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Welcome Seasoned Pioneers’ Worldwide Seasonings Reference Guide aims to give you a real insight into the vast array of seasonings that are available from each corner of the globe. Spices, chillies, herbs, specialist seasonings and spice blends are vital ingredients in capturing the distinctiveness of each cuisine, as well as bringing a whole host of diverse flavours to your cooking. The guide looks at each worldwide cuisine in turn, giving detailed information about each ingredient - its flavour, heat rating and suggestions on how to use them to bring out the best flavours in your cooking, whilst seeking to act as a source of inspiration for you in your kitchen.




Key to the symbols used throughout this guide... HR - heat rating: scales from:








sultry spicy explosive! volcanic!


W: C: Cr: G: F: P: O: FT: DR: V: N:

Available in whole format e.g. seed, pod, bark or leaf Available in cut format Available in crushed format Available in ground format Available in freeze-dried format Available in a paste format Also available in organic Also available as Fairtrade Traditonally dry-roasted and blended Suitable for vegetarians and vegans Contains nuts 3


Our unique packaging

How it all began Seasoned Pioneers is an innovative company that has gained recognition as the expert in authentic and specialist seasonings, consistently highly commended by many leading food writers and chefs. The worldwide travels of Mark Steene, founder of the company, sparked a fascination with international seasonings. Mark said: “When I returned from travelling, I found that it was very difficult to buy the seasonings and blends I had used while I was abroad. Having the finest flavours from authentic spices really does make a difference to cooking – whether you want to create a certain dish or if you’re just experimenting. I wanted to share what I had learned, and hoped that by making these exciting authentic seasonings widely available that I would also offer inspiration to others.”

Delia Smith

“There are important things to say about spices – not just in cakes but in all cooking, namely how to conserve their flavour, particularly once they are ground. There are two enemies of flavour. The first is light, the second is air. Spices sold in glass jars are displayed under constantly glaring lights. Then once the jar is opened as more and more is used, it is exposed to more and more air. For this reason I now only buy spices from a firm called Seasoned Pioneers. The spices are high quality and they cleverly pack them in foil packs to shield them from the light. Then when you begin to use them you can reseal them, eliminating any air.”

Inside Seasoned Pioneers Nowadays the small team at Seasoned Pioneers bring you an unprecedented international range of over 300 authentic spices, chillies, herbs, seasonings, specialist ingredients and spice blends, including an organic selection. Each of the renowned collection of worldwide spice blends are handmade to traditional recipes, at the company premises in Wirral, North West England. Every spice blend is made in small batches, using up to fifteen carefully selected ingredients. The spices are dry-roasted, ground and blended, resulting in easyto-use, rounded, authentic packages of flavour that capture the distinctiveness of cuisines from every corner of the globe. For ultimate flavour the authenticity of the ingredients is vital, as company director Matt Webster explains: “We insist on genuine ingredients from the very finest sources and only use traditional production methods. We hand blend and dry-roast all of our spice blends to authentic recipes, with no compromises. The result is an intensity of flavour that makes a real difference to your cooking.” Gourmet results really can be achieved very easily and quickly. There are many ways in which the blends and seasonings can be used to enhance your cooking – from sprinkling into stir-fries, dressings, marinades, soups and stews to using as a rub for meat or vegetables before grilling and barbecuing - or even simply mixed with mayonnaise, yoghurt or crème fraîche to make an authentic great tasting dip.





Kashmiri chillies G / V / HR explosive! Sweet flavours overlay a fierce, explosive bite. Extremely popular authentic Indian chilli. Use wherever heat and great flavour desired.

For adventurous cooks, India is a culinary delight. Exotic spices create an explosion of flavour, aroma and colour. Explore the amazing diversity of this vast subcontinent, from the more subtly spiced tastes of the north, to the aromatic Balti dishes and fiery spices of the south. A vital part of Indian cuisine is the many spice mixes called masalas and key to producing these authentic masalas is the art of dry-roasting and blending. Spices Ajowan seeds W / V / HR spicy Intense thyme-like flavour with peppery notes. Great in Indian curries and pulses, fish and flavoured breads. Excellent mixed with tamarind and garlic as a fish rub. Amchoor (sun-dried mango) G / V / HR mild Tangy citrus flavour with sweet, fruity notes. Used in north Indian vegetarian dishes, soups and stews. Good simply stir-fried with vegetables and in marinades to tenderise and flavour meat and fish. Asafoetida G / V / HR sultry Pungent tartness mellows on cooking to give a great, intense onion-like flavour. Small amounts greatly enhance vegetable and pulse-based dishes. Also excellent with fish. Black peppercorns (tellicherry and wynad) W / Cr / G / O / V / HR spicy Two of the finest Indian black peppercorns with rich fruity flavours. Both are extremely versatile: the true worldwide spice. Cardamom, black W / G / V / HR spicy Intense smoky, earthy flavour with notes of pine. An important spice in Indian cuisine which greatly enhances rice dishes, meat and vegetable curries as well as pickles. Use whole or the crushed seeds from the pod. 6

Cardamom, green W / G / O / FT / V / HR sultry Wonderfully aromatic with a sharp, fruity flavour and warm smoky lemon notes, widely used in curries and masalas and great in rice dishes. Available as whole pods or seeds. Coriander seeds W / G / DR / O / V / HR mild Warm, sweet flavour with a hint of orange peel and pepper. Widely used in many curries, meat and poultry dishes as well as with vegetables and pickles. Also adds great flavour to soup stocks and in marinades. Cumin, black W / O / V / HR sultry Distinctive warm and slightly more tart flavour than white cumin. Used widely in many north Indian dishes. Excellent in rice dishes and breads. Fennel seeds W / O / V / HR mild Warm, fragrant liquorice and aniseed flavour with sweet notes. Used in many Indian dishes and masalas. Greatly enhances vegetables, pulses and lamb. Or simply chew after a meal for an excellent breath freshener.

Naga jolokia W / V / HR volcanic! THE hottest chilli worldwide by far this will give the ultimate ‘kick’. Use with caution wherever intense heat is required. Ginger root W / G / O / FT / V / HR spicy Hot, rich flavour with pepperylemon notes. Highly versatile and used in many spice blends. Great with vegetables, especially sweet potato, pumpkin and squash. Also enhances fruit and many baked sweet dishes. Poppy seeds white W / V / HR mild Sweet, nutty flavour. Used in many indian curry dishes for flavour and texture. Turmeric root W / G / O / FT / V / HR sultry Musky tart flavour with light peppery ginger aroma. Imparts vivid deep yellow colour. Vital in spice blends and many vegetarian dishes, especially with beans and lentils. Excellent in rice dishes and with spinach, eggs and aubergines.

Salts Black salt G / V / HR mild Tangy flavour with sharp, smokysulphurous aroma. An important seasoning in many Indian relishes and pickles. Himalayan pink salt Cr / V / HR mild Subtle, distinctive flavour. Handmined from the Himalayan mountains, a unique salt from ancient seas over 250 million years old. For all gourmet culinary uses.

Spice Blends Biryani spice blend G / DR / V / HR spicy Fragrant blend with warm notes. Use to make authentic biryani. (Ingredients: cloves, black peppercorns, cinnamon, mace, black cumin, green cardamom, red chillies, black cardamom)

Bombay masala G / DR / V / HR sultry Rich, sweet flavour with warm peppery-citrus notes. Excellent with vegetables and pulses. (Ingredients: toasted coconut, poppy seeds, sesame seeds, coriander seeds, black peppercorns, cumin, cardamom, cloves, cinnamon, curry leaves)

Cardamom masala G / DR / O / V / HR spicy Wonderfully aromatic blend with cardamom, coconut and hot chilli flavours. Excellent in lamb and rice dishes. Great mixed with yoghurt as a marinade or coating for meat and poultry. (Ingredients: cardamom, coriander seeds, cinnamon, red chillies, black cumin, cloves, toasted coconut)

Char masala G / DR / O / V / HR sultry Sweet flavour with powerful notes of cloves and cassia. Versatile spice blend. Especially good to flavour rice dishes.

(Ingredients: cassia, cumin, cardamom, cloves)

Chat masala G / DR / V / HR sultry Fresh, clean taste with tart notes. Traditionally used with fruit and vegetable-based salads. Ideal as a dry rub as well as to flavour vegetables.

(Ingredients: cumin, red chillies, sea salt, amchoor, black peppercorns)

Dhansak spice blend G / DR / V / HR spicy The tartness of fenugreek blended with earthy cumin and the citrus notes of amchoor and coriander. Use to make an authentic dhansak curry. (Ingredients: cumin seeds, cayenne

Food & Travel Magazine Garam Masala the classic Indian spice mix... from Seasoned Pioneers

pepper, turmeric, coriander seeds, amchoor, fenugreek seeds, cardamom)

Garam masala, Indian G / DR / O / V / HR sultry - spicy Rounded mix of hot, peppery and sweet spices. It is the essential Indian masala. Great in meat and poultry-based dishes. Use to spice and flavour soups. Excellent with onions, tomatoes and pulses (Ingredients: cardamom,

cinnamon, black cumin, cloves, nutmeg, black peppercorns)

Goan xacuti curry powder G / DR / V / HR spicy Authentic curry blend originating from Goa. Poppy, coriander and cinnamon give it a subtle sweetness while the red chillies give the blend its kick. Great with fish or chicken.

