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March 15, 1947


Paraguay Chaco Vets Stay Loyal

Legislative Summary

Senate Increases jgaret Tax a Cent

Construction Men At Eunice Quit

Hatch Accepts Santa Fe Jefferson Dinner Bid

Democrats Asks Tax Cut Delay

SANTA FE, March 14 («—U. S, Senator Carl A. Hatch has accepted «n invitation to be.the principal speaker ai the annual JeffcrSv-r. Day dinner sponsored by the Democratic party, which will bo held here April 5, Guy Shepard, chairman of arrangements, announced today, W. A. Kelcher, Atbuqucrquc attorney, is to be toastmaster, Shopard said, adding that the program calls for no other formal- address

Stern Half of Ship Steams Slowly Toward'Hawaii With 20 Men HONOLULU, March 14 W) — Ten men were rescued1 from the sinking bow section of a broken ship in the middle of the stormy Pacific today while 20 others got the engines going in the severed stern part and started it limping toward -this island 1100 miles to the southeast. Twelve other crew members who abandoned .the wreck in a lifcraft yesterday have not been scon since. Eight navy planes from Midway island, GOO miles distant, continued to hunt them. This thrill-jammed sagn of shipwreck, nanicky flight, rescue

and self-help began Wednesday when the 10,4-18-lon tanker Fort Dearborn .broke in two in a violent storm. The ship, tu»t In 19-13 in .the Kaiser shipyards at Portland, Ore., had sailed from San Francisco for Shanghai March 4' with Diesel oil for the navy.. The two broken section had drifted 20 miles apart by the time othv ship arrived yesterday. First rescue efforts- foiled, and « dozen of the castaways put off in a lifcraft, apparently one of several which a navy scorch plane had dropped to them Wednesday nt dusk.

