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Sensors IQ What is Daisy Chain? In electrical and electronic engineering a daisy chain is a wiring scheme in which multiple devices are wired together in sequence or in a ring.[1] Other than a full, single loop, systems which contain internal loops cannot be called daisy chains. Daisy chains may be used for power, analog signals, digital data, or a combination thereof. The term daisy chain may refer either to large scale devices connected in series, such as a series of power strips plugged into each other to form a single long line of strips, or to the wiring patterns embedded inside of devices. Other examples of devices which can be used to form daisy chains are those based on USB, FireWire, Thunderbolt, and ethernet cables.* *Extract from Wikipedia "Daisy Chain (electrical engineering). 1. ^ - Electrical Engineering Glossary Definition for Daisy Chain Source ref:

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