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AMAC Scores...

Fran Tarkenton Joins the Team!

Also in this Issue: Small Business... The Engine That Can! ■ ObamaCare’s Latest Victim… Medicare ■ Discover Alaska ■ Senate Mid-Term Elections ■


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Publisher’s Letter

AMAC scores! Fran Tarkenton, one of football’s all-time greats, is now on the AMAC team! Fran was a fierce competitor on the field and never gave up, some of the virtues that make him a perfect fit for AMAC. We know what it is like to go up against a powerhouse like AARP, to compete with Washington lobbyists and to print the truth while facing a mass media that is engaged in indoctrinating the people with slanted information. But like Fran, who had his fans to support and encourage him, we are blessed to have a loyal and fast growing membership behind us. Fran became a successful businessman after sports and has become one of America’s small business “gurus.” Look for AMAC and Fran to be teaming up to provide information on small business to help our members succeed. AMAC Delegates continue to play an increasing part in our efforts to influence elected officials to guarantee Social Security, repair/replace Obamacare and to get our fiscal house in order. See the Delegates’ page ( for updates.

by Dan Weber President, Association of Mature American Citizens

The 2014 Senate races are extraordinarily important and our article discusses how a change in control of the Senate can happen. Remember, Senators approve judges to the Supreme Court, where many of our problems have originated. As we promised, we are serving as a watchdog on Medicare. Take a look inside to find out the latest news and how AMAC is supporting action to protect the interests of older Americans. Our efforts are heating up, so read our weekly e-newsletters to stay informed (if you are not receiving your emails, call 888-262-2006 and ask to be put on the list). More good news! Just starting this year, AMAC is offering a discounted auto buying service in 7 states. Check out our website, Do some online shopping and support AMAC when looking to purchase your next new or used car! Have a healthy and successful 2014 and join in as AMAC makes this year a year of action!

Best regards,

Dan Weber, Publisher

4 |


Cover Stor y



Fran Tarkenton Joins the AMAC Team

Daniel C. Weber Publisher Rebecca Weber Keiffert Editor in Chief Pamela Smith Managing Editor Jedediah Bila Carolyn Rayburn John Grimaldi Andrew Mangione Gerry Hafer Murray Holland D.J. Wilson Senior Contributing Writers Gia Ricottone Director of Advertising


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Simply Jedediah Big American Dreams

11 Your Medicare Advisor ACA Impact on Medicare Advantage

14 Politics Senate Mid-Term Elections

54 Kathie’s Kitchen Crazy for Casseroles

57 Government Watch 58 Entertainment Spring Baseball Training

62 Just for Fun 65 Did You Know?

21 Obamacare Watchdog Latest Victim - Medicare Program

24 Money





27 Small Business Mature American Citizens, Inc. 5 Orville Drive Bohemia, New York 11716 1.888.262.2006 •

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The Engine That Can!




31 National Security The Threat from Within

38 AMAC Delegate Honor Roll

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40 Opinion Economic Fantasies

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44 Travel Discover Alaska

50 Member Benefits Directory



Speaking Your Mind

Sound Off

“sound off” at

Americans are speaking out on AMAC’s website. Please visit to give us your views and to read what others are saying!

Attention Seniors – Obamacare Forcing 14% Cut to Medicare’s Home Health Care 

Robert Baker says: I appreciate the work that AMAC is doing to represent the low and middle income Americans. Otherwise, we would not have anybody helping we the people. I’ve lived a long time and I haven’t ever seen a time such as exists now. The federal government and its leadership has really got this country in a big mess and no one is held accountable. Accountability has been phased out. God and personal integrity aren’t included in the process of leadership and government. Liberal values have taken center stage. I hope the next administration will see the need to live within our means. Our nation cannot spend its way out of debt. Our national debt and income needs to be headed to an equilibrium ratio and not the opposite direction. I appreciate this forum that gives me an opportunity to address my concerns.

AMAC on Capitol Hill 2013: The Year in Review 

Ben Emison says: A good year however we need more growth. I suggest every member try to sign up 2 new members or more. We are competing with an organization hiding their agenda from its members. These blinded members need to be made aware of of this hidden agenda. This is a job for all AMAC members to undertake. God Bless.

John Loughman says: AMAC had a good growth year in 2013 and I am proud to be a Delegate to PA18. For 2014 what can we do to counter Carl Rove, Boehner, and the US Chamber

6 |

backing big gov’t losers and fighting true constitutional conservatives in the primaries and not supporting them in the general election? They need to be fighting the democrat liberals and not their own energized base. How can they be so stupid? Why do they like losing?

AMAC’s Year-End Call to Action: ‘Get Involved’ 

Ray Breneman says: I’m glad you are encouraging members to get involved and volunteer to help our communities. My wife and I have been volunteering for years and conservatively have put in over 300 combined hours this year. We also do mission trips with our church, which we love. I try to spread the word about AMAC every chance I get. Is there a brochure or something I can give out that you might suggest? I’ll be praying for the continuing success of AMAC this coming year.

Maria Gregory says: I am a new member to AMAC and I’m impressed with what this organization is striving to do…and that is to bring our country back to its fundamental values. It’s not an easy task but it’s got to happen or eventually all of our liberties, rights and freedom will be lost forever. Our “uninformed citizens” need to be educated, and that is the key word here, so they can see what is happening to this country and can make informed decisions when it comes time to vote for candidates who will work for us, and not be self-serving once they’re elected to office. We’ve got enough of those already in our current government and they need to go. Fortunately, “sleepers” are slowly opening their eyes today and seeing the big picture finally, but they mustn’t take too long else we lose the fight. And they

aren’t the uneducated folks either! We need “people power” to help win what AMAC is striving to achieve and I’m all for that!

Concerned Citizen says: I hope AMAC will help us out by posting a “Get involved” map of races with the candidates listed so we can get involved early in the process. One of the most effective grassroots actions we can take is walking precincts for/with our local candidates. The personal contact can really make the difference, but it involves time and effort. In small local elections, just a few more votes can make a huge difference, and if you can get someone out to vote for a local candidate with conservative principals, they just might vote for other conservatives on the ballot as well. If you can’t walk, volunteer to call.

Phil says: Make it plain to your representatives that the day of reckoning is coming with the 2014 elections. Remind them that leopards don’t change spots but we can change the leopards. Make sure they understand that we will not buy into their suddenly seeing the light in order to get reelected and then back to business as usual. The 2014 elections are especially important because there are over 400 seats up for grabs. This election will be a major breaking point for many, and could change everything. If the Liberals, especially the Washington Dems, were to gain complete control of the Senate and the House and with this President we have now... it would be a nightmare of disastrous proportions! ★




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Simply Jedediah

Big American Dreams Amy wants to open a flower shop in San Francisco when she grows up. She’s twelve years old and incredibly ambitious. As I sat listening to this young girl explain the design of her future store - high ceilings, yellow shutters, ornate pots, and a garden out back - I was beyond impressed.


t a very young age, Amy had discovered something she loved. And not only that, but she had begun to figure out how to turn it into a job she would be happy to work hard at every day. She would toss her allowance into a small piggy bank next to her bed every week. On the bank’s side was written “Amy’s Flower Shop Savings.” At the end of each month, she would empty the money into a large plastic bag and take it to the bank to deposit with her dad. In her spare time, Amy draws pictures of the store she imagines. She spends hours looking at different kinds of flowers, deciding what does and doesn’t look good together. She studies vases and ponders which ones would make perfect homes for which flowers. At twelve years old, she has found a passion for something, the kind of passion some people spend their whole lives hoping

by Jedediah Bila

to discover. Amy’s dream is the American dream. She wants success. She wants to spend her days immersed in something she loves, to go home every night feeling like she has accomplished something of value. She wants to work hard, to grow a business she can be proud of, and to produce something that makes people smile and brightens their days. These are the dreams that build a great nation. When I step onto television sets to talk about the challenges that face small businesses, I think of young people like Amy. I think of their passion, their drive, and their optimism. Taxes, overregulation, Obamacare, bureaucratic burdens - these things certainly won’t make Amy’s job any easier. These burdens discourage many, bankrupt some, and cause others to pick up and move to cities and states less likely to cripple their ability to grow and thrive. The path for small business owners is a hard one, and in many parts of the country, it gets harder and harder each day. What would our country look like if the tax and regulatory burdens everywhere became so high that future generations couldn’t contemplate the flower shop or pizzeria or barber shop they dream about running? What would we stand for, as a nation? What would we inspire? I often think of my great grandparents and the way they spoke about America,

this place where big dreams were possible no matter how much money you had in your pockets to start with. They loved this country because it gave them a shot to be the best they could be. My grandpa used to say, “Figure out what you want to do with your life and get to it. You’re in the best place in the world to make it happen.” If future generations can’t say the same, we will have lost ourselves. We will have lost what makes this country great. We will have lost the reason so many flocked here with hopes to build something they could call their own. For the sake of kids everywhere, and their big dreams, we must make sure that doesn’t happen.

Follow Jedediah on Twitter: | 9

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Your Medicare Advisor

ACA Impact on Medicare Advantage ACA Impact on Medicare Advantage


f you like your health care plan, you can keep it,” was dubbed PolitiFact’s 2013 “lie of the year.” In 2014, President Obama’s mendacious political promise will continue to cast a shadow of doubt and confusion over millions of Americans as they grapple with what the not-so-Affordable Care Act (ACA) will do to their health insurance. Thanks to ObamaCare, 6 million Americans have already lost the health plans they purchased on the individual market. And now, mature Americans and seniors are at risk of losing the coverage they chose through Medicare Part C – known more commonly as Medicare Advantage (MA). For the 15 million Americans with Medicare Advantage plans, the initial ACA prognosis doesn’t look good. Twenty-nine percent of Medicare-eligible Americans are currently enrolled in Medicare Advantage plans. Since 2010, the number of individuals participating in MA plans has increased 30%. This notable rise in participation is a testament to the undeniable popularity of the program and its ability to provide beneficiaries with myriad choices when it comes to health care coverage. Unlike traditional Medicare, which is administered by the federal government, Medicare Advantage is a marketbased alternative that allows individuals to receive benefits through local and regional private insurance companies. While MA is required to include hospital (Part A) and medical (Part B) coverage in its plans, it additionally covers other benefits, such as dental and vision care, and many plans even provide prescription drug coverage.

by Caroline Rayburn

The program’s very name says it all: Medicare Advantage – a benefit specifically designed to offer greater choice, coordinated care and better results. In fact, MA has a proven record of positive patient outcomes, reducing the need for expensive hospital readmissions while simultaneously containing costs for consumers. According to Douglas Holtz-Eakin, president of the American Action Forum, “Seniors choose MA plan[s] over traditional Medicare for numerous reasons, but key among them are access to coordinated care, preventative care services, additional benefits and lower out of pocket liabilities.”1 Despite the overwhelming success of Medicare Advantage, ObamaCare cut $308 billion directly from the program to fund itself. With $25.4 billion in cuts slated to take effect this year, the Kaiser Family Foundation projects that hundreds of thousands of MA beneficiaries will be forced off the plans they were repeatedly told they could keep. This draconian cut to Medicare Advantage represents yet another broken promise by the Obama administration. Instead of driving down the overall cost of the Medicare program, like the White House claims, the MA cut will actually be used to pay for the expansion of Medicaid and health insurance subsidies – both fundamental, crucial apparatuses of ObamaCare. It won’t be long before seniors begin to feel the growing pains that come with a government-first health care system. Eakin notes that “fewer plan choices, higher costs to beneficiaries, foregone benefits and tighter provider networks” will typify the 2014 MA landscape.2 Those most likely to see their MA plans can-

This draconian cut to Medicare Advantage represents yet another broken promise by the Obama administration.

celled this year will be low-income beneficiaries residing in rural areas “without other options for supplemental Medicare coverage.”3 The cut to Medicare Advantage is but one egregious example of the deception used to sell ObamaCare to the American people. Stripping mature Americans and the most vulnerable seniors of plans they independently chose and prefer to keep negates current measures being advanced under the guise of “affordable health care.” On Capitol Hill, AMAC continues to expose the true, harmful nature of the ACA’s cut to Medicare Advantage. As an organization committed to protecting mature Americans from any effort that seeks to diminish choice and the quality of health care available to seniors, AMAC will continue to fight to preserve funding for MA and to support initiatives to safeguard the program for future generations. ★ 1 Holtz-Eakin, Douglas. “Medicare Advantage: Assessing

the Impact of ACA Funding Reductions.” American Action Forum. Testimony presented to the U.S. House of Representatives Energy & Commerce Committee, Subcommittee on Health. Page 2. Dec. 4, 2013.

2 Ibid., page 3. 3 Holtz-Eakin. Verbal testimony to the Health Subcommittee.

Dec. 4, 2013. | 11

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The Senate Mid-Term Elections: A fight for control


OTV is not a new cable channel. It stands for Get Out The Vote and you can count on one thing come the November mid-term elections: both parties will be manning the phones and ringing doorbells to encourage voters to cast their ballots for their candidates. The left will tout the virtues of their liberal contenders, the benefits of Obamacare, the success of their poverty programs and the benefits of the country’s new foreign policy initiatives. The right will beckon with descriptions of the failures of the current administration, aided by its staunch liberal allies in the Senate. They’ll talk about progressive ideologies that have eroded our trust and confidence in government and the strategies of appeasement that have emboldened our foes and dismayed our allies abroad. But, at the end of the day, it is up to each of us to make up our own minds about the merits of those running for office this year, and that will require serious homework. Study their ideas and compare them to the values you cherish. Use the Internet and your local newspapers to dig into their ability to stand up for you when they get to Congress in 2015. Whether you are a conservative or a liberal, the 2014 elections will be transformational.

