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February 16, 1936



,-e had on t h i s bill. 1 ' If 'everything own wasn't mortgaged to the lit, I'd go out and mortgage w h a t vas left and give them the money. 'hey 'ray their workers w i l l be hrown on relief. Well, we will go osether to tho office of Major Braughl and plead,: (MaJ, B. O. Braught, Federal Rpllef Adminisrator /or New Mexico). You heard fie miners plead \ hero .through ards the boy's father and mySANTA FE, Feb. 16 C4>)- A tielr representatives that they special executive message from tho olf lo interfere w i t h his recelvvanted a Bureau of Weights and 4 rrcra Fat* :g Eome small' mite of Iho comgovernor prececded action by the cales because the companies worn Senate of (he New Mexico legisla- cnsatlon justly d u e h i m ? " Icry Immediately back of tho obblng t h o miners. Now, they ture- Friday afternoon In passing h o u r e floor. But, for once it scorn- otne here and ray tills tax will put SB107, providing an appropriation j The bill passed, 22 to 0, with ed. their hold on tho house* mem he robbers out of business. This Is a of $6,000 for members o( tho Na-| ,-Q members absent. ,P b-M 'a had been broken, air and just tax. You've got to tax tlonal Guard I n j u r e d while on d u t y ; In Iho lobby lineup were J o h n K. he people u l t h money — you can't After tlits measure was disposed under call of tho governor or ad-| , tlio Senate swept through U M /es. Democratic fitate chair-nan: et ta:.rcii from people « h o haven't Tho Miller division ot tlio Clj u t a n t genera). f Tore measures In rapid (Ire or- Uavld Chavez, Santa Fo l^mci* ny money. Why, right now, they bola National Forest, comprising Several arguments were m a d e , er, passing all of t h e m , almost t i a t l c boss; E. R. Wright, Uono- re figuring on a t n x . o n tobacco — approximately 7100 acres o( timfavor of t h o , bill, tho b « n e f J - i I t h o u t c o m m e n t u n t i l It reached van E. Hoover, Capt, W. C. Reid. o tax the poor devil who gets a lltber nnd grazing land, would be ary of w h i c h , floor Leader Fred BIZ, p r o v i d i n g the elate carry Its Santa Fe railway counsel, Lom le enjoyment out of life from a i\-n fire insurance on public *\ fclte, Raton coal baron; K. I/. moke." ilson explained, will be W i l l i a m i- ^ >vs»l , *• -s-*-, * t - "~ t r a n s f e r r e d to Iho Z u n i Indian ullcllngs. Sen. Taylor E. Jullen Sitlord, former Republican cnalr, Hanneil. son of former Gov. Deo DonncH ( D , Sandosal) reservation by a bill which U. S. JX, Q u a y ) Jntrodiicor of the mea- j m n ; Horace Moses, G a l l u p coal vho offered t h e ; a tn.o n d m o n.t , T. Haimelt. • <, ' r Senator Carl Jlalch has Introirc, was tho leading advocate. hilrie operator; Clarence JUnkle, vhlch can-led, eliminating /limber, Wilson sold a newspaper article duced at \S'ashlnElon. • , '• •' hlch would save Iho state tlious- son of former Governor Janies aid t h e bill was 'misunderstood; Bcu&stn? tho measureFriday uds of dollars over a f e w y e a i s . H l n k l o and a lobbyist for oil and Oil, gas and potash resources will The bill Is Intended to provide .ornlng was u n f a i r since It was e f e n d l ! i g ~ it as an economy bill potash; F, B. Magrudcr of El raso. lot bo exhausted, he said. He a d d i t i o n a l grazing area, for theot hased on the facts, 1 : Senator S. A. Jones (D,. Curry) Southern Pacific railroad repre- aid the first oil v.-ell In the na"It Is t r u o tho beneficiary of this Z u n l live-stock, as recommended lon, one In Pennsylvania, 1 "• easuro will be William Hatinett," •as the leader of the opposition sentative and ceveral others by the Indian Service. . ' "With this 'bill r latmlng the b i l l ' w a s ' n o t sufficient Representative L. , P. Hall (D., vas operating. ilson said. "He was 16 at the ralso a barrier around New Assistant Supervisor 3. C- Nave .me of an automobile accident ud that H did not provide a s u f - Lincoln), ' w h o said he was seldom of the Clbola Indicated the Forest Mexico, keeping out foreign capclent capital (o start with. The heard, remarked a "man 'blind in