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•tattii of nil Irrigation district, ih.r.rore, l« different from that of a conservancy dlrtrlot wM«fc gANTA FE. F»>>. I t«—Attor oluMd at a political wM ney d«n«al Frank H. Patten ruled tn» attorney general wrote. HI llu AnooUlcil I""" th* Carlsbad Irritation FEHKUAHV I district It net a political subdlvlBILLS MS8EU BY KtNATI WASHINGTON. Feb. » W> SB SI— Piovtdlni lor Hniulni sn* «n OnMiut*' r.o» rut «»e •lon of th» state and therefor. Is iiu.l 1 inilKeUen ol uur«rle« ana nurwrj John L. Lewis Wednesday called for CMltaM* "'" **«• not ««mpt from the provisions of nck Amended. (23 to 0.) OmllnH Iron r«i« OSS ranee) who championed th» proa' meeting her. Feb. 11 of tho ' HOUSE BILLS INTRODUCED th. r.d.rsl Social Security aot. rty asnlentd for sale now totals I1B II. by Hipollle Orlego-M«WM Mm posal. The author, nep. Ter». Mln. Workers' policy com number of New York City build- nly IS47.J9 In delinquent taxes monthly PM a»y> m»nd.tot» lor »!!• Th.r. li nothing In the statutes. Points to Cost to State of United Patton told J. C. Howard, the dl»•nv» mines and factor er tLibor.t mlttee to draft demands tor a 30 ings, said Oli employers had signed leven pieces had been assigned was not present. HB a b» Hipollto arle.c-Aboll.hln, trlct'a secretary, to show that such U. S. Holdings agreements. Several other members asserted rlor to sale date, and eight were .Jeptteiu to PMUient. <° ''JlWlBM hour week. The Goodyear Tire and Rubber dlitrlcte arc a municipal corporaMiners' demands will be placed Company's No. 2 plant at Akron. odeomc-'d. Deputy Treasurer V. <•• icrlp «"<! Kp»«lln« Sec. 88-616 o[ IBM no punishment was too sever* for tion or a political subdivision. The (Labor.) PHOENIX Ariz.. Feb. S WH-before the Appalachian soft coal O was closed after two company Ycbstor found Wednesday after- codification. HB 83, by Momnomerir by rtquell-F »- a kidnaper. UN Fet Tie Iwy Ww-WHbeJ IhmlaM memorlal Introduced In the Atl- producers Feb. 11 in New York. officials were ejected during a dis- oon by checking his records I n s m l l e w pi»»ble to iherlin »nd ot.iec Twice tho debate saw members DWi.«leek.lneU|. tmH*t \bout 2000 pieces out of an orlgl' iieici ollicers lor use ol ptlv.te can on rise to points of personal priviLe"lslalure Wednesday asks tU Kellli| Eurdw. pute with workers Five thousand olllel.1 buslneM at Iff cents per mile. al 6000 remain liable for nna ron«r«ss to Brant th. state ap- All soft coal wages ar. based upon employes were affected. lege. It your feet and tnklei feel tired It was estimated. proximately 6000 square miles of those paid In th« Appalachian re""* '"gain, .T HOIIU At Canton, O., settlement was aln. Rep. J. T. Colo Jr., who laid and ache all jver—becmu» you are Webster said the law is Impossi ""HU U—To niKke hllchhlklnj unltwlul. arrylng too much fat—do gotnethlng reached hue Wednesday In what le to obey In regard to notlflca he favored the principle of th« •oderal land. gion. about It Try the treatment that his The memorial n»ks that the npbill but questioned some ot ItThe miners now work 35 hours union leaders termed the longest Ion ot mortgage holders, sine (1 "" "'' PASSED BV IIOUSi: iclped million! to reduce eiceis |,ortlonment be equivalent to two a week with a base pay rate of ••sit-down" strike on record whuli hero are no notations of mort HB 55-FlxlHS 8C»lo o' *»£« ' provisions, took exception to i labor on public bulldlnss a'«i For acna pimples affecting the weight. .ctlons of land In each township, S3.50 a day In the north. The oper- th« Unltod Automobile Workers of gages on the ta* books. declaration by Maxfleld that a mo> There'! a reason wby no many 'it pointed out that the major ators proposed to lengthen the \merlca and executives ot the HerA case similar to tho Bernallllo l3BB°l"DMlli penalty lor Udnspm. tlon to send the bill back to com- outer or surface layer of the ikin people find dieting tlow and often Is advice that will help im- Imei futile In reducing. The reason, ,ortlon of land In Arizona Is •ork week to 40 hours without cules Motors Corporation signed an Jounty case is pending In Curry mittee was "stalling." Th« sec here prove your complexion, doctor! nay, la often because a little agreement. ,wned by the Federal Govern-' hanging the pay scale. County. ond clash was between K»P- Cos li not working right. Investigator Sent Every night at bedtime, wish (land "Impossible," Says Mabry K . Howard (D., Roosevelt) who by All the blood In your body (oei The brief flare-up Wednesday •This vast empire, while adding Judge Mabry