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St Anne’s College Freshers’ Handbook 2012


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President’s Letter Dear Freshers, Welcome to St Anne’s and the start of what is bound to be a fantastic year. You are joining a college renowned for being one of the friendliest, most inclusive and active colleges in Oxford and you are going to love it! My own first year was characterised by the opportunities that both St Anne’s and Oxford provides and my advice to you is to take full advantage of these. Whether they are academic, artistic, sporting or musical (or any of the other countless genres of activity - Quidditch anyone?) seek out and throw yourself into them and you can only have a great time. Of course, the academic side of Oxford is very real, but do not let this be daunting. If you’re worrying about the work that you’ve managed to sign yourself up for, don’t. We have one of the best college libraries, academic feedback systems and peer support schemes in Oxford so you’re going to have everything you need. Plus you’ll be hearing from your college parents soon - ask them anything, they’re there to help! This handbook is designed to help you prepare and settle into St Anne’s so that you can have an incredible Freshers’ Week, and go on to make the most of your time here at Anne’s. So please read on, enjoy the hand book and the information it provides, and do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions on We can’t wait to see you in October! Oscar Boyd, JCR President 2

Vice President’s Letter Dear Freshers, First of all well done for getting into undoubtedly the best college in Oxford! My name is Mike and I’m Vice President of the JCR, meaning that I’ve been busy organising your freshers week with the President Oscar. We hope it’s going to be a week which will make the transition into University life as easy and enjoyable as possible. I’m going to be the first of many people to tell you this, you deserve to be here! There hasn’t been a huge mix up – your tutors picked you because you demonstrated that you’ll be able to study well here. Not everyone else will be cleverer than you, and you’re life wont spiral into a work filled black hole - just make sure you’ve got all your pre-term work done before you come here, so you can enjoy freshers week without worrying about trying to get it all done as well as all the activities we have planned. My main piece of advice for coming to study at St Anne’s is that you should use all the opportunities available to you – there are so many. You’ll attend the University freshers fair in the first week and see every club and society imaginable so keep an open mind and you’ll have an amazing time here! The terms absolutely fly by, so try to utilise all the time you have while you’re here. Your college parents should be getting in touch within the next few weeks. Every fresher is assigned a college parent in the year above in your subject, who will be a person to contact with any questions you have and also support you throughout the year. You’ll get surprisingly caught up with the whole college family thing! If you haven’t been contacted by them by mid-September then send me an email so I can remind them to get in touch on Michael Connolly JCR Vice president 3

Your JCR Committee President - Oscar Boyd As President, I am the main representative of the JCR to the College and to the Oxford University Student Union (OUSU). I am supported in my duty by a fantastic JCR committee who, alongside myself, seek to build upon and continue the incredible success of previous years. Expect exciting things for the coming year (free ice-cream at JCR meetings?!), to quote a certain Vice President, ‘it’s gonna be biblical’ (Connolly, everyday).

Vice-President - Michael Connolly Being VP means I get to spend an increasingly dubious amount of time with the lovely Oscar. My major role is the organisation and execution of freshers week and we have an incredible week lined up for you. When I’m not busy doing JCR’y stuff, you’ll find me at one of two places – either in the lab trying to find a way of synthesising a new chemical (usually not succeeding), or doing a rowing related activity. I apologise in advance now to anyone who has/will see me after a 2k test, it’s not a pretty sight.

Treasurer - Jonny Rix Jonny manages the JCR accounts, and is responsible for keeping all of us informed and involved about the JCR’s financial situation. Mixing a penchant for spread sheets with a predilection for Oxford’s jazzy nightlife, this trendy Treasurer is one cool cucumber. Efficient yet enigmatic, this cool froude delights in the opportunity to help and talk you through any difficulties you may find yourself in.

Secretary - Xin Fan It is likely that the first thing you are wondering is not “What on earth does he do?” but “How on earth do you pronounce that?” At the age of six I figured I’d keep it simple, so sound the X with a Z and we’re good. Occasionally I’m known to study history and economics. To you, it’s probably more useful to know that I’m your Secretary. If you need to start a club, submit a motion, or violently rail against emails set in twelve point Calibri because you hate it and Wingdings represents the character of the student body better, then get in touch. Or if you just want to have a chitchat. But please not about fonts. 4

Your JCR Committee Entz - Tiber and Annie As a happily married college couple we make up your entz team, and it is our job to organise events ranging from film nights to college bops. We will do our very best to make your time at St Anne’s as enjoyable as possible. As two students from different disciplines, Annie (Law) and Tiber (Physics), we believe we can bring great diversity to the events we will be organising. We want to get as many people involved with everything that will be going on in college, so please feel free to share any suggestions or enquiries with us about the events we will be organising in college.

Welfare - Isra and Matt

This iconic duo are tasked with keeping us happy; they will do literally anything that is required of them to maintain your wellbeing. While not allowed to dish out prescriptions (despite Isra being a genuine medic), you will always find them with an ample supply of cake and chocolate, a cure to most things. You’ll see them all year organising Welfare based events, but feel free to contact them at any point if you have any issues involving your, or anyone else’s welfare.

Academic - Rabin Suguna Balan My name is Rabin and I am a first year Engineering Science student from Petaling Jaya, Malaysia. As the academic rep, my work involves meetings with the senior tutor, subject tutors and conducting termly academic feedback sessions with students. I am a very friendly and outgoing person who loves to share, laugh and smile. You can find me in my room or the dining hall, so come and say hi!

Access and Equality - Joe Collin As Access and Equalities rep my job is to demystify Oxford to all prospective applicants and organise tours of St Annes and visits to schools around the UK. I also aim to promote equality in general around St Annes, and I hope to repeat the equality forum some time in the next year. Outside the role I’m a fun-loving HPOL student from the wonderful city of Birmingham. I love music (did you know I like the Vaccines?), politics and generally socialising. 5

Your JCR Committee LGBTQ Rep - Andy Hall As LGBTQ rep, my role is to bring a slice of LGBTQ to the JCR ensuring a representation for this often overlooked minority. Apart from being the annoyingly happy, strangely friendly, overly florid and utterly Cher addicted JCR member you’ll probably find me playing Ice hockey, or dancing to Scissor Sister remixes at a gay-bar somewhere, alternatively I’ll be surprising everyone with my martial art skills (its true!). I love meeting new people and tackling issues from the whole LGBTQ spectrum. Variety is the spice of life!

Bar Rep - Jasmine Spencer As your Bar rep it’s my job to make the bar a great place to be for all Stanners. This means running pub quizzes, open mic nights and any other events I can manage. It’s also my job to make sure that the bar is everything you want it to be so if you have anything to contribute, any random ideas or thoughts, come to me and I’ll make it happen. Being bar rep isn’t only about drinking, it’s about making the bar the social hub of the college, as well as liaising with Mike, our lovely barman.

