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East Midlands Education Committee

Architectural Education Survey A survey was conducted to determine what influenced people when deciding whether or not to study Architecture.

Question 1 - When did you decide you wanted to study Architecture?

Analysis: Thinking about a career in Architecture tends not to occurr in Primary School, maybe due to a lack of knowledge specifically about Architecture.

Question 2 - What A-Levels/National Dipolma did you study? 3D Design 3 Art 17 Biology 2 Business Studies 8 Construction 1 Chemistry 2 Design Technology 5 Economics 1 English 7 French 3 General Studies 2

Geography 1 Graphic Design 3 ICT 3 Maths 19 Media Studies 2 Photography 2 Physics 13 Product Design 5 Psychology 1 Sociology 1 Sports 1

Analysis: Art, Maths and Physics are unsurprisingly the most popular courses to study before startting a degree in Architecture. The majority of people said they did both Maths and Physics. Those who said they did Art tended to only take Maths or Physics.

Question 3 - Of these A Levels/National Diploma, which ones did you find the most useful when applying for a degree in Architecture?

3D Design 3 Art 15 Business Studies 1 Construction 1 Design Technology 2 English 2 Film Studies 1 Graphic Design 3

History 1 Maths 6 Physics 1 Product Design 4 None 2

Analysis: Despite more people doing either Maths or Phyiscs, it was Art that most people felt helped them when appling to university, perhaps due to the fact most Universities require a portfolio submission. Two respondents answered that none of their subjects helped apply to University, one of these studied both Maths and Physics.

Question 4 - Of these A Levels/National Diploma, which ones did you find the most useful when studying a degree in Architecture? 3D Design 3 Art 13 Construction 1 Design Technology 2 English 2 Film Studies 1 Geography 1 Graphic Design 3 History 2 Maths 6 Media Studies 1

Photography Physics Product Design

2 1 4

Analysis: Art is still the leading subject when at university, with maths a close second. Physics is seen as not as useful when studying Architecture. There is also a clear theme of creative subjects being useful at University.

Question 5 - Do you wish you had studied any other subjects? Art 9 Design Technology 2 English 3 Geography 1 German 1 Graphic Design 3 History 1

Maths 1 Physics 2 Philosophy 1 Product Design 2 Psycology 1 No 6

Analysis: It is clear that people regret not studying creative subjects, mostly Art, with only a few people wishing they’d studied Maths or Physics. Some respondents stated a desire to swap Maths or Physics with subjects they would have enjoyed.

Question 6 - What encouraged you to study Architecture? Analysis: There was a range of answers for this question ranging for wanting to do something creative and also practical. An interest in travel and culture featured in some answers. Family members persauded some people to study, or that work experience helped. Overall it was an interest in design and the built environment that featured in most answers.

Question 7 - What events/promotions/contacts (if any) assisted you in selecting Architecture

Analysis: Due to the majority of people deciding study Architecture at Sixth Form College, the usefulness of University Open Days is the clear choice. RIBA promotional material proves to be useful to an extent. One answer stated that they visited members of the profession in their own time. It is unclear how many of these people got the opportunity to meet Architects at school or college before choosing to study Architecture.

Question 8- Do you think you will continue on to Part 2 of the Architecture Degree?

Analysis: The majority of people who answered this survey wanted to continue on to Part 2, the ones that did not stated that they would move in to a different field of the visual arts. Some mentioned PR and promotions work involving Architecture.

Question 9- What could have assisted you when you were deciding whether or not to study Architecture? Analysis: A common theme that ran through these answers was the need for more experience or workshop days. Career advice with people with specific Architecture knowledge was suggested. The need to meet and speak with Architects was aparent. A lack of understanding about the course seemed to be a theme running through the majority of the answers. Therefore there could be scope to put together an educational package for Professionals to take in to schools and colleges. An indepth answer: “A thorough outline of the course description, studio units and teaching technique in the course content outline on university websites. As well as an early understanding or being told that the course would include intense use of advanced and expensive softwares! Moreover more information about the year out placement from the very beginning/year 1 of architecture school e.g. does student finance or any grants support with the year out in work or is independent to the university�

Architectural Education Survey  
Architectural Education Survey  

Completed on behalf of the RIBA East Midland Committee, this survey was designed to determine what encouraged people to study Architecture a...