when it comes to a budget and immigration. You must find a way to come

by Jedediah Bila 10 | www.amac.us

together on these issues. Easier said than done, but a necessity.

❖ Everything you do needs to be articulated well to the public. People won’t know what you’re busy working on unless you tell them. And sticking the information on a website that’s poorly marketed won’t cut it. Get out there - on television, in particular - informing the public of your pro-growth efforts every step of the way. If President Obama rejects them, explain that too. ❖ If the President goes the executive order route, be prepared to counter his justification for that. Do it quickly and efficiently in all mediums. ❖ You should have already hired a messaging team for 2016 - charismatic, passionate, articulate people who can hop on TV to defend or refute claims with respect to the GOP agenda and future candidate. If you haven’t done so already, do it now. And how about that outreach to liberal-leaning college campus groups? Either you want to change hearts and minds or you don’t. Up to you. ❖ When it comes to the tone and delivery of your policy and message, the public craves two things: leadership and efficiency. If you oppose an Obamaproposed solution, be prepared with a well-formulated alternative. Fighting Obamacare is a waste of time unless you are prepared to say, “And here’s what we have come up with that will work much better.”

❖ Stop repeating past mistakes. When it comes to a 2016 candidate, don’t ignore the lessons of 2008 and 2012. Charisma matters. Speaking conservatism like it’s a second language is a problem. Being able to connect with an audience and strike the right tone in a debate is crucial. If you can’t get your own base excited to vote for you, you’re not winning over anyone new. A bold and engaging defense of principles is a necessity. There’s a start. If the GOP is on point, Hillary Clinton (assuming she runs) should not be hard to beat. She makes a lot of verbal blunders, has a hard time connecting with the left-wing base, is not a charismatic leader, and was part of an administration that made a lot of mistakes. The right GOP candidate, with a solid messaging team and surrounding infrastructure, should not have a hard time defeating her. Period. We’ll be watching.★ Jedediah Bila is co-host of “Outnumbered” on Fox News at 12pm ET. She is an author, columnist, and Fox News Contributor. Follow Jedediah on Twitter: twitter.com/JedediahBila

The most affordable mobile medical alert works anywhere, even in the shower. While most medical alert devices don’t work outside your home, the new GreatCall® Splash is powered by the nation’s most dependable wireless network, so it works wherever you need it. And, with its waterproof design, you can even take it with you in the shower. In any emergency, just press the button to speak immediately with a 5Star ® Medical Alert Agent, 24/7. The Agent will confirm your location using patented GPS technology, evaluate your situation and get you the help you need. At only $1499 per month, 5Star Medical Alert Service on the Splash saves you over $200 per year in monthly fees compared to other medical alert services, making it the most affordable on the market. TM

Select a GreatCall GoPlan and get 5Star Medical Alert Service plus unlimited access to nurses and TM doctors. You’ll also get the GreatCall Link app, free. Link connects you to your family and friends so they can stay updated about your health and safety, while you maintain your independence. Service starts at

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Gift set offer applies to new lines of service only, while supplies last. Offer ends 1/8/15. Gift set will arrive in 10-14 business days upon activation. $200 savings calculation was determined by averaging the PERS market leaders’ monthly fees (not all the PERS have the same features). 5Star service is available with the purchase of the GreatCall Splash and a one-time set-up fee of $35. Valid credit or debit card required for monthly service. Urgent Care, with FONEMED,® is not a substitute for dialing 9-1-1 and should not be used in a case of emergency. FONEMED’s registered nurses and contracted physicians through MDLIVE, offer advice regarding health care decisions, may prescribe certain medications and make diagnoses. We are not liable for any act or omission, including negligence, of any FONEMED employee or contractor. The GreatCall Splash is rated IPX7, and can be submerged in up to 3 feet of water for up to 30 minutes. GreatCall is not a health care provider and does not provide health care services. Seek the advice of your physician if you have any questions about medical treatment. 5Star or 9-1-1 calls can only be made when cellular service is available. 5Star service will be able to track an approximate location when your device is turned on, but we cannot guarantee an exact location. Monthly service fee does not include government taxes or assessment surcharges. Prices and fees are subject to change. GreatCall,® 5Star,® GreatCall GoPlanTM and GreatCall LinkTM are trademarks of GreatCall, Inc. registered and/or pending in the United States and other countries. Copyright ©2014 GreatCall, Inc. ®


Did You Know? Protect Yourself Against Investment Fraud Investing your money is a popular topic, especially when measured by the number of solicitations most of us receive regularly from people who want to offer investment opportunities. And seniors seem to get more than their share of offers; in fact, Americans 65 and older are more likely to be targeted with these offers than the younger population.

artist, to setting your own pace in the decision-making process, the Guide is a handbook designed specifically for seniors. To order a copy of this Guide online, visit Publications.USA.gov and enter the term USSEC in the “Enter Search Text” field, click the “Search” button, and scroll down to locate the Guide. While you’re on the website, you might want to check a few of the other helpful documents!

31,000 of those were fatal. Obrella, an insurance and analysis agency, recently released a report citing the 10 safest states for drivers. New England is the safest part of the country to drive in; however, if you live in the South, better make sure your car insurance is paid up as southern states scored low on the list. The states were ranked based on the fatality rate per 100,000 licensed drivers. The source of the data was the 2012 National Highway Traffic Safety Administration report.

12-Year-Old Invents a Robot That Could Help End Malaria

Don’t let the fact that an estimated 80% of these offers carry the potential for fraud scare you from making an intelligent decision on where to invest your hard-earned cash. You can logically navigate your way through the obstacles by following some basic “rules of the road” in weighing investment advice. To assist you in this process, the Securities and Exchange Commission’s Office of Investor Education and Advocacy has made available a helpful document titled “A Guide for Seniors: Protect Yourself Against Investment Fraud.” The SEC document identifies steps you can take to insulate yourself from many of the tactics scam artists use to push a fraudulent investment product on the unsuspecting public. From asking questions and then verifying the answers, to avoiding the tendency to succumbing to the charms of a con

12 | www.amac.us

David Cohen, a 12-year-old from Dallas, has invented a robot that drowns mosquitos by using a system of super-powered pumps and mesh to trap mosquitoes underwater. He is among the top ten finalists of the Discovery Education 3M Young Scientist Challenge. His project was submitted after working with mentor Delony Langer-Anderson, a specialist in new product development at the Consumer Healthcare Division of the 3M program. Malaria, a mosquito-borne illness, kills roughly 627,000 people each year, predominantly in developing regions of sub-Saharan Africa. Cohen said he got the idea for the project after his own family was affected by the dangerous pests. His sister suffered from a serious staph infection after scratching a mosquito bite. She experienced severe pain, difficulty walking and required a couple of weeks to heal with heavy antibiotics. While it remains to be seen if Cohen’s work will actually help to decrease the amount of malaria cases each year, the fact that he is trying at such a young age is truly commendable.

The 10 Safest States for Drivers With Americans logging more than 3 trillion miles a year, the risk of being involved in an auto accident is pretty high. In 2012, there were more than 5.6 million reported crashes, and almost

Here’s how the states stacked up in the report. 10. California With 24,201,000 licensed drivers, California has 2,857 fatalities or a fatality rate of 11.81 per 100,000. California had three times as many licensed drivers as the #9 state and more drivers than any state in the country. 9. Illinois A mere couple tenths of a percentage point behind California, Illinois has 8,236,000 registered drivers, but a fatality rate of 11.61. 8. Alaska The total number of drivers in Alaska is the lowest of the states in the top 10 at only 526,000, but they had 59 fatalities and an 11.21 fatality rate. 7. New York As the number 2 state in the country based on the number of drivers – 11,249,000 – New York had only 1,168 fatalities with a fatality rate of 10.38. 6. New Hampshire While New Hampshire had one of the lower number of total fatalities at 103, the state only has 1,065,000 licensed drivers, giving it a 10.14 fatality rate. 5. New Jersey There were a total of 589 fatalities in New Jersey, which has 6,040,000 licensed drivers and a fatality rate of

9.75. 4. Connecticut The state has 2,486,000 licensed drivers and a fatality rate of 9.49. There were 236 fatal accidents. 3. Rhode Island Rhode Island has the second lowest number of fatalities in the top 10 – 64, but an 8.54 fatality rate for its 750,000 registered drivers. 2. Washington The only other west coast state in the top 10, Washington had 444 fatalities or a fatality rate of 8.49. It has over 5.2 million licensed drivers. 1. Massachusetts While Massachusetts has the lowest fatality rate at 7.37, it didn’t have the lowest number of fatalities – Alaska holds that honor. The state has 4,734,000 licensed drivers. And the state with the highest fatality rate? North Dakota at 33.81 per 100,000 drivers. The state only has 503,000 licensed drivers, but it had 170 fatal crashes.

Laugh it Up Have yourself a good laugh when you feel stressed, particularly as you grow older. Laughter is a well-known stress reducer and now investigators have found that it may minimize those senior moments. A good chuckle appears to reduce levels of cortisol, the so-called “stress hormone,” researchers at Loma Linda University in California have found. They tested three groups of seniors and found that those in two groups who yucked it up while watching a

funny video had significantly reduced levels of cortisol when the film ended. They also scored higher in post-trial memory assessments than those in the third group who didn’t watch the video and, apparently, were not amused. Dr. Lee Burk, who co-authored the study, explained that “humor reduces detrimental stress hormones like cortisol that decrease memory hippocampal neurons, lowers your blood pressure, and increases blood flow and your mood state. The act of laughter - or simply enjoying some humor - increases the release of endorphins and dopamine in the brain, which provides a sense of pleasure and reward.”

Wash Your Fruit and Veggies in Vinegar Washing your fruits and veggies in white vinegar removes waxes, film, pesticides, dirt, and mold particles, resulting in clean, pretty produce that doesn’t go bad as quickly. Clean your sink, fill it with water, and add 1 cup of vinegar. Once your sink is ready, add your fresh groceries and let sit for 10-15 minutes. Then rinse, let dry, and place in fridge.

More Seniors Choosing the Hustle of City Life Statisticians report that baby boomers are turning 65 years of age at a rate of 10,000 a day and that by the year 2030, 20% of the U.S. population will be 65 or older. While traditionally the elderly among us opt to spend their golden years amid the serenity and bucolic beauty of rural communities, many older Americans these days are deciding to live in big cities. For example, the over-60 population in New York City is projected to increase by 35% in the next 15 years. For one thing, being old is not what it used to be. Age does not determine a person’s ability to get around anymore, thanks to medical advances and the modern focus on healthier lifestyles. Meanwhile, cities offer a variety of amenities that are not readily available in the country: affordable public transportation, grocery stores, major hospitals, pharmacies and restaurants that offer free deliveries. And don’t forget cities have treats such as bagels and street corner hot dog stands! ★

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Your Insurance Advisor

Fire Prevention: The hottest ways to protect your home from fire am came home from work one day to find his house on fire. The cause? An extension cord under a bed had frayed and sparked a blaze, causing widespread damage throughout his home. After he and his family recovered from the shock of what had happened, they rebuilt their home. While some accidents can’t be prevented, there are things that can put your home at higher risk for fire. Using claims data, the Travelers team developed a list of some of the most common causes of firerelated losses as well as some things you can do to help prevent them.


Carelessness in the kitchen can lead to a house fire.

Faulty wiring, cords and outlets are one of the top causes of house fires.

Clothes dryers are another common source of house fires.

Using the example above, Sam may have averted the fi re if he had checked the electrical cords in his home for signs of fraying. Be careful not to pinch or cover electrical cords with items such as rugs, which can cause fraying. Also, if you must use an extension cord, make sure that it its amperage rating is sufficient for the electrical appliances plugged into it. If you have questions about your home’s electrical system, consult a licensed electrician, who can explain the capacity of your system.

Make sure you clean out the dryer vent regularly, and clean out the lint fi lter after each load. Lint may also collect under and behind your dryer, so do not forget to clean these areas.

You should also understand the difference between surge protectors and power strips; both allow you to plug in multiple electronic devices, but only the surge protector will help protect these devices from a power spike. Use surge protectors to protect valuable electronic devices, such as computers and televisions.

your Insurance Advisor

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Never leave pots or pans unattended on your stove, where cooking hazards might occur. You should have a Class K rated kitchen fi re extinguisher readily available and know how to use it. Keep your stove and oven clean so that food splatter or grease doesn’t ignite later when the stove or oven is turned on for cooking. And not all kitchen hazards are relating to cooking. Make sure you unplug small appliances when not in use.

Alternative heating sources have the potential to create a fi re hazard. Avoid using an older space heater, as it may not have adequate safety features compared to newer units. W hen purchasing a new space heater, ensure it is UL Listed and pay attention to the safety features. Do not place a space heater near furniture, curtains or other objects that could easily catch fi re.

