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The revved up adrenaline junkies of the Red Bull X-Fighter Tour somersault their way back into town this month, for the first leg of this year’s international motocross stunt competition. Bring your superlatives


The rider leaves the bike, hands raised, and catches the underside of the handlebars with his toes.


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The rider lets go of the bike, throwing his hands to the side. For a moment he is totally detached from his bike and flies above it. 88 WHAT’S ON APRIL 2012

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Reigning World Champion Dany Torres talks us through the world of X-Fighters


Essentially a handstand in the air performed over the front of the handlebars while keeping the bike horizontal and level.

What is the X-Fighters tour? It’s the biggest freestyle motocross championship in the world. How do you score points? Trying to do the most and hardest tricks in a limited time frame. Who judges it? There are five judges scoring the runs on five different aspects: variety, execution, style, entertainment and use of the course. How many runs do you get per round? Usually it’s 90 seconds each for a head-to-head run, and two minutes if you make it to the final. How many tricks do you do? It depends on the course. Normally we can do between eight and ten during the shorter rounds and between 12 and 15 tricks for the twominute rounds. How important is style? Really important. Sometimes it is better to do an easier trick with good style than a hard trick without style. What are your favourite tricks? I love doing old school tricks such as a Big Turn Down or a Whip (180º turn) You won here last year. Good memories of Dubai? Yes, I have very good memories. The win was my first of the X-Fighters season and it was very important in securing the overall title. What have been your worst injuries? I’ve had too many injuries to count; but the hardest one was a broken femur, but that was a long time ago. Apr 13, Red Bull X-Fighters World Tour, The Walk at Jumeirah Beach Residence, Dubai, 8pm, Dhs75 for standing, Dhs165 for grandstand. Tel: (04) 3414353


88-89 Sports_red bull -NEW.indd 89

03/04/2012 09:52

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What's On – April

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