ruled, "It Is Im- SJR 2-ln memory ot the lute Clarence parliamentary proceeding put the your face thoroughly with Bcsino through this tiny (land iliteen tlmei during a Picket demonstration a' possible for tho treasurer, with H Bass of Clmnrron. Soap and hot water. Do not nib every day. If It doetn't pour Into the [naterUlly to the cost of malnleSB l5-A..lhorl!ln« alignment of pw- passage of the bill beyond recall Follow with a da«h of cold wate blood itream about on* and one-half the Guide Lamp Plant at Ander limited clerical force, a few days .Ibimy )[ government, brings no or right ol reversion for bnwll and Mnxfleld. and dry thoroughly but gently dropi of vital fluid every 14 hours. son, Ind.. the only strike-closed before tax sale date, to check the of conditions suMtquent contained In nils llrect revenue to the state and lllliMililklnt Bill Killed many people take on ugly fat This Then apply Restnol Ointment tc General Motors unit to re-open tux rolls to determine whether tax ,ut little to the counties In which Ford's bill to make hitchhiking tho affected skin and leave it on al fluid helps Nature to "burn up" exsf VUhortefnT- m«,-lo.p..llle. .< ended after Captain Patrick Da certificates have been Issued on j " ceM food and fatty tlseue In much ertatu of the Federal reserve H«. 4000 or more to tell or leaao municipal unlawful went down under an av Charles Browning and John and sundry properties, and property Tor airport purposes without an alancho ot nays after Reprosen night. Do this every night, an the «ame way u a food "draft" aou Lovents development at the ilmmons of Drake University de- vis Anderson policeman was re various watch the improvement. la a furnace. whether, If Issued, that they havo moved from duty at the scene el Lands of private Industry, and af- lated at Flagstaff Teachers ColUtlves J. Urbano Ortega and DelNow. physlolani eorobat thll conbeen assigned, and compute tor SB°°14-Authorllln« inunlcipalltlea Local treatment is advised as lonls little or no opportunity foi ege, Ariz., Wednesday night after Reports at Anderson police head property owners the amount of acquire l»nd lor alrporta. dition by feeding this gland the subfin Salazar opposed It because It helpful aid in acne cases, and fo SB M— Rel»tlnB to Incorporation ot Tilquarters said the officer strucl stance It lacks — and million! of [he builders oC homes. tlw> jrovliiing one-half of an evening's would hit the "poor." taxes due. plus interest and penmore than 40 years the ingrcdlen Uses. pounds of excess fat baa been wiped Victor Reuther of Detroit, unlo Both houses adjourned until kicmorlal stated. ^ entertainment for about 50 per- organizer, during a dispute ove alties." He also ruled that mortof Rcsinol have been found e out in this way. gage holders have a right to Ino'clock Thursday. Marmola Prescription Tablets ar* sons at the University Tuesday use of a sound trm-k. fcctivo. tervene, If not given notice of Imon the tame method used by The passing, 23 to 0, of SB 37, light In a novel debate In which Eesinol benefits by treating « based At Washington, Edward F. Me doctors. Bo don't waste your time or sale, as required by law. providing for regulation and In irritated the audience was permitted to Grady, assistant secretary of la pending oil ducts, whore most su money striving to reduce with starFor these reasons, he held that spectlon o[ nurseries and their cross-examine and heckle. face pimples start. In this way it diets or back-breaking exerbor, dispatched Investigator Job rights of property owners and products marked Wednesday's ses- aids healing of such pimples and vation cises. Start the Marmola treatment There was no decision on the to Anderson to use his mortgage holders should be protoday that millions have used sucsion of the Senate. also tends to check their recurrence. question: "Resolved that Congress Porter SANTA FE, Feb. 5 M>>—Sen. "good offices" in maintaining tected by Injunction. cessfully to get rid of excess fat' The The Stale and County Affairs Bankers from all parts of the should be empowered to regulate Buy Eesinol Ointment and Soap formula- Is In every box so you know Don L. Dlckaaon of Albuquerque, Committee recommended passage ftate discussed here Wednesday wages and hours of labor" on peace. ponsor ot SB 01, a bill to protect of SB BO. creating the Carrie in any drug »tore. For free sam- Just what yon are taking. Don't wait The Senate Labor Committee •he best method of being of assist which Frank Mims and Charles ecommended an additional S50,- More Hearings Set a box of Marmola today from rade