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The Many Applications of Rubber O Rings Rubber O rings can be found in many places throughout homes, businesses, and even on cars. They are considered a gasket and they are important components for many things and serve a variety of purposes. They are generally compressible and are able to resist breakage under a wide range of pressure and movement. They generally fit between two surfaces and absorb pressure, while keeping a tight seal, preventing leaks. They have the uncanny ability to move and reform, all while keeping the seal protected. O Rings in Everyday Use O rings help to protect pumps, gas reinjection equipment, and compressors from leaking. They are often used in construction and drilling. O rings have the capacity to prevent leaks of various substances like water, lubricants, and corrosive items which can potentially leak into the water or gas line being protected. You often see rubber o rings in black, although they come in a rainbow of colours and sizes to fit many needs and applications. They also have varying degrees of hardness depending on what they are needed for. Application Specific O Rings Regardless of what kind of project you’re working on, there is a perfect o ring for it. There are chemical resistant o rings which help with lubricants, hydraulic fluids, and solvents, all which have specific characteristics that require certain levels of resistance. There are also rubber o ring seals that are made specifically to withstand high temperatures in things like engines. If you were to gently pick one of the keys off of your keyboard, you would even see little rubber o rings under there. O rings are placed there to minimise the sound of the key when being pushed down. If they weren’t there, the noise from typing would be a constant clacking sound. When the keys hit the bottom of a keyboard it is called bottoming out. These types of o rings are made to withstand repeated use and resist cracking, which is why they are good on keyboards. Shopping for O Rings If you’re in the market for o rings, you can find material compound information online, which is a type of guideline to follow when you are looking for specific types of o rings. These material compound information lists tell the temperature ranges of different types of o rings, and also what they are recommended and not recommended for. These are excellent guides to follow if you’re unsure as to what type of o ring you need for any kind of project or replacement piece. There are also material compatibility information guides which will tell you what kinds of fluids are compatible with what types of o rings. These information guides list numerous types of substances and give a compatibility rating. However, if you are unsure what type of rubber o ring you need for a certain application, make sure to ask a qualified professional. This can prevent leaks, damage to equipment and even prevent possible injuries.

The many applications for rubber o rings  

Rubber O rings can be found in many places throughout homes, businesses, and even on cars. They are considered a gasket and they are importa...

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