EUNICE, N. M^arch 14 ffi— On* Conllnutd from A contractor's spokesman said motion by Rep. Lynch (D., NY) approximately 200 construction Government Confident HH158—I,rp!»ll7.lni bunk nletiU. (Ho •n« with state-, executive offiworkers did not report today at that anyone who desired to «xecord vote). the 'governor, .lieutenant the Eunice carbon black ' plant press an opinion on taxes be price pro- pers, Of Suppressing Rebels vision", or liquorliniW minimum <No record vota). ;overnor, secretary of state, au- No. 3, which is being built for allowed to testify. Lynch con. HB1W—Umltliw Mrt-muturt trttUni ASUNCION, Paraguay, March 0 r«lr. (No record vote), ditor, treasurer, attorney general, the Charles Eneu Johnson Co, tended the two-day tax hearings He said the workmen were ab14 (JFi—The government of Para- HB159—Reprftllnc , Public school superintendent and land sent for the second consecutive were being limited to witnesses guay,, faced with an army revolt ;uo record rote). . net, (Ho commissioner would be elected day In what apparently was a "invited" by Chairman Knutson \ IIB4J—Bfpenllnit dry ole la th« northern part of the nation, lor four-year terms and would .walkout--to enforce higher wage (R., Minn). • l nlll t "w&^*ttMfit_«>**'«« "" " Russ Nixon, chairman of the declared tonight troops from the demands. . (No — record vot«). jimbllni, optlon»l be ineligible to succeed themThe statement came from J. economic subcommittee of the bloody Chaco region had remained with countlM. («-3«), selves until after four years, H. Burlingame, construction sup- CIO legislative committee, cirPASREB BY HOUSED loyal, although rebel forces iti .Governor Mabry -. asked for erintendent for the J. F. Pritch- culated a statement in the comConcepclon said In a radio broad both of there in his opening ad- ard contracting firm. The John- mittee room declaring that the had been c»»t the Chaco forces hud Joined dress to a joint session of .the son company for which' it is hearing "toprocedure sneak over « soak adopted building the plant manufactures the uprising. lvr t, o<^ fund, y Legislature in January. . the Rveraficman tax measure. jurence compunl". <">1') printers' ink. The imiurgentu* broadcast Raid Similar provision! would be ' Burlingame said his firm was MaRill testified that a 20 per their forces had been bolstered by Jointly, to »CQU« itid operate provided for county officers in employing carpenters,mill- cent tax reduction retroactive to Two people received minor introopi from th« Chaco, formerly us SB3JO—L«Mllzlnr doe r»Mi. por- ;he other proposed constitutional wrighti, iron workers, steam fit' Jan. 1 "would reaffirm the faith juries, a truck belonging to the th« scene of large-scale territorial "inn p.rl-mutuel btttini. .mended, • in free enterprise Forty Eight Star Milling Co,, was tors, boilermakers, operating en- of Congress amendment (HJR1). 1 w«r« between Paraguay and Bolivirtually demolished, a car beThe educational survey bill, gineers and teamsters on the job, system. Ti», but ,th« government of Presiof introduced by Representative and that all except the carpen- Hanes asked for action on longing to Richard W. Rossiter, WARSAW, March 14 (W—The MANILA, March 14 Mt—In the dent Higlnio Morinigo announced K. Wolfe of Dona Ana ters and teamsters now receive Knutson's bill "as soon as pos- 207 South Harvard was damaged, Polish government today ordered stive atmosphere of n far*wll teveral hours later it had been no- tnr> inUrv to $4800, lloul' nmenaminv. Calla County and other (HB 136), was $91 for a work -week ' including sible." He advised Congress to and a fence valued at $250 de- the slashing of »t least 4,000,000 11 for Ambassador Pnul V. Me-' BY'SENATE tified by the Chaco troop com W.COMMITT™ passed after Senators James Mor- eight hours' overtime. In addi- "forget the political consider- stroyed in an accident on Isleta persons off Its rationing lists in «t«te »nd countr »«»!«. utt. the United States and th« mander that the report was false SB1M—To IIOJM—To lioor. row of Raton and James T. tion, he said the boilcrmakero ations and the ideologies thnt Road Friday evening. The government said Its troops TD^^.yf^™orpor.t,d .ounty Brewster of Garfield termed it draw $21 a week extra as sub- have been written into too many Patrolman Alfred Dow, of the a desperate attempt to' conserve hilippinos tonight made a !