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Esplanade Idiosyncrasies

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Discovering Connections Through Idiosyncrasies

In Diana Cristóbal’s studio at the Introduction to Architecture program at Columbia University, I was asked to explore the ways in which two as-found objects might be joined together using their idiosyncratic characteristics. I found that my chosen materials, turnbuckles and one quarter inch square basswood dowels, engage with each other in a unique way. When twisted, the turnbuckle naturally drills into the wood dowel when one is placed through the turnbuckle’s opening. I studied the degree to which the dowels could withstand pressure before breaking as well as the way the dowels could rotate within the turnbuckle. The resulting models, boasting strong yet flexible connections, prove that the joint technology has enormous potential for creating a more volumetric space.

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Discovering Connections Through Idiosyncrasies

I was tasked with the challenge of creating volumes out of what was previously a rather one dimensional experiment. The model pictured is anv early studies of how to create different kinds of spaces using the two different materials. I found that I could create platforms by putting multiple dowels through the turnbuckle, and noticed that these dowels could still rotate independently. This study showed which orientations were strongest, and I began to understand how to combine the systems indefinitely. I eventually came to the conclusion that the models could move, and I would use this mobility in order to explore new forms.

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Discovering Connections Through Idiosyncrasies

In this study I took my building method to its limits through continued aggregation. I challenged myself to combine several platforms together by utilizing the strength inherent in the maximum rotation of the system. The gravitational force on the platforms in cooperation with the symmetrical counterbalancing allowed me to build the system vertically and horizontally at angles I had not experienced in my previous attempts. I used a light fabric to enclose the space by only having it tent over areas not otherwise covered by the platforms. The resulting structure rises much taller than my previous study while only minimally interfering with the ground plane.

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Ninivaggi - 9

Intimacy & Education in Bennett Park

Ninivaggi - 10

After exploring the ways in which the materials naturally join,I was given the program: learning. The objective was to create outdoor learning spaces through model building with the constraints that the models had to be 1 to 1, I had to use the same as-found objects, and the results would be sited in Bennett Park, New York. I constructed three models, each exploring a different level of intimacy. In addition to each of the models being created of the same two materials, each uses the natural rotation of the system to compress to a flattened state.

Ninivaggi - 11

Intimacy & Education: The Hammock Model

Ninivaggi - 12

The Results

This system facilitates independent learning and is reinforced by the vertical combination of dowels. Due to its utilization of the park’s rock and the orientation of the turnbuckles, the hammock model raises users off of the ground, eliminating distraction.

Ninivaggi - 13

Intimacy & Education: The Platform Model

Ninivaggi - 14

The Results

This system facilitates small group learning and is constructed with a horizontal combination of dowels. It uses the orientation of the turnbuckles to be mounted between two trees. It’s surfaces provide uninhibited airspace for conversation and collaboration.

Ninivaggi - 15

Intimacy & Education: The Fan Model

Ninivaggi - 16

The Results

This system facilitates isolated, yet integrated learning. By creating a series of steps with the fanning of dowels, there exists both separation and accessibility. The vertical orientation of the turnbuckles lifts the system from the ground by hanging from trees.

Ninivaggi - 17

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Artistic and Measured Drawings from 2016

Being untrained in art and drawing has not stopped me from putting my pen to paper. I think that drawing, especially quick drawing, is a beautiful method of creative and direct communication. These drawings are explorations of thought, representations of my subconscious, and questions about the reality of how we see things. They were selected based on how successfully they mirrored an image in my mind, sometimes surreal, other times perfectly natural.

Ninivaggi - 19

Look Out, Pen

Ninivaggi - 20

Predator, Pen

Ninivaggi - 21

First Impression of the Schist, Graphite

Ninivaggi - 22

Second Impression of the Schist, Graphite

Ninivaggi - 23

Ninivaggi - 24

Impression of 75th and Madison, Graphite

Ninivaggi - 25

A Study of Space & Scale on the East River

East River Esplanade, New York, NY

This project began by choosing a place in New York which allowed for a variety of uses and misuses. After choosing the East River Esplanade, I was asked to create a simple line drawing which reflected the basic geometry of the place. I was then challenged to use this drawing as an underlay for a series of collages that alter the original space in terms of depth, size, scale, proportion, and perspective while also questioning how the new spaces cold be used differently. I came up with four collages which pushed the boundaries of what the simple lines of the underlay could represent. By altering ground planes and subject matter, I gained a new understanding of the space as it exists on paper.

Ninivaggi - 26

Ninivaggi - 27

A Study of Space & Scale on the East River

Study Model

After using the collages to attain a more thorough understanding of the Esplanade’s geometry, I wrote a narrative explaining the potential procession one might take from one collage to the next. I used this narrative to create a program for the collages and then crafted an abstract, three dimensional construct within a wooden matrix to fit this program. The physical constraints of the matrix helped to guide my design by forcing me to adhere to its rigid skeleton. I aimed to connect indoor and outdoor spaces through changes in verticality in order to represent the different atmospheres and views present in the collages. This study model helped me to understand the spatial range within the matrix; however, I wanted to construct a space that would respect the grid without overly relying on it.

A Study of Space & Scale on the East River

Final Model

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The Future of New York, New York, 2016

Ninivaggi - 32

Ethos in Photographs: Two By Two I have always used photography as a means of expression and adventure. To me, photographs do not depict a fleeting instance in time, but rather a moment frozen for eternity to be analyzed and interpreted. Originally, it was my camera which led me to architecture. I loved capturing stillness and quiet in abandoned buildings. They, like photographs, change with each visit. What you could not see before becomes the host of interpretation. While traveling to different cities during my year and a half studying abroad I rarely photographed monuments. Instead, I focused on capturing the intangible essence of my experiences in each new place. As this selection might communicate, I might have had the same feeling in vastly different locations, or extraordinarily different feelings in the same location. Within this selection, each set of two photographs composes a visual poem. They are not constructed by mere aesthetic value, but on principles of symmetry and emotion. I aim to capture youth, balance, shadow, light, and procession. I end with photographs of one of my favorite buildings in New York: The Met Breuer. This particular building, more than any other I have photographed, has disputed my ways of seeing.

Ninivaggi - 33

Lord Abandon, Detroit, 2016

Ninivaggi - 34

Pizza’s here, Detroit, 2015

Ninivaggi - 35

Gone but ___ Forgotten, San Juan, Puerto Rico, 2014

Ninivaggi - 36

I’ve Got Change, New York, 2016

Ninivaggi - 37

Everyone Against Everything, Dwejra, Malta, 2014

Ninivaggi - 38

Omnipresent Angel, Reykjavik, Iceland, 2014

Ninivaggi - 39

Shadows at Night, Florence, Italy, 2014

Ninivaggi - 40

Mission Nightfall, Florence, Italy, 2014

Ninivaggi - 41

Cycle of Guilt, Florence, Italy, 2014

Ninivaggi - 42

Voluntary Statistics, Florence, Italy, 2014

Ninivaggi - 43

Geometry in the Breuer, New York, 2016

Ninivaggi - 44

Ninivaggi - 45

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M.Arch non-arch background portfolio draft.

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