Dirty chimneys also pose a fire hazard. Have your chimney inspected annually by a Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA)-certified chimney sweep. Have a professional clean and repair the chimney as needed, especially before the cold months, when you will be using it frequently. Use seasoned wood only; never burn green or damp wood. Burning cardboard boxes, wrapping paper, trash or trees in your fi replace creates chemicals that can accumulate in your chimney, which can over time increase the likelihood of a chimney fi re. If a fire does f lare up, your safety should always come fi rst. If you have a fi re extinguisher but are unsure about whether it is safe to fight the fi re, leave the scene, call 911 for help, and let the fi re department control the fi re. For more tips on ways to protect your home, v isit travelers.com/ amacadvantage. Travelers can help protect your home with insurance to suit your needs with a savings advantage for AMAC members. Request a free, no-obligation quote by calling, toll free, at 1-888-892-1234.



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Social Security

Congress Must Act on Social Security in 2015 They have no choice. “Neither Medicare nor Social Security can sustain projected long-run program costs in full under currently scheduled financing, and legislative changes are necessary to avoid disruptive consequences for beneficiaries and taxpayers.” “While legislation is needed to address all of Social Security’s financial imbalances, the need has become most urgent with respect to the program’s disability insurance component. Lawmakers need to act soon to avoid automatic reductions in payments to DI beneficiaries in late 2016.” Trustees Annual Report 2014 So, despite the third rail aspect and the political wariness on this issue, the Congress must act in 2015, or those fourteen million Americans receiving disability payments will suffer major cuts in their benefit checks. Keep in mind that the cuts will be mandated in 2016, an election year. And we know that will not be allowed to happen. There are two separate Trusts that fund Social Security. The Disability Trust runs out of money in 2016.

by Dan Weber

16 | www.amac.us

The most likely scenario is for Congress to pass legislation combining the Federal Old-Age and Survivors Insurance Trust with the Federal Disability Insurance Trust. It is a simple fix and should carry both plans for up to 18 years. But it will be just another ‘kicking the can down the road’ way of solving a difficult problem that will ultimately have to be addressed. For, as the Trustees Report goes on to say, the longer the wait, the harder the consequences will be. For example, while a 2% increase in the Social Security tax will keep it solvent if put into law now, waiting another 17 years will require a 4% tax increase to keep the funds solvent. The pay me now or pay me later corollary applies here, but with a severe price to pay if we wait. And raising taxes hurts; it especially hurts our young people. Consider that when I was first starting to work in New York as a youngster, my pay had a total of 2% taken out for Social Security. The employer had to match that so 4% of my potential income was taken from me before income taxes. Since I had started a landscaping business I had to pay both the employee’s share and the employer’s share. Today, the Social Security tax is 6.2%. Add in the employer’s forced

matching contribution, and the result is a total of 12.4% of their potential income lost. Now we have Medicare, so we have to add in the combined tax of 2.9% for Medicare and the result is 15.3% of potential pay taken out of their earnings. But we are not finished yet. When I started working there was no sales tax in New York; today it is over 7% depending on your county. Add that in and you realize that more than 22% of a worker’s effective pay is taken from them before income taxes! I paid 4%; today young people pay 22% before income taxes. The Congress should not raise taxes, but should take a common sense approach similar to AMAC’s Social Security Guarantee, which increases benefits for low income retirees while allowing all workers to accumulate more money voluntarily. This can be done without raising taxes. Since there has to be Social Security legislation passed in 2015, I urge Congress to break their gridlock, work together, and finally solve this problem for generations to come. ★


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Medical Breakthroughs

Paralyzed Man Walks Again After Groundbreaking Spinal Treatment The same cells that give Darek Fidyka his sense of smell are also helping him walk again.


he Bulgarian man, who was paralyzed after a knife attack in 2010, can walk after doctors in Poland transplanted nerve cells from his nose into his severed spinal cord. The successful operation was the first of its kind for regenerative medicine according to research published in the journal “Cell Transplantation.” Our sense of smell is due to a pair of nerve cell bundles called olfactory bulbs, which reside on the underside of our brains behind our eyes. These structures not only help us smell, but they’re one of the few known parts of the nervous system that regenerates throughout life. Doctors removed one of Fidyka’s olfactory bulbs in an operation two years ago. They took olfactory ensheathing cells from the bulb, and grew these regenerating cells in a petri dish. After two weeks, doctors injected the nose cells into the spinal cord. Doctors also transplanted four strips of Fidyka’s ankle nerve fibers to bridge the 8-millimeter gap in his severed spine, and allow a path for the cells to grow. Three months after the surgery, Fidyka's thigh muscle began to grow and three months after that he started to walk with leg braces and the help of a physiotherapist, the researchers reported. Professor Geoffrey Raisman, whose team at University College London performed the technique, explained in an interview with CNN how his idea had developed. "The problem with spinal injury is that nerve fibers are severed by the injury so that impulses that carry movement - the desire for movement down from the brain to the body are cut off. Impulses carrying sensations up from the body to the brain are cut off," he said. "So, my idea, which I followed for many years, is that the nervous system is actually capable of repairing itself; the cut nerve fibers are capable of growing back - but they lack a pathway to cross the injury. The underlying idea is 'can we get something out of an area where repair works and transfer it into an area where repair doesn't work and will it then cause a repair?’ What you have to do is put a bridge across the injury. Exactly the same applies to the spinal cord; the nerve fibers which have been cut are trying to grow, they're trying to find their way across. They can't get across because there's a damage, there's scarring on either side, there are road barriers up. What we have to do is pull down those barriers and build a bridge along which they can grow. That's what these cells are doing," he said. “The OECs carried out the same regenerative function for the nerve fibers of the spinal cord as they did for the olfactory system.”

by Laura Bishop 18 | www.amac.us

by Ap2296

While the results for Fidyka have been exciting, Raisman stressed that the procedure needs to be further developed: "Until we repeat this in a number of more patients it's just that one patient." He hopes to similarly treat three more people in Poland over the next few years if funding for medical trials can be obtained. The full research paper is published in the medical journal "Cell Transplantation." ★

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The Voice Clarifying TV Ears Headset is specifically designed for clear, distinct, TV listening, without turning up the volume. With TV Ears wireless technology, you set your own headset volume and tone, while other TV listeners hear the television at a volume level that’s comfortable for them. You can even listen through the headset only and put the TV on mute if the situation calls for a quiet environment…maybe the baby is sleeping in the next room. Or perhaps you are the only one who is interested in listening to the ballgame.

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Spending Down Retirement Funds You’re one of the lucky ones… well, maybe luck isn’t the right term, since it took a lot of hard work to get you to the point where you can think about spending your retirement nest egg. In any event, you now find yourself in the relatively small group of people having at least some level of confidence that they will have the financial resources to live comfortably in retirement. According to the Employee Benefit Research Institute, a mere 14% of American workers consider themselves poised for a financially comfortable retirement. So, you’ve arrived, only to fi nd that the need for careful planning is just as critical as ever, maybe even more so! Many fi nancial advisors stress that planning for the drawing down of assets is just as important as planning for the buildup. This is because your ability to react to changing conditions is curtailed by the calendar, making it even more critical that you develop a carefully organized strategy for applying your retirement savings. Since it’s expected that you’ll spend an average of at least two decades relying on your accumulated wealth, you need to think about a draw-down strategy that will help you avoid falling short.

Here are some thoughts As you approach this task, your fi rst step should be to verify that you have a realistic view of the actual size of your nest egg. In other words, do a quick inventory of your balances and income sources, including pen-

by Gerry Hafer 20 | www.amac.us

sion plans, deferred compensation payouts [e.g., 401(k) withdrawals], expected social security income, and anticipated income from savings and investments. Along with this fi rst step, you should also develop a realistic estimate of what your living expenses will be in retirement. Said another way, know where you are, know where you’re going, and know what it will cost to get you there. Once you have those pieces in perspective, you’re ready to develop a plan for the journey. You’ll know your outf low (spending), you’ll know what consistent inflow you can count on (like pensions and Social Security), and you’ll know what portion of the difference you’ll need to draw from your nest egg. Many fi nancial planners suggest a standard draw-down regimen of somewhere around 3% to 4% per year. Balanced against anticipated earnings, that kind of a rate should keep your investable funds relatively intact over the long haul, and might even provide a bit of a hedge against inf lation. This strateg y might work out like this: You need

$70,000 in spendable funds, and you have a combined pension and Social Security inflow of $50,000, leaving a “shortfall” of $20,000. If your nest egg from savings and retirement funds is, say, $500,000, then a 4% draw-down would give you the $20,000 you need. If market conditions reward you with a return close to the rate you’re drawing out, your balance should stay relatively even during the span of your retirement years.

But beware… Two factors that are not really in your control can cause you a problem: infl ation and market conditions that erode the value of your investments. It’s important, therefore, that you keep a close eye on this strategy and re-evaluate it periodically to be certain it’s still right for you. A rampant infl ation rate might tempt you to consider a higher rate of draw down, which would exhaust your funds more quickly if market returns stay low. Likewise, a market crash would

Money reduce the value of your assets until a recovery takes place, but remember that your recovery horizon is shorter than during your working years. Another factor that you need to keep in mind is the ever-present issue of income taxes. Remember that your Social Security income may not be totally tax free, depending on your combined level of income. If the retirement funds you’re drawing from are after-tax savings, the amount you draw would not be taxable, although any additional interest income would be. On the other hand, draws from tax-deferred funds, like 401(k)s, will be taxed as ordinary income, and will elevate your taxable income level. Your tax consultant or tax preparer can help you sort this out by running some pro forma tax estimates for you as a guide to determine which sources to use and in what order. All of this may sound a bit daunting at first, but it’s basically just sound personal fi nancial planning. And you aren’t alone - there are many reputable investment planners available to help you make these decisions, and there are many tools you can use on a self-help basis.

Getting Help If you’re not sure of the amount of Social Security income you’ll have, the Social Security Administration has a handy “Retirement Estimator” you can use to get an approximation of what your earnings will be. Visit their website at www.socialsecur it y.gov/ret i re2/est i mator.ht m. The Social Security website also has a “Life Expectancy Calculator” you can use to help determine your planning horizon which is available at the same website. If you’d like some statistical help in developing a draw-down plan for your retirement funds, there are quite a few available for you to try out.

For example, the website w w w. caniretireyet.com presents three of what they consider to be the most effective aids: 1) Vanguard Retirement Nest Egg Calculator 2) The Ultimate Retirement Planning Calculator from FinancialMentor.com 3) The Flexible Retirement Planner from Monte Carlo Simulation. The most important point to keep in mind when using self-help tools like those just described is that they are simulators, and they are not predictors of where you will wind up. The sheer number of variables in the fi nancial world makes it impossible to predict with complete accuracy how the numbers will play out over the long run of your retirement years. But they can be helpful to get a feel for how you might proceed, and running the scenarios with several different sets of parameters

will help you get comfortable with a variety of options. From a bottom line perspective, it’s a good thing that you are thinking about managing your retirement funds for the long haul. Without a well-thought-out plan, drawing down your retirement assets can be risky, and missteps can lead to something many Americans fear running out of money in retirement. In fact, a recent report in USAToday states that “Almost half (46%) of investors in this country are worried they will outlive their savings in retirement,” a new survey shows. Your retirement years can truly be golden if you spend a little time now putting together a plan to carefully manage your money. ★ For more information on Retirement Funding, contact RoseMark Advisors at 888-730-6565.

www.amac.us | 21

Technology Simplified – Bigger and BeTTer

Wow! A Simple to Use Computer Designed Especially for Seniors! Easy to read. Easy to see. Easy to use. Just plug it in!


Now comes with... Larger 22-inch hi-resolution screen – easier to see 16% more viewing area Simple navigation – so you never get lost Intel® processor – lightning fast Computer is in the monitor – No bulky tower Advanced audio, Better speaker configuration – easier to hear Text to Speech translation – it can even read your emails to you! U.S. Based Customer Service


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Have you ever said to yourself “I’d love to get a computer, if only I could figure out how to use it.” Well, you’re not alone. Computers were supposed to make our lives simpler, but they’ve gotten so complicated that they are not worth the trouble. With all of the “pointing and clicking” and “dragging and dropping” you’re lucky if you can figure out where you are. Plus, you are constantly worrying about viruses and freeze-ups. If this sounds familiar, we have great news for you. There is finally a computer that’s designed for simplicity and ease of use. It’s the WOW Computer, and it was designed with you in mind. This computer is easy-to-use, worry-free and literally puts the world at your

fingertips. From the moment you open the box, you’ll realize how different the WOW Computer is. The components are all connected; all you do is plug it into an outlet and your high-speed Internet connection. Then you’ll see the screen – it’s now 22 inches. This is a completely new touch screen system, without the cluttered look of the normal computer screen. The “buttons” on the screen are easy to see and easy to understand. All you do is touch one of them, from the Web, Email, Calendar to Games– you name it… and a new screen opens up. It’s so easy to use you won’t have to ask your children or grandchildren for help. Until now, the very people who could benefit most from E-mail and the Internet are the ones that have had the hardest time accessing it. Now, thanks to the WOW Computer, countless older Americans are discovering the wonderful world of the Internet every day. Isn’t it time you

took part? Call now, and a patient, knowledgeable product expert will tell you how you can try it in your home for 30 days. If you are not totally satisfied, simply return it within 30 days for a refund of the product purchase price. Call today. • Send & Receive Emails • Have video chats with family and friends • Surf the Internet: Get current weather and news • Play games Online: Hundreds to choose from!