>9had drawn up opposite the rebel m>»t» meorporncd. (10-11). a "highly worihy proposal long sistence pay. of our recent tax laws' and deal State Police, arrested Rossiter on in * food crisis that car agreement for American HY SENATE Hou» forced at Concepcion anc TASSKI) overdue." Burlingame expressed the opi- with the problem as objectively a drunk driving charge, and said UNRRA officials said would soon ilitnry and naval bases in these HB501—rrevenllni preildent House bill 145, making an.ap- nion that the walkout. resulted as It deserves to be dealt with," that a woman who had been in that the loyal forced were being •chool of mlnei from bKomlni see the average Pole getting less lands. propriation for the publication of from an increase from $1,50 to reinforced slowly by volunteers of «tat» bureau of mlnn. 153-01. Rossiter's car, and apparently had to eat than the Germans, 3D301— Amendlntr U» contrnetori' McNutt signed for the United a New Mexico legal digest, prev- $1.75 in the hourly wages of carThere has been no fighting ye censing law. (15-5). been injured, had loft the scene Persons on the list have been iously defeated by. the upper penters which did not include tatcs and President Manuel A. between the opposing ranks, the KB11«—IncreMiinn n>« of the accident In a passing car. obtaining essential foodstuffs at chamber, was recalled and passed the millwrights. He asserted'the government announcement added Dow said he had checked all a government fixed price far be- oxns fqr the Philippines in the after having been amended to building trades council had orouncX-of-Siatc Hall tn MainReservists and retired officer local hospitals, but that the mislow the free market. mnk the digests available only to who fought in the Chaco arc bcinj sing passenger had not been tak- The officials said the primary man palace, Condusing momhs certain judges and attorneys, not dered workmen off the job. f negotiations. McNutt is due to put in command of voluntee en to any of them. The patrol- hope for the Poles, whose food ave all state officials. The vote was There was no immediate comin northern New M by air Saturday morning, ment from workmen or union SANTA PE, March 14 OT—Here Kroups, the government said, an< .chool man said he had the license num1IB135— Creating board to mam needs will become increasingly a India and Paris, for Wash15 to 7. it was expected the insurrection The upper chamber also, on representatives. is the way the members of the ber of the car which took her critical until harvest time, rests igion, where he will resign the •would be put down shortly. motion of Senator Leonard Ginn House voted today, on passage of away, and was hunting the driv- in the United States. mbassadorship, of Albuquerque, withdrew from Faced by reports of famine in A provision in the agreement oner "to withhold approval of apj Senate Bill 260, which would perth« committee on state and counMr. and Mrs. Don Sherwood, Russia's vast western Ukraine r Brailns lemi under certain co ntes that in the interests of mmit pnri-mutuel betting on dos of Route Three, passengers In the ty affairs and sent to the labor breadbasket, no help is antici- ernatlonal security nny of th* HJR3 (.ubj-r-rovldlnj four y;ar t«rm committee t measure (HB 204) races In the state: truck received minor cuts and pated from that region, or anyr »tat» Meoutivi. offlctn. (Jl-1). ases may be made nvailnble to For—Brand, Carpenter, Carr, bruises, Dow said. The driver of where else Immediately. system HJR1 («ub)-Provldlni! four rear urn providing » retirement he Security Council of the UmtCoe, Cornell, Cross, Dean, Espln r county officer*. (20-3). for city employes. The bill was truck, who left to arrange d Nations'. 1IBJ41—IncreaHnit powtri <X raoin osa, Fernandez, Francis, Gonzalcs, the WASHINGTON, March 14 reported out with a "do pass for having the truck taken to a of recommendation a short time Walter W. Cenernzzo told the Fidel; Gonzalcs, Peter; Grijalva; garage, was not Injured, and his Pioneer of Pablitos City Clerk Ida Malone reported Gladioli-Carrying Plane House Labor committee today Jaramlllo, R. P. Jr.; Lcyya; Macs, ConjrcM t« proUo was not obtained. Dies at 94 Years that 128 additional Albuquerque SJKli-HemorallzIni Also passed was a House bill thnt Senator Taft (R., Ohio) has Alfredo; Maes, Jose; Padilla; Roy- name bright, of ChrUtlanltjr in Ctntral K«r Ight Dow said that the truck tore business houses filed occupation- <e. (13-01. Riving the state racing commis- "used his office" as a senator to all, Rozzcll. Soligman, Simms, down the fence, on the property Vicente Chavez y Sanchez, 9-1 (ills Two in Crack-Up numeral dMlgnatlo al tax returns Friday, and it was r c n l « o n IRautomobile sion p'ower to investigate and ex- further the importation^ of Swiss