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Meguiar’s 2014 Individual Show Vehicle Sponsorship Application Dear Automotive Enthusiast, Thank you for your inquiry on sponsorship with Meguiar’s Inc. This proposal guide has been put together to make your job as easy and as straightforward as possible. It is very important that each of the criteria is met as each one is evaluated and will determine the type of sponsorship you could possibly receive. Meguiar’s offers different levels of sponsorship based upon the individual’s involvement, participation, exposure, etc. If sponsored, the point isn’t what type of sponsorship you received, or how your sponsorship compares with somebody else’s. It’s the very fact that the leading manufacturer of surface care products in the world, has entrusted you to further our legacy, our reputation…one that took us over 100 years to develop. A legacy and reputation we may entrust you with representing. Keep in mind that Meguiar’s is extremely selective on the people and vehicles we choose to sponsor. All over the world, clubs and individuals display our decals and recommend our products simply because they love our product. These are our passionate and loyal fans. However, we do recognize the teams, clubs and groups of people in this industry who go out of their way to make an impact. They serve as a reference group for everyone else. They are organized, loyal, trustworthy, and professional. They consistently remain a step above the competition. These individuals should be recognized. The fact of the matter is this: If you become sponsored on any level from this company, you should consider yourself in a class all your own. Each proposal will be given lengthy evaluation and review. We know that this is serious business and we trust that you feel the same way. The information that follows addresses the criteria we need included in each proposal. Please do your very best to complete each requirement. Remember that these criteria will determine how the proposal will be evaluated. Therefore, in order to qualify for sponsorship review, please complete and sign the attached page. Applications are accepted via U.S. Mail ONLY, not email. Mail this information to: Meguiar's, Inc. Attn: Sponsorship Department 17991 Mitchell S Irvine, CA 92614 PROPOSALS WILL ONLY BE ACCEPTED FOR 2014 AFTER NOVEMBER 1, 2013.

Meguiar’s 2014 Individual Show Vehicle Sponsorship Application Name: ___________________________________________________________________________________ Shipping Address:__________________________________________________________________________ (NO P.O. Boxes please) City:_______________________________ ST:______ Zip:______________ Phone:_____________________ Email: _________________________ Facebook:____________________________ # of Fans/Friends_______ Name of Team/Club (if applicable):____________________________________________________________ About Your Car: Make: ________________________ Model: _______________________Year: ___________ Is your car custom painted? ____ If Yes, What color?_________________________ When?_____________ Have you been previously sponsored by Meguiar’s?____________ What year(s)?______________________ Please submit this form, along with a proposal that includes as much detail as possible about the car. Make sure to include how Meguiar’s can help you with your car. We will look at hundreds of applications this year, so make yours exciting – realistic – and interesting! Be sure to include ALL of the following:       

Cover letter with your goals and awards won At least 3 photos of the car from different angles-exterior & interior (printed only) Modifications: Tires, Wheels, Audio/Visual, Interior Specs, Under Hood Additions, etc. Magazine/Media Exposure Name and number of events attended in the past year List upcoming events/shows vehicle will participate in Anything else that may assist in our decision to sponsor you

If you are chosen to be sponsored by Meguiar’s and you receive your “sponsored” decals, please display the decals in a visible spot on your car. Then, within one month of receiving the product, send us a digital or hard copy non-copyrighted photograph with the decals on the car. Your signature below authorizes Meguiar’s to use the picture(s) you provide us in any way to help promote Meguiar’s in a positive and professional manner. It also is a commitment by you to send in a picture and to display your Meguiar’s decals proudly for the duration of one year. SHOULD YOU NOT MEET YOUR RESPONSIBILITES YOUR SPONSORSHIP WILL BE TERMINATED. If you have any questions, please call 800-854-8073 and ask for the Sponsorship Dept., or email us at Signature: _____________________________________________________ Date: ________________________ (We must have your hand signature to review the proposal) How will you know your car has been chosen? After the sponsorship has been evaluated, (which could take from 1-4 weeks) we will contact you via email or mail on the status of your proposal. Good Luck! ~ Meguiar's Sponsorship Team

2014 sponsorship application individual  
2014 sponsorship application individual