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The Application of Modern Precision Gears Precision gears are used in many machines nowadays .Most of the machines that you use on a daily basis either in your home or factory in case you are a factory worker you will see the gears used in them .Mostly the gears are used to perform functions such as changing the direction of motion of parts ,transmitting torque from one shaft to another or even reducing the speed of rotation shafts where the gears may be mounted .Due to the advancement in technology many types of gears have been manufactured by different manufacturers .Some common types of gears manufactured include worm gear, helical gears ,spur gears and rack gears .It will depend on the use in which you will like to make us of the gears for you to decide on a given type of gears. Here are some applications of modern precision gears that you should know: Automotive gear box In modern cars there is application of precision gears in the gear box systems .This enables the driver to change gears easily for efficient speeding of the car. In the gear box many gears are interconnected which lead to different effects after the driver engages them. The gears in the gear box systems are arranged in different designs depending on the model of the car. This lead to different cars having different speeds over which they can move. Conveyors Mostly the conveyors used in industries are driven by precision gears. The conveyors are very necessary in making work easier in the industries. With the use of conveyors the operators in the industries are able to reduce the manpower needed in the industry hence leading to economical operation of different industries. Turbine drives Turbines are used in different industries such as the one used to produce electrical power .Through use of precision gears the turbines are turned at a given speed which lead to cutting of magnetic fields by rotors hence leading to production of electrical power. Rolling mills There is application of different precision gears in the rolling mills where different materials are rolled to produce different shapes .Remember for different machine parts to be made, rolling operation where the materials to be used in the manufacture of different parts is very necessary. In the rolling operations the gears are used to transmit torque as well as changing the direction of movement of the systems used in the rolling operations. Differential systems of automotive There are gears applied in the differential systems of vehicles. With the gears in the differential systems drivers are able to control the movement of the cars where the differentials systems ensure stability of the car where it allows different axles connected to the wheels to rotate freely. The gears in the differential systems also allow transmission of power from the engine through the couplings .Remember it is through the differential where the power from the engine is distributed to the rear wheels of vehicles. For the differential gears to perform well they should always be lubricated using recommended oils.