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LARRY has had his dreams shattered. He was kicked out of space camp, and now he cannot become an astronaut. SARGENT SHAFT, Larry’s commanding officer in space camp tells Larry he has never seen someone mess up so bad and Larry could never become an astronaut. It is unknown what Larry did. Larry goes home but everything has change since he left for space camp months ago. All his friends have left for school leaving Larry by himself. Larry becomes depressed and reminisces times with his friends while smoking pot. After many lazy days of smoking and nothing else Larry’s parents make Larry get a job a Subway. Larry is hired at Subway and goes to his first day of work. Here he meets his boss MR. WILSON, whose strict and rude personality quickly leads Larry to dislike him. Larry also meets his very attractive coworker Gertrude, who he quickly falls in love with. One day while on his break Larry meets Shamus, an Irish leprechaun who only Larry can see and talk to. The two become friends ending Larry’s loneliness. Larry also gets closer to Gertrude as they unite against the common enemy: Mr. Williams. There is definite romantic and sexual tension. Gertrude tells Larry she also wants to become an astronaut and she’s working at Subway to earn enough money to go to space camp. Larry also discovers she used to date Sgt. Shaft, Larry’s old commander. Larry becomes upset that Gertrude used to date the man he hates so much. Shamus cheers Larry up and convinces him to tell Gertrude that he loves her. Larry goes to Subway to tell Gertrude he loves her but upon arrival Gertrude quits and grabs her bags and tells Larry she’s going to space camp. Overwhelmed Larry does not tell her he loves her. Shamus encourages Larry to go after her but Larry explains he can’t get back into space camp since he was kicked out for being afraid of heights. After much training Shamus cures Larry’s fear of heights and enrolls him back into space camp. Larry and Shamus get to space camp just to find out Gertrude has launched into space with Sgt. Shaft to work on a space station. After high jacking a rocket the two launch into space after Gertrude. Once Larry and Shamus arrive at the space station Larry fights his way through Sgt. Shaft’s cadets and eventually

Shaft himself. After defeating Shaft, Larry finds Gertrude and tells her that he loves her and she responds that she also loves him. Now together the two head home and open a new less strict space camp where everyone eats Subway to stay in shape.

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LARRY has had his dreams shattered. He was kicked out of space camp, and now he cannot become an astronaut. SARGENT SHAFT, Larry’s commandin...

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