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CONVERGE The overarching goal of the design was to capture the essence of motion and collision. This idea reflects the dynamic movement of people and ideas through the space, in which order is formed out of chaos. Converge is a uniting space - both figuratively and physically - bringing together students of all majors. Initiated from the idea of dominos falling, the design evolved out of the parti and story board to address specific programmatic requirements. The resulting overlap and interstitial spaces, in which the geological forms collide, became the driving force behind the design. A cage of steel beams and columns interposed on the inside of the building supports the weight appropriately. The slanted walls of the design help to diffract sound, allowing large spaces to connect without severe noise interference. The elevator is placed near the Ross Street entrance and located centrally for proper access and use. The most important corridor is on the second level. In order to set this space apart, we expanded the height, which visually and physically opened the circulation. In establishing connection with the other buildings, we decided to seclude the fourth floor for quiet and meditative use. The gallery and formal review areas are placed here. They are decidedly unique, made sacred by their placement in the highest, most open, and most centralized portion of our design. They receive vibrant beams of light through the pixilated skin. Other extraordinary moments are captured in the transition points, allowing visitors to catch a glimpse into the next space before entering. Overall, the project is a series of spaces, created through collision, that joins multiple functions, majors, and ideas. These spaces create a dynamic environment for students to study, engage, and create. Converge is a nexus point. It is a place which links visitors to each other and to the College of Architecture. Converge offers visitors and students the chance to be transformed as they move through the space.


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