n which his back waa b r o k e n and Service Is agreeable to the change ill lost, (10 v o t i n g yes,' and 12 no. one eye and who 'can't see- out of tal, like the Wall of China. That hasn't walked since. He wan as long as etockmen now on the all has' been, broken down. Wo There was some little discussion tho other 'would have no trouble area are r e i m b u r s e d , for range ailed out aa a m e m b e r o f , the f HB7S, the act c l a r i f y i n g tho seeing w h a t the situation is here" don't want any such'- wall In New uard to participate In the InatigImprovements they Installed. •lexlco. Wo ^ ant capital," heration of tho late Governor Sellg- late lottery law nnd permitting as ' h o . waved to a packed House^ r" ,. *$\'v ( ,^'JF\if \r The proposal had heart studied nan and was r e t u r n i n g from Eanla heater "bank - nights" a f t e r which gallery. It the utilities represent- said. Tho Illilo man has carried the bill was passed, 19 to 2, carry- atives, who arc so "many, r Hall said Blnco 1931. The area Is about when he was I n j u r e d . His mind oad fo far, said Joso Urbano 12 miles from R a m a h , and constill keen and he conceived 'tn-fs ng an a m e n d m e n t u n d e r which 15 "had stayed honie and let the Leg- Ortega (D., Rio A r r l b a ) as ho nects with the H u n l reservation. cent of the prize offered In islature alone, the money they dea himself. Ho (il«d his clnlm. ucli' "bank ' nights" shall go to pleaded f o r the bill's passage It has a v i r g i n stand of 11,356,uly a u t h e n t i c a t e d , with the sd- he m u n i c i p a l i t y as an occupation w o u l d - have saved In expense ac- The corporations will not die 000 leet of Ponderosa Pine, which counts would have paid this tax." utant general, and, I believe ho is 1 1 J ^ • -«j«i has never been cut because of ax. j < - k ; -. J> V ^ -{^I ** Pleas were made by other speak- 'rom this tax." "Miguel Lcyva (D., Santa-. . distance from market. A l t e r n a t - ntltled t o ; this sum." A brief Democratic caucus was ers for the Industries affected. J, B. Unnnt!tt's Telegram ing sections of tho land arc owned inld p r i o r - lo a d j o u r n m e n t d u r i n g Romero (D., McKltiley) saying tho said the corporations had plenty Wilson, d u r i n g the course of his of representatives, but "tho un by the Santa Fc railroad. vhlch a steering committee was emarks, nla'o read the f o l l o w i n g lelccted, -consisting of Floor Lead- coal companies', worp strapped and derdog \\ ho has to pay tho i\\ t The grazing permit for all the couldn't pay — only one company In clegram from .the young: ma cenl.saTes las linn no- rcpre er Wilson, c h a i r m a n ; Senator Gallup, he fcaldi was a coi ^oration Jorest area la held by A. J. and r alhcr: j^K^'^ ' < > ' < n - ' '* loyd (R., Valencia) and tho The rest wero Individuals. -- ,t £*. sehtdtlves., but those In ; t h l s house Walter Crockett, c.attlo men. of Representatives. I want to, sec "I hope neither you nor any chairmen of all standing comi-Healed Kxcliniigc * £-$ tho corporations p r o s p p r, ny friends will feel any embarass- nlltccH. , - • Milton K. Smith; -(D., L,ea T Ecldy) course, but I want to see them ncnt in voting against the b i l l pr On motion of tlio Senate alt bills spoke at length for the potash t n carry their share of tho ta\c idlnff a f u n d to cover comnenill -In committee will be turned > •> ^ •' atlon justly duo my son under a. over -to this committee and the terestB, saying foreign •'. competition too'." resulting from cheap labor and this The IIouso concluded ; Us., scs general statute. Tho claim wa standing committees^ dissolved. The Mod by the boy's moltier In his i e n n t e adjourned until Saturday t a x would put the - potash com- slon at a 'quarier of ono.Vthougl panies out of business. , This led to the 'speaker's walch s h o w e , • ; r ts ' . VIENNA, Feb. 15 (A 7 )—Police behalC with the adjutant general a f t e r n o o n . hoaled exchange w i t h R ''11:55 n. ni."