The fight for control The mid-term elections are crucial to both parties. If the Republicans win

by John Grimaldi 14 |

enough seats to control both the House and the Senate, it will ensure a united front that can help restore the balance of power in Washington. If Democrats can defeat Republican candidates, it will give President Obama two more years to fulfill his ambitions for the United States. All 435 seats in the House of Representatives are at stake and, while the odds are that Republicans can maintain their majority, there is wiggle room for Democrats to make headway. Some of those races will be contentious and both parties will be doing their best to ensure their runners come in first. In the Senate, the majority is at stake and that is where the big bucks will go because 35 out of 100 seats up for grabs. Liberal forces will seek to maintain the status quo and will focus on their most vulnerable candidates to ensure continuity. Republicans, meanwhile, are emboldened because they believe those contenders are, indeed, vulnerable. There are 14 Senate seats held by Republicans that are in play. Two of those seats are in South Carolina and there are one each in Alaska, Georgia, Idaho, Kansas, Kentucky, Maine, Mississippi, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, and Wyoming. In 21 races Democrats are on the defensive, and in at least 12 Red, Blue and Purple states, the GOP smells blood and the opportunity to wrest control of the majority in the upper chamber.

Voters are anticipating the election Mid-term contests are generally uninteresting to most voters. But this year there is a high level of enthusiasm among

In the Senate, the majority is at stake and that is where the big bucks will go because 35 out of 100 seats up for grabs.

voters with 51% of them saying that they are looking forward to casting their ballots, according to a Pew Research study conducted in January. What’s interesting is that there’s about the same overall level of attention in this year’s mid-terms as there was in 2010 when Republicans made significant gains, winning back control of the House and adding to their membership in the Senate. What’s more, the study showed that GOP voters are significantly more focused than Democrats with 63% of Republicans and only 53% of Democrats anticipating the elections. That’s just about the same split as there was in 2010. But there’s more. Another survey, this one a generic voting poll by CNN and Opinion Research, shows Republicans outpacing Liberals in the November balloting by as much as 5 points. It is very likely that the Democratic Party in Red States and Purple States are considering the need to mount vigorous campaigns to help their candidates. The battle is already under way in New Hampshire where former Massachusetts Senator, Rep. Scott Brown, has thrown his hat in the ring for the seat currently


The Senate Mid-Term Elections: Here’s a complete list of the upcoming Senate contests: Alaska-R Arizona-D Arkansas-D Colorado-D Delaware-D Georgia-R Hawaii-D Iowa-D Idaho-R Illinois-D Kansas-R Kentucky-R

Louisiana-D Massachusetts-D Maine-R Minnesota-D Mississippi-R Montana-D North Carolina-D Nebraska-R New Hampshire-D New Jersey-D New Mexico-D Oklahoma-R

Oregon-D Rhode Island-D South Carolina-R [2x] South Dakota-D Tennessee-R Texas-R Virgnia-D West Virginia-D and Wyoming-R.

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held by Dem. Senator Jeanne Shaheen. A Democratic super PAC has actually started running anti-Brown ads ten months before the election.

What we might expect We should remember that Mitt Romney won Montana, South Dakota and West Virginia by double digits and Republican candidates there are in good shape to win those three seats from Democrats. But surely those incumbents will be receiving lots of liberal support as election day grows closer. Nonetheless, the pundits pick Rep. Mike Rounds to win in South Dakota. He was a very popular governor there and his campaign coffers are full. Republicans are in favor in West Virginia this year and, combined with President Obama’s growing unpopularity in that state, it puts GOP candidate Shelley Moore Capito in a favorable position to win the seat of outgoing Dem. Senator Jay Rockefeller. It’s a slightly different story in Montana where Dem. Lieutenant Governor John Walsh is likely to be appointed as interim successor to Senator Max Baucus. Thus, Congressman Steve Daines would face an incumbent in November. But Walsh carries a lot of baggage with him. A 2010 Army inspector general’s report was discovered recently indicating that he used his position as Commander of the state’s National Guard for personal gain. Four Red States where the GOP should have an edge this year are Alaska, Arkansas, Louisiana and Nebraska. And, liberal Senators in Illinois, Minnesota, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, and Virginia are considered potentially vulnerable by the experts. Thus, the prospects for a Republican majority in the Senate this year are quite real. But, it’s impossible for anyone to predict who the winners and the losers will be. Who comes out ahead is a roll of the dice because the outcomes, to a large extent, are dependent on events that raise a candidate’s popularity and those that put him or her in the dog house with voters. ★


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he typical homeowners policy includes coverage for personal belongings like furniture and clothing. But they often provide only limited coverage for such items as jewelry, computers and cameras. In fact, most homeowners policies set dollar limits on the amount of protection offered to cover the theft of items. For example, the limit for jewelry is typically only up to $1,000 for theft. If the diamond falls out, your computer is stolen, or your camera disappears at your favorite vacation spot, it may not be covered under a typical homeowners policy. That’s why you owe it to yourself to work with a professional to get the coverage you need for your newly acquired possessions.

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your most valued possessions including breakage, which is not covered under the terms of a typical homeowners policy.

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ObamaCare Watchdog

ObamaCare’s Latest Victim: the Medicare Program ObamaCare cuts threaten seniors’ health and destroy jobs


uriel Gardner is in her mid-80s and lives alone with her small dog in Maine. Muriel has a history of congestive heart failure, high blood pressure and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), among other health issues. After a hospital stay, Muriel was discharged with 25 different medications. She was not mobile enough to access her bedroom and bathroom, which are located on the second floor of her apartment. She also was at risk for dangerous falls due to her weakness and unsteady gait. Fortunately, Muriel’s doctor recommended home healthcare services, which are funded by Medicare, and Muriel began to receive skilled nursing as well as physical and occupational

by Andrew Mangione

20 |

therapy. A home healthcare nurse sorted out Muriel’s medications and worked with her primary care physician to protect Muriel from medication errors that could land her back in the hospital. The nurse also helped Muriel better manage her chronic illnesses, and provided assistance with smoking cessation. An occupational therapist worked with Muriel on conserving her energy so she could resume activities of daily living, while a physical therapist worked with her on a home exercise program and taught her fall prevention techniques. As a result of her home healthcare services, Muriel has been able to live more independently, safely and securely in her own apartment. She was also able to avoid expensive inpatient rehabilitation after her discharge from the hospital. Muriel was smoke-free when she was discharged from her home health services and was able to take all of her medications independently and accurately. Happily, Muriel was able to safely return to her upstairs bedroom and bathroom. Jane Abelson of Georgia is in her early 70s and lives with her brother. Jane has had a history of stroke, diabetes and high blood pressure. She is also partially

blind. Jane was debilitated and required her brother’s assistance when bathing, dressing and eating meals. She also needed help taking her medications. Jane began receiving Medicare-funded home healthcare services, including skilled nursing and physical and occupational therapy. In addition, Jane received help from a speech therapist who helped her compensate for her memory loss and visual impairment. Jane now better understands her conditions and is able to live more independently with her brother. She can take all of her medicine on her own and has avoided costly and unnecessary rehospitalization. Jane’s home healthcare service provider also helped her to coordinate her care by navigating her through the medical system and using available resources to her benefit. Robert Sanders is in his late 70s and lives in Florida. He has a vast history of

Medicare home healthcare users live at or below the federal poverty level. These are older, very sick and economically compromised senior citizens.1 Home healthcare agencies provide services to Medicare beneficiaries who are homebound and require skilled care. Many healthcare treatments that were once offered only in a hospital or a physician’s office can now be safely, effectively, and efficiently provided in patients’ homes by skilled clinicians. Home healthcare is generally less expensive and as effective as care provided in a hospital or skilled nursing facility.2 Just how does home healthcare impact Medicare costs? Consider the following:

■ In 2009, Medicare’s average Part A &

cardiac issues, including multiple heart attacks, catheterizations and extensive artery disease. He also has a pacemaker. Robert was angry and depressed over his heart condition. He became short of breath and unsteady just from getting dressed or walking across a room. He was weak, took multiple medications and did not alter his diet to accommodate his heart disease. Upon his doctor’s orders, Robert began receiving care from a home healthcare agency, and was placed in a cardiopulmonary disease management program. A specially-trained nurse worked with Robert to increase his awareness of the risks of pushing himself too hard and also of the importance of closely monitor his vital signs. The nurse also addressed his diet so that it would be more appropriate for a cardiac patient. A comprehensive home exercise program was developed for Robert to increase his strength and improve his endurance.

Robert was able to increase his strength to the point where he could walk a half mile a day and return to running his lawn maintenance business. He now carries nutritious food with him, better manages his medications and is able to avoid expensive visits to the hospital or other institutional care. What do Medicare beneficiaries Muriel Gardner, Jane Abelson and Robert Sanders (not their real names) all have in common? They were able to receive treatment for some of the most expensive medical conditions (COPD, diabetes and heart disease) for a fraction of the cost and in the comfort of their own homes. They also avoided very costly hospitalizations, readmissions and institutional care. Muriel, Jane and Robert also reflect the typical recipient of Medicare home healthcare services: aged, homebound and sicker than the average Medicare population. Also, nearly two-thirds of

Part B payment for a home healthcare visit was $145, compared to $373 for a day in a skilled nursing facility, and $1,805 for a day in the hospital. ■ According to Avalere Health, skilled home healthcare services saved the Medicare program $2.81 billion over three years. Approximately $670 million is attributable to 20,000 fewer hospital readmissions. ■ A study by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality showed that approximately one in 10 of the nearly 40 million U.S. hospitalizations are potentially avoidable. The admissions in the study were for conditions for which hospitalization could be avoided with appropriate outpatient care, including skilled home healthcare services.3 Given these facts, one would have to conclude that the value of home healthcare in driving down Medicare costs is obvious: keep patients in a familiar surrounding – their homes, not in expensive hospitals or other institutional settings; design and implement disease mancontinued on pg. 22 | 21

ObamaCare Watchdog

ObamaCare’s Latest Victim: the Medicare Program

Impact of CMS’ Projection that 40% of Home Health Providers Will Suffer Net Loss In the Home Health Prospective Payment System (HHPPS) Final Rule for CY 2014, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) concedes that “approximately 40 percent” of all Home Health Agencies (HHAs) will be operating at a net loss on or by 2017 as a result of the HHPPS regulation.

The following chart estimates the top 10 states impacted by this unprecedented loss on HHAs, Seniors and jobs.

continued from pg. 21

Impact of HHPPS Final Rule agement programs to control chronic illnesses and produce better outcomes; and coordinate care for patients in order to maximize available resources. Because of the effect home healthcare has on Medicare expenditures, one could believe that the perpetuation and expansion of these services would be a priority. Not so in the wacky world of ObamaCare. On January 1, 2014, Medicare home healthcare services for some 3.5 million beneficiaries were sharply cut as a result of the Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare). Specifically, the cut takes 14%, or an estimated $22 billion, away from the home health benefit over the next four years. It’s ironic that Democrats, who once portrayed former Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan as tossing senior citizens over a cliff because of his budget proposals, have created - and on a strictly partisan basis - passed legislation that greatly limits access to advanced, cost effective health care for the Medicare program’s most vulnerable beneficiaries. The cut also negatively impacts the businesses that provide home healthcare services. More than 90% of the organizations that provide home healthcare are small businesses, and according to the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services’ own statistic, 40% of these companies will be operating at a loss by 2017 as a result of the cut. That means that nearly 5,000 Medicare home healthcare providers could potentially be put out of business and nearly 500,000 jobs in the industry would be wiped out in order to fund ObamaCare. ObamaCare has devastating effects on Medicare benefits, affecting both American seniors and our economy as

22 |

Percent of HHAs that are Projected to be Driven to Net Loss by 2017

Number of HHAs that are Projected to be Driven to Net Loss by 2017

Number of HH Seniors Who Are Currently Served by HHAs that are Projected to be Driven to Net Loss by 2017

Number of HH Jobs Currently in HHAs that are Projected to be Driven to Net Loss by 2017





















New Jersey





New York


























To see estimates for all states, go to

a whole. Equally as reprehensible is the exceptionally negative effect this cut will have on the economy. Small businesses comprise the engine of economic growth in America and this cut targets an indispensably vital sector of healthcare and virtually destroys it. AMAC is committed to speaking up on behalf of American seniors, and bringing attention to the negative effects in ObamaCare, such as the cut in Medicare home healthcare services. In addition to our activity on Capitol Hill, we are currently ramping up our grassroots efforts to bring this issue to Congressional offices across America. We will fight this disturbing strike at older Americans and

challenge other organizations that purport to advocate on their behalf to follow our lead and join us in this battle. We also ask that you, our AMAC members, talk with your friends and families and inform them of the harmful consequences of ObamaCare. Please get involved, for the stakes continue to rise as more details about ObamaCare are revealed. ★ 1. A Home Health Co-Payment: Affected Beneficiaries and Potential Implications.” Avalere Health, November 2013 2. 3.


o N tra n o C

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Gold! Why this precious metal should resume its winning streak in 2014


fter gold’s first annual decline in the last 13 years, many on Wall Street are “piling on” gold with a series of flatto-negative predictions for gold in 2014. In typical Wall Street fashion, they usually predict that the current trend will continue for the foreseeable future. When gold was rising, they predicted higher prices. When gold is falling, they tend to predict more of the same. Looking forward, gold is due for a better year than stocks, since stocks seem to be in the soaring “bubble” territory that gold approached in 2011. Gold’s fundamentals still argue for long-term superiority to stocks. In this short report, I want to rehearse six of those major fundamentals.

Fundamental #1:

Chinese Demand Should Continue To Rise In 2013, China and India combined to dominate gold demand, with China surpassing India for the first time as the #1 nation in gold demand. Combined, China and India absorbed 2,000 tons of the roughly 3,000 tons of total global demand.

Fundamental #2:

India Should Come To Its Senses About Gold Indian gold demand in 2013 approached 1000 tons, which is amazing considering the laws that its government put in the way of the jewelry fabrication business there. In time, the people of India will demand access to gold, and their politicians should relent, if they want to win future elections.

Fundamental #3:

The Fed Should Continue To Be “Expansive” Under Janet Yellen Gold fell when outgoing Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke said that the Fed would

by Mike Fuljenz 24 |

begin “tapering” its $85 billion per month (over $1 trillion per year) in “quantitative easing” (QE), their term for adding to the money supply by buying Treasury bonds. But they will only cut that figure by $10 billion per month to $75 billion in January, 2014. Janet Yellen has taken Mr. Bernanke’s seat as the Fed’s helm. She is known as the “Queen of the Doves,” a term that refers to her leadership of the “easy money” majority at the Fed. Very few “hawks” (those favoring slower monetary growth) have a vote on the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) board, so monetary expansion should continue in 2014.