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2014 AMAC Delegate HONOR ROLL The AMAC Delegate Program is off to a strong start. Thanks to the volunteer efforts of your fellow AMAC members, we now have approximately 221 Congressional Districts assigned to Delegates. And we’re growing every day. Ultimately, we’d like to have an AMAC Delegate in all 435 Congressional Districts in the United States. Won’t you please join us? Please visit www.amac.us or call 888 262 2006, ext. 1035 to become an AMAC Delegate.

Honor Roll

Meet your AMAC Delegates! AK


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Jeffrey Coleman. . . . . . . . . . .02 Phillip A. Wood . . . . . . . . . . . .04 Richard Murphy . . . . . . . . . . .06 Gordon L Caylor II . . . . . . . . .10 Rex Jamieson . . . . . . . . . . . . .11

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AMAC Delegates

AMAC Delegates in Action

AMAC Delegate Greg Parker (l) with a representative in Rep. Ed Royce’s district office, Keila Molina

AMAC Delegate, Michael Baskin (l), with Bo Patten (r), a staffer for Rep. Marsha Blackburn (TN-07)

(l to r): Rep. Rick Crawford (AR-02) with AMAC Delegate Gary Jefferson, Tea Party Chairwoman Jackie Martin and Rev. Tom Bradshaw

AMAC Delegate Jerry Youngberg (l) conducts a meeting with a staffer in Rep. Kevin Cramer’s Washington, D.C. office

AMAC Delegate Wallace Everitt (r) catches up with Rep. McCaul’s staffer, Holli Strong (l)

AMAC Delegate Jon Park (l) with Rep. Thomas Massie (c) and AMAC’s Andy Mangione (r)

AMAC Delegates Steve Capella (l) and Rita Fullerton (r) meet with Speaker John Boehner’s District Staffer, Erin Clemons (c).

(l to r): AMAC Delegates Al Spagnuolo & Sandra Morey with Rep. Michael Burgess and AMAC Member Bob Garbowski

www.amac.us | 25

Hydraulic Fracturing Fueling the Engine of Economic Growth and Energy Independence In the land of the free and the home of the brave, political policies threaten to drain pocketbooks and impede ingenuity as energy costs rise and burdensome new federal mandates continue to frustrate a grossly underperforming economy. Witness the issue of hydraulic fracturing. Despite the desperate need for energy sources and technology to buck this trend, certain innovative forms of energy and resource extraction have garnered intense scrutiny from environmental activists. The question is, should politics dictate sound economic decisions? Known more commonly as “fracking,” hydraulic fracturing is a proven technology that “produces fractures in [a] rock formation that stimulate the flow of natural gas or oil, increasing the volumes that can be recovered from a well.”1 What the Left doesn’t seem to understand, however, is that hydraulic fracturing is already proving to be a gamechanger for American consumers, the economy and the environment. Oil and gas fields once thought to be nearly impenetrable and costprohibitive to access - due to being located in deep, hard shale deposits - have been rapidly and literally

by Peter A. Finocchio 26 | www.amac.us

“opened for business” over the last couple of years. First used in the United States in 1947, hydraulic fracturing has revolutionized oil production and has helped make natural gas a widely available and affordable form of energy. In fact, natural gas extraction from shale formations rose from 10 percent of production in 2007 to 30 percent just three years later.2 Thanks to a massive supply of shale gas, the price of gas fell from $13 per thousand cubic feet in July 2008 to less than $4 per thousand cubic feet, delivering energy savings of over $1,000 per year to American consumers.3 Domestic natural gas prices are lower than at any other time in the recent past.4 Hydraulic fracturing is transforming the American oil industry too. U.S. oil production reached a 25-year high last year, growing 18 percent, leading the International Energy Agency to predict that the U.S. will be the world’s leading producer by next year.5 Moreover, for those across the political spectrum that are truly concerned with “reducing American dependence on so-called ‘foreign oil’,” the use of hydraulic fracturing in domestic oil production should be welcomed wholeheartedly as a valuable and necessary solution. Natural gas is a critical and rapidly growing component of the

American energy sector. It represents a quarter of primary energy consumed in the United States. It is used to heat more than half of America’s homes and businesses. It is widely used for cooking, fueling water heaters, drying clothes and powering many other household appliances. It is an industrial energy source used in the production of steel, gas, paper, clothing and countless other products. It is a raw material for fertilizer, paints, plastics, antifreeze, dyes, photographic film, medicines and explosives. If the supply of natural gas becomes constricted by regulators, it would send vast ripples throughout the economy, hurting already-struggling Americans. If, on the other hand, the growth of hydraulic fracturing is encouraged, an energy and economic revolution will continue. At a period when much of the country is still facing hard times, hydraulic fracturing has created economic opportunity, upward mobility and has transformed local economies. North Dakota is a prime example, with the lowest unemployment rate in the nation at just 2.6%.6 North Dakotans owe their newfound prosperity to the fact that 18,000 square miles of the state (roughly the size of West Virginia) sits atop the Bakken/ Three Forks oil field, confidently Continued on page 28

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Hydraulic Fracturing Continued from page 26

assessed to be one of the largest oil fields in the world. Although recognized by geologists for decades, it wasn’t until 2009 that its potential could be tapped, thanks to horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing. A typical Bakken well dug in 2012 cost $9 million and has an expected active well life of 45 years. In that time, each well is estimated to produce about 665,000 barrels of oil, generate over $23 million in net profit, pay nearly $4.3 million in total taxes, pay royalties of $8.2 million to mineral rights owners, pay salaries and wages of $2.1 million and pay operating expenses of $2.3 million.7 Texas is another example. Since the start of the Great Recession in December 2007, employment in Texas has risen 12 percent and more than 1.32 million jobs have been created. AEI scholar and University of Michigan economics and finance professor, Mark Perry, attributes the Texas boom to “the energydriven economic stimulus from the fracking revolution,” giving the state the nickname “Saudi Texas.”8 Beyond the benefit of increasing affordable energy, the boom in North Dakota has helped stimulate multiple industries across the country that directly support increased energy production. These effects can be seen across the economy, from an upsurge in sandmining in states like Wisconsin and Minnesota to a resurgence in steel production to commercial trucking. Additionally, expanded domestic oil production leads to further economic growth downstream – more construction jobs to expand and modernize refineries, more machinists and skilled tradesmen

28 | www.amac.us

to service infrastructure and more manufacturing of critical components that support all aspects of the industry. The economic opportunity that results is not just limited to those directly involved in oil and gas production, but creates a boom for service sector jobs as well. Demand has increased for housing, health care, education, job training, human resources, food production and other services, further growing an entire state’s or region’s economy. Despite its many benefits, hydraulic fracturing is under siege by government regulators and the environmentalist lobby. Jon Entine, senior research fellow at the Center for Health and Risk Communication at George Mason University, notes the irony of environmentalists’ suddenly soured grapes on fracturing. Once “seen as a marriage of enlightened capitalism and pragmatic progressivism,” criticism of the industry “is now a staple of green activism.”9 In fact, the town of Denton, Texas is in the middle of a fiery debate over whether or not to ban hydraulic fracturing outright.10 Dozens of local governments have already banned the practice. The City Council of Beverly Hills voted earlier this year to join their ranks. Recently, California legislators attempted to impose a statewide moratorium, but were defeated when “four business-friendly Democrats” voted against the ban and three others abstained.11 Activists are now seeking a moratorium on fracturing in Windsor, Colorado, after bans have been overturned by courts in three other Colorado municipalities. Harmful policies are preventing other oil-rich states from becoming like North Dakota. As Forbes writes:

“While other states, such as California and New York, have oil deposits that could produce enough barrels of oil to create the same economic surge, political reasons keep this oil in the ground and off-shore. It is these ill-conceived policies that are keeping these oil-rich states from tapping into their full potential, creating economic and job growth, and digging themselves out of the red and into prosperity.”12 Despite the common talking points of its opponents, hydraulic fracturing is an environmentally safe practice. A study last year from The University of Texas at Austin found that methane emissions from completion flowbacks were 97% lower than EPA estimates.13 Contrary to the objections of environmentalists, the EPA has found “that the injection of hydraulic fracturing fluids into CBM wells poses little or no threat to USDWs (underground sources of drinking water).”14 The American Petroleum Institute has also helped to debunk the most common misconceptions about the fracking industry. Anti-fracturing activists have alleged risks of methane leaks from the wells leading to water contamination. However, “fracturing occurs at depths well below where usable groundwater is likely to be found” and the wells are padded internally with several layers of steel and Continued on page 30

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Hydraulic Fracturing Continued from page 28

cement casing precisely to avoid such a leakage. 15 Any contamination from fracturing would be due to negligence and not due to orthodox fracturing practice. The critical film Gasland highlighted a Colorado family’s flammable water supply; however a thorough investigation by the Colorado Department of Natural Resources concluded that there were “no indications of any oil and gas related impacts” and that the contamination was instead due to methane released from coal beds which their well had penetrated.16 Hydraulic fracturing should be welcomed rather than fought by environmentalists and activist bureaucrats ensconced in DC. Natural gas, now abundant in supply thanks to fracturing technology, is a clean and highly efficient addition to our Nation’s energy matrix. And,

perhaps more importantly in the short term, American domestic production of oil has experienced an uptick so profound that it is working to shift the balance of the global petroleum industry and challenging long-held conventional notions regarding energy control and access. It is also helping to add strategic leverage to American geopolitical efforts and shattering dubious and premature warnings about “peak oil” and periodic “energy crises.” With real data on its side, support for hydraulic fracturing is on the rise. A poll by Robert Morris University last November revealed that Americans support hydraulic fracturing by a wide margin (56.4% to 43.6%). Given its profoundly positive economic and environmental implications, it is little

wonder why the process has most Americans enthused. Affordable natural gas made possible by hydraulic fracturing is fueling the engine of economic growth and blazing the path to greater energy independence. Market forces and innovative technologies have provided the opportunity for Americans to make positive use of domestic oil while providing a real source of clean and affordable energy in natural gas. With the hydraulic fracturing revolution, we have the natural resources we need to prosper, as long as a vocal minority of activists, political opportunists and unelected regulators do not take them from us. ★ 1 www2.epa.gov/hydraulicfracturing/ process-hydraulic-fracturing 2



www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2013/ jul/08/shale-gas-fracking-good-for-environment 4



www.bloomberg.com/news/2013-12-11/frackingboom-pushes-u-s-oil-output-to-25-year-high.html 6 www.forbes.com/sites/travisbrown/2014/01/29/ fracking-fuels-an-economic-boom-in-north-dakota/ 7 www.aei.org/publication/great-video-of-thetechnology-that-is-driving-our-energy-bonanzahydraulic-fracturing-and-horizontal-drilling-2/ 8 www.aei.org/publication/amazingchart-amazing-job-creating-state-owe-debtgratitude-saudi-texas-shale-boom/ 9



www.newrepublic.com/article/120007/frackingbans-ballot-california-texas-test-energy-industry 11 blogs.sacbee.com/capitolalertlatest/2014/05/ fracking-moratorium-dies-in-california-senate.html 12 www.forbes.com/sites/travisbrown/2014/01/29/ fracking-fuels-an-economic-boom-in-north-dakota/ 13



www.epa.gov/ogwdw/uic/pdfs/ cbmstudy_attach_uic_exec_summ.pdf 15 www.api.org/policy-and-issues/policyitems/hf/hydraulic-fracturing-qa 16 www.eenews.net/assets/2011/02/10/ document_gw_01.pdf1

30 | www.amac.us

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The Fight To Defend America’s Freedom Continues

■ The Colt® “We the People” Tribute Pistol is a work of art in blued steel with elegant 24-karat gold artwork. ■ The left side prominently features the opening phrase of the Preamble to the United States Constitution: “We the People of the United States” and a scene depicting the Boston Tea Party. Also featured is a scene depicting three ragtop patriots marching across a battlefield with their drums and fife in hand. Known as “Yankee Doodle,” this well-known scene is an iconic image of the American fighting spirit. Also featured on the left side, near the hammer, is the familiar stylized Colt logo, signifying that each pistol in the edition is an Officially Licensed Colt issue.

COLT, , GOVERNMENT MODEL, and RAMPANT COLT are registered trademarks of New Colt Holding Corp. and are used by America Remembers under license. All rights reserved.

■ On the right side, artwork depicting “Washington Crossing the Delaware” is prominently featured. The classic and well-known painting commemorates General George Washington’s crossing of the Delaware River on a cold Christmas night in 1776, during the American Revolutionary War. ■ Right side also features two excerpts from the Preamble to the United States Constitution in elegant script on flowing banners. “Secure the Blessings of Liberty” and “To Ourselves and our Posterity”, taken from the stirring introduction to the Constitution. While the main text of the Constitution has become a hotbed of debate among politicians, judges, and scholars, the Preamble remains a short, simple statement of purpose. It was an introduction written by the Founding Fathers to summarize why we fought and what we fought for.