- Adjournment, w* am amply able to care for my son believed Friday • they had solved P. Harrelsoh (D,, Dona Ana) .who taken n n i i ] afternoon ."when.; th and 1 am not asking clmilly f i o m s h o u t e d ; to 'llhe House ."I tried tho mystery of the sudden popu full 'calendar was.'attacked, ho alnlo leslslntnre. The boy* buy some of their potash stock and larity for funeral rites In lowci Fifteen bills were passed, ;lalm IH a jual one but It \vlU u;i they said it was so good the> beins the stale- pollco force, Urn Austria. •, -,.. "' ' parently subject Iiim and m wouldn't sell U " *"* i j. **f A f t e r raids ;near: Saint Poelten Ited to 30 men but --having an to tho cowardly attacKB c 1 'Let's swat the big gray mare, n u m b e r up to that, p l u s (ho chle: police explained tho funerals were. Senator Cutting's newspapers. sa!d Floyd T.' K e n n e d y (D., Roose The size of the patrol is to b V clever Nazi, plan to clrcumven mve borno such attacks for year Feb. 15 ( veil) as he recalled a previous slor: governed by tho approprlatlo •lecrees against Illegal gatherings v l t h etiuanlmlty but do not Secretory Icke.s and Postmaster •he told be 1 the little mule that die made. The state fair blll, : proyid Members ol secret Nazi group! elre that either my family General Farley awaited with all the work and the big mare.tha in^ for 3300,000 bonds they said, were summoned by thel !rlpnds be subjected lo same. equal silence Friday ntght a de- loafed as they were hitched to passed, amended so the obllga leaders to shed a few mock toar Srnator George iN'« riemini; (R mand by the Senate; that Ickes while they gat I n . a bit of cove-- San Miguel) said the I,egtslatur •supply any Information he might gether. Thp coiporatlons, he said Uons could be met by appro pr!1 atlon If the f a i r could f n o t pa • were'the mares. drill on their way to the buna have regarding investigations o£ was lax In not providing a Beiiilo V a l d e z (R.. Tabs) said th The highway d e b e n t u r e Issua t grounds. , ^ Insurance policy for such cases Public Works c o n t r a c t s with j 1( Ijpoor people ciltln't come In beg $3,000,000 was laid t over to th Ixirse quantities of propagand which Karlo> 's name may ha\ e r and a measure should be prepare glng for mercy when the t w o pc next legislative day, /, materials wero seized. , been connected. -• >. ! at once and introduced by u n a n l Vftlfcz Raps Corporations "I can't talk about thai," Ickes ; cent sales t a V \ \ a s forced on them, moua consent to take care of sue! At the night eesslori, the. first .on and "the corporations should not said. i * emergencies. f 4 Ui" ' *f* ' ~- ' far tbls session. Greaser J.als f "* ^ 'T' do not take It seriously," come crying In hero now." Senator Clarence P. Vogel (D Ford Ro\eiUs'Agieemcnt "!% McKlnley) cbarnctcrlieJ the bill a said Farley In Sarasola, Fla. Willis Ford (D Chaves) said M Both were speaking of Informa"a small gesture in the r i g h t v,ay. tion requested by the Senate nl that at "my suggestion, the coi(By (he1 Associated Press.} ' • Scdillo'Cbungcs HOUSE the suggestion ot Senator Long porationt, \ \ e r e called in and told Senator J u a n ' S e d i l l o (R.. Sant HiUs rassed • <D-, La.) who for "four straight they would have to share some of KB125—Severance lax, as Bmcndfd, Fe) said he had been opposed f days has been t h u n d e r i n g for an the b u r d e n of raising this e\tra tho measure but had changed h1 Oomir.ittee substitute Sor HB30—Sta Inqutrj into Farley's work as half million dollars of relief necmind after e x a m i n i n g the claim 1 police force, as amended. 39 lo 7. postmaster general Vatid chairman essaiy." Now, he said, after taking Committee ' substitute '• for HDI50—SI the office of tho A d j u t a n t Genera dents may gel game licenses as reslden National Com- them every other way, the Lpgl«ilaHo Bald the- claim had bean prop- of [ho Democratic 45 to 0. t u r e "would sock 'em for what f J ' -s "' Committee, substitute for HB17S—Oust! erly filed u n d e r a law hn himself mittee. r ,u s ~ ,$ they take out of the ground," Ho o f ' p e a c e jurisdiction. 