(Ingredients: poppy seeds, coriander, crushed red chillies, cinnamon, black peppercorns, cumin, turmeric, cloves, aniseed, star anise, fenugreek, ajowan, cardamom, nutmeg)

Gujarati masala G / DR / V / HR spicy Sweet, peppery flavour overlaid with chilli. Versatile masala which is good in all curries, especially with chicken. (Ingredients: cumin, coriander seeds, black peppercorns, cardamom, sesame seeds, cloves, cinnamon, crushed red chillies, fennel seeds, ajowan)

Dopiaza spice blend G / DR / V / HR spicy Balanced sweet and tart notes. Use to make authentic dopiaza. (Ingredients: cumin, fenugreek seeds, turmeric, coriander seeds, red chillies, fennel seeds, cloves)


Jalfrezi spice blend G / DR / V / HR spicy Medium hot blend of 12 spices. Use to make an authentic jalfrezi with meat, fish or vegetables. (Ingredients: fenugreek seeds, cayenne, black peppercorns, red chillies, ginger, turmeric, cardamom, cumin, cloves, amchoor, coriander seeds, cinnamon)

Kashmiri masala G / DR / V / O / HR sultry Spicy-sweet Indian masala used in many traditional dishes and curries from the Kashmir region. Excellent with lamb and prawns. (Ingredients: black cumin, coriander seeds, black peppercorns, cardamom, cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg, mace)

Korma spice blend G / DR / V / HR mild Fragrant blend with warm notes. Use to make authentic korma. A great all-purpose curry mix. (Ingredients: black cumin, mace, paprika, cinnamon, turmeric, black cardamom, black peppercorns, cloves, coriander)

Madras curry powder G / DR / V / HR spicy Complex mix of sweet, fruity and peppery spices overlaid with chillies. The traditional madras curry powder. Goes really well with lamb and pork. (Ingredients: coriander seeds, cumin, black peppercorns, crushed red chillies, turmeric, black mustard seeds, curry leaves, ginger)

Panch phoran W / V / HR sultry The Indian ‘five spice’. A traditional mix of whole seeds with aniseed and tart flavours from Bengal. Roast with oil or ghee to give a spicy flavour before pouring over dal. Also great with fish. (Ingredients: fennel, fenugreek seeds, black mustard seeds, cumin, nigella)

Pasanda spice blend G / DR / V / HR sultry Mix of warm, spiced pepper flavours. To make authentic pasanda. (Ingredients: cumin, black peppercorns, turmeric, cloves, green cardamom, fenugreek leaves, red chillies, cinnamon, black cardamom)

Pilau rice spice mix G / DR / V / HR sultry Traditional mix of whole Indian spices. Essential spice mix for authentic pilau rice. (Ingredients: turmeric, cumin, cloves, cardamom, cinnamon)

Punjabi masala G / DR / V / O / HR sultry - spicy Rounded, peppery spiced flavour with aromatic rose petals and citrus notes. Traditional masala of the Punjab region. An excellent versatile curry powder.

Vindaloo spice blend G / DR / V / HR volcanic! Fiercely hot spice blend, used to make an authentic vindaloo curry. Try as a rub too – but don’t forget to wash your hands afterwards! (Ingredients: roasted cayenne chillies, turmeric, paprika, mustard seeds, roasted naga jolokia chillies, cumin seeds, cinnamon, cloves)

(Ingredients: coriander, black cumin, paprika, cinnamon, black peppercorns, cayenne, roasted red chillies, green cardamom, black cardamom, cloves, nutmeg)

(Ingredients: toasted coconut, black peppercorns, rose petals, cardamom, black cumin, cloves, cinnamon)

Seasoned Pioneers: I’m a great fan of this company, which stocks just about every spice.

Ruth Watson - Daily Mail Seasoned Pioneers... in resealable foil pouches... there’s a huge array of authentic spice.

Spices Fenugreek seeds W / G / O / V / HR mild - sultry Strong tart flavour mellows when dry-roasted or fried. Used in many Indian dishes, as well as in Egyptian and Ethiopian breads. Goes well with rice, pulses, root vegetables and fish curries. Mustard seeds (black and brown) W / O / V / HR spicy Pungent with nutty flavour best developed by dry-roasting or frying in oil before use. Used in many south Indian dishes.

Rogan josh spice blend G / DR / V / HR spicy Fragrant blend with warm notes. Use to make an authentic rogan josh.

Rose petal masala G / DR / O / V / HR sultry Intensely aromatic with sweet rose and coconut overlaid with warm, spicy-peppery notes. Excellent for subtly spiced, aromatic poultry dishes. Also goes well in marinades and as a meat rub.


(Ingredients: turmeric, ginger, cumin, coriander seeds, sea salt, black salt, amchoor, red chillies, cloves, mace, cinnamon)

(Ingredients: cumin, coriander seeds, black peppercorns, black cardamom, green cardamom, cloves, black cumin, cinnamon, ginger, fennel seeds, rose petals, mace)

Nigella Lawson


Tandoori masala G / DR / V / HR sultry Mix of fruity, sweet and warming spices with tart notes. Essential masala for traditional style tandoori cooking. Mix with yoghurt to marinade chicken, as well as other meats and fish.


Specialist Ingredients Anardana (dried pomegranate seeds) W / V / HR mild Pleasant sweet-tart flavoured sticky, crunchy seeds. Great in curries, chutneys and with pulses and vegetable dishes. Soak in water before use or crush and sprinkle directly onto finished dishes as an all-purpose seasoning. Beetroot powder G / DR / V / HR mild Used in many Indian dishes mainly for the great vivid red colour it adds rather than for its flavour.

Fenugreek leaves (methi) W / V / HR mild Spicy, slightly nutty flavour. Used in many Indian meat and vegetable dishes. Good cooked with rice, spinach and potatoes as well as for flavouring curry sauces. Goes well in omelettes too.

Spice Blends Sambhar powder G / DR / V / HR spicy Great nutty taste of roasted spices and dal overlaid with hot chillies. Popular in south Indian Brahmin vegetarian dishes. Use to flavour pulses and in soups.

Sri Lankan curry powder G / DR / V / HR: sultry - spicy Sweet, tart and fruity-spiced mix of flavours. Used in many Sri Lankan dishes, especially curries. Add shortly before serving for authentic flavour. (Ingredients: coriander seeds, fenugreek seeds, cumin, fennel, cayenne, cinnamon, cardamom, curry leaves, cloves)

Balti Nigella seeds W / V / HR sultry - spicy Peppery, nutty flavour with tart notes. Dry-roast to fully develop flavour before sprinkling whole seeds over dishes. Enhances rice, root vegetables and pulses and adds a great flavour to roast potatoes.

Spice Blends Garam masala, balti G / DR / O / V / HR sultry - spicy Highly aromatic with clove and peppery notes. Gives authentic flavour to many Balti dishes. Use where curry powder is asked for in recipes to give an excellent flavour. (Ingredients: cumin, coriander seeds, cinnamon, black peppercorns, cloves)

(Ingredients: channa and urad dal, turmeric, red chillies, coriander seeds, cumin, black peppercorns, black mustard seeds, fenugreek seeds, asafoetida)




Exotic spices such as green peppercorns and galangal are blended with handfuls of fresh coriander, basil and mint for authentic Vietnamese flavour. Red chillies are mellowed by sweet coconut, peanuts and curry leaves. Aniseed and lemongrass adding their distinctive flavours. The result is a fascinating cuisine to tempt the most adventurous spirit.

An incredibly delicate balancing act of the subtle and the explosive, the Thai cook skillfully creates bold yet simple flavours. Indian spices, Chinese style and Pacific flavours are fused into a cuisine of unique fragrance and taste. Mastering the culinary art of Thailand depends not on the number of ingredients used but in exploiting the flavour of each to the full.



Anise seeds W / O / V / HR mild Warm, sweet liquorice flavour. Good with fish and shellfish. Enhances soups, stews and tomato-based sauces. Black Vietnamese peppercorns W / V / G / HR spicy For the true pepper lover seeking a gourmet pepper kick! Vibrant with strong spicy tobacco notes. Green peppercorns W / V / HR sultry - spicy A warm to hot, fruity flavour that’s great with chicken, pork, fish and seafood. Combines really well with warm, sweet spices such as ginger and cinnamon.

Galangal C / O / V / HR sultry Peppery, ginger flavour with hint of lemon. Use in Thai curry pastes, soups and stews. Soak in warm water for 20 minutes before use. Zedoary root C / V / HR mild - sultry Warm and musky ginger-like flavour with tart notes. Used in many spice blends. Great with seafood, lamb and chicken dishes.


Herbs Curry leaves W / V / HR mild Musky nutty and lemon flavour. Use whole or ground in many Vietnamese and Asian dishes. Great with lamb, fish, seafood, rice and vegetables.

Birdseye chillies W / O / V / HR explosive! Sharp peppery flavour with explosive heat. Widely used in many Thai dishes for fiery, rounded heat.


Brian Glover, Home & Gardens

For green and pink peppercorns, try Seasoned Pioneers 10

Lemongrass stalks, freeze-dried C / O / V / HR mild Strong citrus flavour with slight peppery notes. Crush or slice into small rings to release flavour. Used widely in Asian soups, stews and curries. Greatly enhances fish, chicken, beef, noodles and vegetables.

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Specialist Ingredients Kapee, Thai shrimp paste P / HR sultry Incredibly pungent shrimp-fish flavour and aroma. An essential flavour in many Thai fish dishes and curries. Dry-roast before using to fully develop flavour.

(Ingredients: shrimp paste 80%, sea salt)

Spice Blends Thai seasoning blend G / DR / V / HR spicy Heady citrus, spiced chilli Thai flavours. Great in Thai stir-fries and curries

(Ingredients: galangal, birdseye chillies, coriander, green peppercorns, roasted garlic, sesame seeds, lemon powder, thai holy basil, lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves).

Thai holy basil W / V / HR mild Distinct musky flavour with mint and spicy notes. Used in authentic Thai cooking, including many meat-based curries. 11



Richly spiced and varied, the cuisine of Indonesia reflects the diverse nature of its many islands: fiery chilli heat is tempered with tart limes and tamarind together with aromatic herbs. Chillies, coconut and shrimp paste are combined to create spicy relishes known as sambals – a unique and popular feature of Indonesian cuisine.