International Rep - Sandra Chua My name is Sandra Chua and I’m your International Rep. I study Economics and Management and enjoy college rowing and netball. As your International Rep, I am here to look out for the welfare of international students. So if you’re a new international student who has any problems that needs attention, or simply wanting to know more about the wonderful college that is St. Anne’s, do not hesitate to contact me.

Charities Rep - Ben Rosenbaum

My main job as charities rep is to get St Anne’s to raise as much money as possible for good causes. I also work with the Oxford Hub and RAG to co-ordinate our fundraising events in college with the rest of the university. Potential upcoming charity events to look out for include: a charity bop, a fashion show, a pub quiz, Movember, a St Anne’s 10k, and of course the (hopefully naked) charity calendar. 6

Your JCR Committee Domestic Rep - Hannah Smith I’m Hannah, I study French and Italian and, when I’m not conjugating irregular verbs or learning random vocabulary, I’m your domestic rep! It’s my job to sort out any problems you’ve got with accommodation – from dodgy desk-chairs to really hot radiators! You don’t have to put up with it, the accommodation and maintenance departments are great, but they need to know about problems in order to solve them, so feel free to contact me about any domestic concerns, no matter how big or small. Sports Rep - Josef Hazi “You wanna build some rock-hard muscle? Oh, you do?! That’s good.. that’s really good.. because you just found yourself the sports rep.” I’m Josef and my job is to take care of the new gym, to promote sport events and to manage the funding for St. Anne’s sports clubs and Blues. If not in the gym (pumping some cold iron) you might find me playing volleyball for Oxford Blues M1, participating in ice-hockey or breaking stuff (aka Materials Science).

Environment Rep - Alison Walsh Combining a love of cross country running, orienteering and generally being outside with a passion for social justice means that Alison is the person you’re likely to see wandering round wearing a brightly coloured ethical jumper waving a petition against the arms trade, supermarket food waste or something else equally worthy. Whilst she might seem like a militant switcher-off of ‘unnecessary’ lights, she’s also open to suggestions about college’s environmental policy and how it could be improved.

Careers and Development - Vickie Morrish The very thought of what happens next after Uni can be quite daunting. But don’t distress, it is the lucky (and very rare) student who enters Ox with a definitive career plan. Most of us wonder around the city hoping that one day our true calling will reveal itself, that suddenly we will realise actually yes, I do want to be a professional dice inspector (the role does exists, google it.) And this is where I step in. As your Careers rep I am there to help you realise, if not your true calling, then your immediate calling following Uni. 7

Your JCR Committee Arts and Lit Rep - Cara Battle My name is Cara and I am your Arts and Literature representative for 2012/2013. My main role within the college is to organise the various events of St Anne’s Arts Week which will be in Trinity term. Other than that extravaganza I manage and maintain the college’s darkroom in the Woodstock building and the college’s art room. I also help out with any specific projects that students may have to do with the arts, such as creative writing, music shows, exhibitions or plays, offering support and possibly even some help towards funding.

IT Rep - Matt Waller Problem downloading things? Too many viruses on your computer? Spam emails attempting to sell you life enhancing goods? Then Matt’s your man. With a technological competence matching Zuckerberg and a voice comparable to Sinatra’s, Matt will soothe your woes in a matter of moments. Beautiful, melodic moments. Whatever your problem, Matt will fix it. He also created the JCR website dontchaknow.

Your Freshers Helpers These people will be around the whole of Freshers’ Week and are your first point of contact if you are worried about anything. They will be easily identifiable by their stunning Freshers Helpers t-shirts but please contact them by phone if you need help! Oscar Boyd Michael Connolly Jonny Rix Xin Fan Matt Ridley Isra Hale Annie Wogel Tiber Karadag Sandra Chua Rabin Suguna Balan Andy Hall Jasmine Spencer Ellen Sleight

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Isabelle Gerretsen Mona Damian Laura VDB Rohan Ramasamay Adam Mackinnon Ben Rosenbaum Vickie Morrish Joe Iles John Snape Paddy Doran Bithia Large Valentin Sulzer 8

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Freshers Week your very first college ‘Bop‘.

Forget anything you‘ve heard about Oxford not having a Freshers‘ Week, it is completely untrue!

The timetable for the week will be given to you on the day you arrive. This is an essential as there is so

In true Oxford style there will be work

much going on and you don‘t

related activities to prepare you for the

want to miss out! As well as

academic side of things, time to meet new people, settle into University life, and have a

attending the events we‘ve planned, you‘ll want to take

great time!

some time out for yourself;

Freshers‘ Week will no doubt be one of

unpack, make sure you can connect to the internet (you‘ll need to be able to check

the busiest weeks during your time here. It will be filled with all manner of things, from

your emails even in Freshers‘ Week) and

meeting your tutors and College Officers,

assure everyone at home you haven‘t spent the entire week in the library!

getting to know your fellow freshers and taking part in a huge range of

Look out for our Freshers‘ helpers

activities (you might just have

around college; they will be there to answer to

enough time to unpack!) As well as the unmissable

all your questions and to make sure your first week here runs as smoothly as possible. Get

excitement of library tours,

them to carry your suitcase, make you tea,

you can expect to attend

and give you personal piggy backs around‘s what they signed up for.

sports events, club nights, treasure hunts, cocktail nights, and

10 Things to do on your first Day! •Personalise your room and unpack at least a little. You will be amazed at how quickly a room can become your own with the help of a few pictures or posters.

“make the most of the day and have fun on your first day as a Stanner!”

•Go across to lunch in hall. Here you‘ll be able to meet

•Arrive at St Anne‘s between noon and 2.30pm. Head straight on over to the Porters‘ Lodge to collect your key and welcome pack.

lots of other Freshers with their parents. Meet new people and have your parents pay for one last meal, what could be better?

•Find a friendly Freshers‘ Helper (look out for our t-shirts)

•As the formalities begin, your parents will be invited to a

and we will show you to your room and point out various key areas of college.

talk about life at St Anne‘s. It‘s time for those goodbyes, but it also means the beginning of a lot of fun!

•Get to know your room and your building. Find out where the nearest shower, kitchen and bathroom is.

•Make your way to the Hartland Room, where you‘ll be able to meet the rest of the year group, as well as the other Fresher Helpers.

•Meet your housemates and prepare to introduce yourself a lot! You will be living with these guys for the

•For the rest of the day, there will be many different

next 9 months so remember how important first impressions are.

activities, such as trips in and around college, which will go on into the evening. We know it‘ll be a great night and the beginning of a brilliant year!