Fundamental #4:

Physical Demand Should Overtake ETF Sales In 2014 The year 2013 was dominated by a “tug of war” between the paper-gold sellers in New York and physical gold buyers worldwide. So far, the paper-gold forces have been in the driver’s seat, but their success could sow the seeds of gold’s recovery, because the gold exchange-traded funds sold over 800 tons of gold in 2013. Most of that gold made a one-way trip to China. This means there won’t be enough gold in New York for the gold bears to “cover their shorts” (i.e., buy back what they previously sold). That should eventually push the gold price higher. Meanwhile, most global mints are going all out to meet rising physical demand. The U.S. Mint, the Perth (Australia) Mint and the Royal Canadian Mint are selling record amounts of silver and near-record gold volumes.

Fundamental #5:

Many Gold Miners Are Going Broke And Closing Mines The cost of mining the average ounce of gold soared to $1,500 in the first half of 2013, making gold mining a money-losing proposition for most companies. Many

mining companies went overboard in 2010 and 2011, opening up marginal properties to gold mining. New gold supplies have been flat for the last 15 years and new supplies will likely decline in 2014.

Fundamental #6:

“Emerging Market” Central Banks Still Favor Gold Western “advanced” central banks aren’t adding to their gold supplies, but at least they are not selling their gold. Meanwhile, the “emerging” markets continue to favor gold as a superior antidote to paper money inflation.

How Will Gold Fare In 2014? The basic fundamentals for gold’s longterm rise are still in place. We can’t know for certain that gold will resume its longterm rise in 2014 or later, but we tend to agree with the analysts at Commerzbank – that a modest rise in gold this year could bring back Wall Street’s momentum investors, particularly if stocks begin to falter. In “normal” times, we would predict a return to $1,300 gold for an average 2014 price, but unforeseen global turmoil, a continuation of monetary easing and a decline of the dollar could easily push gold higher. ★

About the author KnownasAmerica’sGoldExpert®,FirstFidelityReservenumismaticconsultantMichaelFuljenzhaswondozensofnationaland regionalawardsforhisconsumereducationandprotectionwork inrarecoinsandpreciousmetals.MikealsohasservedasaconsultanttotheFederalTradeCommission,UnitedStatesMintand Royal Canadian Mint.

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First Fidelity Reserve® is proud to announce the release of the first of four coins in an exciting, brand new 99.99% pure silver bullion coin series by the Royal Canadian Mint – the $5 Silver peregrine Falcon! one of the most spectacular birds of prey, the peregrine Falcon has compact feathers and long, pointed wings and is the fastest animal in the world, capable of flying at speeds up to 200 mph. Revered since the middle ages, the peregrine Falcon is one of the most striking, beautiful and graceful aerial predators in the world. 4The just released 2014 $5 Peregrine Falcon is the first of four

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Small Business

Small Business... The Engine That Can! Big business — the Fortune 500, for example — garners the lion’s share of major media attention, and it’s no secret that there’s a major amount of focus in Washington on the moves made and messages sent by companies like Exxon, General Electric and Wal-Mart.


nd while it’s easy for the news media often to focus on the issues facing major corporations, the simple reality is that small businesses represent over 99% of all employer firms, pay 43% of total U.S. private payroll, and account for more than half of all U.S. sales volume (not to mention a third of all of our country’s exports). Small businesses are clearly the lifeblood of our country’s economic engine, employing half of all private sector workers. But what actually is a small business? Well, according to the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA), “a small business concern is one that is independently owned and operated, is organized for profit, and is not dominant in its field.” Actual sizes vary based on industry, with small manufacturing firms usually coming in at under 1,500 employees, while wholesaling firms with up to 500 employees are usually catego-

by Gerry Hafer

26 |

rized as “small business.” Other industries are categorized by annual revenues (for example, services companies with annual receipts ranging from $2.5 to $21.5 million, retailers with $5.0 to $21.0 million in receipts, etc. fall into the small business grouping). By way of definition, there are many kinds of small businesses, from C Corps, to S Corps, to LLCs and LLPs, with many organized as sole proprietor ventures. Franchise operators typically fall into the small business category, as do just about all home-based businesses. In fact, businesses having no employees beyond the individual owner account for more than three quarters of small businesses in the U.S. Although the SBA’s classification system seems pretty broad, it’s likely that unless you’re working for a Fortune 500 company, you’re a member of the small business workforce. The SBA itself, by the way, with its annual budget appropriation of nearly a billion dollars and over 2,000 employees spread across 23 major departments, is clearly not in this category. But no matter how you cut it, small business is big business in America, and small businesses can be found in virtually every community nationwide, from Mom & Pop storefronts to home-based businesses.

Small Business is the Driving Force in Our Economy Viewed in isolation, small businesses may not appear to be positioned as influential in the evolution of the U.S. economy. After all, when you put the balance sheet of, say, the downtown barber shop alongside the mountains of financial reports compiled for a company like General Motors, there really is no comparison. But step back and consider that there are more than 27 million small enterprises like that barber shop, compared to a “mere” 18,500 or so large firms that weigh in with more than 500 employees, and you can begin to understand how the numbers add up. Small business is where the action is… the employment action, that is. According to the SBA, small firms account for over half of current U.S. jobs, and have contributed two-thirds of the net new jobs created in our economy between

“ ...step back and consider that there are more than 27 million small enterprises like that barber shop, compared to a “mere” 18,500 or so large firms that weigh in with more than 500 employees, and you can begin to understand how the numbers add up.”

tribution complexes that characterize big business, the U.S. small business sector footprint encompasses 30-50% of all commercial floor space, an estimated 29-34 billion square feet. And it’s growing; the SBA reports that since 1982, the number of small businesses has increased by 49% while large business continues the trend of downsizing.

The Sprit of Small Business

1993 and 2011. In fact, looking back to 1990, hiring statistics indicate that big business has eliminated 4 million jobs, while small business has added 8 million, a net change of 12 million! Much of this growth in new employment, about 60%, is the result of steady growth in established small businesses, while the remaining portion of the change is the result of the “churn” that takes place when small business closures are offset by new businesses setting up shop. This issue of “churn” is an example of the volatility of the small business arena, where start-ups and closures often tend to run neck-and-neck. During economic downturns, the rate of small business “failures” usually tends to exceed start-ups, although it’s usually the nonemployer firms (where the owner is the only employee) that close their doors. With respect to physical plant size, it’s also interesting to note that the sheer number of small businesses makes them a major player in U.S. commerce. Despite the sprawling factory and dis-

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Remember the “great recession” of 2008? Not hard to do, since the effects of this economic disaster are still with us today on many fronts, and since consumer confidence has only recently begun to recover from all-time lows. Our post-recession economy has created a sea change in the business arena, with an environment where the agility that characterizes small businesses is an essential ingredient for the future. In fact, the entrepreneurial spirit that accompanies smaller businesses tends to make them more responsive to changing business conditions and more able to react quickly to opportunities. The Small Business Administration offers evidence of this dexterity, reporting that small firms are a significant source of innovation and patent activity. With fewer layers of bureaucracy, smaller firms are able to react more quickly to changes in market forces, and tend to be quicker to recognize, and act on, developing trends and opportunities. The SBA reports that small businesses generate 13 to 14 times more patents per employee than large firms, an indication that small business flexibility equates to the innovative spirit that has made

America great. Reacting quickly and adopting new practices is a major distinguishing feature between small businesses and large enterprises. While small businesses may not always be able to compete on price or market reach, they typically are able to create more of an affinity with customers through direct contact and tailored experiences. In fact, in many micro-businesses (typically five employees or less) you’ll find the business owner interacting directly with the customer, something that promotes a solid connection and results in customer retention. The spirit and agility of small business also resonates well with the public, as evidenced in a recent Gallup Poll1 measuring confidence in business. The poll results indicated that “during the ups and downs of this U.S. recession, Americans’ faith in small business has grown, while their faith in big business has not. Three times more Americans now say they have “a great deal” or “quite a lot” of confidence in small business (66%) than say this about big business (19%).” This can only bode well for the future of small businesses in America.

Who are the Small Business Owners? House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan (R-WI) perhaps said it best: “Behind every small business, there’s a story worth knowing. All the corner shops in our towns and cities, the restaurants, cleaners, gyms, hair salons, hardware stores - these didn’t come out of nowhere.” Said another way, small business owners are your friends and neighbors, people you know and can relate to. continued on pg. 28

Small Business

Small Business... The Engine That Can! continued from pg. 27

In fact, the most recent U.S. Census survey of business ownership indicated that more than half of responding businesses were operated primarily from someone’s home, and most of these were self-financed. The majority of these businesses were owned by individuals age 45 and over. Nationwide, nearly 30% of U.S. small businesses are women-owned, while 23% are minority-owned. Veterans also play a major role in small business ownership, responsible for roughly 10% of the 27 million entities, each with an average annual sales volume of $450,000. In fact, the SBA’s Office of Advocacy reports that there is a trend toward younger veterans (under age 35) turning to small business ownership as a career choice. The number of younger vets owning small businesses increased by 65% between 2008 and 2012.

If You’re Thinking About Starting a Business… Don’t despair! There are myriad sources of help and support available both publicly and privately. For example, NFL Hall of Famer Fran Tarkenton’s business network features an array of services designed especially for small businesses. Tarkenton Companies provides low-cost consulting and business software as well as a website that enables you to constantly learn about everything from the fundamentals of business to the most innovative, cutting edge trends. And there is a wide variety of information and assistance available via the worldwide web. A quick internet search will produce an index of places to visit for help, like: ■ Small Business Assistance Center Network ( ■ Service Corps of Retired Executives SCORE ( and so on. The point is, you’re not alone and help is available from many quarters. Your tax dollars are also at work for you in this area, with the Small Business Association offering a website stocked

with helpful information for those with the entrepreneurial spirit. FEMA offers a “Small Business Toolkit” to help with disaster planning, the IRS has a number of small business-oriented publications available, the GSA’s website provides valuable insights on strategies to grow your business, and the FDA’s Small Business Education Series is another good source of information. In the words of Karen Mills, former SBA Administrator (2009-2013), “It’s not government that creates jobs; it’s small business. Our job is to make sure they have the access to capital, the access to contracting opportunities, and the help, advice and mentoring that they need to go out and be successful.”

Some Success Stories One doesn’t need to look far to find inspiring stories of successful small businesses. In fact, AMAC is a perfect example of an idea built into a flourishing enterprise. From one man’s vision less than seven years ago to an organization that has molded itself into an influential force in the nation’s Capital, AMAC illustrates what can be done through careful, thoughtful blending of commitment and business principles. With well over a million members and a staff of over 50 dedicated workers, AMAC is a prime illustration of what can be achieved. Another classic model of success in small business development is the “10,000 Small Businesses Initiative” recently launched by Goldman Sachs to “unlock the growth and job-creation potential of 10,000 small businesses across the United States through greater access to business education, financial capital and business support services.”2 The program has spawned a variety of sparkling success stories, from import/ export businesses on the west coast to small construction companies in New York, from restaurateurs to martial arts schools, and from moving companies to transportation services. Goldman Sachs Chairman and CEO Lloyd Blankfein puts it this way: “I never

Would you like support and assistance to organize, launch, and operate your new venture? Fran Tarkenton is working directly with AMAC to create a slate of services tailored to meet this objective for AMAC members. These services are planned for release in the spring of 2014. If you would like to be on the list for early notification about these AMAC Business Solutions, simply send us a note at and we’ll keep you updated on the anticipated launch date.

feel better about the prospects of the United States than when I hear a small business person describe their business opportunity, their commitment and when you see that you begin to be very, very secure that the American Dream is secure for another generation.” ★ 1 Americans-Three-Times-Confident-SmallBig-Business.aspx 2 citizenship/10000-small-businesses/US/ about-the-program/10ksb-us-brochure.pdf | 28

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National Security: the Threat from Within Political ideologues would undermine the basis of what made our nation great - American exceptionalism.


errorism, the slow recovery of our economy, our $17 trillion debt, China, Iran, Russia, North Korea. These are just a few of the threats to our national security and they should be of great concern to all of us. But the fact remains that all of these dangers have a common denominator - apathy that has been induced by progressive elitists. Indeed, the biggest threat we face today is the determined pressure from these political ideologues who would undermine the very basis of what made our nation so great in just a little more than two centuries of existence - American exceptionalism. The liberal partisans, therefore, dismiss the remarkable achievement of our Founding Fathers the creation of a nation unlike any other on the planet, a nation that encourages independence and individual achievement. What has resulted from all this is a slow but steady erosion of confidence among the less informed members of our society who are told that there is nothing terribly special about America. They are told that government was created for the purpose of providing guidance in

by John Grimaldi

30 |

our daily lives, that government will take care of their every need, including smart phones. All of this will be theirs as long as they opt for the liberal candidate when they cast their ballots. And, they are told to ignore the fact that our Constitution begins with the three words, “We the people” and not “We the government.”

American Exceptionalism Early on, this nation fought two wars with Great Britain, pitting bands of ragtag colonists against the world’s most formidable military power, and we won each time thereby securing for our country an exceptional place in history. We took to heart the notion, as expressed in the Constitution, that all men are equal and fought yet another Great War, a tragic Civil War, to rid our nation of the scourge of slavery. Eventually, we came to the rescue of the free world in a “war to end all wars” and we did it again in the second World War. We boldly faced the threat of nuclear annihilation by the Communists, standing toe-to-toe with the enemy and forcing them to back down. Beyond that, we instigated the dismantling of the Soviet Empire. All of these exceptional accomplishments were achieved by free individuals, citizen soldiers, GI Joes. Whatever you

call them, they were children of a nation that was – and is – the exemplar of freedom for the world. The millions of immigrants who populated our nation came here because of the opportunities available to them that were not available in any other country on earth. They came here to work and they did, creating a land where a person with the ambition and the will to succeed does, in fact, succeed. This is a land where one Conservative President told off the liberal rabble: “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.” As Kim Homes, one of Washington’s foremost foreign and defense policy experts, put it in an article he wrote for the Washington Times: “Those who believe in American exceptionalism don’t reject foreigners. They recognize what’s unique about our history: a distinctive confluence of culture, government, and economy, and an ethos of personal responsibility that tamed the economy’s wild horses and tempered the potentially anarchic tendencies

National Security

Ronald Reagan championed a smaller, more efficient government, a government that stood up to looming threats to our sovereignty and that of our allies, and did not hesitate to challenge the menacing power of the Soviet Union and won. He was able to do it because he had the trust of the nation, the trust of our allies and, perhaps most important, the trust of our enemy.

of free people. These, not government action, gave rise to the wealthiest and most powerful nation on earth.”