Smalley, Whitney. tomoe C. A. Trafton, 1133 Isletayear-old resident of Pablitos anc CHARLESTON, S. C.. March Indicated that at least four-fifths rdtnu to date ona uwhich county creat«l amine pari-mutuel equipment and watches into this country. Against-Atchley; Burks; Flood; of Road, and finally crashed into a pioneer in thai town, died at 4 (INS)—A twin-engined DC-3 of the more than 5000 business operations and a Senate measure eon Roman; Hoover; Horn; Kittell; The witness, who is president lijM7-Memorallzln<[ Congre his home Thursday. affected by the tax had .filed. argo plane crashed today near nue the. work of the rural eleetrlflcatlo providing for numeral designa- of the American Wstch Workers Mcchem; Morgan; Nelson; Rey- a tree, after the collision. H« Is survived by fivo sons he Charleston municipal airport Deadline for turning in the dmlnletratlon. Ufl-Ot. " tion for counties on automobile Union, testified nlso that Repre< nolds; RidRe; Sanchez; Trujillo: 3JR24-MemoralUln(t Con reis to pai Jorm Is today, and while there 11 providing .thai benefltn 8 which woul licenses according to the date on Melquaidc.', Francisco, Juan dc killing the pilot and thf co-pllot. sentntlvp Cellor (D., N. Y.) has Vigil. Eloy; Vif?tl, F. A.: Wolfe; if no specified penalty for .fail- ,va accrued to veterana killed In «t on hich the county was created. Dlos, Ramon and Rafael; five The plane, owned by the Unit' and Payne. "used his position on the floor World War n or who died » reiult ure to file on time, the city is emdaughters, Mrs. W. H. Parker ed States Airlines, Inc., of St. The latter measure wns ap- of, the House" and in dealing Absent— Adams; Cantu; Chavez; connected dl.ablllty b« extended powered to obtain gross receipts .ervlce Mrs. Carlos Romero, Mrs. Dan Petersburg, Fl«., crashed «.< It roved after Senator Juan Pachtheir children. H3-0). .TaramUlo, T. C.; Montoyn; and figures on delinquent businesses VTROnUCED IN SENATE Icn Sanchez. Trinidad and Bar attempted to Innd for refueling. o of Chncon explained that the with the State Department in (Morrow) MemoralUInt Ctmtit" eople of Mora County objected favor of the Benru* Watch Co., Snipes. from the .itate tax rolls and levy 8JRJ4 tollta; 43 grandchildren and 2: It was en route from Florida pa,« bill in Conjrioa which Provide* taxes on those delinquent firm*. Still unconscious more than 24 great grandchildren. being "number 31—last' under an importer. « T benefit!, which would h.v. "cruid to »sc to New York with a cargo terann killed In action in World War II Cenerazzo said Tnft formerly State Senate Takes Back hours after the crash of a motorFuneral services will be Sat of gladioli when It crashed. e numbering system now used. who died an a result of a lervlca eonwas a director of the G r u e n cycle on which he was riding and urday morning at 10 o'clock a Santa F« Ex-Convict Gets ected dinablllty In war b« extendul to Watch Co., another importingREA Project Bill elr children. (Pa.»ed Imm.dlattly). an automobile, Joseph Ernst, 59, Our Lady of Belen Cntholi BILLY SALTER ILL KFKATED BT HOUSE 75 Years for Killing: firm. He added thnt members of. of Sedlllo Hill, was reported in Church. Arrangements are i W. S. "Billy" Saltcr. assistant 8D50-Ea«lni! requirement! '.or iwai the Tnft family have been stock SANTA FE. March 14 (>P)—The critical condition in St. Joseph's charge of N. C. Romero Funera manager of the Hilton Hotel, li ubllcatlons In 8panl«h. (Adopted unfaSenate committee on state and Hospital Friday night. 8ANTA FE, March 14 W)—Ca- orable commlttea report). holders in the same firm. Home. reported HI at his home with & )IDJB«—Amending lalei lal aa U Knuto Alarld, 43-year-old Santa Fe mptloni. Cenernxzo said Ccller'i ' law county affairs today received back Ernst suffered a brain concusf!3-29). bud case of influenza. a Senate bill to require author•K-convlct today pleaded guilty ASSKO ny HOUSE firm represents the Benrus Co. sion, a compound fracture of the to power* ef •'»« "9; to a second degree murder charge BHD:4-7-Rel«tlvt He testified Tnft "successfully ity from the State Public Service left leg, said to be so severe that Wage-Hour Office Finds commuuton. (Concurrid In Senate SANTA FE, March 15 W>—Lcgbefore the Rural in district court in connection "fns-Pritldlni! for .trlplni! of hlghwayi. lative proposals regarding gen- blocked" a Senate investigation of commission Slcctrificarion Administration can the leg was almost torn from his State Child Labor Case •with the slaying last Feb. 7 of Ha- Concurred Hi Senato amendment). •al and electrical contractors Swiss