Things to Remember Codes Every building and gate in college has a different code. You’ll only need a few to begin with - but soon you will have hundreds to remember! The best thing to do is store them on your phone. Contacts If you are worried or stuck at ANY POINT during Freshers’ Week (or beyond) then call Oscar on 07891 624 903 or Mike on 07821 433 407, or contact the Porters’ Lodge on 01865 274800. People Principal - Mr Tim Gardam Former Director of Programmes at Channel 4, and all round great guy. He will meet you all individually in third term, but is glad to give advice throughout the year. Vice-Principal - Dr David Harris Tutor for Biochemistry and second in command to Tim, Dr Harris is always available for a confidential chat about college life, work and policy. Treasurer - Mr Chris Wigg In charge of all things financial. The person to see if you are worried about money. Domestic Bursar - Mr Martin Jackson Responsible for running and maintaining all of the facilities in college. College Registrar - Mrs Nicola Crowley Responsible for academic administration and, importantly, new university cards should you lose yours. Please make life easier for her staff by returning all of your forms on time! Dean - Dr Geraldine Hazbun Doubles as college Dean and Spanish tutor. You might see Dr Hazbun for infringing a college regulation - but don’t worry, she doesn’t bite! Senior Tutor/Tutor for Admissions - Dr Anne Mullen Responsible for the academic business of the college – from student recruitment, academic progress and welfare to the recruitment of academic teaching staff (tutors and lecturers). She works closely with the JCR Academic Rep, Access Rep and Welfare Reps. She returned to the college as Senior Tutor in 2005 after having been here as a proof that once you’re here, you’ll not want to leave! Computer Officer - Mr Ian Burnell Not a Fellow, but as important as he runs the college computer net- work. Contact him if you have a problem with the network. For problems with your own machine, contact the IT rep...or turn it off and then on again (never fails!) 10

Accommodation 1 - 10 Bevington Road, “The Bevs” The pride of Bevington Road, this collection of ten handsome Victorian houses are affectionately known as the ‘Bevs’. Home to some of the most palatial rooms in the Fresher world, living in the Bevs can be totally suite (see what we did there)? Each of the ‘Bevs’ houses up to eight people and whilst the many flights of stairs could make it less sociable than your average corridor, the kitchens make for great communal spaces. 58/60 Woodstock Road Next to the Bevs is the majestic maze that is 58/60 Woodstock Road (less imaginatively termed ‘Woodstock’), the other Victorian housing block. It is famous for two things: its kitchen, which is larger than any in St Anne’s and Room 13, which can only be described as cosy. Very, very cosy. With direct access to the college laundry room, not to mention a sink in every room, Woodstock is definitely the Mayfair of the Freshers’ monopoly board. Gatehouse What can be said about Gatehouse that isn't already stated by its architecture? It is a bold yet dignified effort that finds its roots deep within the St Anne's spirit of inclusion, no matter who you are, or what you're made of. Its inhabitants share this philosophy and as a result tend to be some of the most sociable in college, creating a tight-knit community that so often develops from living in close quarters. Stanners love it, passers-by admire it, and its friendly face always welcomes you back after a night out! Above the Bar, “ATB” 5 floors, 2 kitchens, 7 toilets and over 25 bedrooms that reside, obviously, above the college bar. What more could you want? With 22 occupants, (including Mike the barman), you will never fear boredom in a place filled with winding staircases and secret passages that is St Anne’s' answer to Hogwarts. Geographically, ATB is set a little apart from other Fresher accommodation; however, when you have your own bar, pool table and a flat screen TV downstairs, not to mention the most close-knit house in St Anne’s, who’s complaining? 11

What to Pack The amount of stuff people bring to university differs hugely. Whether you choose to stuff all of your possessions into a million suitcases, or reckon you’ll be able to survive on the contents of one rucksack, it’s your choice. But we thought you might appreciate a few suggestions from us about what you should bring.

Items for the Kitchen

Although the Dining Hall offers 3 meals during the week, you may still want to cook for yourself, or during the weekend. Here are a few useful ideas for kitchen objects: •Saucepans and frying pans •Plates, bowls and cutlery •Bottle opener and cork screw •Glasses and Mugs are also an essential for entertaining friends in your room! •Food - get your parents to fill up your cupboards!

Item for your room

You don’t need to worry about bringing bed sheets or duvets as these will be provided by college. However, some people prefer to bring their own duvet cover to personalise their room. It is also a great idea to bring posters or works of art, to make your room your own. Some people bring a fridge for their rooms, although useful they are in no means essential. The following however are: •Stationery •Clothes hangers •Towels •Alarm clock - very handful for all those early mornings! •Chargers/plugs for phones/laptops/iPods etc. •A laptop/personal computer is advisable but there are plenty of computers in college if you do not have one. •Passport photos and medical details •A doorstop (great for being sociable with your neighbours) •A laundry basket •Fancy dress items! Bring anything and everything which could be fun; one day you might need it!


Bikes are certainly great for getting about town quickly; however, many people survive without a bicycle. If you are keen to get a bicycle then you should head down to the Oxford Union early on in the week, as they always have a good sale on bikes left behind from last year. However, be sure to get one that works and is safe. The police have also clamped down on cycling without lights over the past year, so make sure you get a light for your bike! Obviously, a sturdy bike lock and a helmet are also essential. Who would want that brilliant brain of yours to get hurt? The Lodge even sell cheap helmets, so there’s no excuse. This year a bike rental scheme is available in St Anne’s, meaning you’ll be able to get into town quickly if you need to without owning your own bike. 12

Academic Issues Congratulations on your being accepted into Oxford. Indeed, it is an achievement you

should be proud of, however if you think that you can now take a break and relax you’re wrong as being at Oxford pushes you further and further each day! Academic life in Oxford is challenging and will put you under a lot of pressure but have no fear; there is plenty of help available for you. Before I go any further, I would like to highlight some of the issues that you may face as an Oxford student. Firstly, adjusting to the new academic life here - no matter how prepared you think you are, you will ultimately be faced with the same tasks and challenges as everyone else. The work set here will stretch you intellectually but it will not be unreasonable. Everyone will take their own time to adjust to the tutorial system, which is a major element of your life in Oxford. Rest assured, your tutors will be there to guide and support you through every step of the way. Another problem commonly faced by students is proper time management skills. I strongly advise you to know what your priorities are and remember that you have come to Oxford to study for a degree so ensure to avoid being too distracted by everything else thats going on. It is strongly unadvisable to pull “all-nighters” when it comes to work. There will be tears shed and hugs exchanged in the years that you spend here. There will be the good and the bad times. There will be the bitter and sweet moments as you begin to absorb the true life of an Oxford student. However, plenty of resources are available to help smoothen your transition from school to university. Your college parents are a major source of strength and you should turn to them when in doubt over anything. (Chances are, they would have experienced what you are going through a year ago). Also, as the Academic Rep, I am here as a shoulder for you to lean on and will provide academic advice to you. So for now, don’t worry too much about how you will find your life here. Just remember that you should not rush adjusting into your new life here and take things one day at a time. This will greatly reduce pressure on you. Rabin Suguna Ballan, Academic Rep


Entz/Entertainment Your Entz reps This year, your fun-loving entz reps are the happily college-married Tiber and Annie. Their job is to ensure that you really enjoy your time in St Anne’s. They will be organising events within college, working with a number of committee members to organise events such as St Anne’s sports days and Karaoke nights. They’ll keep you up to date on upcoming events mainly through the St Anne’s Entz 2012 - 2013 Facebook group. Through this group they will have polls on Bop themes, post information on club nights and any events happening in St Anne’s. Do not hesitate to ask Tiber to teach you a few sweet dance moves or Annie where the best club bathrooms are to nap in. If you want to know about any aspect of Oxford nightlife, your entz reps will definitely be able to help you out. Wether you want to bust a few moves on the dance floor, or want to go for a few classy drinks; the entz reps are your first port of call.

