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Young Man with Down Syndrome Gets his Chance at the Clemson LIFE! In a truly heartwarming story, 20-year old Rion Holcombe was accepted into Clemson University’s LIFE program – which is specifically designed for aspiring college students with learning disabilities. At Clemson, they believe that every kid deserves a college experience, no matter what they feel may be holding them back.

Rion Joins the Clemson LIFE According to Clemson University, “A college experience is part of growing up,” and their specially tailored program has the mission to provide these young adults who struggle with intellectual disabilities coordinated courses to study that include career exploration, self-awareness, personal improvement, and the framework of internships and community participation.

Rion reacting to his acceptance letter from Clemson University.

In mid-December, Rion received a large package in the mail, and everyone knows that if you get the big package from the University you aspire to go to, it can only mean good news. So, his mother turned on the video camera as his dad helped him read it, and he couldn’t believe they actually accepted him.

“You’re going to be a Clemson Tiger!” - Rion’s mother, Susan Holcombe It’s truly touching to be part of a community that not only respects everyone as an individual, but they also accept them into their world. Nothing is like being a Clemson Tiger, and we wish Rion all the luck in the world with his future endeavors at the prestigious Clemson University.

Young man with down syndrome gets his chance at the clemson life  
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