Bountiful seas and a climate ideal for vegetables and rice result in a most elegant, healthy and delicately flavoured cuisine with an emphasis on texture, flavour and colour in simple harmony. Fresh ingredients are expertly seasoned with dashi stock, shoyu soy sauce, gomashio, sansho pepper and the fiery wasabi.

Cubeb pepper W / V / HR sultry Authentic Indonesian pepper with warm, slightly peppery flavour and notes of allspice. Great in meat and vegetable curries and stews. Long pepper W / V / HR spicy Hot peppery flavour with tart notes. Excellent with fish, in stews and in cheese dishes.

Ghillie Basan Seasoned Pioneers... Travelled the globe... roasted and ground roots, bark and seeds for aromatic spice blends.

Spices Laos powder G / V / HR sultry Tart, citrus flavour with ginger and cardamom notes. Greatly enhances curries, soups, stews and coconutbased sauces. Excellent with chicken and also seafood.

Peppercorns Black peppercorns (lampong) W / V / HR spicy

Pungent yet fruity and smoky. Packing a real pepper punch for the gourmet pepper connoisseur. 12

White peppercorns (muntok) W / O / V / G / HR spicy Biting hot, pungent, peppery flavour. While this is a highly versatile seasoning, it’s traditionally used in lightly coloured sauces and soups to retain their light appearance.

Herbs Kaffir lime leaves G / W / V / F / HR mild Clean, sharp citrus flavour and aroma and freeze-dried for maximum freshness. Essential in many Indonesian, Thai and Asian curries, soups and stir-fries. Great with chicken, fish, noodles and rice.

Spice Blends Seven seas curry powder G / DR / V / HR sultry - spicy

Delicately spiced flavour with citrus coriander and warm cardamom notes. Widely used in Indonesian curries, stews and sambals. (Ingredients: coriander seeds, cumin, celery seeds, cloves, red chillies, cassia, cardamom)

Specialist Ingredients Tamarind paste P / V / HR mild Tart, fruity flavour provides essential ‘tartness’ in many Indonesian and Asian dishes including curries, soups, marinades, pickles and chutneys. Used in Asia similar to the way lemon juice is used in the West.



Sansho pepper W / V / HR sultry Tangy citrus flavour with gentle lingering heat. The essential authentic Japanese pepper seasoning. Widely used in many dishes and as a table condiment similar to pepper is in the West.

Wasabi G / V / HR spicy - explosive! Superb sharp, fiery heat. Essential Japanese condiment to complement sushi and noodle dishes. Enhances marinades and dressings too. Simply mix with water to a thick paste.

Spice Blends Gomashio G / V / HR mild Sea salt with subtle nutty sesame notes. The essential authentic Japanese salt seasoning. Used in a similar way to salt is in the West. Especially good with rice, salads and vegetables. (Ingredients: sea salt, black sesame seeds)

Shichimi togarashi G / DR / V / HR spicy Chilli heat overlaid with citrus and pepper notes. Used widely as a table condiment in Japanese cuisine, especially with soups and noodles.

(crushed red chillies, orange peel, black sesame seed, white sesame seed, sansho pepper, ginger, nori)

Nick Nairn Seasoned Pioneers... what a revelation - fabulous quality spices and authentic blends in efficient foil packaging 13



Harmony of flavour, colour and texture reflects the ancient Taoist principles of Yin and Yang - complementary negative and positive forces in balance. China has highly distinctive regional styles of cuisine including stir-fries and steamed Cantonese dishes, Pekinese noodles, dumplings and firepots, fiery spiced Sichuan flavours and rich, slowly braised Shanghai dishes.

The African continent has been shaped by many influences including the Arabs, Portuguese, French and British. The result is the evolution of an intensely powerful cuisine. At its heart is the chilli pepper, which imparts an explosive fire to its many dishes rivalled only by the searing heat of the African plains themselves. Spices


Cloves, hand-selected W / G / O / FT / V / HR sultry - spicy Rich, hot fruity flavour with peppery notes. Highly versatile. Use with meat, marinades and in stews. Also enhances sweet baked dishes as well.

Cassia bark W / G / O / V / HR sultry Sweet flavour with pungent, tart notes. Greatly enhances rich meats, pulses, squash, sweet potatoes and root vegetables. Chinese Sichuan salt G / DR / V / HR mild Sea salt warmed with sweet flavour of Sichuan pepper. Allpurpose seasoning that can be used on everything. Sichuan pepper (fagara) W / V / HR sultry Spicy sweet flavour with tangy notes. Great simply rubbed on poultry and meat before roasting, grilling or frying. Excellent with stir-fried vegetables.

Peri-peri seasoning Cr / DR / V / HR explosive! Fiery flavoursome rub of Portuguese-Mozambique origin. Use as a rub before grilling or barbecuing for intense flavour. (Ingredients: piri-piri chillies, smoked paprika, lemon, roasted garlic, unrefined brown sugar, sea salt, black pepper, onion powder, nutmeg, oregano)

South African curry powder G / DR / V / HR sultry Warm and subtly spiced curry powder with sharp, tangy notes. Traditionally mixed with fresh ginger and garlic to make a curry paste. Excellent with all types of meat, fish and vegetable-based curries. Good as a rub too.

Spice Blends Berbere Cr / DR / O / V / HR explosive! Explosive flavour with notes of cloves and allspice. Traditionally used as an African masala in Ethiopian stews. Great in stirfries and as a rub.

Star anise W / G / O / V / HR sultry Strong liquorice flavour with warm, sweet notes. Use whole to infuse soups and stocks, or ground in many oriental dishes.

Spice Blends

Specialist Ingredients

Chinese five spice G / DR / V / HR sultry Aniseed flavour overlaid with warm, peppery notes. A great seasoning for meat and poultry dishes. Excellent in stir-fries and also in marinades.

Mandarin / orange peel C / O / V / HR mild Tart, citrus flavour. Used in many Chinese dishes. Especially good in stir-fries.


(Ingredients: red chillies, coriander seeds, cumin, caraway, sea salt, mint)

Grains of paradise (African pepper) W / V / HR sultry - spicy This popular African seasoning has a strong peppery taste with fruity notes. Great with lamb, chicken, rice, tomatoes and vegetables. Use as an alternative to black or white pepper as an all-purpose condiment.

(Ingredients: sea salt, sichuan pepper)

(Ingredients: star anise, sichuan pepper, fennel seeds, cassia, cloves)

Harissa spice mix Cr / DR / V / O / HR explosive! - volcanic! Intensely powerful spiced chilli flavour. Simply mix with garlic and olive oil as required to make the traditional North African fiery condiment. Great as a dip and as a rub.

(Ingredients: cumin, fennel seeds, coriander seeds, turmeric, cardamom, cinnamon)

(Ingredients: red chillies, fenugreek seeds, ginger, black peppercorns, coriander seeds, cinnamon, allspice, cloves, cardamom, ajowan)

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Tsire powder Cr / DR / V / N / HR spicy Sweet peanut with spice and chilli flavours. Traditional African meat coating. Dip meat in oil or beaten egg then sprinkle tsire over and grill or barbecue. Excellent simply sprinkled onto salads and vegetables. (Ingredients: roasted peanuts, red chillies, sea salt, allspice, coriander seeds, nutmeg, cloves, mace, cinnamon)

Tunisian five spice G / DR / V / HR sultry - spicy Moderately hot with rich, sweet peppery spiced notes. Great in lamb and vegetable dishes, stews and soups. Use as a spice rub on meat and fish.



Habanero chillies (scotch bonnet) W / Cr / G / V / HR volcanic! Volcanic heat with rich smoky, fruity flavour. Great in fish stews, curries and salsas. Use wherever you want intense, flavoured heat.

With the searing heat of the Sahara in the south and the cooling waters of the Mediterranean to the north, Moroccan cuisine is more subtle and delicate than that of many other parts of Africa. Featuring an extensive range of aromatic and flavoursome spices, that are wonderfully combined to create sophisticated blends often used in traditional tagines.

(Ingredients: nutmeg, black peppercorns, cloves, grains of paradise, cinnamon)

Tunisian tabil Cr / DR / O / V / HR spicy Hot chilli garlic flavour with coriander seed and caraway. Use in soups and stews. Excellent as a flavoursome all-purpose seasoning.

Spice Blends La kama G / DR / O / V / HR sultry - spicy Mellow sweet, peppery flavour. Great as a seasoning for soups and stews. Excellent with chicken and in tagines. (Ingredients: ginger, black peppercorns, turmeric, cinnamon, nutmeg)

(Ingredients: coriander seeds, toasted garlic, caraway, red chillies)

West African pepper seasoning Cr / DR / V / HR sultry - spicy Superb mix of peppery flavours with chilli and ginger. Great as an all-purpose seasoning for meat, fish and vegetables. Use as a rub, in stews and soups, stir-fries or simply sprinkled over finished dishes. (Ingredients: black peppercorns, white peppercorns, allspice, cubeb pepper, crushed red chillies, ginger, grains of paradise)

Zanzibar curry powder G / DR / O / V / HR spicy Dry-roasted spice and chilli flavours tempered with sweet notes. Excellent in vegetable-based curries. Mix with olive oil and coat vegetables before roasting. Good as a spice rub too.