Bops Another Oxford-ism, which basically comes to mean a themed college party. Bops take place a couple of times a term and they are a great way to get into the spirit of college life, as they are one of the only occasions when everyone in college gets together to have a really good time. It‘s a chance to dress up, take advantage of the cheap alcohol and dominate the dance floor with your friends. Sometimes we have shared bops with other colleges which are a great way to meet other people across the university. To introduce you to the bop spirit, and the social side of studying at Oxford, there will be a bop on the Saturday of Freshers week. If you are planing on only going out once in your university life, this is the night,

Formals A great Oxford tradition, the antithesis to the bop, formals are a sophisticated occasion. Formal hall is a time to put on your best suit or dress in preparation for an evening of good food, fine wine and banter-filled conversation. These events can be very special, particularly at St Anne‘s, as unlike other colleges they only happen about five times a term.

Club Nights For many Oxford students, clubbing is an excellent way to relax after lots of hard work, and there is something for everyone. There are the mainstream, popular nights out: Camera on Tuesday and Fridays, Park End on Wednesdays, Bridge and Junction on Thursdays, Wahoo on Fridays and No. 9 on Saturdays. However, for those who prefer something different, there are loads of alternative nights, such as Supermarket Thursdays at Babylove and Fuzzy Ducks Wednesdays at the O2 Academy. 14

Welfare at St Anne’s The move to university is a big one, starting a new life in unfamiliar territory but have no fear. Your welfare reps Matt and Isra will always be around to help you through any challenges you may encounter. Isra is a medic from Birmingham, and one of the friendliest faces around college. Matt is a physicist from the Isle of Wight, and always available for a chat over a cup of tea or coffee. Together they are your welfare dream team, and will do everything possible to ensure your time at Oxford is free of any problems, no matter how small. Their main role is to act as your first port of call for anything welfare related. Throughout term-time they will organise welfare events to get to know you and distribute welfare resources. These are a great way to relax and take your mind off work for an evening, not to mention fill up on all the delicious free food provided. For the rest of the time they will be friendly and approachable around college if you have any worries. Offering confidential advice and a listening ear, for any issues beyond their reach they will put you in contact with someone who can help. They also have a bottomless supply of free condoms and other sexual health items; these will be available at all the welfare events, but you can never be too prepared so feel free to ask for more. Matt and Isra are just two members of a wonderful welfare team in college, including the Peer Support Team. This is a group of student volunteers trained by the University Counselling Service to provide a confidential, informal, nonjudgemental listening service to other St Anne’s students. Their names and contact details will be available on posters all around college, so get in touch if you need someone to talk to.


Welfare at St Anne’s So far we have introduced you to the welfare support provided by St Anne‘s students, but if it is more formal, professional, and confidential help which you need, and you don‘t want to talk to another student, there are lots of options for you. Within the college staff, there are three Assistant Deans. All three can be contacted about any aspect of college/university life. One of the Assistant Deans is always on site 24/7, and they also hold regular drop-in sessions for anyone who wants to go along for a chat. Contact the assistant deans via email: Disability Officer Zoe Sparrowhawk is the person to go to for advice and assistance for any student with any sort of disability. St Anne‘s is one of the few colleges lucky enough to have our very own College Counsellor, Mimi Kester, who has weekly hours on site. There are drop-in hours advertised around college and she is contactable via e- mail Anne Mullen, the Senior Tutor, is very approachable and is available to talk confidentially about any academic problems, or anything impacting on your ability to focus on your work. Her role is also to coordinate Welfare provision within college. Each of you is assigned a Personal Tutor (usually one of your academic tutors) who is a good person to go to about both academic and personal problems. You‘ll have regular meetings with your personal tutor at both the beginning and end of term, just to ensure everything is going well. St Anne‘s also has its very own College Nurse, Lynn Cross. Her office is in 27 Banbury where she can be found on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings; and Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. During Freshers‘ Week you will also register with a GP at Jericho Health Centre, which is only a 2 minute walk from college: 01865 311234. There is also a pharmacy just opposite the lodge which is open 7 days a week until 7.30pm. University Counselling Services is located at 3 Worcester Street 01865 270300; and is staffed by professional counsellors who can provide free counselling and advice to any student of the university. Nightline is a student-run listening and information service which operates between 8pm and 8am every night: 01865 270270 DON’T WORRY IF THIS IS TOO MUCH INFORMATION TO TAKE ON AT ONCE. YOU WILL QUICKLY LEARN WHERE ALL OF THESE PLACES ARE. JUST REMEMBER TO KEEP THIS PAGE FOR FUTURE REFERENCE. 16

Food in Halls

Food - Eating In

At St Anne's we're proud of our chefs who have won awards in national competitions – not something most colleges can claim. During the week college offers 3 meals a day, whilst at weekends brunch is provided. There is always at least one vegetarian option provided.

Prices in Halls

Food is subsidised, with hot lunches at about £2.00 and dinners at about £2.50. However, soft drinks aren’t subsidised (so it might be worth kicking your Ribena addiction before coming up.)


At the start of each term, £120 from your Battels will be credited to your (Bod) Card and this gets scanned every time you buy something in hall or in STACS. It is possible for this to last you the whole term, but only if you really stick to eating the very basics. However, most people have to top up their Bod Cards before the end of term which can be done on the Weblearn service online.


STACS (Open very day of term: 9.30AM – 6.30PM) With its comfy couches, crumbly cupcakes, crispy cookies and crunchy cornettos, combined with a wide range of coffees good enough to give Costa a run for their money, STACS is THE place to be. Perfect for chilling out with friends or for a quick break from work, it offers a wide range of both sweet and savoury snacks including some truly divine Paninis and wraps (ideal if you happen to miss lunch). Best of all, you can pay using your Bod Card, which means that it doesn‘t feel like you‘re spending real money!

The Vending Machine

A life-saver for all the Anne‘s chocoholics in the midst of an essay crisis or any other kind of chocolate emergency.


