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Mobility Scooters - A Buyer's Guide Mobility scooters are mobility aid devices that have the same configuration as motor scooters – these are power-operated scooters that are designed to help those who are physically disabled. Buying a mobility scooter is a major long-term investment; this is why it is important to make the best choice and to invest your money wisely. That being said, here are several aspects you need to consider before you buy a mobility motor scooter: 1. The Maximum Weight The first and perhaps most important aspect that you need to be aware of is the maximum capacity of the scooters. Some scooters can carry up to 200 pounds, while others have a higher capacity. In addition to the weight of the rider, it is important to take into account all the additional items that will be carried on the mobility scooter, such as the oxygen tank, if necessary. It is always better to opt for a device that has a higher capacity range, as opposed to one that is at the limit. Generally speaking, all these specifications and characteristics are mentioned in the “Features and Functions” section of the device, along with the manufacturer’s warranty. 2. The Type Of Scooter You Need As expected, there are several different types of scooters designed to accommodate different terrains. For instance, if you only plan to use this device for short trips, then you should opt for compact travel scooters that are perfect for shopping. These scooters usually have three wheels, they are very compact, easy to manoeuvre and relatively light weight as well. Nonetheless, for uneven roads it is highly recommended to opt for a scooter that has four wheels. In spite of being bulkier and heavier than the above-mentioned type of scooter, this one is more portable, it can be used for longer distances and it is a lot more stable as well. 3. Pay Attention To The Cruising Distance In addition to the overall condition of the road, the cruising distance is yet another aspect you need to pay attention to prior to buying a mobility scooter. For instance, if you have estimated your cruising distance to up to 10 miles a day, then a smaller unit will suffice in terms of battery and efficacy. On the other hand, if your cruising range is of up to 30 miles on a daily basis, then you might want to consider investing in a medium or even heavy duty scooters. They are usually more expensive and easier to store, but they are surely worth the investment if you need to go long distances on a regular basis. 4. Standard Vs. Transportable? The final aspect you need to take into account is whether you want a transportable or a standard, conventional scooter. While the first ones are usually more cost-effective and easier to move (although they do not require to be disassembled for transportation), the latter are especially designed to be disassembled into individual pieces that are lightweight and easy to manage. Also, a standard scooter has all the basic features that you need, from lighting systems, large weight capacity and different seating options to improve suspension and handlebars.

Mobility scooters  

Mobility scooters are mobility aid devices that have the same configuration as motor scooters – these are power-operated scooters that are d...

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