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Design is the key to portraying both the attractiveness and the legitimacy of a message. TEDxEmory carries with it the great and aspirational messages of TED and TEDx, chief among which is Ideas Worth Spreading. TEDxEmory has to live up to, in both message and presentation, the TED brand and idea that makes TEDxEmory such a potent name and organization. Its graphic style should be professional, minimal, and cerebral, reflecting the intellectual and ambitious nature of TED. TED is an organization that is creative, but professional; intellectual, but inspired; and preciously guided, but open to all -- the design of TEDxEmory, especially since it is hosted by a top-level institution that holds dear many of those values, must ultimately reflect that.


The TEDxEmory logo is built off of the standard templates for TEDx logos, available from TED’s website. The font for “Emory” is pretty interchangeably Helvetica or Arial, although a slightly-tweaked version was implelemented and is in vector format (this one should be used).


The logo can be employed on one line or with the “TEDx” section arranged above the “Emory” one. The “x = independently organized TED event” tagline should be used on more official materials and those on which it has space to fit or flow, but it certainly not necessary otherwise. The “TEDx” block text logo can also be integrated into text of appropriate typeface, constructed in a script or creative typeface, or some other extrapolation, if suiting for the material (like t-shirts, promotional posters, miniflyers, etc.).


the “x= ...” tagline should be nestled under the main logo, aligned to the left side of the “T” of “TED” and to the right of the tail end of the “y” in “Emory”

slightly altered terminal point on the “y” of “Emory” and also consider tweaking the “r,” especially on larger media

vertical alignment


The color selection of TEDxEmory branding and design is very straightforward. It includes the bold red of the TED logo, black, white, and shades of grey. Standard colors and variations are detailed below:

red black

C 0% M 89% Y 92% K 100%

K 0%

HEX: FF2B06 HEX: 000000

If a set of text, particularly body text, seems too harsh, it should be set to K: 96%. Note: when rendering black, make sure to either render it in grayscale at 100%, or to set all of the values of CMYK or RGB to 100%

transparency for borders:

opacity: 100% opacity: 30%


The fonts used by TEDxEmory should reflect the modern and clean (but creative) feel, implementing typefaces that are both neat, beautiful, and appropriate. Chalet Book is mainly used for body text, but other options include sans serif fonts such as Helvetica or Open Sans. Display fonts of almost any weight can be used if appropriate in style and form.

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TEDxEmory Style Guide  

TEDxEmory Style Guide

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