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Three Distinct Trouble in Illinois Committee AppriShocks Occur at | Capital Not Over se* Him of His Eureka Yet Nomination

Will Select * Candidate for Delegate Order of to tbe Sixty-Pint Jesus Romero, T~g"kenney, 1^. o «»«.. H. a Bowman, . 8. Grove* Congress, A. 8, McCreath, rfevU Crespln, Fran Cisco Gixizales, Qregor} Page J D M

Medina. F. C. Rodrtgvei, W. P. Bu «*"•* C. F. Copetand, suviano Bolbal, ». GoBbUrek. Celao lopes, M. V Pa- PUu GbM Windows Brakco H»*e Tn*ir Full to Candidate for Kelt, A. W Harris, Candldo A. Ban- ChimniBi Knocked Down Farther Rioting doval, A. C. Abeytia, Jose U Ortega, hVen Speech ReaiMfc. . IWnri.,, «f tlM» ««I Wall, OfKked. * MeOoj. gatnnlno Bacn, Francisco •ntf Anon. •bte for It* Briefee.*. Maesias, L. A. Carr M»y» taWNnirfin of the Pkrtj'. JteMknl BMMT Cmnmut** «, Ortwtaattan. Eureka, Calif, Aug. 18.—Two sharp B. Spin, R. B. stndley, C TK Oe- earthquakes were felt here at 3 =.pilngaeld. HI. Aug IS—An atUck Utica, N. Y. Aug 18~In oae of Jweat, M. Valdez, HTH. Hamilton. H o'clotk this morning and a third at upon tbe pickets lept the militiamen he briefest speeches ever delivered busy this morning Firing IUWQ sen H. Betts, Camllo Sancnet. J. A. Garcia The RefMUku ierrttortal conven •*«, the* Republicans will be the vie- S B. Aidridge, B. TV. Strong. Dr D o 45. The Bret was the heaviest and tries and their answering shots ue i a candidate for so high an oBce imea S Sherman at noon today a<> did some damage to the walls ot the Uoa was tsdM to "order by Chairman ton In tbe aoil etoetion. C. Bryan, c. M Coombs, H. R. Pot old buildings, but no one was injured curred less than t»o blocks Irom the -Sited the nomination of the RepubllheadQturters, of General \ovng at the u party fn > ice president of a, the central cosamlt .T. D. Bums, C. V. Plsherdlck* Crockery in many houses was broken r e F.T Omiw Carry. k. Ortis, S Romero, William a and the sleepers awakened. It Is not county jail. No one waa hurt, but the luted States He spoke from a flag t»e "this at 11 o'clock; with To Ike admtatotnUoi'of Governor firing caused consternation in the busi- ecorated stand in front of bis home Joe T Tor- believed anv serious damage was done ness district. _ewrj- tt»ty to «ke territory retre- Ceorge Currjr the speaker referred at Keil, Alejandro Sandoval. , , in loan, although the walls of the d was surrounded by party leaden The Bret {rouble followed an .it- •om •ented by IU dcMcite. and ooapyinc l«|tk,, Mjnj tbat a dnriiig tae Kni tex, E. w. For. a Y. MeKer« court house were ollghtl> cracked. different sections of the conntrr :empt to set tire to a bnlldlug an twelve ntontbt of bla ada^ulstnUoa be Meate I. thV Mrtln,.' ,e«t».ied e«».e ro d by a crowd of non-partisan friends The Irst and sharpest shock oco, !.« respective delegations. Th« galler- fca» prove* blmiwlt to be the fnend of E. S Stover, O. A. Foster, C H. Ham- curred at 2:58 a. m .It was almost Eighth street between Jefferson and •' townsmen, numbering mani all Ne* Mexico and that be to tbe nun ilton, Isidore ArmlJo,\V.TBeId,W.D. as severe as the one felt on April 1», Madison avenues A negro Had been ousands The nomination was tend.irdered airar from the place severs •to toe* tbitg,. WbeD tbe >pe«ker Tliirra}, H. B. Auya, Manuel Aragoa, who .»