43 to 2. w r o t e ; and SB107 provided the BB'J5r-EnglnEcr : and: surveyor «xaminl pleaded "I^et's not shoot both barboard and ' requirements Jor j f u n d s necessary to meet the claim. rels at the corporations." , -," ' In Mate, 38 to B, The letter Addressed to tho SenBB56—A'slgnmenfs of collateral lecur! Charles McDuflle C D , Bcrnallllo) ate by Gov. Clyde Tlnglcy regardloi Slate land leasts 45 to 0. said he "never felt so sorry for anyr SBG4—RelBtlng'lq iate' oi alock in olh i n g , t h e measure was as follows: ^ one in my Ufa 'atJ 1 did for these corporations. l\ : to 0, " I j Q d l o K i a n d , g on II onion! v, Roscoo : Tsotslo and Joe Thomas, c»rporatlons at the public healing SB 68-7-That State .Treasurer may duct 10 per cent or delinquent taxi "I note a newspaper article In Navajo Indians from Gallup were cover fcanK.losses, (amended to reduce eu this morning's A l b u q u e r q u e Journal dismissed on charges of being lo 10 pei cent"iron: 25 per cent). *4 to entitled 'Valentine f o r - Tlngley Is d r u n k In police court Friday af5H7<!—State "Fair arid (300,000 bond 1 me, amended by,'House, :43. toiO. Delayed.' The ' article discusses ternoon. Dan Lawrence, third i SB1CIB—Retalhc to chattel rr SenateBill No. 107.v t ' ,„,*«*•<. - member of tho trio paid a. 515 • {•1 to 0. Committee substitute for JiD33~Subi "Section 03-173 ,of Now Mexico f l n o -"onv.tho-'.sanio c o u n t fluent Bsieisraenl - o f , property omitled Statutes 1 Annotated, C o m p i l a t i o n 'Joseph Whitechuroh,"'San Diego Tax Commission;-^ *S to U. of 1929, provides that a. m e m b e r Hotel, .was .sentenced to serve 15 IIB41—PeriaJtj' : lori-extinctlnK eleelrLd or gas unlawfully. 48 to 0. of the National Guard who Is in- days In the city Jail for being UB104—Providing-for Rio' Puerto \ ,' i jured pursuant to a l a w f u l call d r u n k , • 44 to 0. ' HB117—Providing packer inust sho1 for duty shall receive actual necJainei Mullen, regional superfin oT \egetablei or liult. 41 lo 0, visor oX forest rbads and trails, essary expenses for care and med11B182—Prohibiting defacing or dliflgu ical ' a t t e n t i o n d u r i n g tho time he returned Friday from Washing"'"'V 911 So. Second Jnff of detour or other road signs. ' 39 to HB1B3—Municipal election teglstrall has ,becn incapacitated by reason ton, D, C.,' where he attended a ^ ^* "^ *•' ' " '-"' ' * , required. 39 to 0. j¥s ; conference on technical standards of such ' hi jury. -rtfcSrV *'* ' • '%!, • Today is our KB 137—Permitting cities (D Issue rerun "\yilltam A- Hannett was d u l y for tbat type of work, -• ing bonds, as amended/-, 3T to -J, JiB 156—Relating to loll drilling, and" regularly called to duty as Dr. F. L, Schneider, Inspector amended. 37 -to 1. a member of the National Guard of ths U. S. Bureau of A n i m a l B202—Relating to garbage "and SCT.B disposal, as r amendid.;..-'-H to 0, I'ou nro Invited lo par(lcl|)Alc and while on such d u t j i\as In- Industry, was In t h o eastern par I HJ.M3—Urging Congress to give Joe jured in a n , automobile accident of the state Friday, to confer « l l h us lonlghl In our cclclnnDuran pension. 44'lo 0.- through no f a u l t of his, but with field veteilnarians. ,\ ( SJM2—Urging Congress [o repeal Ftder tlon. Promptly nt 8 a'cjoc-k \vc jasolfne tax , -M to 2. Lhi ough either a defective car In Monday la the day for tax peCommittee substitute for BDlSO-^-Anne: liro cttlUni; a" bis nirllitla]- cnfce w h Ich ho ^ as r Ed i n g ( or' th e I n - t i t i o n s in the District Court- Aslion of contfngLous' property by niunlcl^ competence of the person, who sistant District Attorney Joseph to be Elven to' our,friends. Itles. 