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w Mexico: Partly cloudy with •red showers and thunderis Thursday and Friday; lithange in temperature. Izona: Partly cloudy; little ge in temperature.


Fhursday Morning, September 1, 1938

IfKNAL itrrtd •• second clan mttUr. Albuquetqui N. U . poxtolflc* under «ct of OonRreas. 1819

Good Morning Legislature T h i n k s We'll Ba Smart Enough to Name Our Own Candidates by 1910, Hut Too Stupid Now?


Fl« Cents Eluvrber*

Passes; Goes to Gov. Tingley for Signature "rentier Guards Adoo Concedes Shoot at Nazi Border Incident eat; Warns Held 'Incredible' ainst Pension

Peace Parley Nears Reality

Dixie Davis Says Hines Got Thousands From Dutch Schultz Policy Racket Mob Disbarred Gang Lawyer Tells Jury Tammany Leader Fixed Court Cases

Early Decision On Jemez Water Plan Forecast

Cooking Odors Not Nuisance CHICAGO, AUJT. 31 («—Tho aroma of cooking docs not constitute a public nuisance—In the nose of the law, at least. Judge Francis Borclli so ruled Wednesday, Mrs. May Goodslein brought the charge of maintaining: a public nuisance against her next door neighbor, Daniel Cumvay. She complained that the smell of various viands on the Conway stove penetrated the Goodstein home. The judge did a little personal sniffing between the houses last Sunday. The air was redolent of roasting chicken. His pronouncement: "The odors of Mrs. Conway's cooking could never be detrimental to health. The defendant is discharged."

