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March 2010 Volume 12 Free CD of Mitchâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s new single inside!

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He’s back and looki “People said i couldn’t d When Mitch shot onto the scene in 2007 everyone thought that he would become a worldwide star, but up to yet that hasn’t happened for him. We have an exclusive Interview from him about his new single and what he’s been doing with his life since his failed single “me and you.” Mitchell Perry of Northfield, Birmingham shot onto the scene after winning Britain’s talent contest “pop star superstar” and E4, but his first single didn’t sell very well, this meant questions were asked about his ability. We have been waiting for his comeback and now he’s back! We have an exclusive interview with him about his comeback and what else he’s been doing and here it is. So then, what’s the new song “up and down I go” about Mitch? Mitch: well it’s pretty simple really; it’s about my music career so far. I started off really well winning the competition and releasing my own single but after I didn’t sell many records my life was turned upside down from the buzz I got from winning down to the feeling I got when I was back to a no one. It’s really about how I want to be known to people as a good singer and prove that I was the right person to win the competition and I’m not just a failure. Well we all know you’re a good singer, but what has really happened, why didn’t u get straight back into the business after your first single, why have you waited so long?


ing to become a hit! do it, but i’ll show them!”

tch! Mitch: I had lost confidence and I just needed time to think about what went wrong and how I could improve my errors. I feel the timeout has helped me and I can now become a better singer because of it. I know have my confidence back and I believe I can now do well and achieve my goals. We’re glad to hear that, so what have you been doing with your time since you stopped singing? Mitch: Well I’ve been doing bits and bobs really, I’ve brought a season ticket for West Brom so I’ve been going to watch them play which is good at times, and it gives me chance to have a break from the music industry. I’ve been travelling as well as I’m still young and I wanted to see a few places in the world I went to Paris, Rome and to New York and I loved all of them, they were amazing! They gave me ideas of different songs and gave me chance to relax so overall the trips helped loads.

Mitch: I just want to say that I know I can do it and people said I couldn’t do it, but I’ll show them! I’d like to thank the people for sticking by me and I vow to prove to them that I should have won and that I deserve this second chance, I’ve got some good songs coming out and I’m looking forward to people wanting to listen to me again. Good Luck Mitch, we hear your good friend Shayne Ward has also wished you look it must be good to hear someone like him giving you a boost? Mitch: yes me and Shayne are good mates and were kind of in the same position so it’s good I can look at him as an example of where I want to be in the future.

Looks like someone’s been having fun then! Thanks Mitch and good luck! What’s your message to the people who voted you as the winner of Pop star Superstar? Mitch: Thanks it’s been a pleasure.

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