Even though the United States of America has been independent for more than 235 years, no free nation can rest on its laurels. As Americans, it is our duty to remain vigilant. Today, America Remembers proudly presents an exclusive and Officially Licensed Colt .45 Tribute that celebrates the icons and ideas that make our nation so great. The Colt “We the People” Tribute is a classically decorated Colt® Government Model® Pistol in caliber .45 ACP. Each working Colt .45 pistol captures the spirit and sacrifice of America’s founding patriots and the freedoms they fought to secure. Craftsmen commissioned specifically by America Remembers decorate both sides of the blued steel slide in elegant 24-karat gold artwork and blackened patina to highlight the details of the artwork. Additionally, all of the Tribute’s hardware has been handsomely polished and decorated in 24-karat gold, including the grip screws, slide stop, hammer, safety lock, and magazine catch. The Fight for Freedom Never Ends American firearms enthusiasts are keenly aware of the ongoing battles for personal liberty. Decisions are constantly being made for us by elected politicians and Federal and State Courts that challenge our freedom in ways that the architects and authors of the Constitution could have never imagined. Or maybe great leaders like Washington, Madison, and Jefferson knew exactly what was ahead for our nation? Reading the words of our Founding Fathers, it is clear that they understood the challenges to come. Our Founding Fathers recognized that our freedom and liberty can not be taken for granted. As citizens, the biggest mistake we can make is to take our freedom for granted. The day we do is the day our freedoms start to slip away. What makes the Colt “We the People” Tribute such an important firearm is that it will keep that message alive for future generations. It celebrates the birth of our nation and our continued support for the Constitution. It stirs our passion and our patriotism. Whether you are a firearms collector, a history buff, or simply a proud American, this Tribute will ensure that the lessons of history will be remembered for decades to come. Much like the United States, the pistol chosen for this Tribute is built to last.

An American Original There is no better canvas for the “We the People” Tribute than the Colt® Government Model® .45 pistol. It is an American-made Display Case Available firearm legend that defended our An optional custom-built, wooden display case is liberty through major world wars available for purchase. and history-making conflicts. No firearm in history can boast a more impressive record of American military service than the classic Colt® Government Model® .45 which served as the official sidearm for our country’s Armed Forces from 1911 to 1985. More than a century later, it is still considered by generations of American Veterans to be one of the best and most powerful military sidearms ever issued. Secure Your Piece of History Only 1,000 of these Officially Licensed Colt Tributes will be produced in this edition. Reservations will be accepted in the order they are received. You can mail us your order, or to prioritize your order and confirm availability, call us toll-free at 1-800-682-2291. We will arrange delivery through a licensed firearms dealer of your choice. If for any reason you are less than satisfied with the Tribute, you may return it in original, unfired condition within 30 days for a full refund. Please don't hesitate to reserve your Tribute now before it is too late. Now is your opportunity to honor the founders and the founding ideals of the United States of America. More than two centuries ago, this nation was born from a dream of freedom and liberty for all. It was a dream that came true only after great courage and sacrifice. It is a dream that will continue as long as all Americans resolve to defend and protect all of our freedoms outlined by our Founding Fathers. Every gleaming image on the Tribute will serve as a reminder that freedom is worth fighting for and the only group capable of defending America is “We the People.” ©AHL, Inc.

CALIBER: .45 ACP • MODEL: COLT® GOVERNMENT MODEL® I wish to reserve ___ of the “‘We the People’ Tribute Pistol”, a working Colt .45 pistol, at the introductory price of $1,995.* My deposit of $195 per Tribute is enclosed. I wish to pay the balance Name at the rate of $100 per month, no interest or carrying charges. Certificate of Authenticity included. Address Thirty-day return privilege. *All orders are subject to acceptance and credit verification prior to shipment. Shipping and handling will be added to each order. Virginia residents please add sales tax.


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Telephone (


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Morning in America

Morning in America A letter from AMAC’s President & Founder


hirty years ago President Ronald Reagan’s campaign produced a one-minute video that was called “A new morning in America.” It spoke about a prouder, stronger and better America, an America that people from all walks of life could enjoy. The recent elections have left many of us feeling happy about the future of our great country. Once again we have expectations that good things are about to happen. Now that conservatives control both houses of Congress they have an opportunity to put the country back on the right track. They can put forth positive solutions to make things better for the average American, or they can compromise their basic beliefs and continue on the downhill road that leads to our eventual demise as a great country. AMAC and our 1.3 million members are committed to protecting those traditional values that have been the foundation of a revolutionary way of life which allowed the common people to achieve prosperity and a level of freedom never previously obtained in the history of the world.

by Dan Weber 34 | www.amac.us

AMAC will not stand idly by and allow progressives to wage a war on religion nor will we allow them to take away our freedom or destroy our way of life. Rather, we will persist in demanding that our elected officials listen to the people and take action to protect our country. AMAC believes our borders must be secured. A permanent and secure fence must be erected across our southern border. It must be fully manned and monitored to allow only legal immigrants to pass through. Then and only then, can we begin sensible immigration reform. There are those who say we should stick to conservative issues like smaller government, less taxes and a strong military, but stay away from the social issues. Well that is impossible, because social responsibility cannot be separated from economic realities, as they are intertwined and interdependent. To those who say, “let’s stay away from the religious debate.” we must remind them that “the belief that the rights of man come not from the generosity of the state, but from the hand of God.” Those words were eloquently stated by John Fitzgerald Kennedy in his inaugural address, and they follow the same thoughts that our Founding Fathers repeatedly stated.

Instead of shielding our young people from religious principles, AMAC recognizes we must be encouraging them to see the values that religions teach, such as honesty, decency, dignity and responsibility. Think of the harm done to our children because we have allowed those traditional values to be ignored. In the 1950s, principals were asked what their main concerns were in the schools. They said the biggest problems were truancy, smoking in the boys’ room and the dress code. Today, principals will tell you as students pass through metal detectors and walk through halls protected by guards, that they are concerned about drugs, weapons and assault.

Building Prosperity Several years ago, Admiral Michael Mullen, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, identified the nation’s mounting debt as the greatest threat to U.S. national security. Without a strong financial condition we cannot afford to maintain our superior military forces. It costs a great deal of money to keep our ships at sea, our aircraft in the sky and our troops on the ground ready for battle. Making matters worse is the huge amount of our debt that is owed to countries who are not necessarily our friends, such as China and the Arab nations. Simply by manipulating our debt, they can put tremendous pressure on our political will should they choose to do so. However the Congress, specifically the

House of Representatives, which has the Constitutional power and duty to control the funding of the government, can offset these threats by getting our finances in order. By spending less and eliminating programs that are wasteful and ineffective they are able to eliminate the annual deficit. AMAC urges the House of Representatives to include in every new law passed a provision that requires the Congressional Budget Office to evaluate the effectiveness of each program they fund. If a law funds a program that does not work, given a reasonable time to judge its effectiveness, it must be terminated. Think of all the billions of dollars spent on social programs that did nothing to create jobs, that never succeeded in lifting people out of poverty or improving educational levels of our children. But more is needed to bring our econ-

omy back to where it should be, or we will soon see China surpass our economic production. AMAC believes the key to protecting our prosperity is to rebuild our manufacturing capabilities. We can accomplish that by identifying specific products that can be manufactured in such great numbers, to permit the economies of scale to allow the cost of the finished product to be competitive in the world marketplace. To make that happen we need to invest in the construction of megafactories where robotic assembly lines produce massive amounts of whatever is being made. The financing of the factories would be provided with the sale of tax-free bonds paying attractive interest rates in order to secure investors. The bonds would be guaranteed by the U.S. government. At the same time, Job Centers run by the private sector would locate job seekers, test and evaluate them for suitable career positions and then provide the training and schooling needed to supply a qualified work force to meet the increased need the growing economy will create. To further stimulate the economy, we must cut the tax rate for small businesses (Both ‘C’ and ‘S’ corporations) by 20%. A recent survey conducted by AMAC Small Business Solutions has shown that 93% of the money saved in taxes would be reinvested in the small business to expand the businesses and hire more people. Keep in mind the more people brought back to the work force, the more taxes could be collected. Small business produces 64% of all new jobs so we must prime the pump with tax cuts. Should our leaders choose to listen, we can once again offer our citizens the opportunity for a better life, especially to those workers who are ready and willing to achieve the American dream. There is a new Morning in America, and it brings with it marvelous gifts that a free nation bestows on those who are blessed to live here, if we have the courage and the wisdom to receive them.

www.amac.us | 35

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Government Government Watch Watch

By Fido By Fido your your government government watchdog watchdog

Senator Tom Coburn (R-Okla.), has released his “2014 Wastebook” Senator Tom Coburn (R-Okla.), has released his “2014 Wastebook” and a few examples of the outrageous government spending he and a few examples of the outrageous government spending he reported on is highlighted reported on is highlighted below.below.

16 times the actual of helicopter DODDOD payspays 16 times the actual priceprice of helicopter $9 Million parts:parts: $9 Million

The Department of Defense paid than more$8,000 than $8,000 on heliThe Department of Defense paid more apieceapiece on helithat actually cost Bell $500.Helicopter Bell Helicopter of Textron, coptercopter parts parts that actually cost $500. of Textron, Inc., Inc., received $9 million in excess payments from the for DOD 33 of 35 received $9 million in excess payments from the DOD 33 for of 35 replacement replacement spare spare parts. parts.

Synchronized swimming formonkeys sea monkeys – $50,000 Synchronized swimming for sea – $50,000 Cartoon-style ads pet sea monkeys promise that you can learn Cartoon-style ads for petfor sea monkeys promise that you can learn to “make appear to your obey commands, your commands, a beam of to “make them them appear to obey followfollow a beam of do loop-the-loops and seem even seem to dance you play” light, light, do loop-the-loops and even to dance when when you play” music.music. With the financial support of government three government agencies, researchWith the financial support of three agencies, research-

ers put these the test and essentially choreographed ers put these claimsclaims to theto test and essentially choreographed a lasera laser guided synchronized swim of team sea monkeys of a to study to guided synchronized swim team sea of monkeys as partasofpart a study measure the swirl created by their collective movements… measure the swirl created by their collective movements…

Interactive climate-change activism featuring Interactive climate-change activism gamegame featuring voicemails the future $5.2 million voicemails fromfrom the future – $5.2– million It’s all It’s funded by theby National Science Foundation using ausing portion of all funded the National Science Foundation a portion of a $5.2amillion grant to Columbia University given,given, in part,intopart, develop $5.2 million grant to Columbia University to develop an interactive game game to spur change activism. FutureCoast an interactive to climate spur climate change activism. FutureCoast is a “collaborative game”game” set in set an alternative world world wherewhere fictional is a “collaborative in an alternative fictional voicemails have been back in time cased in pieces of voicemails have transported been transported back in–time – cased in pieces of circular plasticplastic calledcalled “chronofacts” – allowing peoplepeople to listen on in on circular “chronofacts” – allowing to in listen what Earthlings from the future say about the climate. what Earthlings from the future say about the climate.

Symphony for stoners courtesy of a Colorado Symphony for stoners courtesy of a Colorado orchestra — $15,000 orchestra — $15,000 Hoping to raise funds,funds, the Colorado Symphony Orchestra Hoping to some raise some the Colorado Symphony Orchestra hosted “Classically Cannabis: The High a marijuanahosted “Classically Cannabis: The Note High Series,” Note Series,” a marijuanathemed musical revue revue that encourages peoplepeople not only show themed musical that encourages nottoonly to up, show up, but tobut smoke up. Inup. 2014, funding for thefor orchestra in the in amount to smoke In 2014, funding the orchestra the amount of $15,000 was provided by thebyNational Endowment for thefor Arts of $15,000 was provided the National Endowment the Arts through its “Art Works” program. through its “Art Works” program.

Swedish massages for rabbits – $387,000 Swedish massages for rabbits – $387,000

A group of rabbits received daily rub-downs from afrom “mechaniA group of rabbits received daily rub-downs a “mechanical device that simulates the long, owing strokes used in Swedish cal device that simulates the fl long, flowing strokes used in Swedish massages.” The National Center for Complementary and Alternative massages.” The National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine of theof National Institutes of Health provided $387,000 for Medicine the National Institutes of Health provided $387,000 for the two-year project which ended in April 2014. the two-year project which ended in April 2014. “Is each these trueanational priority or could the money have have “Is of each of a these true national priority or could the money been better spent on a more urgent need or not spent at all in order been better spent on a more urgent need or not spent at all in order to reduce the burden of debtofbeing left to left be paid by off ourby children to reduce the burden debt being to beoff paid our children and grandchildren?” Sen. Tom (R-Okla.), 2014 Wastebook ★ and grandchildren?” Sen.Coburn Tom Coburn (R-Okla.), 2014 Wastebook

www.amac.us | 37

Christmas: The Most Wonderful Time of the Year! December 25 is celebrated as Christmas around the world, and to just about everybody this is a day like no other. In fact, the entire Christmas season instills in many people a sense of peace and harmony that culminates in the ritual of Christmas Eve and Christmas Day joy and general good cheer. There’s no question that Christmas is the biggest holiday of the year, having both religious and traditional meaning to many people. While the traditional observations of the Christmas season tend to vary from family to family and culture to culture, and while the spiritual interpretations are pretty much prescribed by whatever religious order a person follows, it’s interesting that the secular facts related to Christmas often fade into the background during its annual observance.