The threat from within The 21st Century threats to our national security pose new dangers for our nation, not because they are so overpowering, but because of the new politically correct, self-effacing influences that have crept into our diplomatic lexicon. Instead of confronting our enemies, we appease them. Think Iran, which threatens the balance of power in the Middle East by forging ahead in developing a nuclear warhead. We finally got them to the negotiating table and instead of hanging tough on demands that they end their nuclear program, we gave them two noteworthy concessions. We eased economic sanctions and, for good measure, we gave them a virtual okay to enrich uranium, albeit to a limited extent. In exchange, we got a spurious promise that they would halt their program temporarily.

Instead of coming to the aid of our allies we ignore them. Think Israel, Japan and South Korea, our staunchest allies in the in the Middle East and the Far East. Iran has repeatedly threatened to wipe Israel off the map and the US-Iran deal does little, if anything, to discourage them. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called the agreement “an historic mistake” and a White House official said simply, too bad he doesn’t “trust” us, the key word being trust, the trust we lost. As for Japan and South Korea, when they were threatened by China over the ownership of disputed islands in the South China Sea, the reaction of the U.S. to the danger did not inspire trust. Yet, Vice President Biden, visiting China at the time, issued a statement in which he exhorted our friends in the region to “trust” us and the Chinese. Instead of allowing our citizens to make up their own minds about what’s good for them, we force them to accept the will of government bureaucrats. Think the fiasco that is Obamacare, which dictates how we must buy health insurance and how much insurance we need. It’s a blatant intrusion into the private lives of American citizens and it shows the lack of trust that our own government has in our ability to make up our own minds about how we live. General Barry McCaffrey retired as the most highly decorated serving general in the U.S. Army. He had a distinguished career, including a stint in the Cabinet of former president Bill Clinton. But he’s a conservative and he’s outspoken. In a recent speech, for example, he told his audience that the federal government is “badly managed.” He said that the problem is that “I don’t think we know what we’re doing.” He challenged the powers that be,

saying that they don’t understand the nation’s strategic purpose. “The whole goal of a strategy ought to be to look forward 15 to 25 years and understand where you’ll be and what are the threats that you need to counter, and then to construct a conceptual framework that will address that and from that develop diplomatic and military measures. I don’t think we’ve got that.” As one might foresee, the mainstream media, itself a part of the problem, did not give much attention to the good general’s foreboding words. They did not understand, perhaps, that the real threat to our nation’s security is not the outward manifestations like terrorism and a poor economy or the staggering national debt. The real threat is the threat from within. Ronald Reagan championed a smaller, more efficient government, a government that stood up to looming threats to our sovereignty and that of our allies, and did not hesitate to challenge the menacing power of the Soviet Union and won. He was able to do it because he had the trust of the nation, the trust of our allies and, perhaps most important, the trust of our enemy. President Reagan earned that trust because he placed his trust in us. “The greatness of America doesn’t begin in Washington; it begins with each of you— in the mighty spirit of free people under God, in the bedrock values you live by each day in your families, neighborhoods, and work-places. Each of you is an individual worthy of respect, unique and important to the success of America. And only by trusting you, giving you opportunities to climb high and reach for the stars, can we preserve the golden dream of America as the champion of peace and freedom among the nations of the world.” ★ | 31

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American Entrepreneur

Fran Tarkenton NFL Hall of Fame quarterback and small business advocate becomes newest AMAC Advisory Board Member


years in the NFL with the Minnesota Vikings and New York Giants. Three Super Bowl appearances. 3,686 completions, 6,467 pass attempts, 342 touchdowns, 47,003 yards passing, and 3,674 yards rushing — all NFL records. A Hall of Fame induction in 1986. Monday Night Football. “That’s Incredible.” Those are some of the things that might come to your mind when you hear the name Fran Tarkenton. But if you ask him, he’ll give you a different answer. “I’m an entrepreneur, first and always,” he says.

An Entrepreneur’s Life Over 50 years in business, Tarkenton has built more than 20 successful companies, all from the ground up. And today, 73 years old, he remains as active and involved as ever, running multiple companies out of his office in

by Rick Gossett

Atlanta, Georgia, including GoSmallBiz, Tarkenton Financial and SmallBizClub. com. Even during his football career, Tarkenton was building businesses. Drafted in 1961 by the Vikings, his first salary was $12,500. “Being an NFL quarterback in those days didn’t make you an instant millionaire,” he says. “So I went to work in the offseason.” For the first few years of his career, Tarkenton spent the offseason learning about businesses from the inside. One year it was with Wilson Truck Systems, in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Then it was a sales job at a printing company. Another year it was in New York, working with the Coca-Cola Company’s advertising agency, McCann Erickson. “All of these experiences set the foundation for me to go out and really be an entrepreneur, and understand how to bring value to my customers,” Tarkenton says. But success did not come right away. His first company, Learning Foundations, helped people who had a hard time with reading, writing, and English.

But the financial side never worked. It was followed by a similar company called Direct Education. Again, it didn’t work. “After that, I guess I should have known that I couldn’t get the educational parts to work,” Tarkenton says with a wry smile. Failure, however, never stopped him, and the lessons from those early experiences led to a string of successes in all different kinds of businesses from organizational psychology to technology. Along the way, he was mentored by Sam Walton, served on the first board of directors for Coca-Cola Enterprises, and built his largest company in a partnership with IBM. “A lot of people say to do what you love, but that’s

“The entrepreneur must also be ready and willing at all times to completely reinvent. A mistake that big companies make is worrying about protecting their existing business. If the mission is making money, then change is dangerous, and individuals desperately act to protect their own turf. But if the mission is to help people, then the most important task is to look for better ways to solve problems, even if that means changing fundamental aspects of your business.” - Fran Tarkenton

est success, and developed some of the most important innovations in history, thanks to millions of individuals striving to succeed by solving a problem. If your business can provide value to its customers, then money will come as a byproduct. But if you pursue money first, rather than helping people and providing value, then you’ll compromise your principles. Pursuit of the bottom line is not a sustainable mission. Our free enterprise system depends on people building things that last and make a real difference, not illusions.

Core Values of the Entrepreneur never been me,” says Tarkenton. “I’ve found that I can enjoy anything if I’m providing value to other people. So I don’t limit myself to doing what I love; I love whatever I do.”

The Basics of Small Business by Fran Tarkenton


he mission of business is to help people. Those eight words are the key to

America’s dynamic growth over its history and the focal point of our free enterprise system. The secret to our greatness

has been, and will always be, millions of people, all over the country, working to provide value and solve problems. The popular alternative theory, and one you’ll hear all the time, is that business exists to make money. Shareholder value and bottom line profits are the most important - the only - thing. Everything else is footnotes. But that could not be further from the truth. And here’s why. Growth and innovation come from small business - from millions of startups, mom and pop shops, and sole proprietors trying new things, looking for new ways to solve problems, and reinventing themselves every day. The free enterprise system is built on these small businesses. Our nation has seen its great-

If your mission is to help people, then your core values will include honesty and transparency. Whether you’re dealing with customers, partners, employees, or anyone else, you have to tell them the truth. Are you able to help them? If not, the best approach is to be honest and upfront, rather than looking for a sales trick that might close the deal. If you are honest with people, that builds a relationship, and sets you up for long term success. People like to do business with people they know, like, and trust; if you’ve built that trust, then business will come. Entrepreneurs also have to know how to deal with failure. The culture of entrepreneurship is all about trying new things. Some will work, but many will not. Failure is a part of it. It’s the failures

American Entrepreneur

Fran Tarkenton NFL Hall of Fame quarterback and small business advocate joins the AMAC Team! continued from pg. 35

that help us learn and grow, and eventually achieve success. As a quarterback, I learned a lot more when we lost than when we won. When you lose a game, you have no choice but to step back and figure out what happened, identify problems, and think about things you can do better. It’s no different in business. Why didn’t your plan work? Identify your mistakes and adjust your approach on the next project, so that you have a better chance of success. The entrepreneur must also be ready and willing at all times to completely reinvent. A mistake that big companies make is worrying about protecting their existing business. If the mission is making money, then change is dangerous, and individuals desperately act to protect their own turf. But if the mission is to help people, then the most important task is to look for better ways to solve problems, even if that means changing fundamental aspects of your business. The world is always changing, and successful businesses have to stay ahead of the curve and focus on how to best help people, not vainly push back against what is coming.

American Entrepreneurship in 2014 So what is the state of small business today? According to the Kauffman Foundation, more than 540,000 new businesses are started each month. That’s more than 6 million new businesses over the course of a year. It’s a huge number of people looking to live the American dream, creating value and

36 |

helping others. Business is booming, especially among “seniors.” I’ve been told that the number one question received by organizations that serve seniors is, “How do I start a business?” Seniors have a lot of advantages when it comes to starting and running businesses, because so much of being an entrepreneur comes down to learning by doing, experience. Young entrepreneurs starting companies in their dorm rooms may make all the headlines, but older entrepreneurs are the story all around us. A lot of people are pessimistic about the future of our free enterprise system, though. If you turn on the news or open a newspaper, it’s easy to feel discouraged about economic news. From dysfunction in Washington, DC, to an agonizingly slow recovery, to corruption on Wall Street, there’s plenty of bad news. And pundits ask: Is this the new normal, will we ever go back to the dynamic, innovative nation we’ve been in the past? There is a solution, but there is no silver bullet, no economic lever in Washington that the President or Congress or the Federal Reserve can pull to fix everything. It’s not about any one individual. Instead, it’s about a culture of entrepreneurship, ensuring that we have a nation full of entrepreneurs and small business owners who are creating new things, innovating, and providing value to people. In the end, the heart and soul of free enterprise isn’t in giant institutions, government programs, or demographic trends. It’s about all of us.

“There is a solution, but there is no silver bullet, no economic lever in Washington that the President or Congress or the Federal Reserve can pull to fix everything. It’s not about any one individual. Instead, it’s about a culture of entrepreneur ship, ensuring that we have a nation full of entrepreneurs and small business owners who are creating new things, innovating, and providing value to people.” - Fran Tarkenton

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2014 AMAC Delegate HONOR ROLL

Honor Roll

The AMAC Delegate Program is off to a strong start. Thanks to the volunteer efforts of your fellow AMAC members, we now have approximately 167 Congressional Districts assigned to Delegates. And we’re growing every day. Ultimately, we’d like to have an AMAC Delegate in all 435 Congressional Districts in the United States. Won’t you please join us? Please visit or call 888 262 2006, ext. 1035 to become an AMAC Delegate.

Meet your AMAC Delegates! ALASKA


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AMAC Delegates

NEW Vision Benefit for AMAC Members through Key Vision Plan, National Vision Care provider

AMAC Delegate Spotlight AMAC Delegate Rev. Claud Asbury of Ellicott City, Maryland has been fighting to keep prayer in schools since the U.S. Supreme Court banned it in 1961.


t was in 1964, as Pastor in South Carolina, that Rev. Asbury authored “Prayer and Bible Reading in School” for The McColl Messenger. Senator Strom Thurmond read this article on the

floor of the Senate and it was entered into the Congressional Record that same year. In 2006, Rev. Asbury received the Congressional Order of Merit by the National Republican Congressional Committee for his tireless efforts to return voluntary prayer to our schools. Rev. Asbury has made this a life-long fight and at age 93, he is still

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District of Maryland. As a Delegate, he exemplifies

$49.95 per year

Plus $10 one-time processing fee

Enroll Now! 888.650.2622

the association’s mission of faith, family and freedom, and gives voice to the issues of his fellow AMAC Rev. Claud Asbury


★ | 39


Economic Fantasies I feel safer after congress passes a reasonable budget for our government and other fantasies that will devastate our economy U.S. Now Ranked World’s’6th Worst Do I sleep better at night knowing that Republicans and Democrats finally agreed to a budget in December and solid financial plan for our government? This country is close to the fate to which Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Iceland, Greece and Argentina have succumbed: Depression from excess government debt. So let’s see how this new budget helps prevent the United States from a depression, assuming the Senate approves. Before we get to economics, we used to have some in Congress who cared about a financial collapse from excess borrowing: House Republicans in 2011 promised to cut at least $100 billion a year from the budget. Then the “sequester,” which reduced growth $85 billion over ten years, was touted by Republicans as just a start. These same Republicans welched on both these promises with this budget deal. There are NO budget cuts and they gave back most of the “sequester” cuts. With this budget, the Republicans have made it clear that they view the 2014 election with possible control of both houses as the preferred

by Murray T. Holland

40 |

path to responsible government. Since we cannot count on any deficit reduction from the Democrats, we have now run out of politicians who could possibly save the country from economic shock, unless of course if you believe the Republicans will do that if they gain control of both houses of Congress. As the rest of the world knows, interest expense on a country’s debt is the thing that enslaves an economy and the people. Today, we have a zero interest rate policy so we do not feel the pain of our national debt and indeed few people even think of this problem in their everyday lives. Most people and Congressmen believe it cannot happen here even though they have no factual basis for this belief. But it has happened and will happen here when interest rates return to normal (6% average over the last 40 years). We will be spending $720+ billion per year in interest expense and much higher if the market loses confidence in the government’s resolve to repay the debt. This is roughly 25% of our entire tax receipts of $3 trillion. Simple math leaves us with $2.3 trillion to spend on the things on which we are currently spending $3.5 trillion, leaving us with a new deficit of $1.2 trillion. This new deficit will worsen the government’s predicament and hasten its demise. Any company that operates with these kind of numbers quickly bankrupts, so why is the market for our debt so strong? The answer is the Federal Reserve. It

has now purchased around $4 trillion of government debt, $3 trillion of it in the last two years. So, the market has not absorbed our government borrowing, the Fed has. To make matters more scatter-brained, the New York Fed and its President (Bill Dudley) have admitted all this printing of money has not and will not help the economy! Dudley surmises that the only effect of the printing is to signal that the Fed will do something to help unemployment. If these securities are sold back on the market over the next year, we will undoubtedly see significant interest rate increases. The Fed will probably have to own these forever. Further exacerbating the financial mess, the Fed has printed this much money and through the multiplier effect it has with bank lending, this could mean that money supply (M2) could theoretically triple. This would create hyper-inflation. To keep the lid on this explosive brew,

Since we cannot count on any deficit reduction from the Democrats, we have now run out of politicians who could possibly save the country from economic shock, unless of course if you believe the Republicans will do that if they gain control of both houses of Congress.

the Fed is holding interest rates at zero. If the economy rebounds and consumers and businesses borrow more, the Fed will have to do something to stop runaway M2 growth and inflation. They can either sell their Treasury holdings, raise interest rates or increase bank reserve requirements. Raising interest rates will kill the government budget; selling their Treasuries back into the market will cause large interest rate increases also killing the government budget. All this means the Fed will have to manipulate interest rates for a long time to save our government and economy. This whacked-out economic and financial mess is very much like the mess that banana republics find themselves in and it is now about time for pathetic government gimmicks to start: exchange controls, lying on economic data (we already do that), take gold and other currencies from the people, etc.