! come from 190C. At 3.08 o'clock a slighter shock lines during H<e msht and was d ered him liy the committee appointed -all the gane name M of Ooveiior Governor Gregory 'Page, mi: Sandier, J. - D at the territory to ntch mentioned tbe at the Chicago contention, Senator felt and a thlrtt at 5t J9. The Bret in tbe shadow by Julius ibe Cmtf and referred Pto the' record of Clements, V. f. Buchauu, W. B. Und " ----- C Burrows, being the chairman Delegate Andrews •• Congress be was se>-, Vanceslao Jaramlllo, Or B. Ketand spokesman There «ere also eM ciwrwl. ner, T. B. Catron. D J 1/eahy, F, H. brief addresses by Secrelarr of State t M oout ooawnlkn la tbe blrtory at "™!'!*^ , *t» ,.*"rtJ revolver He then dashed down th M> ^ r Chairman Bursnni cvaclvded Winston, Epimeaio'H. Miera H O 1 Root br Piesideut M. W Str>ker of bis nunterljr address tbe Hka band of Bunum, Joee Mootauer, E. p 'navies, Hamilton Collete. from which Sher 1 Dre ion were cracked The damage so but the shots *ent wild SL^ZJ -*: - - '""*»• «*' S* Alhuqnemoe ana 1* Banda de Santa Silvestre Mirabel, B. Q Palmer T A far reported is estimated at between him, man graduated, hi Mayor jboraas •Compagj B, First Infantry, »a Wheeler Carr » Fe rendered patriotic tunes, »nd tbe of plica ;ad by Charles s Uo and threw thousand dollars. A prajrec, aft*- which Sayor w -a After the 'selection ot tbe commit- sixteen foot statue of Minerva on the sent to the place aod the alleys an Symonds, chairman ot tbe local recep•„: *«»* !•.• w«l eSb.em'il.rew, oVere* •neuiben of 'a* latter"sang~a'Spanlsk tees the convention took a rcccse un- court bouse dropped and the heavy adjacent booses »ere searched, DU tion committee •onir emltled"UHU" which' TTM - ***?*'?& •*• *«r"« *AU-»V to the thej were not successful m locatiu til 3-M o'clock this afternoon. " ~ The daj was dehghtMlj cool and sta« crashed through the roof. * " *el<*»fe^<1« Jrt«ltors. - May«r 3e» the man. The affair occurred short . Besides cracking the walLj of the before'da} break and was tbe uird oc the weather pleasant. Throngs of peoof Ho. Solomon LBU , -. AFTEHHOON »ei*ION. , •aid i«« it was a. Honor, to be the 0»;,acoaiit of a d*lw In Jke report ple came in on tbe early trains dur court house, the walls of the Carnegie vyv_»«*>ft two wu Htbetod to es. the committee OB resolutions the library binding were slightly crack- Casion during the night in which a ng the morning The annual inspecw»r*fjl greer cort Governor fleorg* C«rry to a wat of tempts were made to assassinate th tion and parade ot tbe Utlca are deconvention,was not called to order at ~, to?the .-^..HS . ed ' Reports from the Stazy ranch nelt tolthe breatMlmc 'osletf of n.. t. «t«4 the city, he** 3:30 o'clock to which how it adjourn- near Freshwater, six miles north of militia pickets. nrtment was held during the mompvenoon, bn£ as the.. ig as a feature of the program. In sy daring tne foreaoon^wMion ot ed to meet and at 4 o'clock the con- Eureka, state tbat the earthquake HefoWteui - ? vention had. not jet been called to caused a big fissure in the earth there CONVENTION NOTES. he afternoon there was a carnival of. coavssrtloaL s convention at the execnUve oM« order