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Matt McCarthy Assignment 7 Three male gangsters wait by a dumpster in an alley. Gangster #3 Jesus Christ! Half a fuckin' hour. What, is he tryin'a make an entrance or some'in Gangster #2 (pronounces "r" as "w") You got somewhaywe betteywe to be? Gangster #3 (Sneers) Yeah, that's it. Play the fuckin' guard dog. You hang around here all night like a good boy. (Pause) You think Antony's standin' around freezing his ass of, waitin' for some asshole. He's prolly got a whole fuckin' room full'a girls with him right now. Gangster #1 (Looks at watch) Five till... Gangster #3 Probably had a whole fuckin' bottle already. Half way to the moon by now. Gangster #2 (Addressing Gangster #1) Antony said midnight on the dot. Just a few moywe minutes. Gangster #3 Who is this guy anyway? Another fuckin' defaulter Gangster #2 No, Antony said it was a matteywe ofGangster #1 A matter of taste Gangster #3 Jesus fuckin' Christ! A matter a taste? What the hell does that mean. Did you ever stop to think what the hell that means? Maybe I'm standin' here freezin' my dick off so Antony can send a message to some waiter that didn't refill his fuckin' martini quick enough. Maybe it's some school teacher who gave his nephew a B fuckin' minus. A matter of taste! I'm startin' ta think...(sees Gangster #1 lift head interestedly and trails off silently) Gangster #2 Betteywe not get caywied away...

Gangster #1 (Looking at watch again) Fifty-seven Gangster #3 "Midnight on the dot," huh? Gangster #1 He'll be here. Gangster #2 (After long pause, begins humming "The Best is yet to Come" intro) Gangster #3 What the hell is that? We're supposed ta take care of business in two fuckin' minutes, an you're tryin'a start a godamn variety show Gangster #2 Just a little music Gangster #3 That shit? Listen, kid, there's music an there's shit an I can tell you which that shit is. Gangster #2 You got a problem with Sinatwa? Gangster #3 Sinatra? Who the fuck is Sinatra to make his way inta my night? You wanna hum me somethin' you better make it fuckin' good. You hum me some Miles an I'll shut up, you hum me some Coltrane an I'll shut up, but if you think I'm gonna give Frank fuckin' Sinatra a piece a my night you got it real fuckin' wrong. Gangster #2 You'we twyin' to say that Coltwane's got anything on Sinatwa? He's all flash, no style. Gangster #3 No style? Three words, "A Love" fuckin' "Supreme." He's got more style in is fuckin' fingernail than Sinatra's got inGangster #1 (Looking up from watch) But does he have taste? Gangster #3 Taste...? Gangster #1 Does he have taste?

Gangster #3 Yeah he's got taste Gangster #1 (Pulling out gun) So does Antony. And he wanted us to let you in on the direction his tastes have taken of late.

Assignment 7 Matt McCarthy  

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