watch importers and their construction or opcrs- body, a dislocated hip, and a posmona Hernandez Lucero and was HH3-t>rovldl..t for vocational tr.lnlng ere batted back and forth be- relationship with the American undertake One child labor case was foun ion of projects. sible skull fracture. (Concurred In Senate amendmemi. his watch industry. He added 1 1 «entcnced to 75 to BO years In the .uter. wccn th« House and Senate toamong seven monetary violation The bill, designed to require HB1-I5—Providing for d '" • ' " v l Wiley Johnson, 35, of the Four jlco aupreme court r»port«. (Concurred union sought the Inquiry. itat« penitentiary. itate approval before the REA Hills Ranch in Tijeras Canyon, reported from New Mexico ! Benato amendment), These were the developments: Alarld, who previously nerved !ini3«—Providing competes with established enter- driver of the car involved in the February by the Wage and Hou for ilatewid* •ducagenati SB 281 to combine the licensing Mven y«ar« of a 60-year sentence onal nurvey. (Concurred In prises, was killed last night by collision has been cited Into court, and Public Contracts division I* lh» wnjr for killing his wife, was sentenced ;he House, but recalled today and charged with Illegal entrance to a of the U, S. Department of Labo v« to drilling ot wtlli In oards for both groups was passed fO (MVflJ (0 — to 5 by the Senate. ba»ln>. '«•»>• ., massed with an amendment. by District Judge A. W. Marshall rnlergro«nd"waier The seven violations, lowest i His trial has been set 115. H« and KB115-PrpvldSpecial messenger dispatched On its return to the Senate; to- highway. of Demlng, sitting for Judge Da- ,gBUblorBB100. the four states of the region, r annexation by oltlei ot adjolnlnj for next Wednesday. LOS ANGELES ic measure to the House where Weather report for the 24 hours ending day, the upper chamber refused errltory, emergency. (33-11). _,,„., suited in restitution of $518 to : vid Chavez Jr. t p. m. Friday furnished by the U. B. to concur in the change and after BD12I—Traniferrlnir monty f n m mineral was' promptly defeated. The at Before Alarid was sentenced, aninz employes affected, said Lawso Weather Bureau station at the Municipal WASHINGTON act to textbosk fund. <-ll-0). ouse only yesterday approved Airport. the vote referred tije measure to Louis Baca, Machinist ^ A. Wood, supervising inspecto District Attorney David Carmody SI1I53—Motive, to Improvement ot Rio vo bills of Its own to repeal the General Data th committee for further study. asked that he never be released NEW YORK appropriation for frtft ontractors and electrical con- Observations for 34 hours finding 5:30 For Railroad, Dies ' m. local time. SEEKS DISABILITY PAY from prison again. These measures p. Precipitation is the amount of rain or o,,,o. v, to' clalmi of cradltora ractors' laws. -tndTWA lilha John G. Benakis Friday fll< Alarld had signed a' statement gainst estate* of decedent*. (43-01. Labor Department Men and hundredlhs. re awaiting action by Senate melted snow in Inches Louis Ccniado Baca, 58, life- District Court suit against tl Weather Temp'ture.i friendly w«y (o fly, admitting he stabbed the woman SD183-Relatlve to Iniurance policies ommlttee. long resident of Albuquerque, Low High Rain Station— In Training Session John Hancock Mutual Life Insu to death during n prolonged *3I12i5—Authorizing cltlM Vo 111; notleet NEW MEXICO died Friday afternoon.. He had ance Co.. asking disability pa Set your Irnval tgont or pJion* 30 al — Pt Cldy Albuquerque ., f vacating ot atreeu. (43.0). drinking bout. 1M been ill for 18 months' Pt Cldy It Six Inspectors of the w a R e, Carrlzozo ments of $25 a month for Jnnuar SB131—Allowing cltlea to coniolldate 'hree Farmington Firms - 4537 in Tr Cloudy 37 Tr Clayton Baca. who lived at 224 North and February, and return otlne dlvUlonn. (37-14). .„_. — S3 — Cloudy hour snd public contracts divis30 Crov-npolnt .. BD81-Provldlng for daggered tirma Docketed in OPA Suit Son t/m« w/fJi TWA AIRFREIGHT High, was a machinist at the — Clear ion of the U. S. Department of premiums he has paid this year o , 3« Deaths and Funerals Kngle , ,r city comml«»loneri. («»-3i. 5B — Clear 37 Farmington .. law offlcen i« file Labor attended a one-day per- Santa Fe shops for 25 y e a r s . nis insurance policies. He allege SM4 L K( o.ulrIng <S .05 Hnow 14 Vugas .... Three Farmington, N. M., firms Las —Mr.. Louis Ccnlndo T)i\c«.. M Pt Cldy iodic retraining session here Fri- Surviving arc his wife, four he became disabled in 1940, th 93 _ 32 Moeollon •nd lUe-lonK M«Mfnt of thl» city,, pmuffl °Sub' SDOl-InereuIng liability of com- 'ill go on trial in U. S. District PI Cldy — e/J — daughters and three sons: Mrs. the firm paid disability bcnofl r>rld«»jr fiftirnoon. Mr. n«c» mon carrlcra for death caused by wrong»w»y Tr Cloudy day. 22 ourt here Monday on 'OPA m«chlni»t «t tht B»nu P> shops R, H. Lamport, Miss Frances Ba- under the policies until Januar PtCldy Edward J. Florer, assistant re31 Roswell h»d »«n 111 "BJI"— Authorlilni cltlei to crtate^ plan- hargcs of above ceiling sales of for ramr tH»n 25 y«nr«. Tr Cloudy gional director from Dallas, and ca, Miss Eva Baca, Aaron Baca when it refused to pay more an 25 Santa Fe for tin put 1« raonthn unit rrjlded nt ing commission*. (41-1) (Defeated pre- meat products. • Tr snow 28 Tucumcftrl 334 North llleh etri-ft, Mr. Brie* Is »ur- iously but recon»ldered). two of his aides conducted the and Sisto Baca, all of Albuquer- instead sent him bills for prem OTHER STATES SB39—Providing for thort form lor Named defendants in the com- Amarlllo Tlvfd by hU wit*; lour d«ui!htfr«i M", n Tr Sno* session for Inspectors who came que, Mrs. Joe Trujillo, Denver, 31 H. Lumbfrt, Mis* rriincM »nd m n«c« Iccda. (42-0). , laint which asks a permanent PtCldy .09 30 Chicago ........ SB«-Authorltlng attorney jeneral all hure. iinll Mr«, Jon Tnljlllo of Denver, Cloudy from over the state and West and Floyd Baca, • Los Angeles. , .I* Worth Colo.; thrrp sons: A«ron nnd Sl»to. ntr» IVB state.', consent to be sued In aclloni OJunction and triple damages to- Kortiver cloudy Texas, Funeral arrangements will be IK •nd Mo"d In I/« An«el'«: thru grand- o clear up real eatate Ileni. (41-11. aling $2598 arc Forrest Woods Clear 35 Paso announced by the Strong-Thome diviRhlrrn «rd two Kr»nds<m». thrir broSD350—Increasing notary f«« to M Mnti Clear 20 nd Burton McKay, doing busiFlagstaff ther* «nd ttro j|»l»rj. Ho »n» n mtmrter amended. 134-01. Clear Mortuary. 23 RESERVKS TO CONVENE of thf LulM «twl«t .nd thf St. Churlrs PASSED DV RF.NATE css as the Palace Market; and Wlrulow cloudy 27 Orftnd Junction jurromfo Church. Punrrnl «rr«ne'mrntj I1BKW- Providing / f o r th« ehaniln« < ROSWELL. March 14 W—The cloudy le San Juan Co-operative Indus37 Knnsns City .... will bf announced upon the nrrivAl of if •ounty lines .ind annexation of portions Clear New Mexico department ot the TO FREE 800,000 NAZIS 57 Angeles .... lutlvM. stronu-Thornt ' Morumry l» in of countlw. (n-3). . . rics, Inc., doing business as the Los Snow 13 Minneapolis .... Reserve Officers Assn. will hold MANNHEIM, Germany, March IinS2—Prohibiting use of slovea for heat Sunnco Locker Co. clesr . 55 Needles ng private busses and trucks. (31-0). its annual convention in Carls- 14 (/?)—Franz Dahlem, an official Snow 32 Oklahoma city HU54_Halslng pay ot district health Cloudy bad. April 25-27, Lt. Col. Frank of CKEVEZ T SANCHEZ—OlCfntf ChuVM y the Russian-supported So. 17 Omaha les for damages caused the public by opSinchez 04. llfelonB reildent of p«bllto» "'imj'j-nepca'ling «Hht hour law fo Clear 3" Phoenix cialist Unity party (SED). said ration of motor vehicles. (30-01. L. Smith Jr., state president, anDturd »wny «t hli home Thursday, surCloudy . 28 at. Louis HD204—Providing retirement plan for Tivori nr« Jlvt Hon.. MulnulodM, Tr«n state employes. (13-10), Cloudy nounced today. Smith said Gen. today Soviet Marshal Vassily D, 31 Snll Luke BY SENATE Itv employes. (10*1). p|*co Juan De Dlo.i. Ramon and Ruincl PASSED Clear HI HB221—Requiring certain vehicle! * 311248-Settlng limit of »5000 on II- San Francisco Jonathan M. Wainwright of the Sokolovsky, Russian commander rive duuihten. Mm, W. 11. P»rXer. Mr« Clear ,0« Wishlngton. D. C. 42 ense fee« for sale of liquor. (11-10). Cnrlo» Romero, Mr«. Dnnlfl Bundle* stop nt railroad crossings. <1«-0). Fourth Army and Maj. Gen, H, in Germany, had promised that Local Data HD283—Authorizing mtinlclpalltlei am HB7B—Regulating real estate brokers, Trlnldid und Durtollta: 43 erandenlldrel Highest temperature this dsie since H53 M. Turner, commander of the "another 800.000 German pris•nd 3J «re»t-er»n<lchlldren. runer« counties to vote bond* for hospttali, (IS smended, (U-5). 11JR2S—Tn memory of the late Jose U. «ervlce» will be B»tur<l»y nt. II », m, Lowest temperature this date *lno» 1893 tenth air force, have been invited oners of war" would be dis HnUO— Authorising countlei »o Ortega. (IK-0). Our L»dr of nelen CMhollr church. K charged by the Russians in 1047. 15 in 1017. to speak. 4ENATK CONCURRED buildings to cities. (10-01. C. Romero Funeral Horn* In charne IT Thr Aiioolated Pr*t« Urth 14

