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Used CNC Router: Advice For The Buyer CNC routers are some of the most distinguished pieces of machinery that deal with woodworking, and the best part is the computer that controls it. While the prices for new CNC routers can seem completely unaffordable, there is always the option to buy a used CNC router. However, before making a purchase that will be the backbone of your business’s production, there are some tips that any buyer looking at used machines should remember.

Equipment History Before signing on the dotted line, make sure to look into the previous owner. The one who had the machine before you has the biggest impact on the machines remaining use. While you may not be able to get the name and number of the person who bought it, just look into whether it was used by an aspiring individual, or used for mass production at a large company. Obviously, the machine that was at the larger company is not going to have as much use left as the one’s used by trade schools or private woodworkers.

The Acceptable Price Range It is far easier to judge the prices on new equipment rather than used, but focus more on whether or not the machine has been reconditioned to further your guess on the CNC router’s potential use. The best way to determine a fair price is to identify what you will need the machine to do, then that should narrow down the search for which router is the one to purchase.

The Seller’s Credibility No one likes getting ripped off, especially when it is for a large amount of money. In order to see if the one selling you’re the CNC router is a credibly source or not, he should have a list of references from former buyers. Also, make sure that the seller has a legitimate business location rather than an open garage with a bunch of parts in it. The seller should have no problem reassuring you of their services with testimonials if they actually care about running their business. Now, whether you are looking into buying a new CNC router, or a used one, it is still important to know who you will be purchasing this machine from. These pieces of equipment can completely turn around the production value of a business; therefore it can also break production value. Make sure when investing in a router to check off all your buying bases to ensure your product is the best it can be.

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