How did the United States ever get here? Unfortunately, it seems that this is the natural progression of governments. Over the last 2,000 years, hundreds of governments have defaulted on their debt and many governments have defaulted many times. Spain has defaulted six times in the last 200 years, Greece five times. Kings constantly spent more than their subjects could economically generate and borrowed the difference. Socialist countries…well you know what happens there. Since the advent of democracy, legislatures have spent more than their economies can generate and borrowed the difference. We see this all over the world today, although the United States now has the sixth worst debt/GDP ratio in the world and is in the company of the world’s worst debtor nations. Unfortunately, countries at our level of debt have only five options to deal with

the problem. The number one method of dealing with this much debt is to default and repudiate the debt, which in the case of a United States default would be a global financial disaster. A bailout would work but we can’t find a bailout partner big enough. Printing money to pay for the debt is also a popular method of dealing with it, but this causes hyperinflation and economic depression. This leaves two options: grow the economy, which shrinks the deficit as a percent of GDP and balance the budget with decreased spending and/or increased taxes. We have a number of obstacles to growth, principally demographics and regulations, so 2% GDP growth may be our new normal. Spending cuts and tax increases both hurt GDP growth, so we are in a trap, a trap caused by our government deficit spending. If Congress does not deal with the problem, the markets ultimately will. I am afraid that the only way this party will end is when the capital markets finally say “Your risk of repayment is too high so we are going to stop lending to you.” This is what we have just seen in Greece, Ireland, Iceland, Argentina, and throughout history many large countries like Germany, Soviet Union and Yugoslavia. Can we control our own fate or will we let the markets take over? ★ Murray T. Holland is a 30-year veteran of the finance industry and managing director of Dallas-based MHTMidSpan. He is the author of A Nation in the Red (McGraw Hill, 2013). | 41

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Why Diet? Try Vinegar! Eat and lose pounds the healthy way.


f you want to lose weight and keep it off -- hate dieting and are tired of taking pills, buying costly diet foods or gimmick “fast loss” plans that don’t work-- you’ll love the easy Vinegar way to lose all the pounds you want to lose. And keep them off! Today, the natural Vinegar weight loss plan is a reality after years of research by noted vinegar authority Emily Thacker. Her just published book “Vinegar Anniversary” will help you attain your ideal weight the healthiest and most enjoyable way ever. You’ll never again have to count calories. Or go hungry. Or go to expensive diet salons. Or buy pills, drugs. You’ll eat foods you like and get a trimmer, slimmer figure-free of fat and flab-- as the pounds fade away. To prove that you can eat great and feel great while losing ugly, unhealthy pounds the natural Vinegar way, you’re invited to try the program for up to 3 months on a “You Must Be Satisfied Trial.” Let your bathroom scale decide if the plan works for you. You must be satisfied. You never risk one cent. Guaranteed. What’s the secret? Modern research combined with nature’s golden elixir. Since ancient times apple cider vinegar has been used in folk remedies to help control weight and speed-up the metabolism to burn fat. And to also aid overall good health. Now-- for the first time -Emily has combined the latest scientific findings and all the weight loss benefits of vinegar into a program with lifetime benefits-- to melt away pounds for health and beauty. If you like food and hate dieting, you’ll love losing pounds and inches the Vinegar way. Suddenly your body will be energized with new vigor and zest as you combine nature’s most powerful, nutritional foods with vinegar to trim away pounds while helping the body to heal itself. You’ll feel and look years

younger shedding unhealthy pounds that make one look older than their age. According to her findings, staying trim and fit the Vinegar way also provides preventive health care against the curses of mankind-- cancer, heart disease, diabetes, high cholesterol and blood pressure and other maladies. In fact, the book’s program is so complete that it also helps you: • Learn secrets of ageless beauty and glowing skin • Help build the immune system, to fight arthritis and disease • Speed the metabolism to use natural thermogenesis to burn fat PLUS so much more that you simply must use the book’s easy Vinegar way to lose all the weight you want to lose--and enjoy all its other benefits-before deciding if you want to keep it. To Lose Pounds and Enjoy a 90-Day No-Risk Trial... Do This Now To Get Your Personal Copy of the Book: Simply write “Vinegar Anniversary” on a piece of paper and send it with your check or money order of only $12.95 plus $3.98 shipping and handling (total of $16.93, OH residents please add 6.5% sales tax) to: James Direct, Inc. Dept. VA2297 500 S. Prospect Ave., Box 980 Hartville, Ohio 44632 You can charge to your VISA, MasterCard, Discover or American Express by mail. Be sure to include your card number, expiration date and signature. Remember: You’re protected by the publisher’s 90-Day Money Back Guarantee if you are not delighted. WANT TO SAVE MORE? Do a favor for a relative or friend and get 2 books for the low introductory price of $20 postpaid. You save $13.86. Special Bonus - Act promptly to also receive “The Very Best Old-Time Remedies” booklet absolutely FREE. Supplies are limited so order now.

LETTERS Dentist Recommends Vinegar


have some useful advice that others may be interested in. When I got my Dentures several years ago, the Dentist told me use vinegar to get the plaque off them. So - about once a week I soak them in the wonder liquid and Presto - they sparkle. I have since gotten implants - Since I am not fond of the hygienist scraping the posts for cleaning - I clean them with Vinegar before going for my check-up. On my last visit to her, she couldn’t believe how clean they were and praised me for it! I then asked the Dentist that put the implants in if the vinegar would harm the metal posts and he informed me it is OK to use it. - D. L., New Braunfels, Tx.

Vinegar Heals Ear Ache in 2 days.


have been plagued with an itchy ear for several months. It then developed into an earache. I was able to cure both the itch and earache in two days. - J. D., Jacksonville, Fl.

Vinegar Diet helps mother of the Bride


his is kind of embarrassing, but here goes. My name is Sarah Pierce. I am 58 years old, and through the years (in my mind’s eye) I always thought I looked pretty decent. Especially so when our second daughter was married. I really considered myself a rather ‘smashing’ Mother of the Bride. That is, until the wedding pictures came back. I just couldn’t believe it. Here I am, definitely portly - not lean and svelte like I thought. Unfortunately the camera doesn’t lie. Since then, I heard about Emily Thacker’s Vinegar Diet and decided to give it a try. What surprised me most was how much I could eat yet I was losing weight and inches. It was like I was getting thin, thinner and thinner yet with the Vinegar Diet. I just thought you should know. - S. P., N. Canton, Oh.

NEWS & RESEARCH Simple Vinegar used to reduce cervical cancer deaths by 31%


he latest study about vinegar, shows it will prevent an estimated 72,600 deaths from cervical cancer each year. This according to a study released at the American Society of Clinical Oncology annual meeting in Chicago, IL. The results were based over a 12 year period tracking 150,000 women in Mumbai, India, between the ages of 35-64 years. The conclusion, a simple vinegar test significantly reduces cervical cancer deaths. Immediate plans are to implement this simple and successful screening test in developing countries. The study had been planned for 16 years, but after the results were analyzed and found to be conclusive it was stopped at 12 years. Vinegar has always been used for its versatility in home remedies, cooking and cleaning. And now scientific and medical findings are showing its a simple, low cost, non-invasive and safe for the patient.

Scarlett Johansson confesses her apple cider vinegar beauty secret


hen celebrity beauty Scarlett Johansson needs to keep her skin looking beautiful and glowing one would think she would turn to high priced beauty creams. Not so, according to an article in the February 2013 issue of Elle UK. She uses simple apple cider vinegar and its natural pH balancing properties to keep her skin looking amazing. *Testimonials are atypical, your weight loss may be more or less.

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Discover Alaska Up Close & Personal “We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm and adventure. There is no end to the adventures we can have if only we seek them with our eyes open.” – Jawaharlal Nehru


dventurous television shows thrive on drama and excitement. One series features survivalists battling head-to-head in competition while fighting the forces of nature in wilderness-rich Alaska. While action television exposes us to beautiful sceneries, these nail-biting adventures are staged and your field of vision is entirely controlled by camera. It’s impossible to get 3-D and 360º views of Alaska’s stunning landscapes on screen. To travel through Alaska’s rugged terrain on one’s own may be difficult as vast areas remain unmodified by human activity. Alaska has a longer coastline than all other U.S. states combined, thus a cruise is an optimal way to visit The Great Land. With knowledge of various ports, and geared toward providing on-board comfort and entertainment, cruising provides a safe way to observe Alaska’s pristine landscape. Let the expert Princess Cruise Lines do the navigating for you, leading your way to the perfect vacation aboard a luxury ship. May through September is considered the best time to go. Visitors will find Alaska’s daylight schedules and temperatures most favorable. May is usually a dry month and during spring season wildflowers are in full bloom. Early fall season is a great time to witness Alaska’s breathtaking fall foliage. Temperatures in Alaska during the summer range from 60°F-80°F. Nighttime and early morn-

by D.J. Wilson 44 |

ings are cooler, from the 40s to 50s. Late summer and early fall departures may encounter cooler temps and slightly fewer hours of sunlight. Those visiting Denali often travel from mid-June to end of August. Climb aboard The Crown Princess, one of the line’s largest ships with room for over 3,000 passengers and with nearly 900 balconies. Throughout your experience, enjoy sweeping views from the deck and a wide variety of activities, entertainment and dining on board. Princess offers many options, including round-trips to and from the first port. These are commonly referred to as Inside Passage Cruises. The benefits include ability to visit ports along the way and partake in excursions offered by the ship. One-way cruises provide a way to extend your vacation onto land. Most begin with a 7-day cruise from Anchorage or Vancouver and are typically followed by a delightful three to 8-night stay on land. This provides a unique opportunity to explore Alaska by sea and land and discover exciting new places. The 12-day Denali Explorer Cruise begins with a seven-day cruise, followed by a five-day land tour. Climb aboard the Crown Princess, or the Island Princess which offers 90% ocean-view staterooms with over 700 balconies. During your trip, visit these exciting Cruise Ports: Vancouver, British Columbia: Set your sail to one of the most beautiful cities in the continent. As Canada’s third-largest city, visitors will enjoy the cosmopolitan vibe with rich European feel. Feel the ethnic mix as you visit the second largest

Chinatown in North America. See stunning parks, historic homes, shops, restaurants and historic government sights and much more on your tour of this premium city. Ketchikan, Alaska: Known as Alaska’s “First City”, it serves an important role as the city which visitors first encounter when journeying north. The island began

as an Indian fishing camp. The growth of industry helped make the port Alaska’s fourth-largest city. Enjoy Native Heritage and see the world’s oldest collection of totem poles at Totem Heritage Center. Sightseers will enjoy the scenic town, its Rainfall Reserve and the surrounding Misty Fjords National Monument.


It’s impossible to get 3-D and 360º views of Alaska’s stunning landscapes on screen. To travel through Alaska’s rugged-terrain on one’s own may be difficult as vast areas remain unmodified by human activity. Alaska has a longer coastline than all other U.S. states combined, thus a cruise is an optimal way to visit The Great Land.

