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Sam, a mate I know had been learning guitar for around a year but about six months ago he felt his progress had somewhat stalled. He wasn't progressing like he had been a few months prior. He felt it was time to get some guitar lessons so he started looking about the place. To his dismay, he found many guitar teachers were overpriced. The cheapest price Sam could find in his neighbourhood was $50 per hour. As a someone who was still at university and who loved to be cost effective he realised this was too expensive. It wasn't the first time that he'd discovered his local area to be too much. Whenever he found this Sam knew he could always find a better deal online. He began some performing some Google searches that same day. There are many guitar lessons on the internet these days, so many in fact that Sam wasn't sure which one to choose. He looked for a fair bit and at the same time registering for a variety of newsletters that said they could to teach Sam. The issue was that none of these online teachers seemed to know what Sam was wanting. They all gave the same bland material, their prices weren't very low and were just uninspiring overall. After a few days of searching, Sam found Jamorama guitar lessons. Sam was impressed, so much so that he wanted me to jot down a Jamorama review for him to let other people know. Sam was just astonished that such a great learn guitar program existed. Sam thought Jamorama was quite awesome because it taught Sam from scratch and he's still learning. He thinks you could have no prior playing experience and after the initial video lesson you would be on the right track to making some decent progress. Each video guitar lesson was step by step, simple to follow and built nicely from the previous lesson he reckons. It's all available online which means you could begin right away and carry on with the Jamorama guitar lessons at your own speed. Sam's being taught how to play scales, chords and strumming all with Jamorama. There's over twelve months's worth of guitar tuition in there! It's just brilliant because Ben performs a decent job of conveying the lessons concisely and with clarity. You'll find close up shots so you can view all the small movements and copy what he does. Ben Edwards, the Jamorama guitar teacher, explains a few of his personal tips and shares some helpful information. It's quite interesting to hear some of his advice because Ben has insider industry information. Sam wanted me to share that he'd recommend Jamorama guitar lessons to anyone wanting to improve their guitar playing, motivate themselves or go to the next level with the playing. Jamorama has helped Sam move forward and attain a level of playing he didn't think was possible. He hopes that you'll let Jamorama guitar lessons to the same for you. Sam hopes this Jamorama review has been helpful.

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Jamorama Review From a Guitar Lesson Newbie  

To learn more about Jamorama check out our complete behind the scenes video review. Where I actually buy the product and show you an insider...