A 3 course meal served to your table with food of a higher standard than normal hall meals, complemented with coffee and chocolates. Formals cost £10.50 and occur about 5 times a term (once a fortnight + 1 charity formal) The online booking system gives you the option to have wine with your meal, selected and subsidised by the college. Also, you are allowed to register any dietary requirements. Although there is no specific dress code, most people do dress up fairly formally, with suits and dresses being the norm.


Wherever you end up living, you will have a kitchen (though the standard and size varies) so if you fancy yourself as a bit of a Jamie Oliver, if you're fussy, or if you're allergic to practically everything, then do not worry, you will be able to cook for yourself too. (Make sure you declare any food allergies. If in doubt go and see the College Nurse.) 17

Food - Eating Out

The Royal Oak – Anne‘s local. Yummy food in a warm atmosphere. With pub quizzes on Sunday nights and a rich supply of board games, situated LITERALLY just down the road.... What more could you ask for?!

Ali’s – the closest kebab van to St Anne‘s, run by Ali, member

of our JCR (just to give you some idea of how attached we feel to this place.) Ali‘s is practically a compulsory checkpoint on the way home from a night out with his incredibly cheap cheesy chips cherished by many.

G&D’S – our very own corner of heaven, open till midnight,

with a wide range of scrumptious ice cream, cookies and bagels to choose from, you may have to fight the temptation to go for all three!!

Jamals – our local Indian and crew date central. More about the atmosphere than the food. Manos – our little Mediterranean treasure, serving traditional

Greek dishes, made by Greeks, served by Greeks and with great Greek-style value for money, not to mention its unchallengeable olives and kick-ass Tzatziki. Even if you don‘t normally like Greek food, TRY IT. Seriously.



Roll – the closest Chinese take-away. Perfect for a late night Sunday dinner. Jericho Cafe - a very friendly cafe for meals as well as snacks just down the road. The perfect place for a double espresso

Posh Fish – the local chippy. Despite it‘s slightly misleading name, it‘s close, it‘s cheap, it‘s chips and the portions are HUGE. Enough said.


Sports At St Anne‘s there are many reasons to get involved in college sports – to hunt yourself a blue, parade around college in sexy stash or to let off steam after an essay crisis. We like to think that we offer a wide range of sporting activities for all levels, but if you think there‘s something missing, feel free to contact our sports rep Joseph Hazi and he‘ll be happy to help you with all your sporting needs!


Anne‘s is twinned with Somerville College, forming the mighty Anne-Sommers – sponsored by Anne Summers (yes, really!). Mixed hockey is a big thing at Anne‘s and so if you think you‘re Miss or Mr Hockey-Sticks then get in touch with


There are both men‘s and women‘s teams, known respectively as the Mint Green Army and the Pea Green Army. During Trinity term there is also a five-a-side Cuppers tournament which Anne‘s often dominate. The football season begins quite quickly in Michaelmas so don‘t forget your shin- pads!


After promotion and an impressive run to the Cuppers quarter finals, the Saints (rugby is shared with St John's) are going from strength to strength. After securing sponsorship for new kit, there will be some serious stash for those that get involved. Furthermore, the pairing of two colleges makes expanding your social network outside of college extremely easy. It promises to be a great year both on the pitch and in Jamal's. If you want any further information email:


So the guys shine at rugby, the girls dominate at Netball! We train hard so we play hard is our motto! Next year we‘re planning regular training sessions which are not compulsory but are a great way to ensure Anne‘s win every time. Hot stash, crew dates and team dinners make Netball the hottest sport around. All levels are welcome and attendance at every match/training session is not essential. We‘re also looking for a few token guys to add some dynamics to our game! For further information email:


Trinity term is great for summer sports and what better way to get involved than playing a bit of rounders or cricket! With cricket cuppers and the summer rounders league, both sports are taken quite seriously, although anyone is welcome! Summer sport is a fantastic way to spend Trinity term – by either playing or watching at the fortress sports‘ ground/ university parks.


If your game is better on the court than the pitch, then college tennis is another great way to spend summer in Oxford, with league matches and the Cuppers tournament running throughout Trinity term. This shouldn‘t stop you from getting your balls out during the rest of the year as Anne‘s shares 3 hard courts (and 3 grass courts in Trinity) with St John‘s at the fortress just up Woodstock Road. 19

Sports Squash

Like Tennis, squash is for those of you who like to sweat it on a court. Cuppers matches are always hotly contested, and Anne‘s also enters in the University League. Anne‘s doesn‘t have its own squash courts, but we head to Iffley Road for weekly training, and can play matches in other colleges. For more info contact Of course this is just a selection of the sporting opportunities at Oxford - there are many university-wide sports which you can join, ranging from cheerleading to ultimate Frisbee! You will be able to find out more about these at the Freshers‘ Fair which takes place during freshers‘ week. If your sport is not represented then, with the help of the super helpful Joseph, you can set up a college based club of your own! Anne‘s also has it‘s very own gym (brand new for your year!) and access to the sports fields at John‘s for football and rubgy. Netball is played at St Hilda‘s or Worcester and if you really can‘t do what you want in college, membership of Iffley road (Oxford Uni sports centre) is very cheap for gym and swim access.

Rowing Rowing is THE sport closest to many of St Anne‘s student‘s hearts. You only have to have seen the boat race to understand that rowing is an important sport at Oxford. College rowing is a great way to get involved, even if you‘ve never even been in a boat before – Women‘s captain Naomi Tyler would have laughed in your face had you told her in Freshers‘ week that she would end the year not only fully committed to and enjoying a sport but captain too. It‘s also rewarding for those of you with previous experience - Men‘s captain Valentin Sulzer, who has rowed for years, repeatedly asserts his adoration in his own quiet manner. There are regattas each term, both uni-based and external, and plenty of outings and land training to get involved in. As well as this of course, the intensity of our rowing is matched by the intensity of our socializing. Both the men‘s and women‘s squads have regular crewdates, which are a fantastic way of meeting people from other colleges and guaranteeing a fun night. Meanwhile the termly boat club dinners are some of the highlights of the Oxford year. If exercise really isn‘t your thing but you want to get involved, you can try your hand at coxing. No experience for this is required, just an authoritative stance and the ability to shout loudly. We will be running a taster session, complete with free food, at the end of Freshers‘ week, which you‘ll receive more information about at the college Freshers‘ fair. Come along to find out more and by all means feel free to contact any of the squad for more information. SEE YOU AT THE RIVER! Men‘s captain: Women‘s captain: Captain of coxes: 20

Music and Arts Music

St Anne’s has a thriving music scene, with opportunities available for all levels of performers. Whether you’re the next Sir Simon Rattle or Mr. Hudson (both St Anne’s alumni), or just enjoy a casual sing or play now and again, you will certainly find what you’re looking for here at St Anne’s. If you don’t, there is plenty of chance to get something started! Our college choir is non-auditioning and informal, meeting once or twice a week during term time with one performance a term. This is your chance to sing a wide repertoire, ranging from classical works to popular songs. St Anne’s also has a college orchestra, jointly run with St John’s (‘SASJO’). The orchestra rehearses weekly, playing music by composers from Mozart to Hans Zimmer alongside student compositions. This is a great opportunity to keep your musical skills up to scratch and enjoy playing with others without the intense schedules of the university-wide ensembles. The St Anne’s Music Society is student-led, offering fortnightly recitals from visiting musicians and college students. The standard of these recitals is always high, including a wide variety of performers. In addition, St Anne’s has music bursaries available to instrumentalists and singers, and four practice rooms. St Anne’s is one of the few colleges to feature a fully functioning Swing Band. Featuring the hits of Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin, it is one of the most lively musical experiences you can get at Oxford. It culminates with a fantastic Swing Dance every term, something not to be missed!