T>r.rr.Atr.n BY HOVBE:

Contlnutd fr«n P«n. Ont

Truck Demolished In Highway Crash Four Million Poles hilippines-U.S. Pact Signed Will Lose Rations

Simms for Dog Bill; Horn Against

House Witness Accuses Taft

Occupational Tax Deadline Today


Accident Victim i Still Unconscious

Contractors Bills lave Busy Days

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TOINCH—nonary will b« roclKd fo Wra. Annie Trench nundny rvenlni; »t »:3 n'clock In r«lm Chupel of th» strons Thorne Mortuary. Funeral .wrvtce* will b held Monday morninit at 9 o'clock froi tnt Immaeulalo conception Church. Pnthe Patrlclc J. Kellehrr will officiate. Pall bearers will be William Stri-mlch. Deroar Horoho. John Saffle. Fred Uti. KranH Me Culloch »nd E. M. Honey. lnt«rment wi b< In Calvary Cemetery. JARAMILIjO—CrUelda «. Jaramlllo. 34 llfetonc resident of Bflen, paued i Thursday. Survivors are her husband Carlos H. Jaramlllo: » Jon, rranclj Ed ward: her mother. MM. Jose Ramon C Banchet; two brothers. Mlsuel and <l»r. fir* slaters, Mrs. Alberto a Jara mlllo of Tao»: Mrs. Zsequell Padllla Bellen; Mrs. Paul Padllln of Albuquer qu« and Mrs. Placldo TruJIIln of La!, Tuneral services will be at Ou Ladv of Helen Catholic Church Raturda at 10 a. m., N, C. Romero Funeral Horn •In chant. .'uneral nervlee* for Mr, Tr *tn O. Kraune will be held Saturday ftftrr noon At 2:30 o'clock tn Palm Chapel of th Slrone-Thorne Mortuary. Dean Lloyd V Clarke will officiate. l>a!!brarer» will t Le* Evani. Robert Andrews. N. T. .McCnnn B. L. Wildon. H. H. Smith and Harve Oebhart, Inrerment wilt be. In Palrvle Park.