Juneau, Alaska: This famous city is noted for its gold mining and government history, plus breathtaking views of glaciers, water and mountains. Visit the Macaulay Salmon Hatchery and Aquarium which showcases local marine life in natural saltwater environments. Explore the 50-acre Glacier Gardens featuring native species and enjoy the look-out point from Thunder Mountains. See Mendenhall Glacier and enjoy a panoramic bird’s eye view from Mount Roberts Tramway. Skagway, Alaska: Considered a gateway to gold fields, Skagway attracted thousands to Alaska in search of striking it rich. When gold yield subsided, the population of miners relocated. Skagway currently has less than 1,000 residents. Today, visitors may tour camps, pan for gold and relive its colorful history. Some important sights are the White Pass & Yukon Route Railroad offering an unforgettable trip to the summit of the White Pass. Check out abundant wildlife in Haines or meet professional mushers and their canine companions at the Klondike Summit. Glacier Bay National Park, Alaska (Scenic Cruising): Princess is one of the select lines able to cruise the waters of

Glacier Bay. Located west of Juneau, this breathtaking national park and preserve provides exposure to the world’s most pristine and spectacular tidewater glaciers, like Margerie Glacier, which regularly drops colossal chunks of ice into the sea. Park Rangers will come on board to share their knowledge with passengers of all ages. Glide along emerald waters and witness calving icebergs while inhaling clean, fresh air. College Fjord, Alaska (Scenic Cruising): Located on the northwest corner of Prince William Sound, and stretching for miles, are massive rivers of ice which tumble down from mountains and valleys, and dip into the waters of the fjord. Watch awe-inspiring glaciers drop thunderous pieces of ice into the sea. College Fjord boasts the world’s largest collection of tidewater glaciers and is surrounded by magnificent snow-capped mountains which extend as far as the eyes can see. Anchorage (Whittier), Alaska: Located 65 miles southeast of Anchorage is the town of Whittier. It was established as a World War II port for cargo and troops and remained active until 1960. With only 290 residents, it is largely a fishing town which relies heavily on tourism. Guests ending their cruise in Whittier

may choose a flight out of Anchorage or transfer to their next land destination. The exciting Alaskan land tour continues to the following destinations: Whittier/Denali: Fall in love with aweinspiring views of the Alaskan wilderness from your luxury railcar via Princess Cruise’s exclusive Direct-to-the Wilderness Rail Service. You’ll be whisked straight from Whittier to your Denali Princess Wilderness Lodge. Along the way, you’ll observe wildlife, picturesque sceneries and the diverse beauty of Alaska from glass-domed railcars. Sit back and relax in luxury as you journey toward the lodge. The Denali Princess Wilderness Lodge is a premier riverside hotel located one mile from the entrance to Denali National Park. Featuring an expansive deck overlooking the park, it is a wonderful place to relax with friends and family and view the stunning landscape. Hotel guest rooms are comfortably appointed. Outdoor hot tubs with stunning views allow you to unwind in a unique environment. Enjoy a variety of dining choices, including authentic cuisine, specialty dishes, spirits, Denali’s microbrew and casual fare. Entertainment abounds with dinner theatre and featuring a musical comedy which continued on pg. 46 | 45


Discover Alaska Up Close & Personal

continued from pg. 45

recounts the first ascent of Mt. McKinley. Denali/McKinley: Your unique location allows you to enjoy an abundance of excursions like taking a jet-boat safari or a scenic float down the Nenana River. Hike in the backcountry or play a round of golf in the Midnight Sun. Take a thrilling flight-seeing tour to gain new perspective of the vast wonderland. Be sure to visit the Iditarod champion’s dog kennel where you can hold the puppies. Explore Denali National Park whose boundaries encompass an impressive six million acres. It is home to Mt. McKinley, North America’s highest peak which towers 20,320 feet in the sky. It is considered one of the most challenging mountains to climb, even for the most experienced, as it is perhaps the coldest mountain in the world outside of Antarctica. The park hosts a variety of wildlife, like moose, caribou, Dall sheep, bald eagles, grizzly bears, wolves, foxes and more! Glaciers cover one million acres of Denali National Park and the most massive glaciers in the photo: Bill & Vicki Tracey park drain snow and ice from the flanks of Mt. McKinley. Ride aboard a luxury motor coach from Denali to Mt. McKinley Princess Wilderness Lodge, located south of the National Park near the Chulitna River and one hour from the Mt. McKinley based town of Talkeetna. The comfy lodge features a large great room with an impressive stone fireplace and enormous floor-toceiling windows which look out on Mt. McKinley and the Alaska Range. Guest rooms are nestled peacefully on the hillside and there is a tour desk staffed with hosts to help you get an insider’s view of Alaska. Dining at the Mt. McKinley Princess Wilderness Lodge features signature Alaskan Cuisine amidst panoramic mountain views. Anchorage: Take in the views from your motor coach as you’re whisked off to Anchorage, located in south-central Alaska, nestled between the Chugach Mountains and the shoreline of the Cook Inlet. The town, originally settled in 1915, has grown into a business and cultural distribution center of Alaska and features an abundance of museums, restaurants, shopping and lodging. The town is also home to the largest float or sea plane base in the world. Your tour ends with an overnight stay in Anchorage, leaving you with exhilarating memories to last a lifetime. Bon Voyage! ★

For information on Alaskan or other great cruises & tours, please contact Hometown Travel at 888-739-7575. 46 |

AMAC Roadside Assistance Program

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Rare African Emerald Find Shocks Colombian Cartel

U.S. jeweler seizes more than 10,000 carats and makes history by releasing the One-Carat Pride of Zambia Emerald Ring for UNDER $100! LUSAKA, ZAMBIA - A recent find of high quality emeralds in this African republic has thrown the luxury gem world into tumult. For hundreds of years, Colombians have controlled the high-end emerald market and sent prices soaring to over $15,000 per carat for top graded stones. But the history-making discovery of Zambian emeralds has revealed a green gemstone with mesmerizing clarity that simply changes everything. is important find led Stauer, a major gem dealer and importer, to bid on over 10,000 carats. Stauer designed a classic 1-ctw ring for people who love the gem but don’t love outrageously priced luxury. Because of their timely buy, Stauer is releasing this exclusive, natural emerald ring—aka “e Pride of Zambia”— to the public for under $100!

Discover a Different Kind of Emerald “For the price, these natural gemstones were the most magnificent emeralds that I’ve seen in 30 years,” said Michael Bisceglia at Stauer. “e value of Colombian stones can’t compare.” Industry experts back him up. Lab tests prove that Zambian emeralds are less porous and brittle than their Colombian brothers. And gem cutters have found Zambians so brilliant that they lend themselves more to high-luster cuts than traditional emerald designs. Unfortunately, the window on this exciting emerald opportunity is closing fast. Not long after Stauer acquired their cache, a recent auction saw Zambian emerald prices hit a new record high. e time to act on this great gem value is now, before it’s too late. Please call our U.S.-based client service team at 1-888-277-8375 or visit us online at

Emerald Is THE Gem of 2014 e rise of emeralds is more than just a passing trend. An article in the Financial Times of London from June of this year pointed to the reason. In “Emeralds: Shades of Green Start to Outshine Diamonds,” the newspaper reported that emerald demand is soaring worldwide even as diamond demand softens. Rarity is key as fine emeralds are much rarer than diamonds. “With wealthy Russian and Chinese demand for emeralds way up, we expect prices to continue to rise quickly,” Bisceglia said. “at’s why we’re so happy to have found these beautiful stones at this price.”

1 ctw genuine Zambian Emerald Luxurious gold-finish over .925 sterling silver setting Available in whole sizes 5-10

Your Satisfaction is 100% Guaranteed Call today and wear the Pride of Zambia RISK-FREE (less s&p) for 30 days. If you’re not dazzled by this precious gemstone, simply send it back for a full refund of your purchase price.

Pride of Zambia Emerald Ring (1 ctw) Only

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“TV Ears saved our marriage!”

New and Improved 5.0

- Darlene and Jack B., CA

Doctor Recommended TV Ears has helped millions of people with hearing loss hear the television clearly without turning up the volume! With TV Ears wireless technology, you set your own headset volume and tone, while family members set the television volume to a pleasant level or mute the volume altogether. Imagine watching television with your family again and hearing every word clearly… as thousands of our customers have said, “TV Ears has changed our lives!”

Hear television dialog clearly without disturbing others with loud TV volume!

The New and Improved TV Ears 5.0 System, with our proprietary Voice Clarification Circuitry®, increases word discrimination so television dialog is clearer and “Now my husband can have the volume as loud as he needs understandable while background noise is reduced. With and I can have the TV at my hearing level. “TV Ears” are so 125 Decibels of unparalleled volume, even the most comfortable that Jack forgets he has them on! He can once demanding customer will hear television dialog clearly. Now with more power, angled foam ear tips, a Snapagain hear and understand the dialog.” Fit headset charging mechanism, improved tone - Darlene & Jack B., CA adjustment, stronger bow arms, and improved styling, the TV Ears 5.0 is our best system ever. Risk Free Trial. TV Ears 5.0 Analog comes Headset Weighs Only 2 oz. This is why TV Ears has earned the trust of with a 30-day risk free trial. If you’re not audiologists and doctors nationwide. 5 Year Limited Warranty completely satisfied, return it for a full refund Rechargeable Battery of the purchase price. From George Dennis, founder of TV Ears, Inc. “Driven by my personal understanding of the impact that hearing loss has on a family, 125dB Adjustable TV Ears 5.0...............$129.95 Volume Tone I set out to create a product to relieve one of the most frustrating aspects of hearing loss... Special Offer watching television. Put on TV Ears and enjoy SAVE $50 Now!..........$79.95 + s&h television once again!” #1 Dr. Recommended TV Headset. “My wife and I have used TV Ears almost daily for the past ten years and find them an invaluable help in our enjoyment of television—we would not be without them. As a retired otologist, I heartily recommend TV Ears to people with normal hearing as well as those with hearing loss.” - Robert Forbes, M.D., California

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Crazy for Casseroles Nothing says “comfort food” quite like a casserole. Bubbly, warm and filling, casseroles are ideal for taking the chill off cool fall and winter evenings.


his humble and hearty old school classic can be quickly assembled from items in the pantry. Layered with goodness, casseroles typically contain meat, poultry or eggs, vegetables, rice or pasta, and are usually bound with some kind of sauce or soup and topped with crunchy crumbs or melted cheese. Casseroles are baked in the oven, where gentle heat surrounds the dish, allowing all of the flavors to merge into a satisfying and delicious meal.

30 minutes ahead of time and allow to come to room temperature. Heat covered to start, and remove foil during the last 10 minutes to brown and crisp.

The most casserole-friendly baking dishes measure 9 x 13 or 8 x 8 inches, and are made from stoneware, aluminum, enameled cast iron or oven-safe glass. As a general rule, choose a dish that is about three-quarters full at the start of cooking.

If you are taking a casserole to a potluck, or sharing it with a neighbor, use a disposable aluminum pan. No need to worry about getting your dish back.

Casseroles can usually be assembled ahead of time and chilled until needed. Remove from refrigerator about

54 |

Casseroles are baked in the oven, where gentle heat surrounds the dish, allowing all of the flavors to merge into a satisfying and delicious meal.

Most casseroles can be frozen, but should be used within two months. To freeze, line the dish with heavy-duty aluminum foil, fill, freeze until firm, and then gently lift out and store well wrapped. When ready to use, remove the foil, place back in the casserole dish, thaw and bake as directed.

Cut ingredients, such as meats and vegetables, into similar sized pieces to ensure even cooking.

When using frozen vegetables in a casserole, thaw and drain to remove

excess water. This will prevent a watery result.

To avoid mushy pasta, cook for 2-4 minutes less that the cooking time listed on the package. It will finish cooking perfectly in the oven.

Casseroles are a great way to use leftovers. Substitute any meats or vegetables on hand for those called for in a recipe.

Insert a wooden skewer or knife in the center of the casserole to determine if it is heated through. If it feels hot to the touch it should be ready to serve. ★

Kathie’s Kitchen

Cheese Enchiladas Casserole

Tater-Topped Beef Casserole ❏ 1 lb. ground beef ❏ 1 small onion - chopped ❏ 1 lb. Tater Tots – thawed ❏ 2 cups frozen green peas - thawed ❏ 1 - 10.5 oz. can Cream of Mushroom soup

❏ ¾ cup water ❏ 2 Tbs. ketchup ❏ ½ tsp. marjoram ❏ ¼ tsp. ground mustard ❏ 1 tsp. dried parsley ❏ 1 tsp. Worcestershire sauce ❏ salt & pepper – to taste

In a large skillet, sauté ground beef and onion until meat is no longer pink. Drain. Layer ½ of the ground beef mixture in a greased 9 x 13 inch baking dish. Top with ½ of the tater tots. Sprinkle with ½ of the peas. Repeat. In a bowl, combine soup, water, ketchup, marjoram, ground mustard, parsley, Worcestershire sauce, salt and pepper. Pour over beef, potatoes and peas. Bake, uncovered, at 350° for 30-40 minutes. Serves 6.

❏ 2 ½ cups shredded cheddar cheese ❏ 2 medium onions – finely chopped ❏ ¼ cup chopped fresh parsley ❏ ½ tsp. salt ❏ ½ tsp. pepper ❏ Shredded lettuce, sliced black olives, additional sour cream - optional

In a large saucepan, combine tomato sauce, water, chili powder, garlic, oregano and cumin. Bring to a boil, reduce heat and simmer, uncovered, for 5 minutes or until thickened. Set aside. In a large bowl, combine shredded Monterey Jack, 2 cups of shredded cheddar, onions, sour cream, parsley, salt and pepper. Spread 2 Tbs. sauce over each tortilla and place 1/3 cup of cheese mixture down center. Roll and lay seam side down in two greased 9 x 13 inch baking dishes. Pour remaining sauce over top. Bake, uncovered, at 350° degrees for 20 minutes. Sprinkle with remaining cheddar cheese. Continue baking for 5 minutes longer or until cheese is melted. Garnish with lettuce, olives and additional sour cream, if desired. Serves 6-8.

Lattice-Top Chicken Casserole

Shells & Veggie Casserole ❏ 1 - 16 oz. medium shells pasta ❏ 2 Tbs. olive oil ❏ 3 cups shredded carrots ❏ 12 oz. mushrooms – sliced ❏ 1 - 15 oz. ricotta cheese ❏ 1 - 10 oz. frozen spinach – thawed and squeezed dry ❏ 1 cup milk

❏ 2 – 15 oz. cans tomato sauce ❏ 1 1/3 cups water ❏ 2 Tbs. chili powder ❏ 2 garlic cloves - minced ❏ 1 tsp. oregano ❏ ½ tsp. cumin ❏ 16 (8 inch) flour tortillas ❏ 4 cups shredded Monterey Jack cheese ❏ 1 cup sour cream

❏ 2 large eggs ❏ 1 Tbs. flour ❏ 1 Tbs. Italian seasoning ❏ 2 cloves garlic - minced ❏ 1 tsp. salt ❏ ¼ tsp. pepper ❏ 1 cup shredded mozzarella cheese

Boil pasta until just undercooked (2-4 minutes less than package directs). Drain. Set aside. In a large skillet, heat oil over medium-high heat. Add carrots and mushrooms. Sauté, stirring, until tender and liquid has evaporated. In a large bowl, combine ricotta, spinach, milk, eggs, flour, Italian seasoning, garlic, salt and pepper. Add pasta, carrots and mushrooms. Pour into an ungreased 3 quart baking dish. Top with mozzarella. Bake, covered, at 350° for 20 minutes. Uncover and continue baking for 10 minutes or until cheese is melted and golden. Serves 6-8.

