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What we are not going to do × Tell you if your speakers are in the right spot × Sell you a brand of speakers × Listen for you

What we will try to do Educate You Offer Tips & Techniques Suggest how you listen to your sound system in your environment Q&A

What can be changed? Placement


System Alignment

System Alignment Goals • • • •

Please the Audience Please the Technical Artist Please the Performers & Presenters Eliminate Sound Related Distractions

Big Ideas Interactions

Coverage Patterns

Loudspeaker Interactions • What is an interaction? • Place Interactions where people will not be • Goal is Uniformity

Interactions  More Power Less Clarity Comb Filtering

Coverage Patterns

Inverse Square Law Every doubling in distance from an audio source will decrease the SPL level by 6db.

Inverse Square Law

20ft 100db

40ft 94db

80ft 88db

Inverse Square Law

30ft 100db

60ft 94db

Coverage Patterns



Vertical Coverage 100db-9db -3db 97db 91db


94db-6db 88db 60’

88db-6db 82db 120’

Horizontal Coverage

Horizontal Coverage

Coverage Patterns • Spokes on the Wheel Concept • Stereo vs. Mono

Horizontal Coverage

Subwoofers • Coupling • Bunkers • Image Distortion

EQ • New Technology + Better Understanding = Clean Slate Speakers Room Resonances You cannot EQ time  Speaker Coupling in Lower Freqs  EQ is the final piece of the puzzle

Professional Help • Training & Experience • Analysis Measurement Equipment • Research by visiting venues they have tuned and listen • Ask questions


Are Your Speakers In The Right Spot?  

PowerPoint Presentation from a 2011 Guru's of Tech conference presented at Willow Creek Community Church by Matt Satorius and TC Furlong