unua— Exempting llvntock common carrlera from mlleag" tax, (U-0). HD270—Creating a state hlchway In Rl Arrlba and Santa »e counties. (1B-0). HD14J—prohibiting any rural project from operating in any municipal Ity without a franchise, excepting tnoi already existing. (18-01. IID3B8—Setting up an oil and las l«ai form for land commissioner. (lD«Ot. HB2CS—Validating prevlout acknowledge rjents. (10-0). HI1240—Helatlng to sourcea of oommun Ity property. (18-0). 111)212—Providing for publication b cltie., counties and schools of lummarle of financial transactions, amended. (18-0 HB2I7—Providing the right of appea from juvenile court to suprema court. (18 0). 3B308 (Sub)—Allowing Mary Acellna Ro mrro and Paul Kuykendall claims agalns state to be presented to state flnanc board. (18.31. HUM* (Sub)—Raising salaries of certal officers In flrit class counties. (20-01. 111)144—Repealing obsolete and «uper icded lava. (20-0). 8D209—Providing «ehool tax «x«mptton 10 certain societies and non-profit organ latlons. (IB-0). 111)210—Relating to forms of Insuranc ot be written by New Mexico eompanle (lO-Oi. KI12M—Conferring civil and ertfnina Jurisdiction on probate courts In firit etas counties. (19-01. Hmri3—Requiring financial responslbll

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Albuquerque. N. M.


Today's highest «1 at 3:30 p. m. Today's lowest 30 at 1 a. m. Departure from normal for today plus 1. Accumulated departure since first ot month minus 19. Precipitation since first of month .03. Departure from normal since first of montli minus .11. TotM precipitation since Departure from normal alncc Jan. 1 ,'lr«t of year ralnun .97. .. Relative humidity. 8:30 a. m. 48: 11:30 DEFEATED BT HOUSE HB22B—Relieving municipally owned . m. as; 8:30 p. m. 18. Sunrlne «:17 a. m. Sunset e:13 P. m. itllltles of necessity of getting public servMoonrlir 1:38 «. ni..Moon»<M 11MO n, m. ce commission's approval for construction or extensions. (No record vote). HBI01—Creating state ve'.erani housing Whcary Trunks, Luggaec corporation. (No record vole). HB346—Raising salaries of assistant disOther fine L'UKKHK* trict attorneys. (l«-25). SMJO—Relative to appointment of Judges Small Leather Goods .'or municipal elections. (No record vote). PASSED BT HOUSE 1IDS3—Appropriation lor printing legislative Journals. (37-0,. SB179—Providing for retirement of dis105 S. 5th 67th Year trict judges and aupreme court Justices, amended. (20-13),

SB550—Praising notary fees, House amendment. Sn2«p—AuthorHIng parl mutuel betting on dog races. House amendment. UP.CALLED BY HOUSE anisi—Providing for Inspection of public records, 81)155—Amending unemployment compensation lav.


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SOUTHBOUND Lv. Albuquerque . . 11-55pm Ar. Socorro . . . . 2:20 am Ar. Lot Cruces . . . 6:08 am Ar. El Paio . . . . 7i30 am






Iv. El Paio . . . . 10i45 pm Ar. La*Crueei . . . 12:02 am

Tomato Juice

1 Cf» I«JC

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JQ/» *Tt/C



Ar, Socorro . . . . Ar, Albuquerque . >

3:54 am 6:25 am



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Effective Sunday, March 16, Santa F« will inaugurate overnight service between Albuquerque and El Paio,with connections at Albuquerque for California, Chicagorand eastern points.




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03.15.47 Albuquerque Journal, Legislative Summary  
03.15.47 Albuquerque Journal, Legislative Summary