Some thoughts about Christ and Christmas Let’s take a look at some of these historical facts about Christmas and its origin, and about the man on whom the whole notion of the season is focused. The broadest question, perhaps, is “Was Jesus an actual person?” and while most contemporary scholars and biblical researchers have con-

by: Gerry Hafer

38 | www.amac.us

cluded that there is enough consistent documentation to support that there indeed was such a being, the accounts of his birth, his life, and his teachings present differences of opinion among historians.

Here are some intriguing essentials associated with this universally popular topic: • We can begin with the December 25th date itself, since that date is generally celebrated as the birth of Jesus Christ. As many religious historians will quickly tell you, the actual birth date of Jesus Christ is unknown. Some biblical scholars believe Jesus’ birth would have occurred during April-October, while some historical documents claim birth dates as precise as March 28. A United Church of God website entry carries this qualification on Jesus’ actual date of birth: “History shows that December 25 was popularized as the date for Christmas, not because Christ was born on that day, but because it was already popular in pagan religious celebrations as the birthday of the sun.” In any event, Pope Julius I, bishop of Rome, is generally recognized by historians as having proclaimed December 25 the official celebration date for the birthday of Christ In A.D. 350. • The Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem is one of the oldest surviving Christian churches in existence, and

marks the spot - the Grotto, actually believed to be the very place that Jesus was “wrapped in swaddling clothes.” • The actual year of Jesus’ birth is also an unknown, with most accounts placing it somewhere around 5 B.C. The “Star of Bethlehem” is cited in scripture as heralding Jesus’ arrival, and is believed by some to be a slowmoving comet documented by Chinese astrologers also in 5 B.C. Other accounts suggest that a nova or supernova created by a planetary conjunction (an astronomical event in which multiple planets or objects align and appear combined to the naked eye) caused what appeared to be an extraordinarily bright body of light. • As was typical in the era of his life, Jesus did not have a surname. He did, however, carry the title “Christ,” derived from the Greek word “Christos,” meaning anointed or chosen for

a special task. The correct literal structure of Jesus’ name, then, is “Jesus, the Christ” but common vernacular shortens that to Jesus Christ. • Many popular accounts of the life of Jesus describe him as a carpenter, and historians tend to agree on this as being accurate. Scripture consistently reports his having been raised in the home of a carpenter, so it’s concluded that he logically assumed that type of work at an early age. • Most religious depictions of Jesus picture him as having long hair, yet biblical accounts of the culture at that time stress that he lived in a shorthaired society. Likewise, most renderings of Jesus show him as on the thin, wiry side, but the acts attributed to him in the bible (energetic work as a carpenter, feats of great strength, and so on) suggest a more robust physique.

The Historical Influence of Christ Jesus is often referred to as “the center of history.” For example, H. G. Wells, author of “A Short History of the World,” is credited with the quote, “Jesus Christ is easily the most dominant figure in all history.” That, coupled with the recognition that Christmas is one of the two most universally-celebrated holidays in the world (New Years’ Day tops the list), make this a fascinating topic for researchers and laymen alike. But perhaps the most telling assessment of the influence that Jesus Christ has had on the world can be found in the often-quoted words of Rev. Dr. James Allen Francis (1864-1928): “I am far within the mark when I say that all the armies that ever marched, and all the navies that were ever built, and all the parliaments that ever sat and all the kings that ever reigned, put

together, have not affected the life of man upon the earth as powerfully as has this one solitary life.” British historian and author J. M. Roberts (1928 –2003) penned a similar quote in the BBC TV series, The Triumph of the West, asserting “We could none of us today be what we are if a handful of Jews nearly two thousand years ago had not believed that they had known a great teacher, seen him crucified, dead, and buried, and then rise again.” Indeed, throughout the literary world, there are scores of correlations between Christianity and society as it has evolved through the past two centuries, with references to the concepts of private property, free enterprise, science, the American Constitution, and the arts. In fact, the very premise of individualism and human equality are consistently attributed to Christianity and the documented teachings of Jesus Christ. ★

www.amac.us | 39

AMAC Call to Action

AMAC is Building an Army Your country needs you!


ur elected officials in Washington are kept very busy responding to their constituents, attending to official congressional business like votes, bill analysis and hearings, and meeting with the many advocates and associations who constantly demand their attention. Amidst all the noise and clamor that captivates the activities on Capitol Hill, it has proven difficult for us to get their attention on major issues like saving Social Security. As we look ahead to the 114th Congress, AMAC is ready to take our advocacy to a new level – and we need your help. AMAC has had great success with arranging Town Hall meetings with several dozen Congressmen and Congresswomen. Our members are pleased with the respect and attention those Representatives have given them, and the office holders seemed genuinely interested in listening. However, AMAC Members expect more than talk. So it is time for AMAC’s over 1 million members to get their attention and hopefully they will begin to listen to us. We have decided to create an army of AMAC activists who are willing to make phone calls directly to the Washington offices and to the local offices of all our Representatives. We have learned from prior

by Dan Weber 40 | www.amac.us

experiences that letters, emails, and petitions seem to have little effect on influencing decision-makers. The AMAC Army will exert its power by contacting members of Congress directly, collectively making the AMAC voice heard. To be a government of the people, by the people and for the people, our Representatives must first hear from the people. Now that the Republicans have taken control of both houses, we need you during the next two years to join us in our efforts to offer positive solutions to the problems we are faced with. For too long, the Progressives have been allowed to bring our country to the brink of bankruptcy, threatening the financial stability of Social Security and Medicare even as the size of government has grown. Our military is at its lowest strength since World War II while our enemies have retaken ground that had been purchased for freedom with the blood of young Americans. Please join our army to fight the good fight to preserve our way of life! Our first actions will be to demand that our borders be secured. Before we begin to create a comprehensive immigration plan, we need to install a strong, well-maintained fence across our entire southern border. It must be manned and continuously monitored so that only legal crossings into our country are permitted. Our laws must be upheld. If you decide that you want to get

involved and choose to do something that could make a difference, you will be asked to contact, by telephone, your Congressperson and Senator two or three times a year. You will be notified by email when we are activating our members and asked to voice your opinion on issues such as saving Social Security, establishing fiscal responsibility in our budget, and reminding our Representatives to carefully evaluate nominees to the Supreme Court, should a vacancy occur. Your Country Needs You! CALL NOW TO JOIN THE AMAC ARMY! 888.262.2006 ★

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alignment, promotes back pressure relief, and encourages better posture to prevent back and muscle pain. And there’s more! The overstuffed, oversized biscuit style back and unique seat design will cradle you in comfort. Generously filled, wide armrests provide enhanced arm support when sitting or reclining. The high and low heat settings along with the dozens of massage settings, can provide a soothing relaxation you might get at a spa – just imagine getting all that in a lift chair! Weight capacity 375 lbs. Shipping charge includes white glove delivery. Professionals will deliver the chair to the exact spot in your home where you want it, unpack it, inspect it, test it, position it, and even carry the packaging away! Includes one year service warranty and your choice of fabrics and colors – Call now!

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National Park ToursMaking Your Trip a Success The National Parks of the United States of America are protected areas operated by the National Park Service and are chosen for their beauty, unique features, and historical, geological or archaeological importance.


ational Parks are established by an act of Congress and Yellowstone boasts status as the first national park signed into law by President Ulysses S. Grant in 1872. Today, twenty-seven states have national parks along with the American Samoa and the U.S. Virgin Islands. The national park system embraces a colossal variety of scenes from salty seashores to freshwater reservoirs, rich forestlands to arid plains, and ancient petroglyphs to historic battlefields and buildings. Each place holds its own beauty and interest. Last year, the number of recreational visitors to the national parks last exceeded a whopping 270 million. Choose from the following unique, fully escorted tour experiences in America’s national parks that are available to AMAC members through Hometown Travel. Enjoy this armchair journey as we sweep you away on an exciting tour of some of America’s most beloved parklands.

Canyon Country Adventure - Scottsdale to Las Vegas. Discover unique vistas of Arizona, Utah and Nevada

by D.J. Wilson

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on a well-planned excursion through three stunning national parks. Your Coach Bus leaves Scottsdale and heads north through cactus-filled scenery. In Sedona, view colorful red-rock formations and capture sunrises and sunsets against chasms of beauty. Stay at hotels located in picture-perfect settings and enjoy superior dining with many meals included. No need to worry about getting lost or having to fill the gas tank as all the details are handled by the tour provider. Simply kick back and marvel at the wonders around you. Day 1 – Scottsdale – Meet your traveling companions for a welcome drink as your arrive in sunny Scottsdale, Arizona. Your tour guide will greet you and share information about your upcoming adventures. Day 2 – Sedona – Grand Canyon National Park – Depart Scottsdale and travel north through “Arizona’s Scenic Sensation.” Set out on one of America’s most beautiful drives through Oak Creek Canyon, a river gorge located between the cities of Flagstaff and Sedona. Observe brilliantly hued cliffs and rugged spires of sandstone. Arrive at the Grand Canyon, one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World. Watch a spectacular sunset and enjoy the hotel’s unique location on the rim of America’s beloved Grand Canyon. Day 3 – Grand Canyon National Park – Discover extraordinary views of the park along Hermit Road. Appreciate the uniqueness of the landscape, contain-

photo by: Tomas Castelazo

ing deep inner gorges and numerous red buttes and ravines. Explore at your own pace. Enjoy an informative ranger guided nature walk or venture down part of Bright Angel Trail, offering wonderful views with places to stop and rest amidst shaded areas. Day 4 – Grand Canyon National Park – Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park – Lake Powell – After breakfast, enjoy optional "flightseeing" over the Grand Canyon for the thrill of a lifetime. Then, head to Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park to observe the famous sandstone spires and towers which rise hundreds of feet above the valley floor. Take a 4-wheel drive tour of the valley with a Navajo guide who shares cultural information. Later, depart for Lake Powell for a magnificent 2-night stay. Day 5 – Antelope Slot Canyon - Lake Powell – Explore Antelope Slot Canyon, on Navajo Nation land, with an authentic

Travel photo by: Clément Bardot

photo by: l0da ralta

local Navajo guide. Witness an amazing fantasy world of stone created by wind and water. Enjoy a cruise on Lake Powell or take a leisurely stroll along Wahweap Marina. Day 6 – Bryce Canyon National Park – Zion National Park – Discover the beauty of Utah’s Bryce Canyon. Capture magnificent hues of red, yellow and pink pillars called “hoodoos” throughout the park. Explore areas where years of erosion have left imprints on the sandstone in the form of arches, spires and mazes. Travel to Zion National Park, a spectacle of massive stone formations whose colors change with the light of day. Day 7 – Zion National Park – Las Vegas – Tour Zion Canyon, a deep and narrow gorge carved by the North Fork of the Virgin River. Next, travel to Las Vegas, Nevada, and stay in a luxurious hotel in the heart of the “Strip” for easy access to casinos, amusement parks, A-1

shows and first class restaurants. Attend a very special farewell dinner hosted by your tour director. Day 8 – Las Vegas – End your memorable tour in Las Vegas with airport transfers provided. If you choose, extend your stay to explore Vegas. Shop, golf, dine, and revel in the exciting nightlife of the Vegas Strip and visit nearby attractions, including the famous Hoover Dam.

Classic Lodges & Parks of the West Rapid City to Salt Lake City. Your tour begins in South Dakota, gateway to the Black Hills. Along the way, visit Badlands National Park, Custer State Park, Mount Rushmore and the Crazy Horse Memorial. Cross the plains and mountains of Wyoming and arrive in Buffalo Bill’s Wild West town of Cody. Next stop is Yellowstone National Park, the home of Old Faithful Geyser. Heading to Jackson, tour

the beautiful Grand Teton National Park. Enjoy a trip through Wasatch Mountains and on to Salt Lake City, Utah. Day 1 – Rapid City - Enjoy a warm South Dakota welcome at an evening reception to meet and greet your tour director and traveling companions. Day 2 – Rapid City – Badlands National Park – Custer State Park – Take a delightful orientation tour of Rapid City. Next, travel to Badlands National Park to witness its rugged beauty and striking geologic deposits. Travel backcountry and enjoy a buffalo safari and chuck wagon cookout. Overnight at the historic State Game Lodge in Custer State Park, a gracious stone and wood lodge set in the mountain valley and surrounded by ponderosa pine forest. Day 3 – Custer State Park – Travel to Hot Springs to visit the world’s largest Mammoth site, where scientists are excavating remains of woolly mammoths Continued on page 44

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National Park ToursMaking Your Trip a Success that were trapped in the pond more than 26,000 years ago. Take a short tour, stroll the sidewalks of the dig area, and visit the paleontology laboratory. Next, explore Crazy Horse Memorial, built in honor of the fearless Sioux Indian chief. The remainder of the day is yours to soak in the history and beauty of Custer State Park. Day 4 – Mount Rushmore – Deadwood – Spearfish Canyon – Visit one of the world’s largest stone monuments bearing the faces of four beloved American presidents. Walk the Presidential trail and absorb the beauty of your surroundings. Next, it’s on to the Old West town of Deadwood, where Wild Bill Hickok and Calamity Jane are laid to rest on Boot Hill. Spend the night deep in the heart of a breathtaking canyon at Spearfish Canyon Lodge, nestled among lofty pines and spectacular cliffs.