St Anne’s offers some great artistic opportunities, whether you’re an arts connoisseur or just want to try something new. Activities are primarily student-led and organised on demand each year. So what is there to do? If you enjoy literature, LitSoc is the place for you. A society hosted by English tutor Dr. Sam Thompson, activities range from creative writing groups to theatre trips to the Oxford Playhouse. The creative writing group meets once a week in the Eagle and Child, a pub famous for being the former meeting place of literary giants such as C.S Lewis and J. R. R. Tolkien. If you would rather be on the stage, the Drama Society is the place for all budding thespians. Film fanatic? Anne’s not only has regular showings the MOLT (its own cinema) but it’s also situated very close to the Phoenix Picturehouse. If photography is more your scene, the college has its own darkroom on the first floor of Woodstock, and we also have our own student arts room and the potential for a St. Anne’s arts magazine. The annual St Anne’s Arts Week is a week-long celebration of Stanner talent, ranging from freshers to alumni; events have included Bonnanneza, a fantastic summer festival, the Oxford Imps (Oxford's greatest improvisation comedians), a drawing class at the Ashmolean, a trip to London and a TV and theatre makeup class.


Uni-Wide Societies In the unlikely event that you cannot do exactly what you want at Anne‘s, or if you want to do something more seriously, then there will definitely be a Uni wide society that can cater for your needs.


From Korfball to Karate, from Football to Frisbee, and from Squash to Salsa, there is something to cater for every need at University level. Popular sports are quite competitive at Uni level, and if you‘re good at a sport, doing them at Uni is a great way to get excellent training for very little money. Less popular sports have less competitive trials. Either way, go along to the trials (which will probably be held during the first weekend of your stay in Oxford - but check this at the Freshers‘ Fair) and try for a spot on the squad. Apart from the fun you can have actually playing your sport, the social side of any sports club whether college or uni - is great. Crew dates (see the St Anne’s Glossary), and meals out are a regular occurrence. Playing sports is a really great way of meeting friends outside college (and also wrangling tickets to formals at other colleges!).


Oxford University Student Union is different from the Oxford Union and is the body which works hard to look after students at Oxford. Whether that means promulgating new schemes to help international students settle in, or lobbying the university to release more mark schemes. If you have any problems which extend beyond college, then the union can help. Indeed, they can help us with college based problems too. For more information, contact our OUSU rep,


The world famous union is the home of debating at Oxford. Whether you are an avid debater or prefer just to have heated discussions with friends, there are opportunities to get involved at many different levels. If you are not so keen on debating yourself, then it is still worth paying to join as there are always great speakers, and every Thursday there is an unmissable debate.


If Cuppers Drama is not enough for you, then there are millions of ways to get involved at a Uni level with drama of every type. Perhaps producing or directing is your passion, or even musicals - then, no doubt, there are opportunities for you.


There are bands and orchestras of every type and size in Oxford, all with regular concerts. If you want to continue to play your instrument, and Anne‘s doesn‘t quite have what you want, then the Uni will step in! Of course, there are choirs and singing ensembles of every type too. Like sports, some of the groups require auditions and can be quite competitive - but there are many less competitive groups too. One great bonus of Uni music is that there are likely to be music tours or trips abroad. This page has only represented a fraction of what is available - for instance there‘s student radio, journalism, and every subject has their own society, none of which are confined to only those studying the subject in question (Lawsoc is the best known of these). There really is something for everyone! Getting involved in a Uni Society can be a great way to meet new people from various colleges and to have fun. It is also a great stress reliever. Just keep in mind that even one Uni activity can take up all of your free time - and remember try not to take on too much!


Faith If faith is important to you, Oxford and St Anne‘s will help you a lot in keeping this. At university, a shared faith can be a great way to meet new people, discover more about yourself and enjoy some great experiences. Whatever your religion, you will find a society or a group which allows you to meet other likeminded people.

St Anne’s Christian Union

We'd love to welcome you to St. Anne's Christian Union. We are a group of people who are excited about knowing God, who demonstrated a gritty, sacrificial, radical love for us through the life and death of Jesus. We want to share this love with everybody in college. Anne‘s CU is part of the university-wide CU (called OICCU), and as well as spending time as a community together in Anne‘s we meet up centrally every other week. Google OICCU‘ to find out more. Far too much goes on than can be mentioned here (prayer break- fasts, crew dates, picnics and BBQs feature heavily). We're a really varied bunch of people, from all years, stud- ying different subjects, and we welcome everyone, whatever your beliefs may be. Look out for Anne‘s CU events in college during freshers‘ week, and If you want to get in touch before you come up then link up‘ with Anne‘s CU through UCCF‘s website! We‘re looking forward to meeting you.

Jewish Society (JSoc)

The Oxford University Jewish Society brings together people from all colleges to socialise and aims to create educational, religious and entertaining events for everyone regardless of religion. The group is not just a religious society but aims to bring together religious and non-religious people. There are frequent visits from prestigious guest speakers, and we hold bagel brunches and our popular Friday night dinners provide a unique opportunity to mix with other Jewish students. The group also provides a meal every night so eating kosher food whilst at university should never be an issue!

Islamic Society (ISoc)

The Islamic Society brings together many people from all backgrounds, whether they are Muslim or not. The society aims to let members learn about or celebrate Islam. The university wide group allows members to meet people from different colleges and creates a great social atmosphere. The group hopes to create an open-minded environment that stimulates discussion and encourages learning. A sense of community is created through the organisation of regular activities. There is a large emphasis on welfare and support for other Muslim students and we hope that it will create an environment where students can feel as if there is someone they can turn to if they need help. In the coming term, there will be evening meals organised by the ISoc for the duration of Ramadan, regular discussion forums on various Islamic topics, and plenty of weekly football!