(Ingredients: unrefined sugar, black mustard seeds, paprika, coriander seeds, cinnamon, cayenne, fennel seeds, cumin, fenugreek seeds, turmeric)

Ras-el-hanout Cr / DR / O / V / HR sultry Amazingly complex mix of aromatic spices and herbs. Greatly enhances lamb, both as a rub and in tagines. Also superb simply stirred into boiling rice and couscous. (Ingredients: galangal, rose petals, black

Gourmet Club Seasoned Pioneers... Berbere is a wonderfully rounded and fragrant blend... adds a hot spicy flavour to stews & marinades

peppercorns, ginger, cardamom, nigella, cayenne, allspice, lavender, cinnamon, cassia, coriander seeds, mace, nutmeg, cloves)

Chermoula Cr / DR / V / HR sultry Delicately balanced spiced garlic, herb, citrus & salt notes. Traditional fish rub and marinade, use dry or mix with olive oil, garlic, lemon juice & chopped parsley or coriander. Superb on meat too. (Ingredients: paprika, cumin, garlic, lemon peel, sea salt, red chillies, black peppercorns, parsley, coriander, turmeric)

Delia Smith Just imagine having to shop for galangal, rose petals, ginger, cinnamon, allspice, cardamom, cassia, coriander, mace, nutmeg and cloves. Well, hurray, you don’t have to because this all comes dry-roasted and blended from Seasoned Pioneers to bring, as they say, ‘the authentic taste of Morocco to your kitchen’


Nigel Slater Ras-el-Hanout... one of the most fragrant versions I have come across is available from the Seasoned Pioneers.


Middle east The Middle Eastern countries, including Syria, Egypt, Israel, Jordan and Iran, make for a fascinating mix of culture, religion and cuisine. Exploring unveils inspirationally flavoured and fragrant dishes for the adventurous cook. Middle Eastern cuisines are rivalled only by India in their passionate use of spices, a legacy of the Persian Empire’s control of the spice trade. Spices Barberry W / V / HR mild Sweet flavour with pleasant tart notes. Used to add a vital tart edge to rice dishes, stews and desserts. Caraway seeds W / O / V / HR sultry Sweet-spicy flavour with notes of mint, aniseed and orange. Great with potatoes and also goulash stews and in breads. Also goes well with duck, pork, onions and root vegetables. Cinnamon bark W / G / O / FT / V / HR sultry Sweet, warm flavour with citrus and clove notes. Use whole to infuse or ground in both sweet and savoury dishes, curries and stews. Particularly good with lamb, chicken, rice, aubergines and in tomato sauces. Cumin (white) W / G / DR / O / V / HR sultry Warm, earthy flavour with tart notes. Highly versatile and used in many spice blends. Enhances curries, meat and vegetable dishes as well as couscous. Good with chicken, lamb, onions, rice and potatoes.

Sumac berries Cr / V / HR mild Intense fruity tart flavour with great purple-red colour. Excellent all-purpose seasoning. Simply sprinkle on all dishes. Greatly enhances fish, shellfish, salads, rice, lentils and pulses.

Herbs Mint leaves W / O / V / HR mild Refreshingly sweet tangy flavour with lemon notes. Great in salads, stews, with vegetables, lamb and pulses. Sabzi gormeh (Iran) Cr / DR / V / HR mild Mix of herbal flavours with citrus lime notes. Used in traditional Iranian stews. Also excellent with rice.

(Ingredients: lime powder, mint, parsley, chives, coriander, fenugreek)

Spice Blends Advieh (Iranian rice seasoning) Cr / DR / V / HR sultry Floral flavour of rose petals overlaid with warm cinnamon and aromatic cardamom notes. Simply boil rice with 2-4 tsp for authentic Iranian flavour. (Ingredients: cinnamon, rose petals, cardamom, cumin)

Bahar (Kuwaiti) G / DR / V / HR sultry This traditional Kuwaiti blend has a sweet, spicy flavour with peppery notes. Great in stews, soups, with spinach and lamb (Ingredients: cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, black peppercorns, ginger)

Baharat G / DR / O / V / HR sultry - spicy Rounded earthy spiced flavour with peppery notes. Excellent in tomato-based sauces and soups as well as meat and vegetable stews. (Ingredients: paprika, black peppercorns, cumin, cloves, coriander seeds, cinnamon, cayenne, nutmeg, cardamom)

Dukkah (Egypt) Cr / DR / O / V / N / HR mild - sultry Mix of roasted subtly spiced flavours with hazelnut, sesame and thyme. Traditional Egyptian street food. Use as a starter or dip mixed with olive oil. Great as an all-purpose seasoning simply sprinkled over meat and vegetables. (Ingredients: sesame seeds, hazelnuts, coriander seeds, cumin, sea salt, thyme, black peppercorns)

Hawaj (Yemenite) G / DR / V / HR sultry Rounded, rustic earthy flavour with tart, peppery notes. Great in soups, vegetable dishes and as a rub for meat. (Ingredients: cumin, cardamom, turmeric, black peppercorns, coriander seeds)

Kabsa (Saudi) G / DR / V / HR spicy - explosive! Fiery spiced blend tempered with citrus notes. Use in the classic Arabian kabsa dish of meat with rice. Excellent in stir-fries, marinades and as a meat rub.

(Ingredients: cayenne, cinnamon, cumin, black peppercorns, nutmeg, cardamom, lime, cloves, coriander seeds)

Nigella Lawson Za’atar, that wonderful Middle Eastern spice blend... with an intensely astringent tang

Shawarma seasoning G / DR / V / HR spicy Mix of warm, spiced pepper flavours. Used to make authentic Middle Eastern shawarma wrap. (Ingredients: allspice, black peppercorns, cinnamon, cardamom, cumin, coriander seeds, nutmeg, mace)

Zahtar (za’atar) Cr / DR / V / N / HR mild Roasted sesame flavour with tart sumac and thyme notes. Traditionally used as an allpurpose Middle Eastern seasoning. Simply sprinkle over vegetables, meat and salads. Mix with olive oil and use as a dip, starter or rub on chicken before roasting. (Ingredients: toasted sesame seeds, sumac, thyme)

Salts Persian blue salt Cr / V / HR mild A rare salt mined in Northern Iran, the structure of the crystals create an optical illusion of blueness. The ultimate salt for the connoisseur, enhancing every dining table and dish it touches.

Specialist Ingredients Rose petals W / V / HR mild Intensely aromatic, vivid scarlet rose petals. Used in many spice blends. Also great in cocktails and savoury dishes such as rice and marinades. Can be infused in syrup then added to desserts.

Rick Stein Seasoned Pioneers... all their spice blends are done in house by hand to strictly genuine recipes 18



Serving suggestions

Mix 2-4 tsp with mayonnaise, crème fraiche or yoghurt for an extremely easy & tasty flavoured dip of your chosen cuisine!

Some exciting & simple ideas for you…

Serve with tortillas, breadsticks or crudités. We love using Caribbean Poudre de Colombo or Creole spice blend!

Spice blends are essential in producing authentic results in your kitchen - what would a tagine be without Moroccan Ras-el-Hanout, or Jambalaya without a genuine Cajun spice blend? All of our spice blends are balanced packages of flavour and so are highly versatile, very easy to use and great to experiment with… Here are a few suggestions to get you started!


Salad dressings

Rub 2-4 tsp into scored meat, fish or vegetables and then grill or BBQ.

Just add 1-2 tsp to olive oil, lemon juice & balsamic vinegar for a dressing with a kick!

Gives an authentically spiced & highly flavoured coating. All the blends are great for this!

Experiment too by using some other ingredients such as mustard, soy sauce, honey, lime juice, crushed garlic… the list is only limited by your imagination! We recommend Creole in a dressing, or try simply sprinkling Dukkah or Zahtar over your salad.

Stir-fries Simply stir-fry 2-4 tsp with meat, seafood or vegetables & serve with rice or noodles for a quick and tasty meal. Our favourites are Thai seasoning blend, Indonesian Seven Seas, Shichimi Togarashi & Chinese Five Spice.

Glazes Mix 2-3 tsp with olive oil & spoon over roasting vegetables or meat for a superb spiced glaze. Harissa is lovely for this with a bit of added garlic!

Marinades Add 1-4 tsp to olive oil, honey & lemon juice, pour over scored meat & leave in the fridge for at least a couple of hours before cooking.

& don’t forget to experiment too…

Pasanda is wonderful as a marinade or try Rose Petal Masala mixed with yoghurt.

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South America

Native Aztec and Mayan dishes are dramatically blended with those of their Spanish conquerors to create exciting and powerful flavours. At its core is the wonderful chilli pepper with its myriad of varieties ranging from subtly warming, nutty flavours to volcanic heat. The result is a cuisine of stunning variety.

The intriguing cuisines of South American countries mirror the diverse physical features and climates of this subcontinent. The soaring Andes, mountainous plateaux, fertile river valleys, lush forests of the Amazon basin, coastal deserts and oceans rich in marine life result in an unrivalled larder of ingredients. A passion for hot chilli sauce is the one culinary characteristic that all the countries share.

Spices Annatto seeds W / V / HR mild - sultry Subtle peppery tart flavour. Imparts great rich, red colour. Enhances beef, prawns, salt cod, okra, pulses, onions, rice and vegetables.

Herbs Epazote leaves W / V / HR mild This essential Mexican herb has a tart citrus flavour. Great with black beans, molé, quesadillas, fish, pork, pulses and vegetables. Mexican oregano C / V / HR mild Intense peppery flavour. Used in traditional Mexican dishes, soups, stews, dressings and tomato-based sauces.

