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What to do When You Get Lost Camping Getting lost is always a possibility while camping. It is usually children as well as amateur, adult campers who get lost. But even the most experienced campers can get lost too. That is why every person who goes on camping should always know what to do once they get lost. Are you planning to go camping soon? Here are the things that you do in case you get lost:

Do not panic This first tip is not really about what you should do but what you should not do – to panic. Panicking would not get you anywhere. It would also prevent you from thinking clearly. Use the first several minutes to go to a familiar location so long as it is at a fair distance. Stop there and wait for some companions or rescuers to go look for you. Better yet, you should stop right where you are in the first place so that you would not accidentally wander deeper into the unknown.

Call for help It is also practical to call for help. Of course, you can always shout for help but that would only cause you to lose your voice. It is for this reason that you should always bring a whistle with you whenever camping. You can simply blow on it so that rescuers would find you easily. If in case you have wandered into the camp site alone, then no one might be looking for you any time soon. Other ways to call for help might be the use of a flare gun or simply doing some smoke signals. You could always learn how to do smoke signals by surfing the net or even by reading a book about it.

Ensure a place of shelter Always expect the worse – that is, the possibility of you not being rescued right away. That is why it is important for you to make sure that you have a place to shelter to spend the night in. Your shelter can keep you dry in case the rain pours and it could also keep you warm during a chilly night. Looking for a place of shelter but avoid wandering into caves especially if you know that there are bears or wolves around the area. If you have no choice, build your own shelter with what you have using the materials around you. Because of this, it is ideal to bring some knives, ropes, and other essential materials.

Keep hydrated When lost, it is also important for you to make sure that you are hydrated and that you would be able to stay hydrated for a long time. You might not want to chug on your water bottle. You have to save every drop. If in case you ran out of clean water, you could always go around for a little bit and look for a body of water. Make sure you purify it using the most basic water-purifying techniques. Obviously, proper preparation is important if you want to survive in the woods. If you are to go camping soon, you might want to consider taking a look at the products offered by National Survival Center. National Survival Center is a one-stop shop for your survival needs.

What to do when you get lost camping