Measure Not Effective Until 1940 Election

That Hines did the same in anNEW YORK, Aug. 31 W)—J. BERLIN, Aug. 31 W>—DNB, Richard (Dixie) Davis, the broken other policy case, heard before official German news agency, in mouthpiece of the once powerful the late Magistrate Francis J. Representatives Oden Says City a dispatch from Oelsen, Saxony, Ambassador Flies Dutch Schultz policy racket, Erwin. iys Scrip Plan said Wednesday night that CzeBallot 2 7-18 That Hines picked William C. Must Act Quickly swore in Supreme Court WedTo Berlin for choslovak frontier guards fired nesday that Tammany District Dodge as his man for the district ill Be Ruin On the Measure from ambush across the border To Get WPA Aid ^Conferences Leader James J. Hines was paid atlorneyship in the 1933 election on a German customs officer. [ California thousands of dollars by the mob because Dodge was "stupid." The agency said the officer and in return fixed court cases Collected Thousands was not injured. That in pursuance of this supIRIAM WINS and had policemen transferred. The cocksure little disbarred port of Dodge he collected $30,000 Opponents Halt The agency's account of the cirPeople to Have German Press or more from the Schultz mob to gang lawyer said also that Hines cumstances described the inci11 Candidates Pairing of Vote Final Say on help finance Dodge's campaign, interceded with the Federal Govdent as "incredible." Tones Down Attacks or Old-Age Scheme ernment on Schultz's behalf when and also brazenly asked that A customs officer named GerBy Mrs. Ringler $2,850,000 Pfoject On Czech Crisis the gangster was a fugitive from Schultz engage "floaters" to cast lach while patrolling, noticed two «t Heavy Vote thousands of votes for Dodge. income tax evasion charges. SANTA FE, Aug. 31 uniformed Czechs close to the By the Associated Press The City Commission probabThat Hines attempted to block Davis, who was indicted with overwhelming Democratic state N FRANCISCO, Aug. 31 (IP) borderline on the outlook, DNB Great Britain's ambassador, Sir Hines and pleaded guilty, gave the appointment of Thomas E. ly will reach a decision within Legislature climaxed a nine-day lator William Gibbs McAdoo, said. Neville Henderson, reached Ger- Justice Ferdinand Pecora and the Dewey, now prosecuting him as the next few days on whether extraordinary session late Wedto ask the public to vote apJent Roosevelt's choice, WedWhen Gerlach approached the many by plane Wednesday night nesday with passage by the HOUSB y night conceded defeat for boundary stone one of the Czechs bearing what Nazi officials con- blue ribbon jury a comprehensive district attorney, as special rack- proval of the $2,350,000 Jemez ets proscutor after Davis warned of Representatives of the Senatenination by Sheridan Down- fired a rifle from behind a hillock, sidered an important communica- picture of the operations of the water diversion project, Clyde him that Dewey was "a tough approved state-wide primary bill cunning Schultz who turned an beral champion of a $30-a- but the customs officer had tion from the British government Oden, chairman of the commisby a vote of 27 to 18, a majority „ "scrip" pension movement, jumped behind cover. sion, said Wednesday afternoon. concerning Central European war old Harlem gambling game into man." That $500 a week or more was insufficient to make the law opera $20,000,000-a-year racket. predicted the plan if adopted An early decision is imperaThrough fieldglasses he observ- tension. paid almost openly to Hines for ative for the 1938 election. Testimony i "ruin California." tive to assure PWA participation, ed the rifleman creeping back to Fresh from long consultations Davis' "protection." The measure, known as the Corroborating the testimony of Oden stated. PWA already has t pension idea crashed into others w'lo tried to observe the with the British Cabinet and highDavis testified finally that Hines Dickason-Royall bill, now goes to busirunary with surprising force effects of the shot for a long est British officials, jiilLiais, Henderson rieiiueibuii i George -1 Weinberg, the . . .mob's, . i j "saw" the lawyer, Max D. Steuer, agreed to a 45 per gent grant. Gov. Clyde Tingley for his signasuddenness, aiding also an- time. With the information furnished was expected to see Foreign Min-1 ness manager, who likewise plead- when Schultz was a fugitive and Denies Shakeup ure. Immediately after the vote liberal, Culbert L. Olson, ir ister Joachimi von Ribbentrop ed guilty to conspiracy and racket asked him to visit the then