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A story of rebirth:

EVER AFTER Fairy tales in modern-day America try to find a way back to the days of the Happily Ever After

Quick high concept: For centuries, fairy tales have been cycling through their stories on an endless repeat in the city of Haven, until one day they wake up and try to find a way back home to the world they came from. Tone: Dark and noir-ish to reflect the deeper shades of grey of the modern day akin to Jinx and Torso, but lightening in tone once the storybook characters succeed in returning to the Old Days.

Short Synopsis: Ever since they were summoned back in 1766, fairy tales have been repeating themselves endlessly in the city of Haven. Each time they cycle through their stories, they are reinterpreted to fit into a present-day context. At long last, all of the storybook characters have awoken from their centuries-long trance, most disgusted by the dark and immoral world they now reside in. In an attempt to return to the world they came from, they enlist the help of a descendent of the Brothers Grimm who is in possession of a reality-changing story book. The characters manipulate Max Grimm into bringing them home, at the cost of leaving his own world behind. Distraught, he seeks the help of the storybook villains to turn the world back. He and his allies try and fail to wrest control of the world from Prince Charming, all but Max dying in the process. After years of being trapped in the fairy tale world, Max forms a resistance movement with the help of Cinderella to take down Prince Charming. Succeeding, Max regains possession of the book that can rewrite reality. He declares that rather than remaining in the fairy tale world or returning to his noirtinged world, it’s time to start a new chapter. And so he writes the words “Something New” into the magical book’s pages which brings our story to an end.

EVER AFTER — Matt O’Keefe | 1250 Foxwood Court, New Brighton, MN 55112 | | (612) 209-9541

Proposal for a four-issue limited series written by Matt O’Keefe and illustrated by Lee Giles


The Characters: The lead: Max Grimm is our protagonist, a recently out-of-work reporter for the local newspaper who is looking for something to do with his life. When he’s offered the job of shadowing awoken storybook characters as they try to find a way home, he jumps at the chance, oblivious to the fact that he’s a pawn in their game. After he’s deceived into replacing his world with a fairy tale reality, he does everything in his power to return the world to the present.

The villain: Prince Charming is the leader of the awoken storybook characters, intent on returning everyone home at any cost. It’s his ruthlessness that causes Cinderella to leave his side and join the resistance. Inside, though, he’s just a petulant kid who always needs to have his way. The ally: The Big Bad Wolf is Prince Charming and Reynard the Fox’s adversary. He enjoys living in a world “where the bad guy can win” and tries to help Max put the world right again after it’s been altered, ultimately sacrificing his life in the attempt. He is a person who always acts in his own self-interest; his goals just happen to coincide with Max’s. Supporting characters: The Troll is essentially Reynard’s henchman, following his and Prince Charming’s every order. Cinderella is Prince Charming’s wife, at first siding with her husband but later joining up with Max and the resistance, deciding that it was wrong for the storybook characters to carve the world in their image. The Wizard is the one who conjures up the vision of 1766, and finds and uses the book rewriting reality. The Settings: The Noir world has a very hopeless vibe to it. It is similar to a place like the main residence of the characters in Criminal. The suffocating bleakness that pervades it is what makes most of the storybook characters so desperate to get out. It is characterized by a darker, dirtier color palette. The Fairy Tale world is much more open and adventurous, though just as deadly. It is similar to a place like the Valley in Bone. It is characterized by a brighter, cleaner color palette. Themes: Ever After explores many social concepts but mainly focuses on: • the sense of hopelessness and pessimism that pervades modern-day America • just how powerful of an effect nostalgia can have on a person • the lengths someone will go to in order to return “home”

EVER AFTER — Matt O’Keefe | 1250 Foxwood Court, New Brighton, MN 55112 | | (612) 209-9541

The trickster: Reynard the Fox is the storybook character who recruits Max. A consummate trickster, he’s the perfect candidate to deceive Max into helping his clan’s cause. As a trickster, he wants to return to a time that was spontaneous and fun, and escape all the gloom and doom of the modern day.


Issue Breakdowns: Each issue is twenty-two pages in length.

Issue Two: Max meets Prince Charming, leader of the storybook characters, and they agree to begin searching for a way home the following morning. They gather the next day in an abandoned woods, and the Wizard conjures up a scene from 1766 in which the fairy tales are brought to life in Haven by a young man trying to impress a young woman. They learn where to find a source of magic powerful enough to bring them home: at the library, and head straight there, confronted by the Big Bad Wolf and the storybook villains. During the fight, the Big Bad Wolf reveals to Max that he’s been duped; he’s the key to the fairy tales returning home, and it’s being done at the cost of the modern world. Issue Three: Despite Max and the storybook villains’ attempts to stop them, Prince Charming, Reynard, and their followers succeed in replacing the modern day world with the world they came from. Max, the Big Bad Wolf, and the rest of the storybook villains trek to the home of the Wizard who performed the spell that brought them there, hoping to undo it. Prince Charming’s forces head them off, slaying all but Max. As punishment for his insubordination, Max is sentenced to live in the world he hates so much. Issue Four: It is three years later. Max captures Reynard, and together they gather allies to defeat Prince Charming. They come into contact with Cinderella, who has left her husband to help Max’s cause. They assemble a large army to storm Prince Charming’s castle in a battle that ends in Charming’s surrender. Now in possession of the magical book that can rewrite reality, Max decides to start a new chapter in all of their lives, ending our story.

EVER AFTER — Matt O’Keefe | 1250 Foxwood Court, New Brighton, MN 55112 | | (612) 209-9541

Issue One: Newly unemployed reporter Max Grimm meets a mysterious man named Reynard in a bar. Reynard shows him that fairy tales really do exist by introducing him to the Troll from the tale of The Three Billy Goats Gruff. He reveals that they have been residing in Max’s home city of Haven for centuries, and that they want to go home. He brings Max to a meeting of the storybook characters, pointing out the group that is intent on stopping them from getting back: the Big Bad Wolf and other storybook villains.


A pitch by MATT O'KEEFE, writer & LEE GILES, artist

with lettering & design by THOMAS MAUER

EVER AFTER — Matt O’Keefe | 1250 Foxwood Court, New Brighton, MN 55112 | | (612) 209-9541

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EVER AFTER — Matt O’Keefe | 1250 Foxwood Court, New Brighton, MN 55112 | | (612) 209-9541


EVER AFTER — Matt O’Keefe | 1250 Foxwood Court, New Brighton, MN 55112 | | (612) 209-9541


EVER AFTER — Matt O’Keefe | 1250 Foxwood Court, New Brighton, MN 55112 | | (612) 209-9541


EVER AFTER — Matt O’Keefe | 1250 Foxwood Court, New Brighton, MN 55112 | | (612) 209-9541


EVER AFTER — Matt O’Keefe | 1250 Foxwood Court, New Brighton, MN 55112 | | (612) 209-9541

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