Chillies Ancho chillies W / Cr / G / V / HR sultry spicy Sweet and smoky with a hint of fruit, notably prunes. Great in sauces, stews, molé and meat rubs. A versatile store cupboard chilli. Caribe chillies W / Cr / V / HR sultry Sweet, tangy flavour. Excellent with fish and shellfish and in sauces, marinades and rubs. 22

De arbol chillies W / Cr / V / HR explosive! - volcanic! Fresh, sharp flavour with explosive heat. Good in soups, stews, oils and vinegars. Chilli powder G / DR / V / HR explosive! Chipotle, habanero, ancho and cayenne chillies blended with garlic and cumin to make a highly versatile chilli seasoning. Great in chilli con carne. (Ingredients: chipotle, ancho, habanero, cayenne chillies, roasted garlic, cumin)

Guajillo chillies W / Cr / V / HR sultry - spicy Subtle spicy sweet flavour with tangy notes. Great in stews, salsas, soups and sauces. Particularly good in enchiladas. Mulato chillies Cr / V / HR sultry Smoky flavour with hints of liquorice and cherry. Essential in the classic Mexican molé sauce. Great in soups, stews and sauces. Use wherever depth of flavour and heat is desired. New Mexico red chillies Cr / G / V / HR sultry Sweet, earthy, fruity flavour. Great in sauces, soups and relishes. Pasilla chillies Cr / G / V / HR sultry - spicy Intense, smoky-liquorice flavour. Excellent with fish and seafood. Piquin chillies W / Cr / V / HR explosive! Searing heat with smoky nutty flavour. Great in salsas and soups.

Spice Blends


Achiote paste spices G / DR / V / HR sultry Spicy, salty-garlic flavour. Traditionally mixed with orange juice and garlic to make recado rojo paste. Steam or bake with poultry or fish.

Aji Amarillo G / V/ HR explosive! Unique fruity flavour with raisin and berry notes. Also known as the yellow or Peruvian chilli. Widely used in Peruvian cuisine and highly versatile - try in stews and sauces.

(Ingredients: annatto seeds, black peppercorns, sea salt, coriander seeds, oregano, cumin, cloves)

Adobo spice rub Mexican Cr / DR / V / HR sultry - spicy Warm chilli with a spiced, herbal flavour. Use as a rub for meat or fish either straight from the pouch or mixed with garlic and lime juice. (Ingredients: sea salt, guajillo chillies, ancho chillies, bay, cinnamon, black peppercorns, thyme, cumin, cloves, oregano)

Fajita seasoning G / DR / V / HR spicy Mix of spice, herb, chilli and garlic flavours. The authentic seasoning mix to make up fajitas.

(Ingredients: cumin, paprika, sea salt, black peppercorns, roasted garlic, roasted red chillies, onion powder, cayenne, thyme, allspice, oregano)

Rick Stein “The spice you use must be the best you can find…It is vital to buy the best and freshest spices you can… Suppliers…Seasoned Pioneers”

Aji Panca G / V/ HR sultry Distinctive dark red chilli with spiced fruit flavours. Widely used chilli with its versatile mild heat. Try in stews and sauces. Also good with fish.

Salts Peruvian pink salt Cr / V/ HR mild Spring water salt, sun dried in ancient terraced ponds in the Peruvian Andes resulting in mineral rich mild crystals that particularly enhance fish, seafood, salads and vegetables.

Spice Blends Aliño (Chilean) W / V / HR mild Mix of sweet and sharp herbal flavours. Simply rub into chicken, pork or fish and grill or bbq. Excellent in soups and casseroles.

(Ingredients: rosemary, sage, marjoram, thyme, tarragon, mint, oregano, lemon balm)


CAJUN AND creole


The steamy swamplands of Louisiana are home to Cajun and Creole cuisine. Fashioned from colonial influences, a stylish mix of French and Spanish sophistication together with the fire of Africa creates highly imaginative and powerful flavours such as crayfish and shrimp, heavily spiced in jambalayas and thick gumbo stews.

Exuberant, dynamic, hot and colourful all sum up the cuisine of the Caribbean Islands. Exotic fruits, such as yams and plantains, together with fish are expertly seasoned with fiery chillies and sophisticated spice blends. Each island’s cooking is distinctive, shaped from the cuisines of the many countries that have fought over these tropical paradises throughout the centuries.


Spice Blends


Filé powder G / V / HR mild ‘Subtle’ flavour with tart, citrus notes. Adds essential flavour and texture to many Cajun and Creole stews and soups, especially gumbo. Good with fish, meat and vegetable dishes.

Cajun blackening spice blend Cr / DR / O / V / HR sultry - spicy Salty garlic flavour with rich pepper and spice notes. The traditional Cajun ‘blackening’ blend: simply coat meat or fish and grill or fry in hot oil.

Allspice berries W / G / O / V / HR sultry - spicy Intense peppery mix of flavours with nutmeg, cloves and cinnamon notes. Use as a condiment and with sweet potatoes, fruit and root vegetables.

(Ingredients: paprika, sea salt, black peppercorns, black mustard seeds, thyme, cumin, red chillies, cayenne, oregano)

Cajun spice blend Cr / DR / O / V / HR spicy - explosive! Hot spiced chilli flavour with sweet herbal notes. Use to season gumbos and jambalayas. Excellent as a meat and fish rub and great in stir-fries.

(Ingredients: cayenne, cardamom, cumin, black peppercorns, sea salt, fennel seeds, toasted garlic, coriander seeds, red chillies, oregano, thyme)

Creole spice blend G / DR / O / V / HR sultry - spicy Salty garlic with rounded spice and onion notes. Excellent in stir-fries. Mix with olive oil and roast with vegetables. Great as a dip mixed with light mayonnaise or yoghurt. (Ingredients: sea salt, paprika, onion powder, black peppercorns, toasted garlic, cayenne, thyme, oregano)

Daily Express Seasoned Pioneers... perfecting not only special blends, but also a great way of keeping them fresh 24

Caribbean bbq jerk rub G / DR / O / V / HR spicy Sweet spiced flavour with tart notes. Simply rub into meat, fish and vegetables and bbq or grill. Great in stir-fries and marinades. (Ingredients: onion, black peppercorns, sea salt, unrefined sugar, allspice, thyme, cayenne, nutmeg, cloves)


Poudre de Colombo G / DR / O / V / HR sultry - spicy

Chipotle chillies W / Cr / V / HR spicy explosive! Smoky nutty flavour with sweet notes and fiery heat. Excellent in soups, sauces and stews.

Spicy flavour with sweet, lemon notes. The Caribbean ‘curry powder’. Great with fish e.g. sprinkled on salmon or trout and grilled. An excellent dip mixed with light mayonnaise or yoghurt.

Herbs Thyme leaves W / O / V / HR mild Spicy flavour with hints of clove and mint. Use in slow-cooked stews and casseroles. Great with onions, lamb, mushrooms, pulses and tomatoes.

Spice Blends Adobo spice rub Caribbean Cr / DR / O / V / HR sultry spicy Salty spiced flavour with earthy, liquorice and chilli notes. Great as a rub on meat or fish. (Ingredients: sea salt, cumin, crushed red chillies, fennel seeds, black peppercorns, oregano)

(Ingredients: cumin, coriander seeds, fenugreek seeds, black peppercorns, black mustard seeds, turmeric, cloves)

Virgin Islands seasoning G / DR / V / HR sultry Sea salt flavoured with sweet peppery spices and herbal notes. Good all-purpose seasoning. Use both on the table and in cooking. (Ingredients: sea salt, black peppercorns, nutmeg, cloves, rosemary, bay, thyme)

West Indian curry powder G / DR / O / V / HR sultry - spicy Sweet citrus, coriander flavour overlaid with peppery spiced notes and chilli. Great curry powder. Use with meat, fish and vegetables. Good in stir-fries, marinades and as a rub.

(Ingredients: coriander seeds, ginger, turmeric, fenugreek seeds, black peppercorns, black mustard seeds, cumin, anise, cinnamon)

BBC Good Food Magazine Food Director, Mary Cadogan is impressed with (Seasoned Pioneers) Poudre de Colombo... sharp spicy flavour that is superb with fish. 25

MEDITERRANEAN With sun-baked olive groves and rich, deep blue waters, natural ingredients are plentiful in the Mediterranean. Fresh fish and seafood, such as monkfish, anchovies and scallops are combined with garlic, olive oil, herbs, spices and sun-ripened vegetables to create simple yet distinctively flavoured dishes. Spices


Nutmeg kernels W / G / O / FT / V / HR sultry Rich warm flavour with sweet notes of clove. Great in both sweet and savoury dishes. Excellent in sauces and with pasta, lamb, fish and vegetables, especially spinach and onion.

Basil C / F / V / HR mild Distinctive warm peppery flavour with mint and clove notes. Great with tomatoes, pasta, pizza, aubergines, cheese, olives and chicken and fish.

Paprika, Spanish (mild and hot) G / V / HR mild and spicy Intense, pungent heat. Use in meat stews, with fish and shellfish, vegetables, soups and rice. Essential in traditional Catalonian romesco sauce and tortilla sofrito. Pimentón, smoked (dulce and picante) G / V / HR sultry and spicy Intense smoky flavour with tangy notes. Great in stews, chicken, pork, fish and shellfish dishes. Enhances vegetables, soups and rice. Saffron threads, La mancha W / O / V / HR mild Delicate yet intense warm musky flavour. Excellent with fish and rice, bouillabaisse, paella, risottos, tomato-based sauces, asparagus and spinach.

Bay leaves W / G / O / V / HR mild Strong, spicy flavour with tart notes. Use whole or crumbled in soups, stews and sauces. Great with beef, chicken, fish, pulses, tomatoes and rice. Bouquet garni C / V / HR mild Aromatic herbal flavours. Use in slow-cooked dishes.

(Ingredients: marjoram, thyme, parsley, rosemary)

Garlic powder smoked G / V / HR sultry Pungent, smoky flavour. Highly versatile: an essential seasoning in every kitchen. Herbes de Provence W / O / V / HR mild Rounded mix of sweet and tart

Bella Cookbook For an authentic hot, smoky flavour, you can’t beat Seasoned Pioneers Spanish Pimentón... great for rubbing over meat or seasoning vegetables. 26

herbal flavours with notes of fennel. Great in slow-cooked meat, poultry and game dishes. Enhances many root vegetable and tomato-based dishes.

