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There was once a worm that fell in love with a swan. The swan was impressed by his devotion and promised him she wouldn't eat him, and allowed him to love her. As years have gone by the odd pair lived a happy life. Yet one day there was a drought, and all the plants and bugs slowly died. During that time the worm and swan, as always during the years, talked about their feelings to each other. During a reciting of a love poem by the worm, the swan felt the effects of not eating for days, and because of an expression of her inborn animalistic nature, she, without having time for conscious reflection, swallowed the worm. The female swan felt full, and thanks to the sacrifice of her lover survived the draught. Yet since that day she felt guilt. Since that day she started attacking everyone who got near her ,and eventually she got old and unnatractive and no other swan would even look at her. One day the a handsome male swan came up to her, and said "I've searched for you all my life". She wanted to shun him, and scare him of like all the other swans she has met since that unlucky day, yet something hindered her from doing so. She became mesmerized with the male, and after looking at him for a few moments she recognized her former lover in him. "Could you be?", she asked with a hopefull, yet at the same time unbelieving voice. After hearing this sentence uttered from his lover, from a past life the swan fell into tears of both sadness, and happiness. "I'm so happy I'm with you again, but at the same time I feel bad" "Why do you feel bad?", asked the female swan, her reborn lover. "I feel bad because I'll never be able to sacrifice myself in such a manner for you again, also I feel so guilty and angry at myself, because I've caused you to be alone and sad for such a long I a bad being?"

Swan and worm  

A romantic story