U. S. by Greeley and Hansen, the a Senate-House Committee agreed charges, Davis testified: uccessful race for the Democity's consulting engineers, and Due to Audit soon. upon adjournment sine die at 4 That Hines, at the gang's be- Attorney George Z. Medalie to some additional study of finanis nomination for governor Whether he would see Adolf m. Thursday. Both Houses New Mexico Public Welfare Derolling up big totals for other Hitler apparently had not been hest, obtained the release of policy see it he could compromise the cial and other conditions, the vere in recess until 10 a. m. case for Schultz. Medalie, Davis decided Wednesday night and ex- defendants before Magistrate Hu.dates who defended it. commissioners should be able to partment officials, and the Social Thursday. said, refused. act whereabouts of the Reichs- lon Capshaw. wney supporters joined with form an opinion soon as to the Security Board in Washington deSuddenly quitting a section-by'uehror remained a mystery. Preocratic party leaders in asfeasibility and desirability of the nied Wednesday that a recent ection consideration of the prisumably Hitler was still in the J the pension advocate's vicproject, Oden said. He said he mary bill, the House shortly beaudit was responsible for the reFrench frontier region where he •ras not to be construed as a personally has not made up his duction in personnel and salaries ore 3 p. m. decided to take final started a fortifications inspection "^ for President Roosevelt mind. ction on the bill. By voluntary East New Mexico, our five days ago. thrice came to McAdoo's I "If the commission decides of employes of the Welfare Bu- action of the members debate was While German officials awaited Unce and disapproved the ] Albuquerque needs this project, reau, effective Thursday. West Texas Invaded imited to five minutes to each Henderson's report on his hurried ion scheme as a fantastic we will call an election and ask An official of the Security peaker. trip to London, it was disclosed By the Associated Press rt cut to Utopia." for the public's desires in the Board said, "A recent visit to The vote, 27 to 18, came at 4:15 A new grasshopper plague ap- that Germany's current naval exNot Yet Licensed majority , matter," Oden said. New Mexico by board auditors m. and was substantially the 10 234 out of 12,438 precincts peared to be in the making Wed- ercises in the North Sea are far Swollen Rio Grande Plant Needs Improvement probably stirred up conjecture in ame as was registered on nutnermore inclusive than was at first jie> collected 400,833 votes nesday for New Mexico, the WASHINGTON, Aug. 31 W>Decision must not be" delayed the state that a housecleaning was iiis test ballots. The count was Endangers Towns JeAdoo's 298,850. His lead Texas Panhandle and western announced. Officials of the Civil Aeronau- on improvements on the present contemplated in its Public Wel- hree short of the two-thirds ma60 Units in Maneuvers Oklahoma. thus brought to 101,983. fare Department and that Federal ority necessary to make the law . pump-operated water system, tics Authority said Wednesday the Field Marshal Hermann WilBROWNSVILLE, Tex., Aug. 31 Reports from these sections, large portion of the unrefunds would be reduced." effective for the 1938 election. helm Goering's mouthpiece, the night establishment of the Pueblo- the chairman said, if the Jemez Audit Only Routine cd precincts remained in Los particularly West Texas and east- National Zeitu.'.g, termed the ex- W)— Guards Wednesday plan is rejected. It has been estisimilar to Senate eles and other southern pen- ern New Mexico, indicated 'hop- ercises biggest since the World watched for threatened breaks in Wichita airline route was being mated by the city, he said, that The audit, he added, was strictIn that respect the vote corremmded c o u n t i e s where per hordes which escaped poison- War in view of the fact the 26,- levees lining both sides of the considered but declined to say $500,000 must be expended soon ly a routine matter and had. no sponded to the 13 to 11 ballot by ng early this summer were on 000-ton battleship Gneisenau is Rio Grande as the swollen river special significance. for that purpose. Paul Hansen which the Senate approved tha Continued on Page Tlvo the march and laying egg pods participating along with the 10,- poured floociwaters that drowned when the issuance of a certificate of Greeley and Hansen estimated "We are still willing to match measure—also three short of tha which will hatch next spring. ten in