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Why do you need to be protected against Hand Arm Vibration? Hand Arm Vibration syndrome results from consistent use of vibrating tools for many years. Since 1985, this syndrome has been classified as an industrial disease. In simple terms, people suffering from Hand-Arm Vibration syndrome can claim compensation. However, there are many employers who don’t disclose the risks associated before an employee begins work. Why should you be protected against this Ailment? Initially, medical professionals were able to recognize only the vascular component of this disease. However, it is clear that the Hand Arm Vibration syndrome is a complex disorder with vascular, musculoskeletal and sensorineural deficits. Disability from this health disorder may not only be limited to time at work, but also interfere with recreation and hobbies. Early Signs of Hand-Arm Vibration Syndrome ● Numbness and tingling in the fingers. It can cause sleep disturbance. ● Losing feeling in the fingers ● Decreasing strength in the hands causing inability to lift heavy objects ● While working in wet and cold weather, fingertips may turn white. This may cause severe pain. If left untreated, Hand Arm Vibration syndrome can lead to : ● Numbness in the hands could become permanent. This may leave your hands without any feeling. ● You may experience some problems trying to pick up small objects. ● Over time, more fingers in your hand could turn white. This would deteriorate strength in your hands, while causing more pain. Preventing Hand-Arm Vibration It is the duty of every employer to keep its employees protected against Hand-Arm Vibration syndrome. There is an obvious way of keeping track of the situation. Regular health check ups with a HAVS medical facility can prove to be quite beneficial. If you’re working in conditions associated with Hand Arm Vibration, you can use some of the following measures to protect yourself. It is very important to ask your employer to use low vibrating tools. You should also make sure you’re using the right tools for the job. This will make the job easier, while reducing your exposure to HVAS. You should also make sure that the equipment is repaired and maintained on a regular basis to reduce the vibration. This will also make sure that tools are always sharp. It is always better to avoid using vibrating tools for extended periods. While using these tools, you should take regular breaks. You should not grip a tool too tight. Moreover, all the tools you use regularly should not be stored in the cold. This will

make sure handles are not cold the next day. You should keep yourself warm to improve blood circulation. Choosing appropriate gear and clothes is also a good choice. You will need proper waterproofs and gloves. In case you’re a smoker, it could affect your blood flow and increase your exposure to Hand-Arm Vibration syndrome. Keeping yourself aware of various early signs can also help you avoid this disease. If you notice any symptoms, you should consult your employer or healthcare specialist. If left untreated, Hand Arm Vibration can cause some serious problems, and reduce your abilities. Therefore, it is very important that you’re protected against Hand-Arm Vibration.

Why do you need to be protected against hand arm vibration  

Hand Arm Vibration syndrome results from consistent use of vibrating tools for many years. Since 1985, this syndrome has been classified as...

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