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Innovation Without Disruption

Business Agility and Improved Competitive Advantage with a Control Center Approach from SAP

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Every company wants to innovate. But in a complex global business environment that’s always changing, innovation takes more than coming up with a good idea. CIOs in particular know that the groundwork for innovation must come first – with flexible IT systems and an infrastructure that empower the business to put innovative new ideas into action quickly. With the control center approach offered through the SAP® Active Global Support (SAP AGS) organization, you can innovate better and faster while helping your company run its business more efficiently. The result is the ability to build and run SAP solutions like a factory.

The Pressure to Innovate If you’re like most IT departments, you know that the business you serve wants to use IT as a source of competitive advantage. Wherever possible, you’re expected to quickly innovate new solutions that drive business strategy, support new business models, and enable unprecedented capabilities. It’s a problem if the business views IT and the landscape it manages as inhibitors to innovation. A common fear is that the introduction of new innovative solutions will break existing processes and interfere with the proper function of critical enterprise solutions. Some companies even believe that this could lead to prolonged and expensive disruptions that would require IT to reimplement parts of the older solution and integrate them with the new functionality. This is a reasonable concern, given that many organizations run older solutions with a high number of custom modifications. In addition, IT is often hard-pressed to explicitly identify which modifications are necessary. In this scenario, it may be easier to maintain all custom coding online. But in the end, this will only justify why a change should not be made. This sets a dangerous precedent at a time when the IT infrastructure needs to be as flexible as possible to help the business capitalize on new opportunities.

The Pressure to Perform Hasn’t Gone Anywhere In the midst of this desire to innovate, you’re also under tremendous pressure to constantly improve performance. You must help ensure that your global software environment is available and running in a cost-effective manner that conserves resource consumption and delivers a high return on your IT investments. When it comes to integrating new solutions into your existing landscape, business disruptions are not an option. You still need to keep the business running while helping the company innovate and compete more effectively.

The ability to maintain high levels of performance in the face of change is more important than ever. SAP continues to bring innovative solutions to market, ranging from in-memory computing with the SAP HANA® platform and solutions that enable the enterprise on the go. We also provide powerful business analytics and constantly evolving functionality that help lines of business succeed. SAP customers all over the world want to take advantage of these latest technologies as soon as possible. But as the pace of change accelerates, many organizations struggle with maintaining the flexibility required to consume innovations in a rapid manner without adversely impacting daily operations.

By replacing up to 90% of unnecessary modifications with standard code and extensions, the control center approach can reduce the complexity of your software landscape – enabling a truly real-time enterprise that responds to change faster.

© 2013 SAP AG or an SAP affiliate company. All rights reserved.

Transform IT to Maximize Its Business Value Game changing and unique in the enterprise software industry, the control center approach enables efficient, cost-effective deployments that deliver tangible and measurable benefits, such as the reduction of ongoing operational costs. Offered through SAP AGS, this approach engages customers in either the SAP MaxAttention™ or SAP ActiveEmbedded services. You’ll also be better positioned to quickly take advantage of the latest innovations from SAP – whether it’s business analytics, enterprise mobility, cloud computing, or the generation of real-time business insight with SAP HANA. The control center approach consists of three components: •• Innovation control center (ICC) •• Operations control center (OCC) •• Mission control center (MCC)

Innovating with Big Data and Enterprise Mobility Are you eager to seize opportunities presented by the SAP HANA® platform and mobile solutions from SAP? If so, you’re not alone. Many SAP customers understand the transformational business potential of analyzing massive volumes of data instantaneously and untethering the workforce with enterprise-ready mobile applications. But the fact is, some companies are more ready to move forward than others. With the control center approach from the SAP® Active Global Support organization, you’ll put yourself in the best position possible to plug these – and other innovative technologies from SAP – into your existing landscape. Benefits include: •• Cost-effective implementation of SAP HANA and mobile solutions from SAP •• Faster time to benefit to get ahead of the competition •• Greater operational efficiency as you move toward new computing paradigms •• Reduced landscape complexity to drive ongoing innovation

Both the ICC and OCC are made available at your IT facility, while the MCC is located at regional SAP sites. All three approaches are linked together through the SAP Solution Manager application management solution. Innovation Control Center

Operations Control Center

The goal of the ICC is to help ensure cost-effective, modificationfree implementations that enable IT to build SAP solutions like a factory. By helping you minimize customization and meet business requirements on standard SAP software code, you’ll reduce IT complexity. You can also lower maintenance costs and put yourself in a better position to quickly capitalize on innovative new solutions that can be integrated with your standardized environment.

While the ICC helps you build SAP like a factory, the OCC helps you run SAP like a factory. Headed by a full-time, on-site TQM, this team tracks all operational key figures, such as system availability, business process availability, end-user performance, and business process performance and exceptions. This enables the team to stay informed on landscape issues and proactively prevent problems before they impact business performance. When issues arise, the OCC uses the root-causeanalysis functionality of SAP Solution Manager to resolve them quickly.

With the ICC, at least one full-time technical quality manager (TQM) from SAP AGS will be available at your site. Deeply knowledgeable about SAP software and connected to SAP expertise, the TQM addresses perceived gaps in new and existing solutions to minimize deviations from standard functionality. This helps reduce the amount of modifications that add unwarranted costs, set a foundation for ongoing innovation, and drive continuous improvements to increase user acceptance and maximize ROI.

It is the job of the OCC to immerse itself in your landscape and processes to fully understand the operational challenges facing the business. Centralized tools and standardized monitoring procedures provide much-needed transparency into these challenges. Meanwhile, a focus on continuous improvement and optimization can improve operations over the long term by keeping your organization running at peak performance. As a result, you can realize reduced costs and better capitalize on new opportunities for innovation.

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Mission Control Center

From Traditional IT to a Business Value Center

To perform their jobs effectively, both the ICC and OCC constantly communicate with the MCC. The MCC is responsible for helping your organization use and get the most from its engagement. Staffed by seasoned experts from SAP AGS as well as SAP developers and product managers, the MCC guides your ICC and OCC teams on how to best apply existing standard functionality of SAP software to fulfill your business requirements.

With the control center approach, you can transform IT into an engine for business innovation and earn a well-deserved place within your company as a key driver of business strategy. With fewer modifications in your environment, you can reduce complexity and lower IT costs. And with a more standardized software landscape that is poised to be extended, you can readily take advantage of new innovation opportunities that can help your business serve its customers better and seize competitive advantage.

For daily operations, the MCC helps ensure peak performance – helping you increase user acceptance, minimize total cost of ownership, and maximize your SAP software investment. During any innovation projects you pursue, the MCC can offer advice and help ensure on-time, within-budget implementations that deliver value over the long term.

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