❏ 1 – 10.5 oz. can Cream of Chicken soup ❏ 1 cup milk ❏ ½ tsp. seasoned salt ❏ 2 cups cubed, cooked chicken ❏ 1 cup shredded cheddar cheese

❏ 1 - 16 oz. bag frozen broccoli, carrot and cauliflower vegetable combination – thawed & drained ❏ 1 - 2.8 oz. can French Fried Onions ❏ 1 - 8 oz. package refrigerated crescent rolls

In a large bowl, combine soup, milk, seasoned salt, chicken, vegetables, ½ cup shredded cheese and ½ can french fried onions. Transfer to a greased 9 x 13 inch baking dish. Bake, uncovered, at 375° for 20 minutes. Meanwhile, separate crescent dough into two rectangles. Seal perforations and cut each rectangle lengthwise into four strips. After 20 minutes, remove casserole from oven, and working quickly; weave strips over warm filling to form a lattice top. Bake 15 minutes longer. Top lattice with remaining shredded cheese and french fried onions. Continue baking for 3 -5 minutes or until onions are golden brown. Serves 4-6. | 55

Safety never felt so good






Safe Step Tubs have received the Ease-of-Use Commendation from the Arthritis Foundation



Financing available with approved credit

A Safe Step Walk-In Tub will offer independence to those seeking a safe and easy way to bathe right in the convenience and comfort of their own home. Constructed and built right here in America for safety and durability from the ground up, and with more standard features than any other tub.

✓ A carefully engineered dual hydro-massage and air bubble jets– both strategically placed to target sore muscles and joints, offering life-changing therapeutic relief

✓ A built-in support bar and the industry’s leading low step-in

✓ The highest quality tub complete with a lifetime warranty

✓ Top-of-the-line installation and service, all included at one low, affordable price You’ll agree – there just isn’t a better walk-in tub on the market. So take your first step towards feeling great and stay in the home you love. Give us a call today!

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Government Watch


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Government Waste It might not be the sheer dollar value of these items that shocks you; it‘s more likely to be the nature of the projects themselves that would cause you to shake your head. The Heritage Foundation produces an annual rack-up of “wasteful government spending” stories that tend to make you question what goes into the decision-making processes in our nation’s capital. Here’s a quick rundown of Heritage’s “Top 10”: ■ $98,670 for a single prefabricated outhouse at a trailhead in Alaska. ■ $1,100,000 for a luxurious, stainless steel bus stop on a heated pavement with heated seats, (but no protection from the elements!) ■ $10,000 to produce a choreographed performance of utility workers using bucket trucks, cranes, and field trucks to “dance” on a set of 20 utility poles. ■ $124,995 to produce a 3-D printer capable of producing edible pizzas. ■ $335,525 for a study to determine how much more satisfying marriages could be if the woman in the equation would calm down faster after an argument (a quicker female calm-down led to longer periods of bliss, the study concluded). ■ $5,400,000 for bourbon, whiskey, and wine for State Department embassies around the world (and, of course, a stockpile of hand-blown crystal glassware to go along with it). ■ $82,800 for a study to find out how best to use social media, specifically Twitter, to provide for shadowing of potentially depressed individuals. ■ $1,000,000 for construction of a granite statue for the State Department’s London Embassy. ■ $562,000 in artwork for the Department of Veterans Affairs (all bought in a single week during the annual “use it or lose it” budget depletion exercise). If you’d like more background on these items, here’s a link to a video that provides more detail:

By Fido your government watchdog

The Federal Deficit—so what really is a trillion? News reports, pundits, and most of your neighbors frequently talk about the national debt and its long-range implications. Indeed, the dramatic rise in our collective liability has grabbed a lot of attention over the past few months as our political system grapples with fiscal policy, but to so many of us, the terms used to define it are often beyond comprehension. (In fact, tells us the debt increased by over five billion dollars just while this article was being written!) As of the end of 2013, the national debt level stood at $17,000,000,000,000 (that’s 12 zeros), but that’s a measurement that’s hard to grasp. So here (courtesy of are some other ways to think about what a trillion really is: ■ Texas is roughly 270,000 square miles. One trillion square miles would equal 3.7 million Texas-sized states. ■ One trillion dollar bills laid end-to-end would stretch from the earth to the sun, and back, with a lot of miles to spare. ■ With one trillion dollars, you could buy 50 aircraft carriers like the USS Ronald Reagan and outfit each of them with 45 of the newest fighter jets, the F-22 Raptor. ■ One trillion barrels of oil would fuel the ENTIRE WORLD for almost 35 years. ■ One trillion seconds is longer than all of recorded history, about 32,000 years.

50 Favorite Classical Music Masterpieces – a $50 value –

Just remember you need to multiply each of these measurements by 17 to get a feel for how deep our financial hole actually is! | 57

Breakthrough technology converts phone calls to captions.

New amplified phone lets you hear AND see the conversation. The Captioning Telephone converts phone conversations to easy-to-read captions for individuals with hearing loss. Do you get discouraged when you hear your telephone ring? Do you avoid using your phone because hearing difficulties make it hard to understand the person on the other end of the line? For many Americans the telephone conversation – once an important part of everyday life – has become a thing of the past. Because they can’t understand what is said to them on the phone, they’re often cut off from friends, family, doctors and caregivers. Now, thanks to innovative technology there is finally a better way.

Hello mrs fleming this is dr martin how are you today? I just wante d to give you an update on your new prescripti on

SEE what you’ve been missing!

A simple idea… made possible with Finally… a phone you can use again. “For years I avoided phone calls because sophisticated technology. If you The Captioning Telephone is also I couldn’t understand the caller… have trouble understanding a call, packed with features to help make now I don’t miss a thing!” the Captioning Telephone can phone calls easier. The keypad change your life. During a phone call the words spoken has large, easy to use buttons. You get adjustable volume to you appear on the phone’s screen – similar to closed amplification along with the ability to save captions captioning on TV. So when you make or receive a call, for review later. It even has an answering machine that the words spoken to you are not only amplified by the provides you with the captions of each message. phone, but scroll across the phone so you can listen while See for yourself with our exclusive home trial. Try the reading everything that’s said to you. Each call is routed Captioning Telephone in your own home and if through a call center, where computer technology – you are not completely amazed, simply return it within aided by a live representative – generates immediate 60-days for a refund of the product purchase price. It voice-to-text translations. The captioning is real-time, even comes with a 5-year warranty. accurate and readable. Your conversation is private and the captioning service doesn’t cost you a penny. Captioned Telephone Service (CTS) is regulated and Captioning Telephone funded by the Federal Communications Commission Call now for our special introductory price! (FCC) and is designed exclusively for individuals with Call now Toll-Free hearing loss. In order to use CTS in your home, you must have standard telephone service and high-speed Internet connectivity where the phone will be used. Federal law Please mention promotion code 47700. prohibits anyone but registered users with hearing loss from using IP Captioned Telephones with the captions The Captioning Telephone is intended for use by people with hearing loss. In purchasing a turned on. Callers do not need special equipment or a Captioning Telephone, you acknowledge that it will be used by someone who cannot hear well captioning phone in order to speak with you. over a traditional phone.




Spring Baseball Training is Underway Thousands of baseball fans annually anticipate leaving the cold of winter, seeking the warmth of Florida and Arizona and listening for the call of “play ball” which signals the start of spring training in Florida’s Grapefruit and Arizona’s Cactus Leagues.


ifteen professional baseball teams train in Florida and another 15 in Arizona preparing for the 2014 American and National League season. Spring training, offering great games, an opportunity for fans to get up close and personal with new and leading players, ideal weather and inexpensive tickets, started on Feb. 26 and continues until March 29. In Florida, fans will be celebrating the 126th anniversary of major league baseball spring training in stadiums where many of baseball’s immortals, from Babe Ruth to Roger Hornsby to Willie Mays to Roberto Clemente, thrilled fans with home runs, base running and fielding gems. The same scenario is being played out in Arizona’s Cactus League where all teams are now training in the Phoenix area. While some historians claim spring training began in 1888 with the Washington Nationals of the National League holding a four day training camp in Jacksonville, others are convinced it began in 1970 when the Chicago White Stockings trained in New Orleans. In any event, by 1900 most American

by Frank Grace

and National League teams headed to Florida and Arizona for spring training. Orlando’s Tinker Field is one of Florida’s most historic baseball stadiums, featuring baseball games since 1914. The stadium is named after retired Chicago Cubs player and Hall of Famer Joe Tinker (remember “Tinker to Evers to Chance”). Teams training in Florida’s home stadiums include: Toronto Blue Jays (Dunedin’s Florida Auto Exchange Stadium), Philadelphia Phillies (Clearwater’s Bright House Networks Field), New York Yankees (Tampa’s Steinbrenner Field), Pittsburg Pirates (Bradenton’s McKechnie Field), Baltimore Orioles (Sarasota’s Ed Smith Stadium), Tampa Bay Rays (Charlotte Sports Park at Port Charlotte), Boston Red Sox (JetBlue Park at Fort Myers), and Minnesota Twins (Ft. Meyers’ Hammond Stadium). Spring training in Arizona has been a tradition for devoted fans since 1947 when two teams, the Cleveland Indians and the New York Giants, prepped for the major league season. Today, 15 teams train in the Phoenix metropolitan area in the largest concentration of professional baseball facilities found anywhere in the United States. Teams training in Arizona include: Milwaukee Brewers (Maryvale Baseball Park), Colorado Rockies & Arizona Diamondbacks (Salt River Fields), Oakland Athletics (Phoenix Municipal Stadium), San Francisco Giants (Scottsdale Stadium), Los Angeles Dodgers,

Chicago Cubs & Chicago White Sox (Camelback Ranch), Los Angeles (Anaheim) Angels (Tempe Diablo Stadium), Kansas City Royals & Texas Rangers (Surprise Stadium), Cincinnati Reds & Cleveland Indians (Goodyear Ballpark) and San Diego Padres & Seattle Mariners (Peoria Stadium). To assist with your travel plans and attendance at spring training games, you may want to secure a copy of “The Complete Guide to Spring Training 2014” for Florida or Arizona. This updated guide includes in-depth seating summaries with seating charts, descriptions of the ballparks, previews of new and renovated ballparks and additional information about the training season. Also, additional information is available by clicking on: www.springtrainingonline. com Then it’s on to the opening of the 2014 major league season on March 31. “Play ball!” ★ | 59

MARKETPL★CE Better Way to Sleep Super Soft 100% Cotton Knit Tee-PJ’s are not ordinary nightshirts. The special knit moves as you move for the ultimate in sleeping and lounging comfort. No bind, no bunch, no buttons, no side seams. Most comfortable sleeper you’ve ever worn or your money back!

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Quality Made in PO Box 1066, Hobe Sound, Fl 33475-1066 the uSa!

WittMann textileS, Dept. 201


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Revive Premium - A Clinically Proven Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction Approved by Medicare & Private Insurance Over 96% Effective • NEW DESIGN Proven Impotence Treatment caused by these Conditions: Diabetes Medications Vascular Disease

Prostate Surgery High Blood Pressure Aging Process

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s advocates for free enterprise and small business owners, the Association of Mature American Citizens has developed a local discount program that brings AMAC members and their hometown businesses together. It’s a unique opportunity not only for local businesses to showcase special offers and discounts on products and services to loyal AMAC members, but also for AMAC members to support their Main Street businesses.

Over 925,000 members strong to learn more or to submit an application online go to:

60 |




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A cookbook to be treasured for generations with 500 outstanding All-American, mouth-watering recipes from appetizers to desserts. Includes Presidential facts, food tips & more!






15-day tour featuring Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, France, Belgium, and Holland by Image Tours



Price reflects

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September & October departures. Includes air taxes; escort, 22 meals, 13 nights hotels, and transportation in Europe; per person, based on double occupancy. Ask about air add-ons from your city. Tour only is $2540. BOOK BY 4/16/14. Call for a FREE Brochure.

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Puzzle Solutions

AMAC 2014 1st Issue - In Homes approx. Feb. 27 12/12/13

You may not want to go home...

Order a FREE! Travel Planner

Puzzles on pg. 62

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Music & Theatre Events Winery Tours & Tastings Shopping & Dining Outdoor & Museum Experiences

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Just for

Fun Crossword

ACROSS 1 Norwegian ruler 5 Flotilla 11 Fast no longer 14 Decant 15 Tom Canty, in a Mark Twain book 16 It may be concealed cosmetically 17 Came apart at the seams? 18 King in Egyptian mythology 19 Piece of cheesecake? 20 Spicy side dish 22 It may be glossed over 23 PC display unit 24 Hardly a martinet 26 Odin’s hangout 31 Morse code sound 32 Way into a mine 33 Many millennia 35 Bellyaches 39 Plane or rail variety 40 Ancient depraved city 42 Sudden transition 43 Muscle that flexes the trunk 45 Colon variety

Sudoko How To Play: •

Fill in the empty fields with the numbers from 1 through 9

Every row must contain the numbers from 1 through 9

Every column must contain the numbers from 1 through 9

Every 3x3 square must contain the numbers from 1 through 9

46 One of a British group 47 Pt. of SPCA 49 Like handsaw blades 51 Lay waste to 55 Threw one’s hat in the ring 56 Start of a drum sound 57 Salad toppings for Homer? 63 ‘’___ matter of fact ...’’ 64 Practical joker, e.g. 65 Farewell, Italian-style 66 Debussy’s ‘’La ___’’ 67 Too firm, perhaps 68 Bride of Lohengrin 69 Word in a Maugham title 70 ‘’Praying’’ insect family 71 Make an effort to find DOWN 1 Chooses 2 Closed circuit 3 Ambience 4 ‘’Cheers!’’ in Cherbourg?

5 6 7

Peter, James e.g. Torrent Sierra Club co-founder 8 Pluvial month 9 Cleared, as a windshield in winter 10 Elderberry wine additive, in a classic film 11 3 on a par 5 12 Recurrently

13 21 25 26 27 28 29 30 34 36

Provoke Rosemary’s creator Desserts in Siena? Improvised accompaniment Hubbubs Type opener British bathrooms Much of Chile Unspecified Silence between notes

37 Opposite of flushed 38 Tempted a traffic cop 41 Reflected 44 This yields molasses 60 Anagram and synonym of evil 61 The life of Riley 62 Thoroughly moisten Solutions on pg. 61

Joke of the Month A state trooper pulled over a car going just 19 miles per hour on the highway. As the officer approached the car, he noticed it was two elderly women and they both looked very pale and wide-eyed. “Good afternoon ladies. Do you know why I am pulling you over?” asked the trooper. “I’m terribly sorry if I did something wrong but I know I was not speeding” said the driver. “Well, that is true, you weren’t speeding...but you were going entirely too slow on a highway and that is equally as dangerous.” “No, Officer. I was going exactly the speed limit...19 miles per hour!” The trooper laughed a little to himself. “Ma’am, this is Highway 19. That is not the speed limit, but simply the name of this highway.” Very embarrassed, the elderly driver grinned and thanked the trooper over and over for informing her of the mistake. “But before I let you go, I have to ask... are you guys feeling okay? You both look awfully shaken.” “Oh sure, we will be fine. We just got off of Highway 120” Heard any good ones lately? Send them in!