The HUM Society caters for the needs of the Hindu, and Indian, students, by providing a range of religious, social and cultural events across the university. The group intends to educate Hindus and non-Hindus alike in the teachings and philosophy of Hinduism. Previous events have included Holi celebrations, social dinners, interfaith sports and speaking events. This term we will be holding the annual Oxford Diwali Ball along with plenty of other social events for the Freshers.

Sikh Society

The Oxford Sikh Society runs weekly Simran and discussion sessions. They also have Guest Speakers and Social Events and they certainly love their chah (tea)! As you can see faith at Oxford is certainly accommodated for and indeed celebrated. There are university societies catering for all faiths, but if you are unsure where to go, or what to do, then feel free to ask one of the Freshers‘ helpers, or one of the JCR committee, and they will do their best to point you in the right direction. 23

Student Finance APPLY NOW OR CRY LATER. SORT IT OUT! This is one thing you should really make sure you do before you come up. Most of you have probably already done it but if not, go to: to find out how much you are entitled to. There's nothing worse than being broke in the first term, so save yourself some stress by making sure you get it organised NOW. Go on. Do it... Basically: EVERYONE (who wants it) can get the TUITION FEE LOAN paid directly from the loan‘s company to the University. You may also be entitled to MAINTENANCE LOANS OR MAINTENANCE GRANTS (which cover living costs) but these are meanstested and vary depending on your house- hold income. You will also be charged for accommodation. Last year, prices were about £3000 for all three terms. They won‘t be exactly the same this year, but use this as a *rough* guide.

Travel Grants

Available thanks to the generosity of former students. Applications are found outside the Principals office in Hilary and Trinity terms for travel in the vacations which follow. Awards are made on the basis of academic merit and cultural enhancement of the trip, so you can't just go clubbing in Greece for free!

Oxford University Opportunity Scheme

Provides money according to your household income (stated in your means tested LEA application.) It is paid to you by college and together with the maintenance grant should cover basic living costs if your household income is below £17,999.

Student Bank Account

You need one of these so that your loan can get to you. Try to SHOP AROUND, as different banks offer different benefits with varying overdraft options and some free stuff like student railcards or vouchers. Always a bonus. For foreign students, opening a bank account requires a little more effort. Don‘t worry, the college and the University will help you out though!


Used to fund good causes. Added to battels if you sign up for them (EXCEPT the punting levy which is compulsory to avoid free loaders!) Most are self explanatory but ask our JCR treasurer if you‘re con- fused!


In college - Some small jobs are available, including casual shift work in the bar and some light library jobs. It is inadvisable, however, to take any more on. If, for whatever reason, you find yourself in a financial conundrum, then, do not worry, COLLEGE CAN HELP. Find the TREASURER or the welfare staff, and they will tell you what you can do/what you are entitled to. 24

IT and Computing Do I really need a computer at University? In short, YES. Email is the main way that tutors contact you, so your life will be a lot easier if you have a computer of your own. The IT room is also available should you need it. This room also provides you with printing facilities, so you don't need to worry if you don't have a printer of your own of your own (the cost of anything you print will be added to your Battels, but it's pretty cheap at 5 pence a page). Photocopiers can be found in the college library. Internet connection - Most student rooms have a really fast internet connection, but you'll need a CAT-5 cable to connect (this can be bought in college at the lodge, for ÂŁ5, if you don't already have one.) However, a few room in college now have access to only wireless internet. Wireless access is also available in the college Library, the seminar rooms, STACS and the dining hall via a VPN client connection (you will have more information on this when you arrive). Technical Support The IT Rep, Matt Waller, is happy to help with urgent or out-of-hours problems. The college also provides some technical support with IT technicians available to help you with network problems. You are expected to keep your computer up-to-date with an array of anti-virus and antispyware tools, before you come up. However, the university has some software to download for free, including a copy of the Sophos anti-virus package, so don't go out and buy McAffee! Mac users are also expected to have anti-virus software and Linux users should have a firewall, such as firestarter. Beware of peer-to-peer file sharing! The college doesn't like it and if you get caught doing it, (particularly if it is of the illegal kind which the University comes down heavily on) you will lose your internet connection, potentially for weeks at a time! For a full list of what you are NOT allowed to do on the network go to:


St Anne’s Glossary • Ali’s – Kebab vans serve the same function at 3am as oases do in desert environments. Not quite Evian, but heaven when you need it. You will only ever go to Ali’s. Succumbing to night nosh elsewhere is a treasonable offence. • Alumnae - or 'Senior Members'. People who have been to and left the College and possibly gone on to do great things. Our recent high- profile alumnae include Danny Alexander, famed more for his hair than for his politics, Edwina Currie (enough said), and apparently that woman who wrote Bridget Jones, but since I found that that wasn’t Renée Zellweger I have no idea who she is now anyway. • Arts Week – a week in Trinity term when Anne’s gets it culture vibe on. Bands, barbecues, what more could you want? Women getting naked in a lecture theatre? Performance art; why not? Why, what did you think I meant? • Beaver – college mascot. College members share many characteristics with this animal, including busyness, collecting debris in places they live, and being hunted to extinction for their lucrative hides. The latter is less the case these days. • Bop – themed parties that each college holds a few times a term. Part eyewatering hedonism, part Freudian childhood relapse. Two sides of the same coin, really. • Collections – college assessments taken at the beginning of each term, because nothing says hello to a new start like a three-hour exam. Officially the world's worst progress test, because they don't actually count towards your degree. But, you know, all part of the fun. • College family – bizarre peer mentoring system which has become an ingrained social service in its own right. First-year children are assigned two second-year parents: subjects similar, genders unspecified. One of few token instances when borderline-incestuous tendencies invite marginal social acceptability. • Consulto et Audacter – the college's motto, meaning ‘deliberately and boldly’. • Crew date – a civilised rendezvous of select gentlemen and ladies, perchance of the sporting inclination, oft declining unto bacchanalia ere the witching hour. • Dean – nice important lady whom you should only really ever be seeing whilst in the company of several hundred other people. If you’re deaned you’ve probably done something wrong, and if you can’t remember what that was, likelihood is that’s part of the problem. • Did you go to a state school or a private school? – No one ever asks this question. No one can tell, and more importantly, no one cares. Everyone is fantastic. • East West Provisions – informally ‘the shop across the road’. Excellent for milk emergencies and altogether rather quaint. 26