Monterrey, Mex., toward of operation would be made. the department's budget dollar two-thirds majority required for 000-ton pocket-battleships Adthat $409,000 must be spent at In northeastern New Mexico, miral Graf Spee, Deutschland and the Gulf of Mexico. Asked about the status of the once on the present system, and for dollar as we have in the past, the emergency clause provision. where farmers fought off the Admiral Scheer. Bankful and over roads in some airmail line, an official said, "If $225,000 more during the next and if any cut were made il The roll call on the measure—toppers this spring, grasslands Sixty units participating in the low sections of the Rio Grande officially Senate Bill No. 1—was:30 years. and crops were again threatened squadron games will assemble for Valley, the river still was rising in the mill." For—E. M. B a r b e r , Quay' Oden said he agrees \vith Hanby an invasion of migratory hopThe official said it was impos sen that plenty of underground County; Dan C. Berry, Lea; A. D. for a distance of 100 miles upContinued On Pan Eleven pers from the North. Brownfield, Luna; Leo Brummell, sible to know when action woulc water can be developed here. Coal Producers' stream. Even Ranges Suffer Valencia; J. T. Cole Jr., GuadaGuards on the upper reaches j j, taken. He said he believes that the city Data Now Open e Ranchers reported vegetation lupe; Dalton Denton, Union; Dr. kept a sharp lookout for the Varden Names Guard cleaned by the hungry pests, The last Congress, provided for can finance improvements on the To 'Interested' M. D. Gibbs, Harding; Hipolito, present plant without a bond bodies of drowning victims who hile several cattle growers have Turned on Heat Griego, San Miguel; L. P. Hall, were swept away when sudden an appropriation for the airmail issue, as the plant has $100,000 shipped cattle because of range WASHINGTON, Aug. 31 .OB— Lincoln; A. S. Hickerson, Quay; route. to its credit and earns about flood waters reached through destruction. -IILADELPHIA, Aug. 31 W The Bituminous Coal Commission Coe Howard, Roosevelt; Edward $60,000 profit yearly. Monterrey smashing 400 houses , Lack of funds has resulted in a Feared Taos Junction decided Wednesday to open for •bukcd for "ridiculous" manThe chairman said he believes inspection "to interested parties' James, Sierra; Mrs. C. R. Love, and damaging many others. shortage of poison bait with only Hope Montgomery, Torlent of the Philadelphia Coun- one mixing plant operating the installation of the Jemez the production cost data of in Colfax; Resident Drowned The Rio Grande was two miles Joint Trial Looms ranee; C. N. Moore, Chaves; prison, Warden William B. Clayton. The most serious point wide at Rio Grande City, Tex., In Torture Case dividual coal producers, a step Mrs. Luella McGaffey Brown, Contlnnei! On Paf« Four Forest Service employes and and had been gauged at 31.4 feet, Wednesday blamed subordi- of infestation was r e p o r t e d long sought by larger consumers Chaves; J, Urbano Ortega, Rio CCC camp boys joined in an 18- 10 feet above flood stage. The OLYMPIA, Wash., Aug. 31 </P> The cost sheets to be made Arriba; Rudolfo Ortiz, Rio Ars for the "baking to death" around DOS Moines and Gren- hour Japanese Typhoon search that resulted Wed—A joint trial on first degree kidville. Retamal and the Las Russias inavailable will bear code number riba; C. M. Page, Curry; Joe Robour convicts in sweat-box" Big-scale poisoning of grass- nesday in finding Henry Wilson, lets on the Mexican side were naping and assault charges, pos- Kills Four and and the names of the individua inson, Otero; Delfin Salazar, Rio shment cells, sibly in October, loomed Wedneshoppers was in progress in north- 73-year-old Taos Junction resiproducers will be withheld. How Arriba; Holland J. Sloan, Catron; ; named Guard Sergeant ern Curry County, in the east- dent, who it was feared had been opened. day for Dr. Kent W. Berry, 50Injures Hundreds ever, the sheets will enable con M i l t o n ' B - Smith, Eddy; Elmer F! Mexican workers piled sand- year-old physician, and three comes Hart as responsible for central part of the state, to kill drowned in a flooded arroyo, C. sumers to examine the figures on ' — • - 'ng on the killing heat and off the pests before they lay their A. Merker, superintendent of the bags along a weakened spot in panions for the "revenge abducTOKYO, Sept. 1 (Thursday) which the commission and pro- Taylor, San Juan; Rufus Wamel, Carson National Forest, said here the levee near Las Russias to tion" of Irving