Horn Mountains to Cody, Wyoming. Day 6 – Cody – Yellowstone National Park – Partake in a leisurely visit to the Buffalo Bill Center of the West, a fascinating tribute to frontier America. Gear up for adventure on your trip to Yellowstone National Park where wild animals roam freely in vast meadows and forest. As a special feature, enjoy a 2-night stay at an historic lodge or beloved hotel in the heart of Yellowstone National Park.

photo by: David L. Sifry

Day 5 – Spearfish Canyon – U Cross Ranch – Cody – Take a morning drive through scenic Spearfish Canyon, abundant in ponderosa and spruce trees. Then, delight in sweeping views of the grassy plains of Wyoming. Enjoy lunch at an authentic Western Ranch, followed by crossing the Big

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Day 7 – Yellowstone National Park – Explore the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone with its Upper and Lower Falls. Watch for herds of bison in Hayden Valley, and view many fascinating sites, including Old Faithful Geyser. The park has many types of ecosystems, with the subalpine forest most abundant. Day 8 – Grand Teton National Park – Jackson – Grand Teton National Park includes the major peaks of the 40-mile-long Teton Range. See lands rich in nomadic history, where hunters and gatherers began migrating during

photo by: Richard Taylor

warmer months at least 11,000 years ago. The jagged Tetons form the perfect backdrop behind Jenny and Jackson Lakes. The principal town of Jackson, located in the Jackson Hole Valley of Wyoming, provides you with time to explore on your own. Day 9 – Jackson – Today is at leisure, providing time to explore on your own. Perhaps you’ll take an optional float trip down the Snake River or a scenic sidetrip to the Laurance S. Rockefeller Preserve, a 1,106-acre refuge within Grand Teton National Park. Visit Wyoming’s National Museum of Wildlife Art or take the Jackson Hole Aerial Tram offering beautiful views and legendary for its steep, mountainous terrain. Day 10 –Bear Lake to Salt Lake City – Follow the Snake River and Star Valley to Utah. Wind along the shores of Bear Lake, called the “Caribbean of the Rockies” for its brilliant turquoise-blue color. Climb through Wasatch Mountains, a range that stretches approximately 160 miles from the border. Arrive at the Great Salt Lake Basin and Salt Lake City. Day 11 - Salt Lake City – Your tour comes to an end, with transfer to Salt Lake City Airport. Extend your visit to see the Utah State Capitol Building, whose dome is similar to that of the U.S. Congress. Visit other historical buildings, including the Thomas Kearns Mansion and St. Mark’s Episcopal Cathedral built in 1874. Continued on page 46

Introducing The

new and revolutionary Jacuzzi Hydrotherapy Shower. ®

AGING = PAIN For many, arthritis and spinal disc degeneration are the most common source of pain, along with hips, knees shoulders and the neck. In designing the Jacuzzi Hydrotherapy shower, we worked with expert physicians to maximize its pain relieving therapy by utilizing the correct level of water pressure to provide gentle yet effective hydrotherapy.

JACUZZI® SHOWER = RELIEF Four Jacuzzi® ShowerPro™ Jets focus on the neck, back, hips and knees and may help ease the pain and discomfort of:

As we age, the occasional aches and pains of everyday life become less and less occasional. Most of us are bothered by sore muscles, creaky joints and general fatigue as we go through the day- and it’s made worse by everything from exertion and stress to arthritis and a number of other ailments. Sure, there are pills and creams that claim to provide comfort, but there is only one 100% natural way to feel better… hydrotherapy. Now, the world leader in hydrotherapy has invented the only shower that features Jacuzzi® Jets. It’s called the Jacuzzi® Hydrotherapy Shower, and it can truly change your life.

• Arthritis

• Neuropathy

• Circulation Issues

• Sciatica

• Aches and pains

• Inflammation

For over 50 years, the Jacuzzi® Design Engineers have worked to bring the powerful benefits of soothing hydrotherapy into millions of homes. Now, they’ve created a system that can fit in the space of your existing bathtub or shower and give you a lifetime of enjoyment, comfort and pain-relief. They’ve thought of everything. From the high-gloss acrylic surface, slip-resistant flooring, a hand-held shower wand to a comfortable and adjustable seat, to strategically-placed grab bars and lots of storage, this shower has it all. Why wait to experience the Jacuzzi® Hydrotherapy Shower? Call now… it’s the first step in getting relief from those aches and pains.




TIPS ON LIVING TO BE 100 Including the Secret Benefits of Hydrotherapy

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The Jacuzzi® Hydrotherapy Shower provides a lifetime of comfort and relief… safely and affordably.


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National Park ToursMaking Your Trip a Success Northern California’s Finest - San Francisco – San Francisco. Saturate yourself in magnificence as you travel from the City by the Bay towards scenic Lake Tahoe, Carmel and Monterey. From the quaint streets of Chinatown to expansive wine country, you’ll take in California’s beauty. Discover the intrigue of Yosemite National Park and enjoy waterfalls, grand meadows, ancient sequoias and more. Check out Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks, and the stunning city of Monterey. Day 1 – San Francisco - Arrive in San Francisco, gateway to your Northern California Adventure. Meet your traveling companions and gain information from your tour director for your upcoming journey. Day 2 – San Francisco – Enjoy an introduction to the city on a planned sightseeing tour. Take in many of San Francisco’s major sites, including the iconic Golden Gate Bridge, Fisherman’s Wharf, Union Square and more. Explore historic Chinatown on a walking tour. Discover dim sum teahouses, see how fortune cookies are made and peek into temples in this historic neighborhood. The evening is free for you to take in a show, dine at a fine restaurant and explore the vibrant city on your own. Day 3 – San Francisco – Sonoma – Lake Tahoe – Cross the Golden Gate Bridge, a famous suspension bridge which spans the Golden Gate Strait. Observe spectacular views as you cross photo by: pfnatic

this mile-wide and three-mile-long channel between San Francisco Bay and the Pacific Ocean. Head to California’s wine country for a guided tour of Gloria Ferrer Caves & Vineyards and continue to beautiful Lake Tahoe for a 2-night stay. Day 4 – Lake Tahoe – Virginia City – Wake up in Lake Tahoe, along the sparkling shores of the largest alpine lake in North America. Travel to Virginia City, once a successful mining town. Take a trolley tour and be transported back in time. Learn interesting history and scandalous secrets of the day. See Victorian mansions, the Opera House, and the redlight district. Visit the Ponderosa Mine to learn the workings of underground mines. Stroll authentic sidewalks and check out the Old West saloons, shops, museums and restaurants. Join in on a cruise of Lake Tahoe to complete your tour. Day 5 – Yosemite National Park – Yosemite covers an area of nearly 750,000 acres and reaches across the western slopes of the Sierra Nevada mountain chain. The park is best known for its beautiful waterfalls, adventurous rock climbing, great hiking trails and its giant Sequoias. Later, delight in a valley floor tour highlighting of the wonders of the incredible park. Day 6 – Sequoia/Kings Canyon National Parks - Sequoia National Park is located in the southern Sierra Nevada which spans 404,000 acres and is home to Mount Whitney, the highest point of the contiguous United States. The park is famous for one of the largest trees on earth, the General Sherman Tree. Stay overnight inside the park at the Wuksachi Lodge, a striking stone-and-cedar mountain lodge surrounded by the mighty sequoia forest and soaring Sierra peaks. Join in a Stargazing Program to hear ancient stories about the constellations and enjoy an evening under the brilliant California sky.

photo by: Bernard Gagnon

Day 7 – Monterey – Spend additional time at the parks, then continue across the farmlands of California to the coastal town of Monterey for a 2-night stay. The city is located on Monterey Bay on Central California’s stunning Pacific coast. The area has attracted artists since the late 19th century and today contains many attractions, including the Monterey Bay Aquarium, Cannery Row and Old Fisherman’s Wharf. Day 8 – Monterey – Today’s trip includes a journey along scenic 17-Mile Drive. Dramatic views include those of Lone Cyprus, Pebble Beach Golf Course and million-dollar homes. Relax in the seaside town of Carmel-by-the-Sea, noted for its writers, celebrities and famous restaurants. Browse in specialty shops or stroll along the beach. Next visit Cannery Row, the setting of John Steinbeck’s novels. This waterfront street was the site of sardine canning factories, though today the area serves as a tourist attraction boasting fine restaurants and hotels. Wind down with a special farewell dinner at the Monterey Bay Aquarium and delight in dramatic sunset views. Day 9 – San Francisco – Depart Monterey for San Francisco for your homebound flight or spend more time in the city to enjoy its ambiance and views of the bay.

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The Neptune® Bath Lift is the affordable way to regain your independence and safely stay in the home you love! Up or Down

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If you or a loved one has given up bathing because of age, mobility or safety concerns, the Neptune® Upright Bath Lift is the answer. It is so simple, you’ll wonder why no one thought of it earlier. The battery-operated “chair” safely and steadily lowers you to the bottom of the tub, and when you’re done bathing, it gently raises you back to the top of the tub, assuring a comfortable and safe exit from the tub. The remote is fully waterproof, so your bath won’t be a “shocking” experience. The New Neptune® Upright Bath Lift was redesigned making it lighter, more affordable, with more room to bathe—also making it easier to move the lift in and out of the tub. The bath lift features an easy-to-use hand control designed for comfort and safety. If there’s not enough power stored for a full lower/raise cycle, it will not operate. The bath lift also features a wide seat and high backrest for maximum comfort and support.

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For many of us, nothing is more relaxing than a long, luxurious bath. Unfortunately, because of safety concerns, many people, particularly older people, have to forego this simple pleasure. Sure, you can spend big bucks to remodel your bathroom to provide a bathtub you can use, but who wants to do that? Now there’s a better way, and it lets you use the bath that’s in your home today.


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National Park Tours Pacific Northwest Glacier National Park and Hells Canyon from Seattle. Stay in premium hotels, view unbelievable landscapes and explore exciting new places. Cruise on Lake McDonald, the largest lake in Glacier National Park. Then, ride a vintage Red Jammer bus to the top of Logan Pass, located along the Continental Divide and take in the views. Stop in Wallace, a town nestled in Northern Idaho’s beautiful Silver Valley and rich in colorful history. Head to Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, where a pristine lake greets you on your way to Hells Canyon and the Snake River. Travel the same route of Lewis and Clark into Washington’s wine country and complete your visit with a wine tour and tasting before returning to Seattle. Day 1 – Seattle – Welcome to Seattle, Washington, a world-class metropolis surrounded by nature. Meet your travel companions for a welcome drink and be greeted by your tour director to learn of your upcoming adventures. Day 2 – Leavenworth – Spokane – Depart for Leavenworth, a town modeled after an authentic Bavarian Village. Delight in the welcoming atmosphere, from quaint storefronts to chalet-style buildings with broad and gently sloping eaves. Sample the local fare as you soak up the town’s ambiance. Arrive in Spokane and stroll along the river banks or ride the Gondola Skyride over some of the area’s stunning waterfalls. Enjoy dinner at the Steam Plant Restaurant, a renovated historic U.S. landmark. Enjoy your stay at Spokane’s historic Davenport Hotel, an architectural masterpiece built in 1914 combining luxury, impressive décor with hand-painted frescos, and contemporary comfort. Day 3 – Spokane – Sandpoint – Whitefish – Start the day sightseeing in Spokane with visits to Riverfront Park, Spokane Falls and Manito Park Gardens. Then, travel along the scenic Pend Oreille River into Idaho. Stop in pretty Sandpoint, where there’s time to browse the boutiques and galleries. Continue to

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Whitefish, Montana, just outside Glacier National Park, where you’ll have a delightful 3-night stay. Day 4 – Glacier National Park – Take a full day to explore the wonders of Glacier National Park, encompassing over 1 million acres and including parts of two mountain ranges and 130 named lakes. Board the vintage Red Jammer buses for a ride along one of North America’s most spectacular highways. After crossing 6,664-foot-high Logan Pass, enter a wonderland of alpine scenery, where jagged mountain peaks, deep-green forests, pristine lakes and meadows dominate the landscape. Arrive at Lake McDonald for a cruise on an historic wooden boat. Then, enjoy a hayride and old-fashioned ranch BBQ. Wind down your evening with cowboy sing-alongs and memories not to be forgotten.

