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The Load path is the path the force of a live load takes to reach the base. The path travels along the support until it reaches the base which then applies a reverse force known as the normal force in order to stabilize the structure.

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Structural Forces are the forces that act upon a structure resulting in specific changes that need to be made. These often occur on solid structures and membrane structures as these forces are what holds the object in place and provides strength. Different forces require different materials as they deal with the forces in different ways.

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Joints are a vital part of any construction process as they represent the connection between two objects with fixed, pin and roller being the three different types. The fixed joint allows no motion between the two objects. The pin joint allows rotation and the roller joint allows lateral motion.

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Sustainability is becoming more and more important over time as it represents a structure’s ability to be self-sufficient with little reliance on finite materials. Sustainable structures are commonly a cheaper alternative as the cost of processing is significantly smaller than an ordinary structure. (, 2011)

Different materials have different properties with each having their own uses. This involves a materials ability to withstand external forces most commonly tension and compression. Different materials also have different costs associated with them as they become harder to produce and obtain.

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The system used in the studio challenge was the frame system. This is an efficient way of carrying loads using less material. The frame system allows for load weight distribution throughout the entire frame as a result the load becomes

The structure was held together by a combination of superglue and masking tape. This combination acted as a fixed joint completely restricting the movement between the wood. The masking was more flexible than the clue as the orientation of

The primary concept of the tower in the studio was to add as much support as possible by adding a high number of beams. The increase in beams made the tower sturdier as it provided more paths for the load to travel so not to overwhelm a single beam. As a result the tower was able to