(Ingredients: thyme, fennel seed, savory, marjoram, rosemary, lavender)

Lavender French W / V / HR mild Delicate purple-blue flowers give intense sweet floral flavours with notes of citrus and mint. Use sparingly due to intense flavour: in baking & desserts and savoury dishes, good with lamb, chicken and simply scattered in salads. As a culinary decoration too. Marjoram C / V / HR mild Sweet, warm and spicy. Add right at end of cooking: good with chicken and fish, in salads, with eggs and mushrooms. Oregano leaves W / O / V / HR mild Slight peppery flavour with tart, lemon notes. Excellent herb with pasta. Great with lamb, chicken, pulses, anchovies, aubergines and also in dressings and tomato-based sauces. Parsley C / F / V / HR mild This essential culinary herb has a tangy spicy flavour with peppery notes. Use in sauces, stews and salads. Great with fish, lemon, eggs and vegetables.

Herbs Rosemary leaves W / O / V / HR mild Strong, intense flavour with warm, tart peppery notes. Great with meat, especially lamb and pork. Excellent in slow-cooked dishes and with stuffed vegetables, pulses, tomatoes, potatoes and onions. Sage leaves W / O / V / HR mild Intense musky flavour with warm, spicy notes. Adds great flavour to pasta sauces. Goes very well with duck and goose together with cheese, risotto, anchovies and onions. Savory leaves W / O / V / HR mild Spicy flavour with warm, peppery pine notes. Greatly enhances beans and pulses, trout, goat’s cheese, eggs, tomatoes and onions. Tarragon C / V / HR mild Sweet flavour with spicy liquorice notes. Highly versatile. Great with eggs, fish, poultry.

Salts Cyprus white flakes W / V / HR mild Delicate white flakes of sea salt harvested in Cyprus with a subtle, pure and mild flavour, the perfect table salt. Fleur de sel Cr / V / HR mild Delicate taste for the true salt connoisseur. Rich in minerals, a superb all-round gourmet salt. Rosemary sea salt Cr / V / HR mild A naturally crunchy sea salt traditionally harvested from a Sicilian reservoir then blended with chopped rosemary. Perfect with lamb, potatoes and focaccia. (Contents: Sicilian sea salt, rosemary)

Sel gris Cr / V / HR mild Complex taste of minerals and unrefined natural sea salts. Hand-harvested from French salt marshes. A true gourmet salt for all culinary uses.

Wild herb cooking sea salt Cr / V / HR mild Sea salt infused with wild grown herbs, pepper & lavender. Highly versatile: use wherever salt is required for enhanced flavour.

(Ingredients: sea salt, thyme, lavender, black pepper, marjoram, rosemary, oregano, savory, tarragon)


Chillies Piri-piri chillies W / Cr / V / HR explosive! - volcanic! Searing, explosive heat. Used to put the distinctive fire into many Portuguese dishes.

Spice Blends Paella seasoning mix C / V / HR sultry Mix of smoked Spanish pimentón and wild grown herbs for an authentic paella.

Daily Telegraph Magazine


Seasoned Pioneers... small resealable foil pouches designed to retain freshness by protecting the spices from ultraviolet light, which can adversely affect the flavour.

Spices have been at the centre of many wars throughout the ages. Peppercorns, known as ‘black gold’, commanded a value in excess of gold itself. Such high regard and value has resulted in these exotic ingredients developing an essential role in many world cuisines, making them vital to the creation of authentic dishes.

(Ingredients: pimenton dulce, wild grown herbs: rosemary, thyme, oregano)

Quatre-épices G / DR / O / V / HR spicy Spicy, peppery taste with sweet nutmeg and clove notes. Great with meat, especially pork. Adds excellent flavour to stocks, soups and stews.

(Ingredients: black peppercorns, nutmeg, cloves, ginger)

Spice Parisienne (épices-fines) G / DR / V / HR sultry - spicy Strong earthy flavour with warm, tart notes. Superb with many meats, especially pork. Also good as a rub. (Ingredients: white peppercorns, nutmeg, paprika, cloves, thyme, cinnamon, basil, savory, bay leaves)

Spices Celery seeds W / V / HR mild - sultry Sharp, spicy flavour with citrus and nutmeg notes. Use whole in soups, stews, breads and curries. Dill seeds W / O / V / HR mild - sultry Warm and slightly tart flavour with notes of aniseed. Good with shellfish, potatoes, breads, rice, soups and stews. Juniper berries W / O / V / HR mild - sultry Sweet, warm flavour with hints of pine. Excellent in marinades and sauces for pork and game. Great with garlic so try using as a simple rub mixed with garlic and salt. Mace blades W / G / O / FT / V / HR sultry Delicate, warm flavour. Highly aromatic with slightly tart and lemon notes. Use in stews, shellfish stock, clear soups and sauces. Greatly enhances eggs, cheese, lamb, onion and potatoes. Mustard seeds, yellow W / V / HR spicy Sweet flavour with hot, tart notes. Great in marinades and meat dishes. Also good with root vegetables.


Paprika (Hungarian sweet noble) G / O / V / HR sultry Rounded sweet flavour with slightly tart notes. Adds great colour and flavour to meat stews, fish and shellfish dishes. Enhances pulses and vegetables, soups and rice.

Vanilla pods (Madagascar) W / O / V / HR mild - sultry Delicate, mellow sweet flavour with creamy, fruity notes. Great in many sweet dishes, such as ice cream, custard and cakes. Also used in many savoury dishes, with seafood, chicken and root vegetables.

Poppy seeds blue W / V / HR mild Sweet, nutty flavour. Use whole as a garnish and dressing and ground in both desserts and curries.


Sesame seeds W / V / HR mild Rich nutty flavour. Use whole as a garnish, dressing and coating. Great with noodles, salads and vegetables.

Mixed peppercorns W / O / V / HR sultry - spicy Vibrant mix of pepper flavours and heat with hints of allspice. A highly versatile and very attractive seasoning. (Ingredients: white peppercorns, black peppercorns, allspice, pink peppercorns, green peppercorns)


Peppercorns Mixed exotic peppercorns W / V / HR sultry - spicy Superb mix of peppery flavours. Warm, fruity notes of cubeb and grains of paradise. The ultimate gourmet spice mill blend. (Ingredients: white peppercorns, black peppercorns, grains of paradise, allspice, cubeb pepper, pink peppercorns, green peppercorns, sichuan pepper)

Pink peppercorns W / O / V / HR mild - sultry Subtle peppery flavour with sweet, fruity notes. Great vivid pink-red colour. Excellent with chicken, pork and fish and as an all-purpose seasoning.

Herbs Chives C / F / V / HR mild Onion flavour. Add without cooking to egg, cheese, fish and potatoes. Coriander leaf C / F / V / HR mild Refreshing zingy flavour with pepper, lemon and mint notes. Widely used in many Asian and Middle Eastern curries, chutneys, spice pastes and soups. Dill weed (aka leaf or tops) W / V / HR mild Mild aniseed flavour with clean lemon notes. Great for pickling and with fish, eggs, rice and root vegetables.

Mixed herbs Chillies C / V / HR mild Traditional mix of herbal flavours. Highly versatile: great with Cayenne chillies tomato based sauces, pasta, G / O / V / HR explosive! - volcanic! omelettes and cheese. Rounded, spicy flavour with (Ingredients: thyme, marjoram, oregano, explosive heat. Highly versatile. sage, basil, parsley) Use for heat and flavour in many dishes.


Red chillies Cr / V / HR explosive! Danish oak smoked sea salt Fiery heat with spicy, peppery Cr / V / HR mild flavour. Another highly versatile Sea salt slowly smoked over an chilli. open fire of oak wood, delicious rubbed into barbecued meats or sprinkled over vegetables. Garlic salt G / DR / V / HR sultry Strong salty-garlic flavour. A highly versatile, essential seasoning in every kitchen. (Ingredients: sea salt, roasted garlic)

Hawaiian red G / V / HR mild Unrefined sea salt rich in natural minerals with a mellow, unique flavour. For all culinary uses. Murray river, (Australian) G / V / HR mild Subtle river salt with spicy notes. Sun-dried from the Murray river. For all culinary uses.

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With their warm, sweet, pine-and-resin undertones, pink peppercorns are best used as a subtle aromatic spice... online from Seasoned Pioneers.

Malay curry powder G / DR / O / V / HR spicy Balanced mix of fiery, sweet and Celery salt citrus flavours. Mix with garlic, W / V / HR mild lemongrass and coconut milk for Salt with herbal celery flavour. an authentic Malay curry base. Great in soup stock, stews and (Ingredients: cinnamon, cayenne, coriander salads. Excellent rubbed into seed, turmeric, cloves, galangal, cumin, meat and fish before grilling cardamom) or barbecuing. Vital in a great MassalĂŠ (Mauritius) Bloody Mary. G / DR / V / HR spicy (Ingredients: sea salt, celery seeds) Warm, peppery spiced curry powder. Used in traditional Fish curry spice blend Mauritian curries, known as G / DR / V / HR sultry massalĂŠs. Balanced mix of spiced flavours, (Ingredients: coriander seed, black with nutty poppy seeds, citrus peppercorns, cumin, cayenne, nutmeg, coriander and chilli. Use in fish cloves, cardamom, cinnamon) curries. Also great as a rub or in a stir-fry with fish.

Spice Blends

Mixed (pudding) spice G / O / V / HR sultry Sweet spicy flavour. Traditional blend used in cakes, biscuits, mincemeat and many puddings. (Ingredients: cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, coriander seeds, cloves, mace)

Pickling spice W / V / HR sultry - spicy Hot mix of sweet, peppery flavours. Traditionally used in vinegar to pickle vegetables and fruit.

