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M AT T R E S C H K E Copywriter

Never satisfied. Always happy. -Matt


Art Director: Max Daines Spec

Fling sweat all over your gibson? IT bathes in JOY. LEave it in the corner for weeks and weeks? It weeps. MADE TO BE

OC Tanner

CD: Scott Sorenson, STRUCK First page of Spring lookbook

UTAH office of tourism CD: Alexandra Fuller, STRUCK Advertorial for Bicycling Magazine

Deer Valley resort CD: Scott Sorenson, STRUCK

su m m e r i s t he pe rfe ct t i me to h it th e sl o p es The snow has melted, leaving behind pristine biking trails, stunning hiking, incredible chairlift views and the perfect setting for outdoor concerts. Join us on the slopes and experience the service, accommodations and premier restaurants that define the Deer Valley difference.



TEL 8 0 1 5 3 1 0 1 2 2 FAX 8 0 1 5 3 1 0 1 2 3




RUNS DEEP Thank you to all our guests and staff for another wonderful season.


TEL 8 0 1 5 3 1 0 1 2 2 FAX 8 0 1 5 3 1 0 1 2 3

Client: Deer Valley

Publication: US Ski and Snowboard Hall of Fame program

Job #: 14-DEER-0229

Issue: 2014

File: 14_DEER_0229_Park_City_Mountain_Resort_50_Aniversary_ad.pdf

Bleed: 9.25” x 11.25”

File Created: 03/06/2014

Trim: 9” x 11”

Agency Contact: Kylie Kullack

Live: 8.5” x 10.5”

Phone: 801-531-0122

Colors: CMYK



TEL 8 0 1 5 3 1 0 1 2 2 FAX 8 0 1 5 3 1 0 1 2 3

Client: Deer Valley

Publication: Park Record

Job #: 14-DEER-0230

Issue: 4/12/14

File: 14-DEER-0230_EOS_Thanks_PR_041214.pdf

Bleed: NA

File Created: 04/08/2014

Trim: 11 x 19.75

Agency Contact: Kylie Anderson

Live: NA

Phone: 801-531-0122

Colors: 4C


Kitchenaid Art Director: Derek Bodily Spec


Art Director: Max Daines Problem: Intel’s new Ultrabook Convertible seems cheap, gimicky, and irrelevant to generation Y. Solution: Show that Intel has always given our generation exactly what we needed at every step of life. Execution: Evolving Perfect


If people interact with an Ultrabook, they will be converted. We’ll give them digital opportunities to interact with it.

We’ll sponsor many of Buzzfeed’s nostalgia-heavy, “remember when” articles.

Say “Oregon Trail” and you will get a rise out of almost anyone ages 18–30. We’ll remake the classic game using old school graphics and present day themes based on the story of a girl trying to get from Kansas City to Portland for the next concert of the Evo Concert Series.


Roll music: “Lakehouse” We were born with Intel perfection at our fingertips.

We perfected our profiles and shared a little too much about our lives.

It’s in our blood. A part of us.

We moved away from home and our computers kept our loved ones in plain sight.

We knew how to surf the Internet before our parents even figured out what that meant.

We’ve grown up, changed, adapted, and progressed.

We couldn’t believe it when we first talked to our friends down the street… with our keyboards.

The Ultrabook Convertible is the next step for our generation.

Intel has always powered our perfect computer.

It will take us from couches to benches to subways to desks, and keep us moving forward.

Soon we were more comfortable instant messaging our crushes than seeing them face to face. Intel is evolving perfect.

EVENT Intel will host a concert series in 10 major cities across America. Two popular 90s bands will headline and 5 local bands will also perform. The legacy and the future. Concert-goers will vote local acts to the iHeart Radio Music Festival using Ultrabook Convertibles at booths around the concerts

Leading up to the concerts, tech trucks will roam the cities at popular parks, events, sporting events, etc. where people can try out Ultrabook Convertibles and get free tickets to the concerts.

Best Buy stores around the country will also give away free tickets to people who come in and try out Ultrabooks. They will then host an iHeart Radio party where people can come and watch their winning local band on the big screen while other bands play live.

Unraveling Pornography Art Director: Chris George

Talking about pornography issues is taboo in BYU culture; however, the lack of open conversation is harmful to those struggling with it. Solution: Change club name to UP, and create a campaign to open conversation by showing students that it’s likely that people close to them are struggling.

We had a finished product seven days after we got the brief. Club membership increased 700%

SOCIAL We planned to wrap a student up in string in a busy area of campus and unravel him little by little as passersby stopped and tweeted or posted pre-written messages on Facebook. We’d cut off a piece of the string and attach an UP tag after which they would wear for awareness.

KROGER Simple Truth


Simple Truth is a brand new line, but we need 30–45 year old affluent moms to swear by it.


An online cooking experience with a sexy Italian chef named Gino.


Ciao bella! Come and helpa me cook!

Gino will be an interactive chef who helps users learn how to cook Italian meals, emphasizing the need for fresh, organic products to make it esattamente like they do in Italy.

Users will familiarize themselves with Simple Truth packaging by grabbing the products they need from the pantry and using them with Gino.

GRAB KNIFE WITH CURSOR AND CHOP THE VEGETABLES! Ita don’t have to be perfect, just nice and small

They’ll learn cooking techniques and be able to make shopping lists from the recipes—and even make up their own recipes with suggestions and evaluations from Gino.

ARBOR DAY Objective: Make the Arbor Day Foundation relevant to 13-18 year olds Execution: Greenfiti. Planting rogue trees and greenifying your space.

Biodegradable stickers will drop seeds as they degrade.

We’ll create shareable content that is tumblr/Pinterest worthy encouraging Greenfiti.

We’ll partner with Urban Outfitters to create a Greenfiti line of products. Proceeds will fund greenification projects in urban areas.

Parker Pens Objective: Position Parker as the Ashton Martin of Pens Execution: Create an exclusive 125th anniversary luxury pen and personally invite a select group of elite individuals to purchase it.

Jeano’s pizza

Jeano’s was my denim themed mostly-American, part Italian brainchild. It started as an excuse to force friends to come over to our house; it slowly graduated until it was a full-fledged family pizza operation on the back of a 1964 VW Doublecab. Everything was as fresh and local as could be. We’d show up to the market with dough, cheese, salami and prosciutto and choose the rest of our ingredients from farmer’s booths. We sold to capactiy most days. We made a little bit of money, a lot of friends, and thousands of pizzas.

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