Day 5 – Whitefish – Take a guided tour of the Conrad Mansion, the most beautifully preserved pre-1900 mansion in Montana and one of the best places to witness the historic elegance of a bygone era. Then, enjoy a Gondola ride to the top of Whitefish Mountain for fantastic views and photo opportunities. The rest of the day is free to explore on your own, play a round of golf, browse art galleries and boutiques or relax at the resort. Day 6 – Wallace – Coeur d’Alene – Next, travel along the spectacular shore of Flathead Lake. Stop in Wallace, Idaho, and tour the Sierra Silver Mine, where you’ll travel underground and learn the history of mining in this region. For a unique look into Wallace’s colorful past,

visit the Oasis Bordello Museum, a former brothel. A short drive brings us to the beautiful shores of Lake Coeur d’Alene, a northern Idaho all-American city and lakeside location possessing pleasurable beachfronts, pine-forested trails, natural preserves, and upscale attractions in unspoiled settings. Day 7 – Hells Canyon - Lewiston - Take an exciting cruise into Hells Canyon, home to North America’s deepest river gorge. Hugging the borders of Oregon and Idaho, Hells Canyon contains more than 200,000 acres of mountain peaks, ominous canyon rim-rocks, and breathtaking vistas. See ancient petroglyphs left by the Nez Perce Indians and enjoy your captain’s folklore tales. Watch for deer and bighorn sheep, and then partake in a BBQ lunch along the river. Day 8 – Lewiston – Washington Wine Country – Lewiston serves as the entertainment destination for the Hells Canyon National Recreation Area and has the farthest inland port east of the West Coast. It was founded in 1861 in the wake of a gold rush. Next, visit Nez Perce National Historic Park which comprises 38 sites located in four states; Idaho, Montana, Oregon and Washington. Many are on or near the Nez Perce Indian Reservation in Idaho. Cross into Washington and travel along the Snake River on the same route as Louis & Clark. Visit the historic Pataha Flour Mill and enjoy a homemade lunch. Arrive in Washington’s wine country and visit a winery for a tour and tasting. Day 9 – Mount Rainier National Park – Seattle – Head to Mount Rainier National Park, a 263,000-acre wilderness area with breathtaking views of Washington’s highest peak. See stunning wildflowers, lush meadows and rich glaciers which surround Mt. Rainier’s 14,400foot peak. Later, toast your adventures with new friends as you admire fabulous waterfront views at a festive farewell dinner in Seattle. Contact Hometown Travel for more information or to book your tour today at 888.739.7575. ★

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Whether you’re relaxing indoors or making a trip out to the mailbox, these ankle high, fleece lined moccasins will keep you warm and comfortable. These fashionable faux suede moccasins have a thick fleece lining and memory foam insole that hugs your feet, making them so comfortable, you’ll feel like you’re walking on clouds. Fashion import made with a non-slip tread is great for indoors and out. Hurry, order today and your shipping is FREE plus a FREE surprise gift! Satisfaction Guaranteed or Return For Your Money Back

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Family Ties


s the holidays approach, all of us begin to think about the delicious and treasured family recipes that we have enjoyed over the years. Tried and true favorites that are beloved as much for the memories they evoke as for their taste. Handing down these “keepers” link us with the past and remind us of our connections to special people, places and events. Putting a recipe down on paper requires a deft touch, so follow these tips and hints for successful results.

There are two main parts of a recipe – the ingredients list and the preparation instr uctions.

When sharing a favorite recipe with a friend or family member, list every ingredient - in order of use - at the top of the recipe. This will make it easier to prepare a shopping list, and be sure that all of the ingredients are on hand before cooking.

I have many favorite cookbooks, but one of my most cherished is a collection of my mother-in-law’s specialties. These dishes were loved by my husband and his siblings as they were growing up, and have now become favorites of our children too.

Carefully state the measurement of an ingredient that is chopped, minced, shredded etc. There is a difference between 1 cup of chopped walnuts (the walnuts are chopped and then measured) and 1 cup of walnuts - chopped (the walnuts are measured whole and then chopped).

Precisely list the quantities of ingredients; a “large can” or a “small box” is just not accurate enough. Always include the weight or volume of these items.

Be specific about ingredients that come in different forms. For instance, a recipe’s success may depend on using light or brown sugar, low-fat or whole milk, dried or fresh herbs.

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If possible, suggest substitutions for any unusual or hard to fi nd ingredients.

List the preparation instructions in a logical sequence. Think through the cooking steps from start to fi nish.

Where helpful, indicate the sizes of bowls and cookware.

Cooking times can vary, so try to include descriptive hints for doneness – “sauté until tender,” “bake until golden brown,” “simmer until thickened” etc.

Include the number of servings or yield.

Finish w it h any presentation tips: plating instructions, garnishing ideas, complimentary side dishes.

Adding a background story or memory to a recipe card adds an interesting touch. The history behind a special dish can be just as important as the dish itself. And don’t forget to include your name, so the recipient will always remember where the recipe came from.

Store special recipes in photo albums, sectioned 3-ring binders, plastic page protectors, sectioned portfolios or decorated, divided boxes. ★

Kathie’s Kitchen

Angie’s Stuffed Peppers ❏ 4 – 6 green peppers ❏ ½ cup raw rice ❏ ¾ cup water ❏ 1 lb. ground beef

❏ 1 egg ❏ 1 small onion – chopped ❏ 2 tsps. vegetable oil ❏ salt & pepper – to taste

Sauce: ❏ 2 - 8 oz. cans tomato sauce ❏ ½ cup brown sugar

Jenny’s Swiss Chicken ❏ 6 chicken cutlets - trimmed ❏ 6 slices Swiss cheese ❏ 1 - 10.5 oz. can Cream of Chicken soup ❏ ¼ cup white wine

❏ 1 cup cubed seasoned stuffing mix ❏ ¼ cup butter - melted ❏ 1/3 cup sliced almonds

❏ ¼ cup vinegar

Cut tops off peppers. Remove seeds and membranes. Set aside. Par-cook rice in ¾ cups of water. Combine raw ground beef, par-cooked rice, egg, onion, oil, salt & pepper. Stuff peppers with ground beef mixture. Place peppers in a rimmed casserole dish - choose one that is just big enough to hold the peppers in an upright position. Add enough water to cover the bottom of the dish. Bake in a 350° oven for 15 minutes. Prepare sauce. Combine tomato sauce, brown sugar and vinegar in a small bowl. After baking peppers for 15 minutes, cover with sauce and continue cooking for an additional 45 minutes or until meat is cooked through. Serves 4 – 6.

Arrange chicken in a greased baking dish. Cover chicken with Swiss cheese. Combine soup and wine. Spoon over chicken. Sprinkle with stuffing mix. Drizzle with butter. Top with almonds. Bake uncovered at 350° for 45 – 55 minutes or until cooked through. Serves 6.

Gram’s Pumpkin Cookies with Lemon Icing Mom’s Shrimp & Pasta a la Vodka ❏ 4 Tbs. butter ❏ 1 medium onion – chopped ❏ 1 clove of garlic – minced ❏ 3 fresh basil leaves – chopped ❏ ½ cup vodka

❏ 1 – 14.5 oz. can stewed tomatoes ❏ 1 cup heavy cream ❏ 1 lb. raw shrimp – peeled, with tails left on, and deveined ❏ 1 lb. linguini

Melt butter in a large pot. Sauté onion, garlic and basil until tender – approximately 8 minutes. Remove pan from heat and add vodka. Return pan to medium-high heat and bring to a boil. Lower heat and simmer for 8 minutes. Drain tomatoes – reserving liquid. Dice tomatoes. Add diced tomatoes and tomato liquid to pot. Simmer for 5 minutes. Add cream. Simmer for an additional 5 minutes. Add shrimp. Cook for 5 minutes or until pink. Meanwhile, cook linguini as directed. Drain. Return to pot. Add sauce to pasta and toss until pasta absorbs some of sauce, 1 to 2 minutes. Serves 4.

❏ ½ cup shortening ❏ 1 cup sugar ❏ 2 eggs – beaten ❏ 1 cup canned pumpkin ❏ 2 cups sifted flour ❏ 2 tsps. baking powder

❏ 1 tsp. salt ❏ 2 ½ tsps. cinnamon ❏ ½ tsp. nutmeg ❏ ¼ tsp. ground ginger ❏ 1 cup raisins ❏ 1 cup chopped walnuts

Lemon Icing: ❏ 2 cups confectioner’s sugar ❏ 1 Tbs. grated lemon rind

❏ 1 Tbs. lemon juice ❏ 1 - 2 Tbs. milk

Preheat oven to 350°. In a large bowl, cream shortening and sugar. Add eggs and pumpkin - mix well. In a separate bowl, combine flour, baking powder, salt, cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger. Add gradually to pumpkin mixture. Add raisins and nuts. Drop by heaping teaspoons onto greased cookie sheets. Bake 15 minutes or until firm to the touch. Transfer to a baking rack - cool completely. Spread with icing. Makes 4 dozen. Icing: Combine confectioner’s sugar, lemon rind, lemon juice and enough milk to make icing spreadable.

www.amac.us | 55

HEALTH Emily Thacker Author

James Victor Publisher

Ask Emily By Emily Thacker

Jane King Editor/Research

Dear Emily: I’m allergic to perfumes, chemical smells plus many other things. Cleaning has gotten to be a problem as manufactures seem to think everything has to have a fragrance in their product. Can you recommend to me a natural way to freshen my room and air? – B.A., Newport, PA

Dear B.A.: Vinegar is the cleaner of choice for those with allergies, asthma or a sensitivity to harsh chemicals. Cleaners you make yourself cost pennies, instead of the dollars supermarket cleaners cost. And, what is much more significant, the compounds you put together are safe, natural and easy on the environment. I will give you my natural Fresh Air freshener from page 108 of my latest book The Vinegar Anniversary Book. Put the following into a pump spray bottle: 1 teaspoon baking soda, 1 tablespoon white vinegar and 2 cups of water. After the foaming stops, put on the lid and shake well. Spray this mixture into the air for instant freshness. Hello Emily: I have a situation that I need additional guidance on and am hoping you will be able to assist me. I have a natural limestone walled shower and a natural slate shower floor. I also have very hard water that leaves behind white powdery mineral deposits that stain the stone The mineral deposits do not come up with steam, scrubbing or with natural stone cleaner. I’ve read many very conflicting reports on the use of vinegar on natural stone. Any suggestions, resources or insights that you can offer would be very much appreciated. Thank You, – C. A., King of Prussia, PA Dear C.A.: Yes, vinegar could eventually etch the limestone and slate. And, yes it will do a very good job of removing the powdery mineral deposits in your shower. You will probably find that anything that will dissolve the mineral deposits will also dissolve the limestone, as they are both composed of the same material. You might find that a quick rinse with vinegar, followed by a thorough rinse with lots of cool water will minimize the damage it could do. You may also want to look into the benefits of a water softener to minimize the problem. Emily Thacker is the author of over 17 books. Her best-selling books about common household products have appeared in newspapers and publications across the U.S. including USA Today, USA Weekend, Parade Magazine, The History Channel Magazine and The Saturday Evening Post. Send Questions to: Emily Thacker C/O James Direct, Inc., 500 S. Prospect Ave., Box 980, Hartville, Ohio 44632. If interested in Emily’s latest book and a FREE Special Bonus please see the articles on the next two pages titled “Vinegar, Better than Prescription Drugs?” or “Why Diet? Try Vinegar!”


