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Ways To Maintain Your Fire Alarm Fire alarms, more commonly known as smoke detectors, have become widely used all around the world for protecting both homes and people from the devastating effects of accidental fires. A wellinstalled and properly maintained fire alarm can increase the chances of your family surviving an intentional or accidental fire, thus placing smoke detectors on top of the most important fire safety tools you can invest your money in. Nonetheless, may people neglect the maintenance services that these systems require, as it takes more than just installing them in order to make sure that they actually run efficiently. These detectors require regular cleaning and repairing, as this is the only way to be sure that they are functional on a 24/7 basis. That being said, here you will find several useful tips and hints on how to maintain your fire alarms in the long run: 1. Make Sure The Batteries Are Working The batteries are undoubtedly the second most important component of the fire alarms or smoke detectors, after the highly sensitive sensors embedded in these devices. However, it is important to understand that without a fully functional battery, these systems would not work either – even so, we often take the batteries for granting and we wait for the fire detector to inform us when it is time for us to replace or recharge the batteries, rather than replacing them on our own, on a regular basis. It is recommended to change the batteries twice a year, just to make sure that your smoke detector is working at full potential. 2. Keep Your Home As Clean As Possible Another very important tip is to try and keep your home dust-free and contaminant-free, as any debris no matter how small can interfere with the fire detector’s ability to actually detect the smoke, thus making the device ineffective when you need it the most. Simply clean the smoke detector twice a year – it is highly recommended to do it when you change the batteries, as this way you will not forget about either of these two aspects. You can use a soft vacuum cleaner to simply remove all the dust that has accumulated both on top of the detector and inside of it. For further details on how to clean the smoke alarm on the inside, feel free to consult with the user’s manual, as it should provide comprehensive instructions. 3. Don’t Forget To Test The Smoke Detector Every Now And Then Performing a random test on your smoke detector can turn out to be a real life-saver. Besides, it only takes a couple of minutes to see if the fire alarm is up and running – all you need to do is to use the special “Test” button that most fire alarms have these days, just to see if it is working correctly. This will give you some peace of mind! Conclusion To conclude, these are three important tips on smoke alarm detector. It is of utmost importance never to deactivate or disable the alarm, not even when it triggers false alarms. If that happens, contact the manufacturer as you may need to have your smoke detector repaired or replaced.


Fire alarms, more commonly known as smoke detectors, have become widely used all around the world for protecting both homes and people from...

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