(Ingredients: cloves, black peppercorns, allspice, black mustard seeds, coriander seeds, mace, galangal root)

(Ingredients: white poppy seeds, paprika, coriander seeds, cumin, fenugreek seeds, red chillies, turmeric)

Khmeli-suneli (Georgia) G / DR / V / HR mild - sultry Mix of sweet herbal flavours with warm, citrus spice notes. Great as a meat rub, in marinades and in vegetable soups and stews. (Ingredients: coriander seeds, clove buds, cinnamon, fennel seeds, mint, dill, savory, fenugreek leaves, marigold petals)

Lemon pepper seasoning G / DR / V / HR spicy Citrus mix of pepper, herb and garlic flavours. Highly versatile pepper based seasoning.

(Ingredients: black peppercorns, lemon powder, roasted garlic, onion powder, coriander, thyme)

Garlic W / G / DR / V / HR sultry Pungent, hot flavour. A highly versatile, essential seasoning in every kitchen. Lemon myrtle C / V / HR: mild Zesty lemon flavour. Adds great citrus zing to many dishes. Great as a rub, in marinades and salad dressings.



MULLING DRINKS From Europe to the Caribbean, spices such as cloves, nutmeg and cinnamon are traditionally mulled in hot wine, cider, whisky and rum resulting in wonderfully seasoned drinks. Be warmed by the hot, festive mulled wine, certain to banish the coldest winter’s day, or refreshed by the chilled sorrel rum punch of Jamaica. Mulling drink spices Cajun cafÊ brulot spices W / V / HR sultry Authentic Cajun after-dinner spiced coffee liqueur drink with a big kick. Made with coffee, sugar, brandy and Grand Marnier and dramatically set on fire. Full instructions on pack. (Ingredients: cloves, cinnamon, orange peel, lemon peel)

Caribbean sorrel rum spices W / V / HR mild Traditional Caribbean Christmas chilled punch drink. Simply infuse with sugar, water and rum. Full instructions on pack. (Ingredients: sorrel, cinnamon, orange peel, cloves)

Chai spices G / V / HR sultry Indian chai is a spiced sweet, milky tea drink made with a wonderful blend of warming spices. Makes over 150 servings per pouch. Simply add to weak tea and serve with lots of milk and sugar as required. Full instructions on pack. (Ingredients: ginger, black peppercorns, cardamom, cloves)

No peeling, no chopping or crushing

Busy cooks will appreciate our ready-crushed Garlic, Red Chillies and Ginger in white wine vinegar. These three handy jars offer the ultimate gourmet convenience, no peeling, no chopping, no crushing and the vinegar evaporates on cooking.

Hot toddy spices W / V / HR sultry Great spiced whisky drink. Simply heat with water and whisky. Full instructions on pack. (Ingredients: cinnamon, cloves, lemon peel, nutmeg)

Mulled cider spices W / V / HR sultry Great hot spiced cider drink. Just heat up with sugar, water and cider. Full instructions on pack.

(Ingredients: cinnamon, orange peel, cloves, allspice, star anise)

Mulled white wine spices W / V / HR sultry Simply boil up the spices with sugar and water to release the flavour of the ingredients, then add the white wine and heat it through. Full instructions on pack. (Ingredients: cassia, clove buds, allspice berries, grains of paradise)

Mulled wine spices W / O / FT / V / HR sultry Superbly aromatic, spiced drink for warming those cold winter and festive days. Just heat up with sugar and water before adding wine. Full instructions on pack. (Ingredients: allspice, lemon cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg)

The Times


Excellent spice mix, easy to use for your festive glass of mulled wine 32


Evening Standard Seasoned Pioneers are as modern, trendy and slick as their name, website and packaging would have you believe. Simply essential store cupboard ingredients 33


Indonesian Rendang Sauce HR spicy Classic, subtly spiced Indonesian sauce enriched with creamy coconut, tamarind and galangal.

Authentic flavours of world cuisine for the discerning food lover

Cajun Jambalaya Sauce (v) HR spicy Intense, fiery sauce from Louisiana with sweet bell peppers, garlic and simmering Cajun spices.

The inclusion of Seasoned Pioneers own herbs, spices, seasonings and spice blends is integral in the creation of a worldwide selection of outstanding gourmet cooking sauces of real provenance.

Spanish Piment贸n Bravas Sauce (v) HR sultry Richly aromatic Spanish sauce with succulent tomatoes, smoked piment贸n and hint of piri-piri. Vietnamese Kho Sauce HR explosive! Powerfully spiced yet sweet - Kho, the authentic Vietnamese braised stew sauce - fragrant with roasted flavours of aniseed, holy basil and lemongrass. Thai Panang Sauce HR explosive! Intense zesty sauce with distinctive Thai flavours of holy basil, kaffir lime leaves and explosive birdseye chillies.

Traditional recipes are carefully followed and naturally cooked ensuring that there are absolutely no preservatives, colourings or additives needed to achieve the authentic flavours. The variety of cuisines available and their simplicity to prepare will bring real tastes of far-flung places into your kitchen. Many are suitable for coeliacs and vegetarians. No preservatives, no colourings, no artificial additives... No compromises. Indian Jeera & Tamarind Daal Sauce (v) HR sultry Classic Indian sauce with sweet nutty flavours of lentils and bell peppers enriched by tamarind and richly dry-roasted jeera. Chinese Sichuan Plum and Mandarin Sauce (v) HR mild Richly flavoured Chinese sauce with plum and mandarin stir-fried with ginger and the classic five spice. Mexican Manchamantel Sauce (v) HR sultry Fruity Central Mexican sauce with pineapple and apricot enlivened with epazote, ancho and guajillo chillies.

Each pouch provides 3 to 4 servings.

Suitable for:


Chinese Sichuan Plum


Vegans Y

Vietnamese Kho

Dairy Free

Gluten Free



Cajun Jambalaya






Moroccan Fennel & Apricot






Spanish Pimenton Bravas






Sri Lankan Curry











Indonesian Rendang Thai Panang


Indian Jeera & Tamarind






Mexican Manchamantel






Moroccan Fennel and Apricot Tagine Sauce (v) HR sultry Fragrantly spiced Moroccan sauce with fennel, apricots and superbly aromatic Ras-el-Hanout. Sri Lankan Curry Sauce (v) HR sultry Sultry Sri Lankan curry tempered with rich coconut milk, fenugreek and curry leaves. 34


Mulling Drinks Selection V / HR mild - sultry Inspirational gift of authentic worldwide drink spices...


(Contents: mulled wine, mulled cider, hot toddy, sorrel rum and cafe brulot spices)

Choose from a range of inspirational culinary selections. Each comes with authentic seasonings attractively boxed, many with a recipe and usage ideas booklet. Great gifts for all cooks and chefs.

Worldwide Curry Powders DR / V / HR sultry - spicy Gourmet selection of ten authentic worldwide curry powders...

Gifts Adventurous Worldwide Selection DR / V / HR sultry – explosive! Genuine worldwide selection for the more adventurous cook. (Contents: ras-el-hanout, zahtar, berbere and Cajun spice blends, pasilla chillies )

Exotic Worldwide Selection DR / V / HR spicy - explosive! Selection of authentic worldwide spice blends and chillies. (Contents: ras-el-hanout, poudre de Colombo, Creole and baharat spice blends, de arbol chillies)

Organic Worldwide Selection O / DR / V / HR mild - spicy A taste of worldwide flavours for the organic cook. (Contents: balti garam masala and baharat spice blends, allspice, cloves, savory - all organic)

Asian Selection DR / HR sultry - spicy A selection of essential eastern flavours.

(Contents: kapee shrimp paste, Chinese five spice, laos, tamarind, lemongrass)

The America’s Selection DR / V / HR sultry – explosive! Selection of Caribbean, Mexican and Cajun chillies and spice blends. (Contents: pasilla and de arbol chillies, Creole, Cajun and poudre de Colombo spice blends)

Chillies Selection V / HR sultry – volcanic! The definitive selection for chilli aficionados.

(Contents: pasilla, chipotle, piri-piri chillies, birdseye and de arbol chillies)

Delia How to Cheat Selection All ten of the Seasoned Pioneers’ seasonings that featured in Delia’s book ‘How to Cheat at Cooking’. Great as a gift or maybe for yourself! (Contents: poudre de Colombo, Goan xacuti curry powder, ras-el-hanout, cardamom masala, Indonesian seven seas, tsire, sambhar and tandoori masala spice blends, shrimp paste, tamarind paste)

Gourmet Peppercorns Selection V / HR sultry - spicy Certain to add flavour to any store cupboard or dinner table…

(Contents: black, mixed exotic and pink peppercorns, grains of paradise and sichuan pepper)

Worldwide Gourmet Salt Selection DR / V / HR mild - sultry Stunning selection of the finest salts worldwide.

(Contents: wild herb sea salt, Australian Murray River salt flakes, Chinese sichuan salt, fleur de sel, sel gris, Hawaiian red salt, Himalayan pink salt, Danish oak smoked sea salt, Persian blue and Peruvian pink salts)

Hot ‘n’ Fiery Selection DR / V / HR spicy – volcanic! The ideal selection for ‘fire lovers’... (Contents: berbere, poudre de Colombo, cardamom masala and Cajun spice blends, de arbol chillies)

Indian Selection DR / V / HR sultry – explosive! A selection of both essential and unusual Indian seasonings.

(Contents: Zanzibar, South African, poudre de Colombo, West Indian, Madras, Gujarati, Indonesian seven seas, Malay, massalé, Sri Lankan)

Travel Spice Kitchen DR / V HR mild – explosive! 10 essential spices and seasonings perfect for holidays, camping and caravanning.

(Contents: roasted garlic powder, cracked black peppercorns, fleur de sel, mixed herbs, wild oregano, sweet Spanish paprika, chilli powder, Indian garam masala, Cajun and Chinese five spice blends)

Rick Stein Spices DR / V HR mild – explosive! Designed to complement Rick Stein’s India, this pack contains five of the spices you need to create the perfect curry. (Contents: roasted ground cumin and coriander, turmeric, asafoetida and Kashmiri chillies)

Delia’s Spices DR / V HR sultry – spicy A collection of five spices used in Delia’s Cakes and by the Delia Online Cookery School.