Baker, former (.T>)—A typhoon blowing 75 miles jducer groups based their eom- Hidalgo; James Warden, BernaDeputy Warden Frank Cra- egg pods. lillo; Alvan N. White, Grant. prevent collapse of the earthen Coast Guard officer. knowing of conditions, an hour which the weather bureau | posite cost figures by districts, Against Serious damage to pasturage Wednesday afternoon. the Bill The aged man was suffering barriers. lid have ordered the steam was reported in G u a d a l u p e Pleas of innocent were entered said was the worst in 30 years Heretofore the commission had Against—Paul J. Case, SOCOLTO;' only from hunger when located, t off in the battery of radiators bounty, likewise. by Dr. Berry, William K. Mc- struck Tokyo early Thursday and made public only the composite Bias Chavez, Taos; Lawrence J. near Carson Dam, eight miles lined a corridor of the Texas Plans Fight aloon, former Montesano night left in its wake vast destruction district figures. Cuba Youth Draws ndike" i s o l a t i o n building his home. j marshal, and James Reddick, 27, j across Eastern Japan . Hearings on the cost of pro- Chavez, Dona Ana; Rogeiio Flores, In the Texas Panhandle, Ar- from San Miguel; Willis Ford, Chaves; Merker said a 2.5-inch rain fell Term as Driver . •e the men were confined. He thur 1 A. Miller, Department of taxicab driver, at their arraignAt least four persons were dead duction will be reopened at Denfried all personal responsibility. Agriculture entomologist in charge at Taos Junction within an hour's ment Wednesday. Robert Smith, and several hundred injured. ver on Sept. 20, the commission Manuel Garcia, Colfax: Telesfor : "f' .:t acted, he said, without his of grasshopper control, said an time Tuesday, and that Wilson Of Death Truck 32, Montesano dairyman, pleaded Authorities said they expected said, to enter the individual pro- M. Griego, Valencia: Violet Hoffleft his home to go to look at man, San Miguel; Joe Montoya, fl.wledge or permission. innocent Tuesday. organized search would soon be flood water running in the arthe death count would rise hourly ducers' cost data in the record Sandoval; Concha Ortiz y Pino, Jack Holz, 17-year-old Cuba ;'oner Scolds and permit testimony and crossstarted to find nesting places and as reports accumulated. royos. Wilson's son, after a long youth, was sentencedd Wednesday Wednesday el t n I Santa Fe; John Romero, McKin^ i h e f i r m - j a w e d , gray-haired ! Communications and train ser- examination. j. Mabry > Slayer of 2 Lawyers search, feared his father had been den was the chief witness at destroy pod beds. ley; Thomas Sheffcr, McKinley; While National Guardsmen in drowned and asked for aid. When by Judge Thomas vice were paralyzed. Onesimo Trujillo, Mora; Pat Vigil, '.'!'. .imultuous inquest punctuated the Boys' Industrial School ''at Faces Jury on Coast both New Mexico and West Texas Tokyo was virtually isolated, Unregistered Voters found, still walking, Wilson said Springer after a hearing involving . spectators' demonstration Bernalillo; Dr. C. A. Wheelon, aided in meeting this year's hopwithout a train arriving from any he had become confused in the Coroner Charles H. Hersch Santa Fe; Joseph Wright, Dona LOS ANGELES. Aug. 31 Wi- direction. A million commuters Have One More Chance on charges that the youth was rrupted Mills' testimony and per invasion, Miller said countless directions. Ana; Tlieo Maxfield, Torrance; the driver of a truck which struck Testimony in the murder trial of were marooned and unable to numbers of the pest were left, inded: Saturnino Montoya. San Miguel. To Get Names on Books Arthur Emil Hansen. 38, former a pedestrian in Cuba. The pedicating another plague next reach the city. don't know how to run The only Republican in the destrian later died from his in- Wakonda, S. D., farmer and later Police Renew Drive Striking at Yokohama. 18 miles prison. This is the loosest, spring. Persons who are entitled to vote House, Bias Chavez of Taos, voted extensive Southern California juries. from Tokyo on the coast, the tybut who are not registered j'or the against passage of the measure. owner, started WednesAgainst Speeders The sentence was for an indefi- property A brief skirmish over the right day. He' is charged with shooting phoon came on the loth anniver- 1938 election can hare t h e i r Plan Oral Tests nite period. sary of the disastrous 11)23 earthAs Schools Open names placed on the poll books, of Mrs. George Ringler of Albutwo lawyers to death in a court ns Whip Mercury For Compensation Two Cuba men, Emiliano Mar- room during the noon recess last quake when 150,000 lives were through court order, by applying- . querque, kept away from the sesThe opening day of school cotinez and Nick Salazar, pleaded lo the chairmen of the Democratic| sion by illness since the opening lost. June 22. 