• Formal Hall – special dress-up dinner every fortnight at St Anne’s; a proud Oxford tradition. Food is better than anything you could possibly cook/mildly heat in your life. At other colleges, formals can take place at the dull regularity of anything up to every day so that they end up having ‘formal formals’ and ‘informal formals’. If I’m not mistaken, that first thing’s a tautology and the other one’s a contradiction. • Gowns – funky black drapery designed to make you exude pure scholarliness and look extremely attractive to tourists. Students who get firsts in their first-year exams are upgraded to gowns so fly you could well achieve lift in them. • Hartland House – the core building of college, the 'heart land' if you like (hur hur), containing the library and the offices of lots of important people. It's got great panelling. • Hartland Room – the underrated undergraduate common room which has become more or less deserted in the late 2000s after all the cool kids went to STACs. Generally used as St Anne’s very own Room of Requirement. • JCR Committee – Uber-students elected to preside dutifully over Lesser-students. In the words of any famous rap artist, “get on dat”. • Kitchen – St Anne’s has a lot of these. There is a big one that serves impressive award-winning cuisine to all college members and then a smattering of smaller ones in which students attempt to assail an egg with a spatula. Without wanting to excite you too much, they’ve just made the big one even bigger. • Labs–along with lectures, form the immovable monolith that is a science student’s daily timetable. Literally the only reason in Oxford why any human being would be awake before nine am. (See also: Rowing) • Lectures – fifty-minute wonders delivered by world-class academics. Sometimes, alas, students will tend to find the insides of their eyelids slightly more interesting. • Library – originally stocked on the premise that women were not allowed to read in the main Bodleian Library , the astoundingly massive collection of books in the college library is one of the best surprising consequences of gender discrimination you’ll find anywhere, and pretty darn useful too. • Lodge – the entrance to college, staffed by Porters. • Matriculation – compulsory official registration ceremony where everyone wears subfusc and gowns and files into the centre of town. Unless you are dying to see the Vice- Chancellor in a Tudor bonnet, there is quite possibly very little point to this at all. Nonetheless it’s a great excuse to dress up in a fabulous outfit you wouldn’t normally wear to a bar, have an outrageously good time, and take embarrassingly posed photographs to upload the next afternoon. (See also: Bop) • MOLT – the Mary Ogilvie Lecture Theatre. Great for theatrics of both academic and artsy persuasions. Very swanky .


• North Room – room at the back of the library where a lot of old books are kept. Warning for nocturnal users: I cannot guarantee you will get out alive. • Open and informal – a college mantra: this is what we are. And it’s absolutely true; we are supremely chilled people. • Other colleges – Bah. • Porters – top blokes who know loads about college and stop people loafing in and casually helping themselves to a free sofa or something. • Postgraduates – students who appear in a big photo at the start of your degree, then disperse, never to be seen again. • Prelims and Finals – names for first-year and final-year examinations. Confusingly, some people take first-year exams after first year and others take final-year exams before their final year. All the same, panic at the impending onset of either will send you in sporadic fits of anguish and self-loathing to be resolved only by validation on FaceBook, as three likes on a status is widely held to be better than a first. • Principal–Tim Gardam. A great guy, though ‘great guy’ would certainly be somewhere in the job description. • Rowing – An enjoyable sporting activity which for some people takes the place of sleep. • Saint Anne – patronage includes carpenters; childless people; equestrians; grandparents; housewives; lace makers; lost articles; miners; mothers; moving house; old-clothes dealers; poverty; pregnancy; seamstresses; stablemen; sterility. Reflects the vibrant cross-section of peoples and experiences we have in the college. • Scout – lovely human beings who are tasked with rectifying your domestic destruction every morning. Also a reason for getting up respectably at a respectable hour – people apparently fall asleep in bizarre angles and modes of undress. • Squirrels – they’re everywhere. • STACS – glorious acronym for St Anne’s Coffee Shop, opened in 2008. Event of the year up until some cool dude got himself elected president of the USA. Great for a cheeky muffin and a spot of overdue reading. We like to think Barack would say the same. • Stanners – what we like to call ourselves. I challenge you to think of a snappier alternative. • Subfusc – derived from the Latin ‘of a dusky colour’, this monochrome outfit is usually worn by all students to official occasions, along with a gown. Also responsible for perhaps half of annual white bow tie sales nationally . • Tutorials - see Tutes • Tutes – the pinnacle of the British education system; what makes Oxford Oxford. A one-hour scholarly jam between someone who's (often) dedicated their life to a subject and someone who's (very often) dedicated their small hours to a subject. Suprisingly, you can feel kinda erudite by the end of it. • Vending machines – Tucked away in a dark corner of Hartland House, two silent sentries stock very reasonably priced confectionery within procrastination distance of the library . 28

Checklist Make sure you have done everything on this checklist:

•Read the Freshers’ notes produced by college and FILL IN AND RETURN ALL OF YOUR FORMS!! This will make your life once you arrive at Oxford much easier, and endear you to college! •Packed. It never does any good to be rushing around the night before you come up. Remember the lists of useful things to pack (above). •Sorted out Student Finance. It seriously doesn‘t take that long, and you will properly regret it in Freshers‘ week if you haven‘t. •Relaxed. Life in Oxford can sometimes get a bit tiring - so make sure you have had some time to relax after your A-levels. •Read the books on your reading list. It is important to crack on with any books your tutors advise you to read. If you are unsure of where to start then contact you college parents, and ask them. •Said goodbye to your friends. It can be quite difficult to see friends from home during term, so make sure you see them before you go to say goodbye. But don‘t worry, only nine weeks and you will see them again! •Switched off the light in your room. You don‘t want to be wasting energy while you‘re away now do you?!

Final Words So this is it, the final words from your JCR. You've slaved over personal statements, been interrogated at interviews, waited anxiously at the door for your acceptance letter and finally got the grades that you needed. All that's left is to pack your bags and head in our direction. But, before we leave you start your life at Oxford, we have a few last things to say: You all deserve to be here as much as each other. You can all handle it. You may all have different methods of doing so, but ultimately you will all be dealing with the same things. Don‘t be afraid you‘re the only one experiencing stress or anxiety and equally don‘t be afraid that you won‘t be able to cope with it. You all can. The workload may seem difficult and it might feel like taking on anything else would be ridiculous, but it isn't. Everything will always be finished on time if you set your mind to it. Extra-curricular activities are vital to helping you stay organised, stay interested and stay relaxed. Enjoy it. Oxford is one of the most intellectually diverse universities in the world, but it's also one of the most enjoyable. Where else could you get the chance to speak on a one-to-one level on a daily basis with the leaders in your field and still have the opportunity to join almost any society you can think of, or just go out and hear some pretty decent music, see a play or go to an independent cinema? This year could be your best ever so long as you let it. As for freshers‘ week - the best bit about it is that no-one knows anyone. Take advantage of this and make the effort to get to know as many people as you can, not just your housemates or the people doing your subject. Your strongest friendships might spark from hours together in drama rehearsals, the debating halls of the union, the boathouse, muddy sports pitches or anything else you get involved in. Have a safe trip to Oxford, remember everything we've told you, and welcome to St Anne's - we look forward to meeting you!



St Anne's Freshers Handbook 2012/13  

The handbook for St Anne's College freshers.