names, said Wednesday a Tingley Hospital authority, and le, write to Kesinol, Dopt. 18, —get your druggist Ince to farmers and livestock men Jones of New Mexico University altlmorc, Md. 000 appropriation for the LaFolOn S e n a t e Bills committee amendment will bo ot- the report was adopted. I At a conference at the Fran took the affirmative. ered to specify that the measure ette Civil Liberties Committee's Daniels. Sen. A. C. Torres (Soliscan hotel with Dan Otis, directo SANTA FE, Feb. S M>>—Publt The heckling system is original not apply to merchandise or corro-Catron. and A. K- MontIf the American Bankers Assocla with New Mexico University, ex- nvestigation ot strike-breaking learlngs on Senate measures an- will products. i agricultural commission, til plained Dr. T. M. Pearce, chair- and labor espionage, including an 1 louuced Wednesday by the upper manufactured gomery Fa) argued to measure now Is in the hands commit (Santa the wind erosion district tankers went into the prohle: man of the debate, who announced inquiry Into the General Motors louse for the next few days In- of The the judiciary committee. The strikes. On recommendation of •rom all angles. Action un matters j the same system would be used amendment, Dlckason said, will bill, while Jones and Kennedy fl If general policy Is expected from when Stanford University debat- Secretary Perkins the House La- cluded: immcdlat. passag*. Thursday, 9 o'clock: Labor all reference, to "trade vorod |>,a executive commltee of the as- ers come here in mid-March. The bor Committee voted an adverse Committee on SB 36. requiring delete Declaring there was need for mark" now In the bill and will report on a resolution which tclation, Harold Allll, Santa Rosa. Drake debaters Itinerary Includes passags of th. •meremployers to have regular bl eliminate the meas- Immediate • resident of the New Mexico Bank- several Pacific Coast engage would have required her to fur- uonthly paydays and pay dis- -specifically gency measure to enable « "Poedy nish all information available on charged employes within 24 hours ure's application rs to merchan- start on tho antl-croslon campaign Ira Association said. dise or manufactured products. current automotive strikes. 1 Among the speakers, in addition ments. Monday, 10 o'clock: Senat He said the proposal's Intent Is this spring, Jonei said, "We do States Am un Strikes J, Otis, of Madison, Wls., were Dr. not want to allow our lands to Natural Resources Committee an I-ay Fife president of the Agrlcul- Prominent Valencia State Legislatures also took no- House Oil and Gas Committee 0 "merely to apply to trade names becom. run down «• "Vy ha" o( business houses In the state and laral College; O. T. Howell of the tice of the strike situation. At SB 49, the severance tax bill. In China, wher. "oil ha. been County Woman Dies Lansing, Mich., Republican Reprenot to their products." loil Conservation Service, and AlPreviously a n n o u n c e d w e r The Judiciary committee, he add washed and blown awnj over the lert K. Mitchell, president of the Rosary was recited Wednesday sentative Nell Wheeler o; Shelby hearings on SB 41. the driver ed expressed opinion "the bill Is centuries and men can't make a Imerican National Livestock As- evening In the Crollett Chapel for submitted as a proposed amend•oclatlon. Arthur F. Jones, Par- .Mrs. Ruflna Salas de Oronoa, "2. ment to the criminal code a bill license bill, for 10 o'clock Thurs we'll taken In Its present form, but living." Erosion Bill no-Uofcrred liles, chairman of the New Mexico lifelong resident of V a l e n c i a providing that any person inclt day morning, and on SB 19. the will submit the amendment to DanioJs had moved that the bill tankers Association's agricultural County. -Mrs. Oronoa, widow of Ing > strike would be guilty of a direct primary, for 10 o'clock Fri- clarify Its purposes." His explanation was In answer b. laken from third reading and ommlttee, presided. the late Narclso Oronoa, Valencia felony. A state senate committee day morning. to queries as to whether the bill sent to the Judiciary Commute. County Republican leader, died in Alabama reported favorably on would allow a New Mexico person •To clear up a few confusing here Wednesday morning at the a bill to outlaw sit-down strikes Owner in Hospital, or firm to register the trade name points." Jones moved to tabl. Airy, lisht, soft, colorful... and 10 smartly designed! ftar's Mother Surprised home of a son. Her home was in or trade mark of an out-of-state the motion. With unanimous conMoney, Coal Stolen As Kin Goes on Relief Peralta. sent, th. mov« was debated by You'd never believe how femininely Hetterins they company doing buslnes. In New Is survived by four daugh- Dr. Margaret Brewington's Miss Ida Miller, 1520 North Mexico, the products of which pos- several member, and wh.n th. HOLLYWOOD, Cal., Feb. 3 .