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Signet Rings for Ladies and Gents - A Buyers Guide Most commonly known as emblem rings, the signet rings have been en vogue ever since the ancient Roman Empire, when emperors, kings and queens from all around the world used massive emblem rings to state their power. At the same time, these rings also had their signatures or symbols and they typically used them to seal letters in wax. These rings were both a beauty and fashion statement and a practical accessory, but everybody agrees upon the fact that a signet ring exudes powers, richness and control. Thousands of years later, the signet rings are still very sought-after and they are available both for men and for women. However, wearing such a statement ring is not an easy task, as it can make or break your entire image and outfit if you do not choose the most suitable one for you. That being said, here you will find a brief guide to choosing the most suitable signet ring for you, based on your style, your sense for fashion, your outfits and your personality: 1. Pay Attention to the Style The style and the material the signet ring is made of are two essential aspects. Generally speaking, these massive rings are made either from silver or from gold, be it white or yellow gold. As it happens with most statement jewellery these days, the emblem rings are available in different carats as well, usually ranging from 9 to 18 – the higher the number of carats, the purer the gold and, automatically, the more expensive the ring. In some cases, you can find palladium or even platinum signet rings, but the latter are particularly expensive and can cost you thousands of dollars. Even so, one does not buy such an important ring every day, and if you plan to wear the emblem of your family then it is highly recommended to spare no expense when it comes in investing in a high-quality, luxurious statement ring of this kind. 2. Engraving The engraving part is by far the most important feature of the signet ring – in the end, it is called a signature ring or an emblem for a purpose. However, in addition to engraving the most important aspects that relate to you or to your family, such as the initials or the coat of arms, it is important to know that the more intricate the emblem pattern will be, the more experienced the jeweller should be. Engraving in metals like gold or platinum is not an easy task, and in addition to the symbol you also need to take into account your personal taste and style. You can opt for a rather discrete signet ring that shows it is an emblem only when you get closer to it, or you can opt for a rather flashy and artsy one, especially if you are the type that loves to wear large, chunky statement jewellery. 3. The Size The final aspect to consider is the size of the ring – both the size of the jewellery and its thickness. It is of utmost importance to have your finger professionally measured,

as you cannot go wrong with a ring. Remember, it is a lot easier to make a ring smaller than to enlarge it, especially if you have already embedded the initials or the symbol into your signet ring!

Signet rings for ladies and gents  

Most commonly known as emblem rings, the signet rings have been en vogue ever since the ancient Roman Empire, when emperors, kings and queen...