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10 Rosewall Street, WILLOUGHBY Report 1

Activity Report For:

Jim & Pat Hutton

Prepared by:

Danny Grant Alon Beran Diane Grant

Statistics Current price : Over $1.3m Number of enquiries: 5-6 each week (Avg) Open Home Attendees: 57 Number of offers: 1 1206 1101

Days on market: 13 Number of open homes: 4 Contracts requested: 5 Contracts withdrawn: 1

Marketing response from open houses Week 1 (2 opens) 23

Week 2 (1 open) 12









Direct mail




Ray White Mag








Repeat buyers




Nth Shore Times









Week 3

Total 35

Origin of buyers and their marketing source Local 30%

Out of Sydney 3% West Sub 14%

Web 64%

LNS 39%

Herald 17%

East Sub UNS 8% 6%

d/base 11%

Sign Mag 6% 2%

Open house attendees’ feedback on price 14 12 10 8 6 4 2 0 Not worth over guide






Agent commentary on marketing response The response to marketing has been very high compared with the previous campaign with over 50 groups inspecting the home. This is great because it should mean that the best market value will result as we should have captured all the best buyers from the marketplace.

Buyers Positives Extension

Great presentation


Size of living area


Natural light

Access to city and bus

The extension and living space and level yard has been the most commented on.

Open rear to level yard Negatives Shared driveway

Smell of smoke

Detail As expected, the main objection has been around the street and side drive.

Standard of surrounding houses in Street. No garage or carport Standard of finish in front rooms, patchy on walls, carpet stains.

Interested parties Name 1. Andrew & Meredith Robson 2. Jennifer Balding

Feedback Young couple with baby. Have been looking for a long while. Offered $1.3 then $1.32m. Keen to buy prior. $1.4m looks unlikely. Wants to downsize from Drummoyne, has been quiet this week. Seems ok around $1.35.

Source Web

Origin Lower Nth



3. Mr & Mrs Heald

Underbidders on 5 Walter St. Seem to have a budget in the mid $1.3s, maybe more.

Database Lower Nth

4. Anthony Hymers & Ivana Bazzano

Inspected last Saturday. Keen at this point, will reinspect. No indication on price yet.


Lower Nth

5. Mr & Mrs Fahey

Funds are in the UK, seem to have up to $1.4m, not sure if they are ready to commit.


Inner West

Reason Decided he couldn’t forgive side drive.

Source Origin Database East

Withdrawn interest Name 1. Jonothan Slingo

Agent commentary on buyer activity We have had a few 2nd inspections and an offer, which is a good sign and hopefully we can get more offers and can firm up our current interest.

Agents Summary General thoughts on campaign We are pleased with the amount of buyers and enquiry so far. We are also pleased with the amount of buyers showing interest. This means that we don’t have to worry about dropping our guide back or changing our view too much on price. We do expect to lose buyers closer to Auction day, as is typical, but signs are that we have genuine buyers. Although we have a higher level of interest than normal for the current market, we will have to be cautious as we are noticing buyers being a bit unsure and cautious and may lead to limited buyers who are truly motivated to move forward. We want to ensure we maintain not necessarily a larger amount of buyers, but the right ones at the right level. We will slowly nudge price upwards and test each buyer as the campaign moves forward. Price feedback seems consistent around early $1.3m with some buyers pushing towards mid $1.3s. We are getting resistance close and over $1.4m which is basically the market speaking and saying value is in the $1.3s. We hope though that we can push somebody up to that $1.4m level. We will also keep working on our existing offer of $1.32 from the Robson’s and try and get a final price from them so we can at least make a choice of selling prior to them or not. They are motivated to move quickly, so they are a good buyer, we just need to get them to an acceptable level. Thank you for all your efforts you have done to present the home for sale. It makes our job a little easier and it’s a pleasure to show it off to buyers.

Key actions this week   

Continue to follow up existing buyers and keep them interested and test price level of each. Discuss any increase offers we may get from the Robsons. Buyer appointment Monday at 10am with U.S. buyers.

Moving forward in your best interests.

Danny, Diane and Alon

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Danny1 Vendor Report  

10 Rosewall Street, WILLOUGHBY Prepared by: Danny Grant Alon Beran Diane Grant For: Jim & Pat Hutton Report 1