sports and music at Utica Park. A lor half a mile A number of chim. M. O." "any PM*ma«*n in Capital. The delegates were all in their seats neys in that vicinity were thrown dinner given b.v Candidate Sherman, at 3-30 o'clock the how set for cali down but otherwise little damage was Quite a number of postmasters ar wnd concerts and electric IlluminaHoa. tt O. tta «l totbel port'of the central committee on'tem- ng the afternoon seMda>ot the eon done. in attendance at the convention tions tonight will bring the day ID a wM-'reid ^and vention to order - However, a delay The shockr eitecded aa far north as Among them Is the only postmaster of close. •m~t—»~— -,»-c imimttehdatMti ofLtA* waa causal by.the taii«re of the reso- Btu« IJ.IM, JJ mile* tiaa Koreka, the ^ret clast in tbe territory, R W icenfral committee was' the selection luttaaureonmlttee to make its report In Introducing Mr. Sherman, Chairwhere crockery was broken and half Hoosins. of Albuquerque, wbo It a vet tertjwwry ornce™: While waiting for thte repon eran In the service, other Drat class man Burrows of the noUncntion cottta down chimneys knocked down " of Santa Fe an* unr iney were at all I Postmasters although not of the first mltfee made SL brief address He spoke - time* ple«sed to meet Ii ,tn. Ancient class, but Mil in the presidential clan u part u follows: Sow« Pe rekdend aevenl i •c City. In brief Mr. Btrnm pointed to s« Robert B. Keilahln, of Ro.well o'ckJckV'tne.resohitlon. ^<——•*••>• wwri^MHHpiBa ooauunee ANNUAL PIJ^ZA FETE "Mr. Sherman- Though the !"otne Mriw» of the Republican party George *. Armijo, of Santa Fe.'Nec- not-having yet reported, the teapowbo lakes an active interest In politics eedlags ot the late national BepubllTJ-US EVENING and '••» twknvi 1» « as the party of Ab- tar Montoj-a. of Albim»eri,ue, aid Isl- rarr chairman calleit the convention also in business in his home city; can convention are matters of comdoro ArmUo ot La. Crnces, tempo- to Orter Jrte Drat order o(,business . a — . ', - .',Garneh».W||. Waman's Board of Trjd. 1* Charge H H Bette. ot Silver City, who Is an mon knowledge, yet tbe courtesy iwl ran Interpreters. McKhdey and Theodore was the report of the committee on —Supper ind Dane. Chief F*a- accomplished DOlitlciac and business ustom give the committee *ow pres. Hsmvnr.Uw . w iames ames of o fnutnu- • A committee of three w» appointed credentials m*n, T. A. BoHon, of Carlsbad, one ent to formally notify you of Its action Temporary Secretary twe* of Occanon. .Boownlt aa* WDUam tt TMt b) Chairman Bursum to escort Ten- Sena read the report which seated of the old timers in tke territory, and selecting yon as the nominee ot Ibe were »wtlc*Ws7, ei »j, tie the ------speaker -th. psnry Chairman Klock to the chair everyone of the-accredited delegates The annul Plan Fete under the a number of others, who teoides mai- ipubllcan party for the high omce of IFvi la^ sMIm hnin I» •if Mknrs: Maren. C.,de B»ca. M as published In jMterday's New Me* sjuplees of the Woman's Board of ns good postmasters are. also active w-preaident. The members o' this BemalOio; M. ML Phigett, of San «K •Hlht S - - v , - - .. • Trade ft on in full forte in the Plain In business and In politics, for Delegate committee, coming from erery part of t and -w. H.' H. Llew«n^t of UB In orter to catch the bntgoilg malls and will contlnne tbrougho.1 - the Andrews has been fortunate In recom « country, are able to convey to von ;i«st .