Vinegar, Better than Prescription Drugs?


housands of years ago ancient healers trusted apple cider vinegar, and modern research shows vinegar truly is a wonder cure! In fact, apple cider vinegar’s biggest fans believe this golden liquid can help solve the most troublesome of human afflictions. Since even the earliest of times a daily vinegar cocktail was used to help control appetite to lose weight and continue good health. And now after years of continued research all across the globe, over 1000 new vinegar super-remedies and tonics are available in the brand new 168-page Vinegar Anniversary Book by famed natural health author, Emily Thacker. From the Bible to Cleopatra to the fierce Samurai warriors of Japan, vinegar has been documented as a powerful tonic to ensure strength, power and long life. Today’s research studies and scientific reports continue to praise the healing powers of vinegar to maintain good health and well being. Even grandma knew that her old remedies worked even if she wasn’t able to explain why. And scientific research confirms this. For instance, grandma said putting diluted vinegar in the ears would ward off infections. The American Academy of Otolaryngology’s doctors – who specialize in treating infections like swimmer’s ear - now recommend using a vinegar mixture as a preventative. The Yale-New Haven hospital uses vinegar as a hospital disinfectant. When after-surgery eye infections became a problem, their Department of Bacteriology solved it with vinegar. Food poisoning? Some doctors suggest that regular vinegar use can prevent it! You’ll get easy recipes

that mix vinegar with other common household items to help: calm an upset stomach, ease leg cramps, soothe sprained muscles, control appetite to lose weight, relieve coughs, banish nausea, arthritis pain, make hiccups disappear, cool a sunburn, boost memory, reduce sore throat pain, relieve itchy skin, lower blood pressure & cholesterol, eliminate bladder infections, chase away a cold, treat burns, reduce infection, aid digestion, improve memory, soothe sore feet, treat blemishes & age spots, remove corns & calluses, replace many household cleaners. 50 years ago a daily dose of an apple cider vinegar and honey tonic was used to ease arthritis. During the last 30 years or so, many wonder drugs have replaced this time-tested home remedy. Now vinegar, along with countless other old-time tonics, have new supporters including many medical professionals. The reason? Almost everybody has experienced the negative side of some of the powerful new drugs. Strep and Staph infections? Vinegar is a powerful antiseptic and kills even these dangerous bacteria on contact. Headaches will fade away with this simple vinegar concoction. Feel good and look good with these hair and skinfriendly vinegar remedies. You’ll learn when you should and should not use vinegar. Join readers like L.S. of Monroe, N.C. who says “Thanks, this book is wonderful. A real life saver for me!” Find different ways to combine vinegar with common foods like lemon juice, blueberries, onion, strawberries, garlic, honey, ginger and more to create recipes to help improve

health and quality of life. All new ideas to put vinegar to work around the home to clean, disinfect and eliminate mold and mildew. Great for those with allergies or asthma! Save money as you put Emily’s latest discoveries to the test! Yes that’s over 1000 tried-and-true remedies and recipes in this handsome collector’s edition and it’s yours to enjoy for 90-risk free days. That’s right, you can read and benefit from all 168-pages without obligation to keep it. To get your copy of the Vinegar Anniversary Book direct from the publisher at the special introductory price of $12.95 plus 3.98 shipping and handling (total of $16.93, OH residents please add 6.5% sales tax) simply do this: Write “Vinegar Anniversary” on a piece of paper and mail it along with your check or money order payable to: James Direct Inc., Dept. VA2509, 500 S. Prospect Ave., Box 980, Hartville, Ohio 44632. You can charge to your VISA, MasterCard, Discover or American Express by mail. Be sure to include your card number, expiration date and signature. Want to save even more? Do a favor for a relative or friend and order 2 books for only $20 postpaid. It’s such a thoughtful gift. Remember: It’s not available in book stores at this time. And you’re protected by the publisher’s 90-Day Money Back Guarantee. SPECIAL BONUS Act promptly and you’ll also receive The Very Best OldTime Remedies booklet absolutely FREE. It’s yours to keep just for previewing “The Vinegar Anniversary Book.” Supplies are limited. Order today. http://www.jamesdirect.com This was excerpted from an advertorial in USA Weekend.


Why Diet? Try Vinegar!

LETTERS Dentist Recommends Vinegar

Eat and lose pounds the healthy way. I


f you want to lose weight and keep it off -- hate dieting and are tired of taking pills, buying costly diet foods or gimmick “fast loss” plans that don’t work-- you’ll love the easy Vinegar way to lose all the pounds you want to lose. And keep them off! Today, the natural Vinegar weight loss plan is a reality after years of research by noted vinegar authority Emily Thacker. Her just published book “Vinegar Anniversary” will help you attain your ideal weight the healthiest and most enjoyable way ever. You’ll never again have to count calories. Or go hungry. Or go to expensive diet salons. Or buy pills, drugs. You’ll eat foods you like and get a trimmer, slimmer figure-free of fat and flab-- as the pounds fade away. To prove that you can eat great and feel great while losing ugly, unhealthy pounds the natural Vinegar way, you’re invited to try the program for up to 3 months on a “You Must Be Satisfied Trial.” Let your bathroom scale decide if the plan works for you. You must be satisfied. You never risk one cent. Guaranteed. What’s the secret? Modern research combined with nature’s golden elixir. Since ancient times apple cider vinegar has been used in folk remedies to help control weight and speed-up the metabolism to burn fat. And to also aid overall good health. Now-- for the first time -- Emily has combined the latest scientific findings and all the weight loss benefits of vinegar into a program with lifetime benefits-- to melt away pounds for health and beauty. If you like food and hate dieting, you’ll love losing pounds and inches the Vinegar way. Suddenly your body will be energized with new vigor and zest as you combine nature’s most powerful, nutritional foods with vinegar to trim away pounds while helping the body to heal itself. You’ll feel and look years younger shedding unhealthy pounds

that make one look older than their age. According to her findings, staying trim and fit the Vinegar way also provides preventive health care against the curses of mankind-- cancer, heart disease, diabetes, high cholesterol and blood pressure and other maladies. In fact, the book’s program is so complete that it also helps you: • Learn secrets of ageless beauty and glowing skin • Help build the immune system, to fight arthritis and disease • Speed the metabolism to use natural thermogenesis to burn fat PLUS so much more that you simply must use the book’s easy Vinegar way to lose all the weight you want to lose--and enjoy all its other benefits-- before deciding if you want to keep it. To Lose Pounds and Enjoy a 90-Day No-Risk Trial... Do This Now To Get Your Personal Copy of the Book: Simply write “Vinegar Anniversary” on a piece of paper and send it with your check or money order of only $12.95 plus $3.98 shipping and handling (total of $16.93, OH residents please add 6.5% sales tax) to: James Direct, Inc. Dept. VA2509 500 S. Prospect Ave., Box 980 Hartville, Ohio 44632 You can charge to your VISA, MasterCard, Discover or American Express by mail. Be sure to include your card number, expiration date and signature. Remember: You’re protected by the publisher’s 90-Day Money Back Guarantee if you are not delighted. WANT TO SAVE MORE? Do a favor for a relative or friend and get 2 books for the low introductory price of $20 postpaid. You save $13.86. Special Bonus - Act promptly to also receive “The Very Best Old-Time Remedies” booklet absolutely FREE. Supplies are limited so order now. http://www.jamesdirect.com

have some useful advice that others may be interested in. When I got my Dentures several years ago, the Dentist told me use vinegar to get the plaque off them. So - about once a week I soak them in the wonder liquid and Presto - they sparkle. I have since gotten implants - Since I am not fond of the hygienist scraping the posts for cleaning - I clean them with Vinegar before going for my check-up. On my last visit to her, she couldn’t believe how clean they were and praised me for it! I then asked the Dentist that put the implants in if the vinegar would harm the metal posts and he informed me it is OK to use it. - D. L., New Braunfels, Tx.

Vinegar Heals Ear Ache in 2 days.


have been plagued with an itchy ear for several months. It then developed into an earache. I was able to cure both the itch and earache in two days. - J. D., Jacksonville, Fl.

Vinegar Diet helps mother of the Bride


his is kind of embarrassing, but here goes. My name is Sarah Pierce. I am 58 years old, and through the years (in my mind’s eye) I always thought I looked pretty decent. Especially so when our second daughter was married. I really considered myself a rather ‘smashing’ Mother of the Bride. That is, until the wedding pictures came back. I just couldn’t believe it. Here I am, definitely portly - not lean and svelte like I thought. Unfortunately the camera doesn’t lie. Since then, I heard about Emily Thacker’s Vinegar Diet and decided to give it a try. What surprised me most was how much I could eat yet I was losing weight and inches. It was like I was getting thin, thinner and thinner yet with the Vinegar Diet. I just thought you should know. - S. P., N. Canton, Oh.

NEWS & RESEARCH Simple Vinegar used to reduce cervical cancer deaths by 31%


he latest study about vinegar, shows it will prevent an estimated 72,600 deaths from cervical cancer each year. This according to a study released at the American Society of Clinical Oncology annual meeting in Chicago, IL. The results were based over a 12 year period tracking 150,000 women in Mumbai, India, between the ages of 35-64 years. The conclusion, a simple vinegar test significantly reduces cervical cancer deaths. Immediate plans are to implement this simple and successful screening test in developing countries. The study had been planned for 16 years, but after the results were analyzed and found to be conclusive it was stopped at 12 years. Vinegar has always been used for its versatility in home remedies, cooking and cleaning. And now scientific and medical findings are showing its a simple, low cost, non-invasive and safe for the patient.

Scarlett Johansson confesses her apple cider vinegar beauty secret


hen celebrity beauty Scarlett Johansson needs to keep her skin looking beautiful and glowing one would think she would turn to high priced beauty creams. Not so, according to an article in the February 2013 issue of Elle UK. She uses simple apple cider vinegar and its natural pH balancing properties to keep her skin looking amazing. *Testimonials are atypical, your weight loss may be more or less.

©2014 JDI VA187S02

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Puzzles on page 62

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Just for

Fun Crossword

ACROSS 1. Lifts 6. Killer whale 10. Catches 14. Bestow 15. Impoverished 16. By mouth 17. Andean animal 18. Branchlet 19. Conservative 20. Apparent 22. False god 23. A style of design 24. Refinement 26. List of options 30. By means of 31. Foot digit 32. Analogous 33. Dines 35. Small drum 39. An orator’s desk 41. High-spirited horse 43. Anagram of “Aside” 44. Only 46. Not first 47. Delay 49. Vigor 50. Being


51. Peeping Tom 54. Wicked 56. Ends a prayer 57. Illogical 63. Kind of moss 64. Sourish 65. “The Final Frontier” 66. Monster 67. Not false 68. Covers with asphalt 69. South African monetary unit 70. Cravings 71. Sleighs

DOWN 1. Angel’s headwear 2. L L L L 3. Level 4. Hefty volume 5. Rise 6. They make eyeglasses 7. Wherry 8. Spring 9. Silver, in heraldry 10. Pronounced 11. Wear away

12. Fortuneteller’s card 13. Cunningly 21. Cut 25. Greek letter 26. Timbuktu’s land 27. Barely managed 28. Agreeable 29. Not gifted 34. Drools 36. Partiality 37. Young girl

38. Initial wager 40. Brother of Jacob 42. Send, as payment 45. Invade in great numbers 48. Courageous 51. Steam 52. Alpha’s opposite 53. Long for 55. Speech defects

58. Unusual 59. Iridescent gem 60. Central area of a church 61. Breezed through 62. Not more

Solutions on page 60

Joke of the Month Submitted by AMAC Member John Kuharski, MN

How To Play: •

Fill in the empty fields with the numbers from 1 through 9

Every row must contain the numbers from 1 through 9

Every column must contain the numbers from 1 through 9

Every 3x3 square must contain the numbers from 1 through 9

62 | www.amac.us

A guy took his girlfriend to her first football game and asked her how she liked it ? ‘Oh, I really liked it but I just couldn’t understand why they were killing each other over 25 cents.’ Dumbfounded, he asked, ‘What do you mean?’ ‘Well, they flipped a coin, one team got it and then for the rest of the game, all they kept screaming was: ‘Get the quarterback! Get the quarterback! Heard any good ones lately? Send them in!

Please submit your joke by emailing info@amac.us or mailing to Joke of the Month, c/o AMAC 5 Orville Drive, Suite 400, Bohemia, NY 11716. Your joke may be featured in our next magazine!

“You and I have a rendezvous with destiny. We will preserve for our children this, the last best hope of man on earth, or we will sentence them to take the first step into a thousand years of darkness. If we fail, at least let our children and our children’s children say of us we justified our brief moment here. We did all that could be done.” — Ronald Reagan October 27, 1964

Obamacare Watchdog

Obamacare Premiums Increasing by 25%


MAC, the Association of Mature American Citizens, has just released a survey of the premiums now being quoted for qualifying health plans under the Affordable Care Act. They have reported an average annual increase of 25% since open enrollment began November 15. The survey covered a number of national insurance carriers including Aetna, Assurant, United Healthcare and Humana. In many rural areas the results have been even more discouraging with rates increasing by 40 to 50%. The rates will be effective January 1, 2015. This information was compiled from several hundred premium quotes that have been issued by the insurance companies since they have released their new rates last Saturday.

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r d ife tte n L Be d a tery un at So r B e


No t Contrac


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1878 Morgan Dollars

Fir st Ye ar of Issue 4Each coin carefully hand-selected by awardwinning silver & gold expert, Mike Fuljenz 4Guaranteed in Very Fine circulated condition with key details showing 4Impressive 38.1 mm diameter containing over ¾ oz of pure silver




00 Limit (2) per household

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Just as the Colt horse pistol was pivotal in the opening of the Wild West, the Morgan Silver Dollar, minted from 1878-1921, was the mainstay of late 19th and early 20th century American commerce and prized treasure for famous outlaws like Jesse James and Billy the Kid. Today’s coin collectors covet the very popular, first year of issue 1878 Morgan Silver Dollars. Unlike commonly seen offers for last year of issue 1921 Morgan Dollars, offers for the historic 1878 Morgan Silver Dollars are rarely seen.

The Very Fine Circulated 1878 Morgan Dollars we have available for this AMAC Member offer were patiently hand-selected by a recently deceased dealer friend of ours. It took him over 20 years to slowly collect the coins in this limited offer and he only selected coins grading Very Fine or better with key details showing! At only $50 per coin (our choice of mint), plus priority shipping and insurance, we expect these 1878 Morgan Dollars to sell out quickly! Call today before our limited inventory is gone.

Ask about our extensive inventory of PCGS & NGC Certified Morgan Dollars, including the highly sought after Carson City Morgans. Or shop online at firstfidelityreserve.com

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Vault Verification: FAMACMG1214 • Offer Expires: 02/28/15

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