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How to Handle Home Water Damage in Minneapolis – Saint Paul While water damage within your home is somewhat inevitable, the extent of the damage is something you control. Any excess amount of water that sits for a period of time will eventually find something to absorb into within your walls. Whether the water finds your floor boards or crown molding, your home is immediately put at risk for mold growth.

Don’t let this become your home. If you notice any water damage, contact restoration contractors in your area.

Water Removal Facts When your home suffers from water damage, mold becomes one of the biggest concerns for any restoration contractors you may employ. As soon as the restoration contractors in Minneapolis discover you have water damage within your home, it’s important that they arrive with their equipment fast – because the longer it sits, the more damage is caused.

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12 hours after excess water is within your home, mold can begin to form. 48 hours after the water enters your home, you’re putting your health at risk.

If your home suffers from water damage, you want to make sure the carpets and furniture are tended to first because this allows the restoration contractors more time to salvage anything that may have suffered extensive damage and/or mold growth.

Water Damage Restoration Twin Cities We are well aware that water damage is stressful and inconvenient, which is why our restoration contractors can quickly respond throughout the twin cities of Minneapolis. If your home has been subject to:

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Burst Pipe Broken Washing Machine Sewage Backup Mold Growth

It’s our job to get your home cleaned and sanitized behind the walls, because the longer you let it wait, the bigger the investment to fully restore your property. Water and mold are relentless once the can get inside your home, which is why you should contact water damage restoration specialists in your area.

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Don't suffer from water and mold damage.  

It's important to act quickly in issues where water damage is prominent. Water damage can create mold that is destructive to our health.