Please submit your joke by emailing or mailing to Joke of the Month, c/o AMAC 5 Orville Drive, Suite 400, Bohemia, NY 11716. Your joke may be featured in our next magazine! | 62

How a Chicago Doctor Shook Up the Hearing Aid Industry with his Newest Invention New nearly invisible digital hearing aid breaks price barrier in affordability

Reported by J. Page Chicago: Board-certified physician Dr. S. Cherukuri has done it once again with his newest invention of a medical grade ALL DIGITAL affordable hearing aid. This new digital hearing aid is packed with all the features of $3,000 competitors at a mere fraction of the cost. Now, most people with hearing loss are able to enjoy crystal clear, natural sound—in a crowd, on the phone, in the wind —without suffering through “whistling” and annoying background noise.

New Digital Hearing Aid Outperforms Expensive Competitors

This sleek, lightweight, fully programmed hearing aid is the outgrowth of the digital revolution that is changing our world. While demand for “all things digital” caused most prices to plunge (consider DVD players and computers, which originally sold for thousands of dollars and today can be purchased for less then $100), yet the cost of a digital medical hearing aid remained out of reach. Dr. Cherukuri knew that many of his patients would benefit but couldn’t afford the expense of these new digital hearing aids. Generally they are not covered by Medicare and most private health insurance.


✓ Mini Behind-The-Ear hear-

ing aid with thin tubing for a nearly invisible profile

✓ Advanced noise reduction to make speech clearer

✓ Feedback Cancellation eliminates whistling

Wide dynamic range compression makes soft sounds audible and loud sounds comfortable

✓ Telecoil setting for use with compatible phones, and looped environments like churches

✓ 3 programs and volume

dial to accommodate most common types of hearing loss even in challenging listening environments

The doctor evaluated all the high priced digital hearing aids on the market, broke them down to their base components, and then created his own affordable version—called the MDHearingAid® AIR for its virtually invisible, lightweight appearance.

Affordable Digital Technology

Using advanced digital technology, the MDHearingAid®AIR automatically adjusts to your listening environment— prioritizing speech and de-emphasizing background noise. Experience all of the sounds you’ve been missing at a price you can afford. This doctor designed and approved hearing aid comes with a full year’s supply of long-life batteries. It delivers crisp, clear sound all day long and the soft flexible ear buds are so comfortable you won’t realize you’re wearing them.

Try It Yourself At Home With Our 45 Day Risk-Free Trial

Of course, hearing is believing and we invite you to try it for yourself with our RISK-FREE 45-day home trial. If you are not completely satisfied, simply return it within that time period for a full refund of your purchase price.

Can a hearing aid delay or prevent dementia? A study by Johns Hopkins and National Institute on Aging researchers suggests older individuals with hearing loss are significantly more likely to develop dementia over time than those who retain their hearing. They suggest that an intervention—such as a hearing aid—could delay or prevent dementia by improving hearing!

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“II am hearing things I didn’t know I was missing. Really amazing. I’m wearing them all the time” —Linda Irving, Indiana “Almost work too well. I am a teacher and hearing much better now” —Lillian Barden, California “I have used many expensive hearing aids, some over $5,000. The Airs have greatly improved my enjoyment of life” —Som Y., Michigan “I would definitely recommend them to my patients with hearing loss” —Amy S., Audiologist, Munster, Indiana

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Proudly assembled in the USA from Domestic & Imported Components.



Quality, Affordable Travel since 1967!

Best of Ireland Tour

Canadian Rockies Tour

12 days from $1399*

14 days from $1699*

Departs July 24, 2014. Start in historic Dublin with a city tour including the Bank of Ireland and St. Patrick’s Cathedral. Travel to Cork, stopping at the Rock of Cashel and Cobh along the way. Then visit Blarney Castle, and perhaps kiss “The Blarney Stone; Woollen Mill and Muckross House & Gardens en route to Killarney. Drive the “Ring of Kerry”, tour Bunratty Castle & Folk Park. Visit the Cliffs of Moher, Galway and Kylemore Abbey. Enjoy a guided tour of Belleek Pottery, visit Ulster American Folk Park, & the “Giant’s Causeway.” Finally, a sightseeing tour of Belfast that includes the impressive Parliament buildings, the newly opened “Titanic Belfast.” Tour includes 16 meals.

Departs August 8, 2014. Start in Seattle and drive through the lush forestlands of the Pacific Northwest. Visit Grand Coulee Dam, then head east to Montana, followed by journey’s through Glacier, Waterton & Kootenay National Parks. Then spend two-nights in Banff National Park. Continue northbound along the Icefields Parkway and in the heart of the Canadian Rockies, you will visit Lake Louise; experience a “snow coach” ride onto Athabasca Glacier; Jasper & Yoho National Parks; Revelstoke, the Lake Okanagan region, Kamloops, and Whistler. Then travel to Vancouver for your two-night stay before returning to Seattle. Enjoy a city tour including a stop at Pike Place Market before flying home.

*PPDO. Plus $299 tax/service/government fees. Alternate departure dates available June-September. Seasonal charges may apply. Add-on airfare available.

*PPDO. Plus $159 tax/service/government fees. Alternate departure dates available June-September. Seasonal charges may apply. Add-on airfare available.

Grand Alaskan Tour & Cruise

Grand European Cruise

12 days from $1749*

18 days from $1699*

Departs August 16, 2014. Discover the awe-inspiring Frontier State on this memorable adventure. Your vacation includes a seven night Holland America Line cruise on board the 5-STAR ms Oosterdam through the Gulf of Alaska and picturesque inside passage. Travel impressive Glacier Bay, passing glaciers galore and scenic beauty unique in all the world. Stop in Ketchikan, Juneau, and Skagway before disembarkation. Visit the Iditarod Headquarters, Talkeetna and explore Denali National Park on a history tour that provides insight on the diverse native and early pioneer influences in and around Denali. See Alaska’s wildlife up close at the Conservation Center and enjoy sightseeing tours in Seward, Vancouver, BC, Seattle and Anchorage.

Departs September 4, 2014. Fly into Hamburg, Germany and enjoy a sightseeing tour including city hall and St. Michael’s Church. Then transfer to Kiel where you’ll board the MSC Orchestra. Experience luxury cruising that offers the perfect blend of design and comfort as you sail to ports in: Copenhagen, Denmark, Southampton, UK, Vigo, Spain, Lisbon, Portugal, Palma de Mallorca, Spain, Valletta, Malta and Dubrovnik, Croatia. Disembark in Venice, Italy where you will enjoy a tour of this amazing city. Then travel through the lush northern landscape to Verona, offering examples of Medieval and Renaissance art and architecture; and Milan where you will depart for home.

*PPDO. Plus $299 tax/service/government fees. Based on an inside stateroom (Cat. L), upgrades available. Alternate departure dates available June-September. Seasonal charges may apply. Add-on airfare available.

*PPDO. Plus $299 tax/service/government fees. Based on an inside stateroom (Cat. l1), upgrades available. Seasonal charges may apply. Add-on airfare available.

Discover Irish Landmarks

Discover Majestic Alaska

Explore Banff, Jasper and Whistler

& Italy Tour

Call for Details! 800-736-7300

Rese your S rve pa Today! ce

List of

Did You Know? Lighting the way to an Alzheimer’s Cure Over a century has passed since German researcher Alois Alzheimer identified “Alzheimer’s Disease.” Although medical studies have essentially agreed on the cause of this malady - a buildup of insoluble fibrous protein in the brain - a solution to the problem has proved elusive… until now. Swedish and Polish scientists may have discovered a way to apply laser imaging techniques to isolate these protein clumps, thereby enabling physicians to remove the offending buildup. Using multi-photon lasers, they’ve determined that healthy proteins appear invisible to the concentrated laser light, while the “bad stuff” tends to absorb the light, making it possible to pinpoint their exact location. Scientists are optimistic that once located, laser technology can be used to remove these problem buildups without the need for chemical or surgical treatment. It may take a while for the research to conclude, but it holds the promise of a dramatic advance that could bring hope to Alzheimer’s sufferers worldwide.

Smart phones and healthy eating It’s a good idea to pay attention to nutrition information when you’re dining away from home. Taking your eye off the dietary ball while scanning a restaurant menu can pile on the calories quickly, so you want to be informed about where best to treat yourself and your family. Here’s where your smart phone comes in. As the phrase goes, “there’s an app for that!” And indeed there is one to help guide your dining choices. It’s called “Healthy Dining Finder.” The app lets you search for healthy dining options from more than 60,000 fullservice and fast-food restaurants, with the ability to filter your choices by location, price, and distance from your location. As an added bonus, the menus will flag lowsodium items, along with information on allergens and gluten content. So, do yourself a favor and get the app; it will take a lot of the guesswork out of dining on the go!

Kids’ online safety

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A Nation in the Red


A recent change to the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) has updated the rules for protecting your children during their time on the World Wide Web. Websites visited by children under the age of 13 must get verified consent from parents before any personal information can be collected. This new strengthening, along with COPPA’s “Kids Online Safety Page” (see kids-online-safety) helps you reduce the risks inherent in online socialization, and provide valuable guidance on how to talk to your children about responsible decisionmaking in the cyber community. There’s no doubt that the online environment is a source of continually evolving entertainment - and, yes, educational opportunities for today’s youth. With a bit of diligence and attention to resources like COPPA, you can help protect your child from many of the risks that come along with it.

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Cataract surgery can add years to your life! A 15-year study of Australians aged 49 and over concluded that having surgery to correct cataracts leads to an extended lifetime. The study tracked hundreds of patients diagnosed with cataractrelated vision impairment from 1992 to 2007, and determined a 40% lower mortality rate following corrective surgery. Researchers pointed to a number of factors associated with their findings, including improved independent living capabilities, enhanced ability to manage prescription drugs, and a generally enriched outlook on life. The study’s conclusions were validated by making adjustments for a variety of mortality risk factors, like smoking, cardiovascular disease and diabetes. The American Academy of Ophthalmology reports that this study’s conclusions are consistent with previous studies that linked vision impairment to increased mortality in older patients.

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CLASSIC TV FAVORITES Remember when watching TV was an event with stars like Dick Van Dyke, Mary Tyler Moore, Roy Rogers, George Burns & Jack Benny?

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CLASSIC TV MYSTERY The world was a different place when Jack Webb as Sgt. Joe Friday and Ronald Howard as Sherlock Holmes solved crime cases on the small screen.

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You’re free to choose any auto and home insurance company. See why AMAC members are turning to Travelers. From insuring the refurbishment of the Statue of Liberty to helping thousands of AMAC members safeguard their most precious belongings, Americans have turned to Travelers for well over a century. Travelers has an “A+” rating from A.M. Best for financial stability and claims-paying ability. You can be assured you are getting insurance from a quality company – plus special savings for AMAC members. You owe it to yourself to find out what the Travelers Auto and Home Insurance Program for AMAC members can do for you!

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Insurance is underwritten by The Travelers Indemnity Company or one of its property casualty affiliates, One Tower Square, Hartford, CT 06183. In FL: Homeowners insurance is not currently offered for new business. In MA: Auto policies are underwritten by The Premier Insurance Company of Massachusetts, One Research Drive, Westborough, MA 01581, a single-state subsidiary of The Travelers Indemnity Company. Insurance offered through Premier is not guaranteed by The Travelers Indemnity Company or any other Travelers company. In TX: Auto insurance is offered by Travelers MGA, Inc. or Travelers Texas MGA, Inc. and underwritten by Consumers County Mutual Insurance Company (CCM). CCM is not a Travelers company. Coverages, discounts, special program rates, and billing options are subject to availability and individual eligibility. Not all features available in all areas. A.M. Best’s rating of A+ applies to certain insurance subsidiaries of The Travelers Companies, Inc. that are included in The Travelers Insurance Companies pool; other subsidiaries are separately rated. For a listing of companies rated by A.M. Best and other rating services, visit Ratings listed herein are as of May 30, 2013, are used with permission, and are subject to changes by the rating services. For the latest A.M. Best rating, access © 2014 The Travelers Indemnity Company. All rights reserved. Travelers and the Travelers Umbrella logo are registered trademarks of The Travelers Indemnity Company in the U.S. and other countries. PL-16703 New 1-14


IRA ELIGIBLE Gold & Silver

2014 $5 Gold American Eagles

2014 $1 Silver American Eagles

1/10oz Pure Gold * Over Spot Price**



00 each

Limit 3 Per Household

Coin images are for representation only and not to scale.

*Gold: Price Guarantee Example If gold spot price at time of order is $ 00




$12200 5 Gold Coin Your Price + $1400




$ 00

Each coin would cost only $13600 (example price only)

Gold Spot Price as of 01/09/14

your 3 BONUS GIFTS with order

1oz .999 Fine Silver

Over Spot Price**


Limit 3 Per Household

Gem Brilliant Uncirculated Condition Each Coin Encased in a Protective Capsule Guaranteed & Backed by the U.S. Government Free IRA Kit Award-Winning Gold Guide

Historical Ronald Reagan Legacy Photo: Ronald Reagan was the 40th President of the United States and his presidential legacy endures today. During his second term, Reagan signed legislation that established the historic American Gold & Silver Eagle bullion coins. Today, these U.S. legal tender coins are among the most popular and treasured gold and silver coins in the world. (High Resolution Digital Copy, limit 1 per household)

Gold IRA Kit

Plus Priority Shipping & Insurance • Prices subject to change • Availability not guaranteed • No dealers please

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Coins shipped after they are distributed to us from The U.S. Mint's representatives. We expect to receive them by January 17, 2014. Shipment dates from The U.S. Mint are not guaranteed. Spot Price - the daily quoted market price of precious metals in bullion form. Spot price solely determined at time of transaction by First Fidelity Reserve.



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