43 to 3. ' v.,., , Laid O v e r ' waa a member of the guard. In- G. Whitehousa said Friday that HBllfr—Relating to gasoline dealer bonds. trusted by of [leers of the guard petitioners must , be present, or KB J 24—Highway debentures. *3,t/Q,OQQ •^ BIRTHDAY SPECIAL BB57—Regulating honey : »na bees. to drive the car In which .William tlir-tr petitions will not be acted HB117—DeflnliiE gasoline" deslEiE. A. Hannetl was riding. By chanco on. ' • , * • . <-* , Delicious chicken «andwich.and llecommltted Criminal cases appealed from E?B 50—Rivaling to"; trucks through New I was riding I m m e d i a t e l y b e h i n d Mexico w i t h o u t ' 1 licenses under reciprocal the car In wh'lch the HanneU Justice of the ppaco courts will a glass of beer for Iflc aeteement. . House substitutes offered anri boy was riding when he waa In- b o _ heard In District Court for both went lo committee. ^ x .,, , ured. 1 saw tho car o\ e r t u r n Sandoval County Tuesday In Bcr11 LIU hilled ' Wl ' DISPENSARY SPECIALS IIliH9—Appointment . of v indigent &tu- and picked tho, boy up and took nallilo. There are. about a dozen denU bj members of Twelfth Legislature iim to the hospital. Cream of Kentucky, «!raighi His bach such, cases. ' ' ' . - • . > ' , end t7,300 npproprlatlon. Unfavorable, repoit adopttci T ' ' hi ok en. Ho ha£ been In bed Mr, and Tilts. J. J. Taylor of whisky, Ql. --J-51.9S Cdmmlttet substitute'-tor 1HDS—^Creallng or o\cr four years His father Santa Fe are visiting M r . - and >Velghls and Scales ; Bureau. ;; Unfavorable Gallon '._."._. 1—?7.50 1 ia>5 spent u p ward r, of J 2 0,000 In Mrs Myron Frtfleld of 215 Cocommittee report adopted. , 5150 HE127—Adalllonal one-tent gasoline tax endeavoring to repair Jhs Injury lumbia, Avenue. •*•> ^ > * Pint, 98c; V 2 -Pinl Sic Unfavorable committee report adopted. PrlTROLAGAR that tho state of. -New * Mexico EB30—Drfliilng returns in elections. UnJohnny Jones, Pt. -L 6Ec favorable cotrirhlllee report adopted, has done thin ,. boy. The boy's rnrotlcd and KnEtoiied Announcement life lo Canadian Club, Qt ?4.25 HBio—Denning Incompetents "and- pro- mother has d e m o t e d her the care o£ the boy. T ^ "' viding lor mahfiscmenl ol estates. Wine, any' kind,, Gal. _:.$1.65 KB 12—Providing (or ngenclev of beings. W h i t e S h r l n o R a n n u e t , 6 p. m., "May I not ho^pe that tho SenB124~?iavltllng ' inunlclpaUUet may buy ato' will dlsiepard newspaper at- Monday. /'Make reservations ' with or erect auditoriums, issue bonds, etc. Beer, botlle, 10c; Case..$2.40 tacks and not pel mil' the' mnllco Nora J. Simpson or Mrs. F. U Signed by .Governor IIB109—RclalUe to pinaltlta on State of poll tic tans and newspapers to- Schneider. \n > purchases. -, j HD?9—ReUlhe to appeaU ol cltlc i t o m niEirict to Supremt Court. HB93—Providing he1-' may withdraw not- over (300 : from estate, oi deceased. IIB5i— ReJatlnfr-'lo'iwrlts of garnishment JiBl—OUlng B t a f e Board ol Tlnanc* i eontroV over ;budEfls" 'appropriations,' etc, i KJMl—Relatlns to return of drouth cat*: tic from Mexico. v ' I r UB67—Providing lor puaj-dlanE o[ minors, i HDS7—Relntlng to ft'JnE inventory o( real estate In estates in another county. B1S7—Permltllns wife to t-ettfy asainst hu.'band In cettaln ; casui. >T HBl&t—Provld1ng euardlacs may Invest money. f ^, ^ , , BJR1S—tlelaltnj to T proposed conilltullcnal amtndment'.whereby Slate Superintendent : 0 t , Public* Instruction would be appolntjd, ; n o t : etecttd,'>! previously, killed by House b\it" recalled for further consideration, relerred to Education Committee. ^, , SENATE ,, ^ J*,J<AK BB107—Apprcpr!sting for tnemVeis of National Guard Injured whllft on «ethe duty. 23 lo 0.' ' - , HB175—Ststfl NR A-'Act;',: 12 to 10, SD12&— Fstftblishlnj agency In Stale I>(partinirt of, Education to har.die teitbook T , <llslrlbut!on. 23 to 0. BB32— Appropriating , » item lundi of nio arande Conservancy District istric for Improvement} in district, r >83 ;to 0. T <• "• SI388— 1'rovldlng i for ipnalntment of vraler master! by EUle Engineer.' 33 lo 0. HB19J — Pr&vldingr JOT 'delivery of bond* vlth signatures ol.f.niceia in office attlmo bonds were lliued. , 33 to OA" l f ~, 1 - * i. * HB3H— Designating' At torn; y General &! commissioner In drtULng Interilale' comjiacls for crime control. 1 - 22 to 0, *• < HB1S4— Provldtne, for ^uniform .weigbli for leave* of bread. ' 23 to 0, ? *' , ' \ ^ '• > JTJM7— AftklnK .Conare'ii" 10; enict: UV.; lo ,• iperrnll Legislature! toMevr^ sales l.Ux , on Jnler*(at*'>htprnenli,v'''l? r to.4. i :i > > i !t 1 ',NVf'i!.'f:L<.' '-; 'HJMt— lleo, ii«i Hr j f rerter*l -lOoTcrrimen io consttuct^jecnto, WBhVav.'.from; Santa • J*t' to Las ,Vtp««V through: Bant t'.Fe :Ni f 1: lo n« I - F o i e f t .'; .- 14 Ui'.l ' -~ HD7B—


