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605 Harrison Drive NW, Concord, NC 28027




Solar Decathlon


Bicycle Co-op


Durham Student Housing


Uptown Union


Furniture Design




Wedding Venue


Traditions Casino

Solar Decathlon Throughout the project I was able to work in Revit to produce renderings, floor plans, sections, elevations and details while working with others to produce construction documents. During the build I lead a team of students in the construction of all cabinetry and wood work. Installation of the cabinets was crucial as the house made the trip from North Carolina to California. During the project I was called upon to troubleshoot details such as an inlayed steel track for the heavy murphy bed door and incorporating minisplit units into the cabinetry. Summer 2012 - Fall 2013

Bicycle Co-op In an attempt to create a healthier environment while providing a means of transportation the bicycle co-op lends a hand to commuting students, residents and visitors of the University of Chicago area. A unique bicycle elevator system provides ample storage while easing the hassle of finding space to lock your bike. Repair stations are located along the way to the elevators for a quick fix. The building also houses a cafe, bike rental and apparel shop all while a glass facade opens up to the corner for demos, inviting the public to participate. Spring 2011

Durham Multi-Use Housing During this project I was able to create a building on our choice of 3 sites in Durham, NC. This site was the most interesting as it was located next to a train station, bordered downtown Durham and was in close proximity to Duke University. I intended to house students from the University while connecting them to the rest of the city by way of revitalizing an abandoned railway adjoining the site and creating a walking/biking trail. Small study models were an important part to creating the most desirable building layout. Spring 2012

Uptown Union The CAPP project entails creating a building next to the new Center City Building in Uptown Charlotte. Creating an Uptown Union made the most sense as many classes are moving towards center city. With the light rail expanding and paralleling the site, students will be able to make their way through the building and to their classes. The building also houses spec office spaces, a cafe and book store, as well as a rooftop restaurant. Fall 2013 - Spring-2014

Furniture Making Furniture making has been a vaulable tool in my education. It has allowed exploration of new options, refining my craft and a realization for a love of a wholly integrated design. Skills learned in this class helped me to lead a team of students during the construction of cabinets for the Solar Decathlon house. I have continued to work on additional woodworking projects outside of the class. Fall 2012 - Present

Frank Liske Park Natatorium The Natatorium project was my first attempt at creating a holistic building while utilizing skills learned in 1st year. Located centrally within the park, the natatorium overlooks a lake and borders the winding road. Moving from one side of the park to the other, one must interact with the building. The use of glulam beams allowed the design to remain open. This idea was realized while studying structures and visiting a nearby church. Fall 2010

Wedding Venue Johnson City, New York is home to the original IBM country club. As part of the historic Traditions at the Glen Resort and Conference Center this venue is the location for many weddings and social events. The owner had an idea for what he wanted to replace this temporary tent with, however his draftsman was only skilled in Autocad. By allowing me to recreate his idea in Revit I was able to show him what the building could be. A space much like this might not take too much creativity in terms of floor plan but the intricate details such as exposed wood trusses, large barn doors and log siding create a rustic feel which would add to the ambiance of any event. Summer 2012

Traditions Casino In addition to the wedding venue I was able to create renderings for a casino which would be added to the existing Traditions at the Glen hotel. Again, an idea was proposed and the perimeter of the building was set, but it was up to me to create an inviting entry way and facade that would mesh with the existing hotel while standing apart at the same time. Fall 2013

Matthew Shaver


605 Harrison Drive NW, Concord, NC 28027



Bachelor of Architecture Graduate seeking a position as an Architectural Intern / Junior Designer. Proficient in digital modeling and drafting. Skilled in model building and furniture building.


2013- Present University of North Carolina at Charlotte // Charlotte, North Carolina Graduate Bachelor Architecture Candidate (5th year student) May 2014 Dean’s List Recipient Solar Decathlon Participant University of North Carolina at Charlotte // Charlotte, North Carolina Bachelor of Arts in Architecture Dean’s List Recipient Solar Decathlon Participant



Communication, organization, delegation, ability to perform in high pressure situations Revit, AutoCAD, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Acrobat, Rhinoceros, Maxwell Render, Word, Excel


- AIAS Member involved in mentor program - Tour guide volunteer – Provided information and tour of the Architecture building to prospective 1st year students - Solar Decathlon Research Assistant -Woodshop Assistant 2013-Present


2012-Present Walsh & Sons Construction // Johnson City, New York Revit Design -Create realistic renderings integrated into the existing site 2012-2013 Solar Decathlon // Charlotte, North Carolina Cabinetry Design Build -Work with a team of students to create a unique layout Cabinetry Build Team Lead -Lead a group of students in the construction and installation of all cabinetry -Assisted with the cabinetry cut file to minimize material waste 2008-2010

Preferred Parking // Charlotte, North Carolina Valet Supervisor -Effectively organize and control the flow of vehicles in a fast paced environment (Epicentre) -Communicate with customers attending dinner and visiting the Hotel Private Event Supervisor -Run groups from 2-5 people at a private residence for high profile clients -Communicate with clients to meet their needs as well as their guests


Starkrete Stamped Concrete // Endicott, New York Crew Supervisor -Delegate tasks during fast paced concrete environment -Design patios, walkways and driveways while taking into consideration circulation and drainage

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