(Contents: mixed spice, ground cloves, Fairtrade organic ginger, nutmeg and cinnamon)

(Contents: balti garam masala, Sri Lankan and cardamom masala spice blends, black cumin, ajowan)

Mediterranean Selection DR / V / HR mild- spicy More subtly flavoured selection of herbs and spices.

(Contents: smoked pimentón, oregano, savory, rosemary and quatre-épices spice blend)


The Guardian

The spice of life... this pack will set any cook’s pulse racing... good throughout the festive period and beyond from Seasoned Pioneers


INDEX Achiote paste spices, Mexico…22 Advieh, Middle East…18-19 Aji Amarillo, South America…23 Aji Panca, South America…23 Ajowan seeds, India…6-8 Allspice berries, Caribbean…25 Amchoor, India…6-8 Anardana, India…6-8 Ancho chillies, Mexico…22 Anise seeds, Vietnam…10 Annatto seeds, Mexico…22 Asafoetida, India…6-8 Bahar, Middle East…18-19 Baharat, Middle East…18-19 Barberry, Middle East…18-19 Basil, Mediterranean…26-28 Bay leaves, Mediterranean…26-28 Beetroot powder, India…6-8 Berbere, Africa…15-16 Birdseye chillies, Thailand…11 Biryani spice blend, India…6-8 Black peppercorns, India…6-8 Black peppercorns, Indonesia…12 Black peppercorns, Vietnam…10 Black salt, India…6-8 Bombay masala, India…6-8 Bouquet garni, Mediterranean…26-28 Café brulot spices, Mulling drinks…32 Cajun blackening, Cajun & Creole…24 Cajun spice blend, Cajun and Creole…24 Caraway seeds, Middle East…18-19 Cardamom, black, India…6-8 Cardamom, green, India…6-8 Cardamom masala, India…6-8 Caribbean adobo rub, Caribbean…25 Caribbean bbq jerk rub, Caribbean…25 Caribbean sorrel rum spices, Mulling Drinks…32 Caribe chillies, Mexico…22 Cassia bark, China…14 Cayenne chillies, Worldwide…29-31 Celery salt, Worldwide…29-31 Celery seeds, Worldwide…29-31 Chai spices, Mulling Drinks…32 Char masala, India…6-8 Chat masala, India…6-8 Chermoula, Morocco…17 Chilean alino, South America…23 Chilli powder, Mexico…22 Chinese five spice, China…14 Chinese Sichuan salt, China…14 Chipotle chillies, Caribbean…25 Chives, Worldwide…29-31 Cinnamon bark, Middle East…18-19 Cloves, Africa…15-16


Coriander leaf, Worldwide…29-31 Coriander seeds, India…6-8 Creole spice blend, Cajun and Creole…24 Cubeb pepper, Indonesia…12 Cumin seeds, black, India…6-8 Cumin seeds, white, Middle East…18-19 Curry leaves, Vietnam…10 Cyprus white flakes, Mediterranean…26-28 Danish oak smoked sea salt, Worldwide…29-31 De arbol chillies, Mexico…22 Dhansak spice blend, India…6-8 Dill seeds, Worldwide…29-31 Dill weed, Worldwide…29-31 Dopiaza spice blend, India…6-8 Dukkah, Middle East, 18-19 Epazote leaves, Mexico…22 Fajita seasoning, Mexico…22 Fennel seeds, India…6-8 Fenugreek leaves, South India…9 Fenugreek seeds, South India…9 Filé powder, Cajun and Creole…24 Fish curry spice blend, Worldwide…29-31 Fleur de sel, Mediterranean…26-28 Galangal, Thailand…11 Garam masala, balti, South India…9 Garam masala, Indian, India…6-8 Garlic, Worldwide…29-31 Garlic powder smoked, Mediterranean…26-28 Garlic salt, Worldwide…29-31 Ginger root, India…6-8 Goan xacuti curry powder, India…6-8 Gomashio, Japan…13 Grains of paradise, Africa…15-16 Green peppercorns, Vietnam…10 Guajillo chillies, Mexico…22 Gujarati masala, India…6-8 Habanero chillies, Africa…15-16 Harissa spice mix, Africa…15-16 Hawaiian red salt, Worldwide…29-31 Hawaj spice blend, Middle East…18-19 Herbes de Provence, Mediterranean…26-28 Himalayan pink salt, India…6-8 Hot toddy spices, Mulling Drinks…32 Jalfrezi spice blend, India…6-8 Juniper berries, Worldwide…29-31 Kabsa spice blend, Middle East…18-19 Kaffir lime leaves, Indonesia…12 Kapee, Thai shrimp paste, Thailand…11 Kashmiri chillies, India…6-8 Kashmiri masala, India…6-8 Khmeli-suneli, Worldwide…29-31 Korma spice blend, India…6-8 La kama, Morocco…17 Laos powder, Indonesia…12

Lavender French, Mediterranean…26-28 Lemon myrtle, Worldwide…29-31 Lemon pepper seasoning, Worldwide…29-31 Lemongrass stalks, Thailand…11 Long pepper, Indonesia…12 Mace blades, Worldwide…29-31 Madras curry powder, India…6-8 Malay curry powder, Worldwide…29-31 Mandarin / orange peel, China…14 Marjoram, Mediterranean…26-28 Massale, Mauritius, Worldwide…29-31 Mexican adobo rub, Mexico…22 Mexican oregano, Mexico…22 Mint leaves, Middle East…18-19 Mixed exotic peppercorns, Worldwide…29-31 Mixed herbs, Worldwide…29-31 Mixed peppercorns, Worldwide…29-31 Mixed (pudding) spice, Worldwide…29-31 Mulato chillies, Mexico…22 Mulled cider spices, Mulling Drinks…32 Mulled white wine spices, Mulling Drinks…32 Mulled wine spices, Mulling Drinks…32 Murray river salt, Australia, Worldwide…29-31 Mustard seeds, brown/black, South India…9 Mustard seeds, yellow, Worldwide…29-31 Naga jolokia chillies, India…6-8 New Mexico red chillies, Mexico…22 Nigella seeds, South India…9 Nutmeg kernels, Mediterranean…26-28 Oregano leaves, Mediterranean…26-28 Paella seasoning mix, Mediterranean…26-28 Panch phoran, India…6-8 Paprika, Hungarian, Worldwide…29-31 Paprika, Spanish, Mediterranean…26-28 Parsley, Mediterranean…26-28 Pasanda spice blend, India…6-8 Pasilla chillies, Mexico…22 Peri-peri seasoning, Africa…15-16 Persian blue salt, Middle East…18-19 Peruvian pink salt, South America…23 Pickling spice, Worldwide… 29-31 Pilau rice spice mix, India…6-8 Pimentón, smoked, Mediterranean…26-28 Pink peppercorns, Worldwide…29-31 Piquin chillies, Mexico…22 Piri-piri chillies, Mediterranean…26-28 Poppy seeds, blue, Worldwide…29-31 Poppy seeds, white, India…6-8 Poudre de Colombo, Caribbean…25 Punjabi masala, India…6-8 Quatre-épices, Mediterranean…26-28 Ras-el-hanout, Morocco…17 Red chillies, Worldwide…29-31 Rogan josh spice blend, India…6-8 Rose petal masala, India…6-8 Rose petals, Middle East…18-19 Rosemary leaves, Mediterranean…26-28 Rosemary sea salt, Mediterranean…26-28 Sabzi gormeh, Middle East…18-19 Saffron threads, Mediterranean…26-28

Sage leaves, Mediterranean…26-28 Sambhar powder, South India…9 Sansho pepper, Japan…13 Savory, Mediterranean…26-28 Sel gris, Mediterranean…26-28 Sesame seeds, Worldwide…29-31 Seven seas curry powder, Indonesia…12 Shawarma seasoning, Middle East…18-19 Shichimi togarashi, Japan…13 Sichuan pepper, China…14 South African curry powder, Africa…15-16 Spice Parisienne, Mediterranean…26-28 Sri Lankan curry powder, South India…9 Star anise, China…14 Sumac berries, Middle East…18-19 Tamarind paste, Indonesia…12 Tandoori masala, India…6-8 Tarragon, Mediterranean…26-28 Thai holy basil, Thailand…11 Thai seasoning blend, Thailand…11 Thyme leaves, Caribbean…25 Tsire powder, Africa…15-16 Tunisian five spice, Africa…15-16 Tunisian tabil, Africa…15-16 Turmeric root, India…6-8 Vanilla pods, Worldwide…29-31 Vindaloo spice blend, India…6-8 Virgin Islands seasoning, Caribbean…25 Wasabi, Japan…13 West African pepper seasoning, Africa…15-16 West Indian curry powder, Caribbean…25 White peppercorns, Indonesia…12 Wild herb cooking sea salt, Mediterranean…26-28 Zahtar, Middle East…18-19 Zanzibar curry powder, Africa…15-16 Zedoary root, Thailand…11 Gift selections…36-37 Gourmet cooking sauces…34-35 Ready-crushed ingredients…33 Serving suggestions…20--21

Delia Smith Oh, and yet another massive step for mankind. You no longer need endless jars of spices that have to be thrown out once a year - a couple of guys in Cheshire now import the finest spices from all around the world, then roast them and blend them into just the right combination for any country. So if you're feeling like Moroccan tonight and Goan tomorrow you've got it right there on your shelf in little resealable packs. 39

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Seasoned Pioneers Seasoning Reference Guide  

A concise worldwide seasoning reference guide with interesting spice information

Seasoned Pioneers Seasoning Reference Guide  

A concise worldwide seasoning reference guide with interesting spice information