65 Mark and Service Positions incided with a renewed campaign not guilty when arraigned on nnd Republican County Commit- day, to pair her vote, for the bill, The victims were John Hanby the police department against t School Children charges of selling liquor to Holz, ees, under state law. . with a member opposing the cock Jr. and Robert McLaughlin., Projects for $106,074 Dr. J. T. Reid, supervisor in speeding in school zones. J a minor. Judge Mabry ordered Hansen contended they were re, Democratic headquarters, phone! measure climaxed the more than owntown Albuquerque re- charge of examinations for posiTwo motorists charged with j them held for trial by the District sponsible for his losing most of Are Given Approval 537. asked all persons desiring to I an hour of at times, bitter debate e d mid-afternoon s h o w e r s tions in the Unemployment Com- speeding through school zones Court of Sandoval County, and his property in complicated litibe registered to turn in their on the measure. Primary oppodnesday, herding the huge pensation Service's expanded set- were penalized^by Police Court set bond at $500 each. Federal projects for New Mexnames before Sept. 10. Philip Hubgation. nents prevented the pairing of ivds of school children to cover up, said Wednesday he will begin Judge E. C. Gober Wednesday ico totaling $106,074 were an- bell, Republican county chairman, her vote. le returning home from their the series of oral examinations night. G. M. Weil of 1421 Las nounced from Senator Chavez's said he would accept names teleA few minutes after the disBlast at Quarry day of classes. for applicants Monday. Lomas Road, forfeited a S5 bond. Jewel Swindler office Wednesday. phoned to 356. cussion opened, Rep. Romero ains centered on the t o w n Dr. Reid will start on a field Gene McClendon, 218 South They are: Sandoval road conlaunched a vitrolic broadside for Kills Five Workers nly, with only .11 inches pre- trip Monday at Las Vegas, and Broadway, was fined a similar Gets Life Term struction, $7424; county building RESTS SATISFACTORILY the anti-primary bloc with the tation recorded at the Weather will jump from there to Roswell amount on the same charge. ASHEVILLE, N. C., Aug. 31 </P> construction, Roswell. S7841; AlWeiton Edwards, 18, Socorro, declaration that "we arc here EL PASO, Tex., Aug. 31 W> eau at TWA Airport. Big on Wednesday. On Friday he is Police Chief Pat O'Grady —Five quarry w o r k e r s were buquerque market, $6129; Santa was reported as resting satisfac- merely to carry out the dictates ps spattered on the pavements due at Las Cruces. He will take warned that the crusade against A life prison sentence was meted killed Wednesday by an explosion Fe municipal airport improve- torily Wednesday evening at the of a condemned politician." out Wednesday to Vincent Serra, n the showers first started in both the Albuquerque and Gal- fast driving in school zones will of a case of dynamite as a crew ments, $45,834; Artesia street im- Presbyterian Hospital, with a He asserted that by passage of rtly after 3 p. m., and inter- lup applicants, with a conference continue. A special detail of of- 42, who pleaded guilty to a jewel was filling drill holes with the provements, $11,846; Colfax Coun- serious gunshot wound in his left the primary "we are not going swindle here which authorities tent downpours continued til! ty-wide road i m p r o v e m e n t s , ficers will be assigned to watch explosive half way up a 200-foot shoulder. He was accidentally to give the native people of this said was one of many extending rly midnight. A half-inch of here on Monday, Sept. 5. $27,000. Dr. Reid said that grading of this phase. through the West. Two previ- rock cliff. wounded while climbing with his state a chance they have even in fell in the city, The dead: William Bizzell, 17; ous felony convictions made life rifle over a fence near his home. the penitentiary." cattered rains were reported all examination papers for all NEW COMMISSIONER Harley Webb, 57, and three NeCharges Insincerity Father, Son, Nephew imprisonment mandatory. r the state. Santa Fe and areas outside of Albuquerque had SANTA FE, Aug. 31 W)—San- Serra was arrested in Colum- groes, Will Henry, Wesley Moore Turning to primary advocates wn Point