^ ™ ntH^wniso tke 'a^i/muuamm party pmnj tbjlt imm*, —e*s.>;lThe^a)Binltt6« ^•eoroed T^s» the New Mnican was com«»lle4 to t ~—» It The ladles hare bean work mending for port omces, men ot ener^ e gratifying assurance that yiiir topn» > the ptopto of theno Island pos- porarj.Chalnoan Kloek to Ms scat ekw III fonts at <: JO o'clock and thus evening. Ing for weetoi to make the event ~a gy and ability whose work on behaif mhutton receive, the hearty aoprovai —Tttadr Ubwrty tnst the ehahn assH wOd eheen. He wu ratrodwed It w« prevented from pabUahtnc the snceea and mdgmg from the'crowds ot their commnnlU*. an not conansd th* constituency they represent and by Cnalrm.. fiUi proceedings of the attenKU ut- that throng the Pinna It is evident that merely to sitting In the mstotaee, e promtae of united and enthusiastic drawing their aalnries and occaslonafly rtoo of'th* c«v«tlon. , •-,:• inpport at th* approachiag election. • they are receivtag a liberal patronage. of .the.* a*d Me /Wdr.. I, 'T«^s«ry the New MekhM BOM to prew The .chief featne of the fete I. looking wise In saloons or on street •wrrw>«FI«i« Bryan. Mr. .mock Ma being , It•Ai -.brain*, «jbo e-tOashed and. ai corners, but whose energy ind. outlet «s udeTilaM'tiliit.'IMe«ate It H. the Hrffwt swpper, served .under the Attar .peaking of the Btnen ot Mr ii-u-s Ustlu abo« thirty Amlrew. out the S™ of gnvennmt In wtt -he HnslnaM befcre ncV i***riai of^ ue wT».Hjn^n> - M^mtmwt In various other activities that add to hennan to act as vice-president, JoBrwne« On'-the tnFhnOM with n Everything that is good to ent, and It the prosperity of their towns; Senator Burrows took *t the enpreste C^sSsl^al Hen M r 9m. majority of ahnwt thirty rote* and u all home-made, 1. being • * of Bryan: -Shan the people The press of the territori b well repEf/<kf*M>.|-«|jt „ that hit nomination will be "' and continuing mid: Because of the .tcknens of Mrs. > •** ft a grwt'honov to pi£.Vtat ^± H* iMi nUs.n.iJ''tlii resented at tke territorial convention "This declaration is a thinly veiled agrwwwrt, Ike reavH MfV'Mra. Fl«ker to in coin* of tke ud It Is not believed that as many edi- criticism of the *en.UIcan party In mi ttefrl-d of rt « _ nwart^tinte over ««e» a ink gather- 1-ao.i coMMtttee wa a*t prexs>t tie have ever before been In the Cap- tkil the impress** Is soutt'- to be Sam**! Ooawkdn kns ms*4:tk«-: reaolntliwi. satll aftw tin — ^ - ~ Those in char*? cf th* other event. tors ital at any one tine. AM are enthusi- nude that under Republican adminV MM uftnllnwni ~ " ww^a nwow..astic over the proposal to organise trntlou, the rule of the p*o#le h*.. ••. Ml tkU. .tk* spaker ice cream booth—Mr. Tnontas: *^^. » -"!