(IP> tersSheand five sons, Mrs. Lorenzo em be 'till you've slipped one on. Sixes for Missel -Mrs. Ruth Brugh, mother of Gallegos, Mrs. Juan Luna, Mrs. Father-in-Law Is B u r i e d Second, reported to the police sibly might be nationally known. roll was called to table th. count Wednesday that $14 and BOO pounds was IS to 8 against. .creen star Robert Taylor ex- •Mhert Otero, Mrs. Tranqulllno George Robert Brawing-on. 93 of and Women. The chamber then approv.d coal had been stolen from her VAN VLACK APPEAL DESIEO ,ressed surprise Wednesday that ,ears old, father of the late Dr. motion to re-refer. J,er fatber-ln-law should have Otero, Frank, Willie. Alfredo, George Robert Brewingto.i who home during the period she was BOISE, Idaho, Fob. 3 W)— Daniels' Tony and Amable Oronoa. confined to «. hospital, from Jan. On another motion by th. Mora lone on Nebraska relief rolls. died 11 years ago In Albuquerque, Dougali Van Vlack, 32-year-old County senator, th. president of to Feb. 1. I "I am at a loss to understand j was burled Wednesday In Klrks- 14 Mrs. TRADE BOil; HEARING Bossmeyer, 60! First Na- Tacoma, Wash., killer of three, the Senate appointed th. followIny reason tor Mr. Brush going vlll., Mo. He died Tuesday In FE. Feb. 3 Off)—A pubtional Bank building, told the po- lost Wednesday his death sentence ing committee of East Sid. senaIn relief If this report Is true. licS\NTA hearing on HB 33, * proposed KlrksvIIle. that a portable typewriter had appeal to the Idaho Supreme tors to Interview the fovornor on Jhe said. "He has two sons and trades practice act which was reDr. Margaret Brewlnston of thU lice stolen from her office during Court The state's highest tribunal the bill: Jones of Curry. John M. •laughtors of his own. I have al- turned to committee after a house city, widow of t b J late Dr. Brew- been affirmed the Twin Falls District lo contributed to his support ever skirmish, was announced Wednes- ington, left Saturday fur Missouri a temporary absence, Wednesday. Court's decision of last Feb. 11 West of Coltax-Hardlng-Unlon, Henry L- Eager of Quay, ttober lince the death of Bob's father day for 7:30 o'clock Tuesday eve- whan she won Inform* 1 o[ hor the bushy-hatred former Univer- Uarrelson of Dona Ana, Louli. H OPPOSE WOMEN JUKOR8 Ind shall continue to do so. j nine The hill is before the com- father-in-law's critical lllnesj. sity of Washlngtoti student must Coe of Llncoln-Otoro-SooorroBALTIMORE, Feb. 3 (ff>—The "I think It la very unfair that mittee on municipalities, of which Mr. Brewlngton often recalled die upon the gallows for killing fcob's name should be drawn Into Dr. C. A. Wheelon of Santa Fe la his boyhood association with Sam Bar Association of Baltimore City his former wife, Miss Mildred Torranco, Ployd T. Kennedy o Do, and Daniels. lhi.1 unfortunate family situation." chairman. uel Clemens, latar to gain wo.-ld Wednesday adopted a resolution Hook, 22, of Tacoma. opposing Jury service for women. I Nebraska old age assistance oflame as Mark Twain. llciais meantime considered their TOO MANY WORKERS Text step in their efforts to bring HOBBS. N. M., Feb. I (if}—A. Jravlor's attention to the state law W. Anderson, secretary of the Ivhleh they said makes him liable Hobbs Chamber of Commerce, •or support of his aged grand- said Wednesday the Lea County Bather, subsisting on a J16 month- oil boom Is bringing in more tranly pension at Holmesvllle, Neb. sient workers than can be employed. He said between 25 and BOUNTY" BIMj HEARING 30 men are arriving dally. SANTA FE. Feb. 3 OP)—A pubic hearing on the administration's NEW PROBATE JUDGE liroposed coyote-bobcat bounty AZTEC, N. M., Feb. 3 (/P)—Mrs. was scheduled Wednesday Dora Hartman was named pro,, for 9:30 o'clock Thursday hate judge of San Juan County Inorning. Rep. V. Hope Montgom- Wednesday by the county board Iry, chairman ot the game and commissioners to fill th« vallsh committee, urged all who de- tif llred to be heard on the measure cancy caused by the death ot Ralph Bergln. • o attend.

February 4, 1937




Sit Downers Defy County Tax Case Order of Court Put Up to State

House Approves Kidnaping Bill


Irr.fatioB District SubjtdU S*xurity Act









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02.04.37 Albuquerque Journal, House Approves Kidnapping Bill