reported showers been completed, and notices sent doval County Commissioner LeoDrown at Swim Party and Gus Davis. he charged some members on the a trace was recorded at Cari- to the applicants. He said that poldo Martinez, who resigned bus, Ohio, March 17, after Texas state payroll were not sincere, . Highest temperature here grading of Albuquerque papers Wednesday, was succeeded by officers trailed him across 14 UNION, Mo., Aug. 31 VP)—A previously had opposed the measinesday was 87 degrees, bul had been withheld until the last Tiofelo Perea by appointment of states. Police in a dozen large 38-year-old father, his son and a ure and now had switched their cities through the West .wanted mercury dropped to G5 by 6 because applicants here could ob- Governor Tingley. nephew drowned while swimming him on similar charges, Sheriff DE KALE, III., Aue. 31 W>> stand. He challenged too, the sinviously be notified of the outin the Bourbeuse River near here Continued on Fac* Twa Chris Fox said. An emaciated bearded youth, come more quickly. Wednesday. He was charged here with the ST. LOUIS, Aug. 31 </P>— Victims ,of the family outing clad only in dirty underwear Dr. Reid, recalling that approxtheft of a diamond ring valued at Thirty-six divorces and two party were Luther B. Tucker, and locked in a windowless Boy, 8, Who Killed imately 1300 persons took the $600 and a diamond stud valued annulments were granted in Thomas Tucker, 10; and George room in his parents* home, was original written examinations, at J1500, both obtained from an two hours and 58 minutes Wedt found Wednesday by Deputy Mother, Slain by Brother Schrand, 16, all of St. Louis. said the number to be given oral Sheriff Lymon Sebree. ANTA PE, Aug. 31 (IP)—Word interviews would be about 500. TAOS, N. M., Aug. 31 W— El Paso jeweler on a forged nesday by Circuit Judge WilBLOOMINGTON, Ind., Aug. 31 The youth, Vincent Redmond, l/Pi—CIifford Cain, 8-year-old boy t he had been admitted to the The Taos volunteer fire de- check. HELD FOR TRIAL liam B. Flynn. 24, son of Mr, and Mrs. Matt partment beat the Lions Club ci District of Columbia LACLEDE, Mo., Aug. 31 M»— All of the cases were unconwho shot and killed his mother TRUCK BROKEN INTO MOUNTAINAIR IS AHEAD !ived Wednesday by Rep. Joe Dr. William F. La Mance, who Redmond, had been held » three years ago with a shotgun Homer Davis, driver for the Ex- at snfl.'iall 8 to 7 Tuesday night SANTA FE, Aug. 31 OB—An tested. One of them, In'which itoya, young member of the celsior Laundry, told police Wed- —and also beat Mayor Fred audit report, of the state comp- three witnesses testified, was won 53 of 62 bouts he fought as prisoner In the room two years, while trying to "scare" her, was an amateur boxer before he turned the deputy sheriff said he fatally shot Wednesday by hli e legislature from Bernalillo nesday that his truck has been Mueller out of $10. troller's office Wednesday showed heard In two minutes. Mueller, who Is both a Lion the town of Mountainair had Judge Flynn said he had no to osteopathy, was ordered held for learned, lie was removed to 10-year-old brother, Robert. [ontoya said he would return broken into, but the marauders Washington, after the specia got only a ball of twine, Davis and a fireman, decided to pity closed the fiscal year with a cash way of IrHlnc whether the day's trial Wednesday on a state charge the Elgin State Hospital. The The accident occurred while th«' ion of the state legislature, to said entrance was made by for the Lions after each organi- balance of $2644, including Its business hud set a record for he beat and choked his pretty parents were taken to the two were playing in their horn* county jail at Sycamore, 111, tinue his law studies at Wash smashing the window on the right zation said he would be lined general fund and water depart- the trealest number of decree! wife to 'death f.nd hid her body in for quutioninf. ia UM bill* netr here. : • Vieir fruit cellar. IB UM ihatMtt time. i10 U be played with the other. ment balance. ,c| on University, tide ol the cab.



U. S. Continues Aid to Welfare

'Hopper Plague Is Spreading

Guards Fear Levee Breaks

U.S. Air Board Studies New Line Pueblo-Wichita Link

ry Hears of iking Deaths

Lost Man Found After Long Hunt


36 Divorces In Three Hours

•nalillo Legislator Admitted to Bar

Lion, Fireman, Mayor Loses $10

Family Holds Youth Prisoner 2 Years


09.01.38 Albuquerque Journal, Measure Not Effective Until 1940 Election  
09.01.38 Albuquerque Journal, Measure Not Effective Until 1940 Election