-. A. *• U *._ pren aasoetatto. Among been and U suppressed. Tn spHe ot this Candy Booth-Mrs. Baca- nafe p««|_ territorial th* editor, hero perhaps not one Is s declaration Bryan chnrgea that pnb«. tortnl muura., T*-y wffl W . Mrs. Arthnr' SettgBM and Mrs. known as W17I BoManon, the editor city tor campaign expenseji by an pofttH bv Jflnmnr **--«- | , «•• nwj l^afi nra-fltjir^ ••mcsu VOMOfTOw Haynee; Gypsie*—Mn. Watt«-; Lens- of tke BoMraQ RngMw-Trlnnne. now litical purpoM Is gwerany dwindr i m •* a* will .too tk* tpiendid ndii».u. o»«de BMtk-Mn. Wnndmf - # Osn.Tf«. .In hy tton, H O Bnrsnm and Pennuwt mag* 9ate~-Mr> rurrown: Cigar. who d* not know editor Bontem per- and that tke Rcpubuena eoagnu r*. f and that ta pMU ^way. Chnlmwn of tne Conventfcm. ,B. C. and Clxxntife stand—Mn. I •onany, know ot hint as OH author ot tnsed to ennct *nen a raw. Bryan doet i ts» tact thM h* hnd tne Henuoci. "Istprewlons of n Tender***." Other not sUle the whole trnth. n to'tme Funcy BoKb—Mils Plumb; editors here an WllHam T. Brogaa. at that UM Republican enuM*. of the ' Mrs. Lord. the Albntuerqve Brealug Cttrs*.: ( Bom reported tk* B*Mr* nntidtsg H*stfl ft. ttewlr tort Maf tke VBHV *>RETTY WIMMPM C RendrlcM. of Un Allnenerwiie (kn for th* publicity of an campaign «. tws* MB «T tk* iisndij •*• PHT •tCNOMMPHCIt AftWtTBD AT TNI CATHtMAL H B. Mewing, of the Albnunernv • «d httnfwd entd fcr tk*tr KnMsH fOM ALLtaWD tnMUZLIMINT, «tornmg Josnal; W. M. Beriw. o penaes Incnmd In the *w» of an Ca*MiMlnknr«*MkMs«ti. etactlon .M «wh mmmt wi th* Beten Tribnne, B. U Newklrk, of •red by the HMM. It was «*•»**» nut and w»ry mm m «M U. Cmcea, N., it., Aug. jn.—Rob- th* p*eo. TUley News, of Artesta * Wttar wW kh «r Wr *•*« nnnlrtng each waiber of Congr**. to ert K. Hortw who kin new • J»dg» and Mrs r D. Mone, of tb« •M a ^at*Mt snowtag to what «t In tke, once ot Vnttsd Stnlea 8nt« Bon an; a H. CoomW, of th* "d »•••*> (PMK fnsB *f tlvt pswt. Wait th* lawful v«t«n of hi. dtntrin stonwr W. A nnnilnt ASM. > lor Tovranc* Cawrty UMH; M. M. Padwen mtneUd h) tk* mntm nttkelr the put it* nwnths In tke of the Lu Vega. Optic W, C : truck!*, nod tk* nwlkMai smilili i 1 ihKj.aBB.1 of"! •f i ~-.dat, of th* Msjatoya .tepwMknn; to aceossgtMh sMk nott*. n« I (CM* ! Kestor Montoya. of La IHmd.ra Anwr d tk. SHwr. IIS«M thv tennnv of AIhnsjn*vn**; Arthur ». Cnr -ud nanunt to Ik* (Unnti, wu dnrtnt tke aissm-s of Mr. Jane* ren, «f tbe Ctevt* Heirs; H. B. Pwtnam. rtfturtd to tke ronsnutte* on privB«f»i, CnMtsmss wKk hs. f—« •—~ af tk* T«a» Tnsap*t; Wfllkin T. MM *rwta>u «f which 1 WM the ek*lr. •ng left In oknr»». B**d, of th. Onrlnhnd Ann*; «. 4, ifefltoi P»*n»f. _... of VB tk* Buni Cm*** VMVV.M OHM; *jff*m^m MT. Mtr. *« in. «tud Jnrr«nd Mn. Otrta A. IMtt. «C tk* Ba'Whll. the Re ton Bnnc* and Chasm* Newi and Of tk* comnltt*. tavond tke s>i«Or» WVVwplsiW i pi mm nsnwnm: .ann; a* H ennw from tk* Han**, *v*ry , 1«VpMTMMtU (Bsstt...! k nnanr J Owoorntie conimltTi»s. nM«««l M ,fcj;Anmji.-'iv ,!»<>. MM by r*a*on of Ik* Passmen *.. . I «• ATTINOMfeC — "B......U........V *^^"-i^ T^J.7LI^"J..~- ^ _l^ZA W *tf»in«*i&i**t. •t^». lt^ Anc It-Tw. ^^^^ytrj^^ t?T3BI^!~S. ^* "55? * tftt i&ft$ m Wl WMMMi-i MSJS.T> | sunn Twtw «a MM'fknK XHmici, HWHvnMn INsn unnanl MtWn «•> n*d we 0* tBH i •sss*. Tn* wtntk- M s*«Tmn* at wnM* • | p k> Odt «tM IT «*r wa. (M ( ',nmtia*to**f»f,i*m II..7»•.•«.*•


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08.18.08 Santa Fe New Mexican, Republicans of New Mexico Meet in Last Territorial Convention  
08.18.08 Santa Fe New Mexican, Republicans of New Mexico Meet in Last Territorial Convention