Bill To Compensate SEVERANCE Injured Guardsmen Passed TAX PASSED , Unanimously By Senate BY HOUSE

H a t c ii B i l l Would Provide , G r a z i n g Land for Indians

Nazis Meet, Drill • } At Funeral Rites ; - , In Lower Austria

Ickes and Farley ' 'j Both Silent on Probe - \ Aimed at Latter

poke on" a point of personal 'prlvla b o u t somo article^ u n n a m e d , an Albut|ucrquo paper (the ournal Friday .nornlng) saying he not unfriendly to Gov. Clyde ingley, but Instead was friendly ltd him, and "I am not trying to ut him over any barrel." Benlto Valdez (H,, Taos) provlusly thrown out of (ho-Uouso by is 'sergeantE-at-arniB a f t e r pro5Ung \vhat ho said was "dlscrlmlatlon'V against R e p u b l i c a n s nnd aos County, then took tho floor on ersonal privilege. , ^ '-'There aro no politicians In v New Ie\Ico today," ho said. "Repubcans and Democials atiko fight

for the- corporatl-ns. 1 «tlll fight for p r i n c i p l e s and wl.l fight for them If I am dragged from this House ton times or J O O times." Work then filai'ted on the elx measures that wero passed, with considerable d e b a t e revolving a r o u n d tho bee and honey regula(ion bill which finally was sent back to committee for study, i The House recessed u n t i l Saturday morning' A*' t

ASKS DIVORCE Carl Hedfn, painter of So western pictures and considers master In .depleting New Me, skies, (lied suit Friday after;! In District Court f o r • divorce fl Elsa Redln. The couple was i\ rlcd In Chicago In 1015. R< alleged he nnd his wlfo aro compatible, and have been un to live together since 1922.

Keep tho hood latch tight to provent noise and spare the latch There wero approximately a Itself. K permitted to vibrate, the lion more vehicles in operatlo; screws attaching It to' tho frame the United States In 1034 I may crystallize and break. there were the. previous year. t


^THOUSANDS ATTEND General Motors Auto Show *

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02.16.35 Albuquerque Journal, Severance Tax Passed by House  
02.16.35 Albuquerque Journal, Severance Tax Passed by House