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The Top 6 Worst Apps While we tend to be excited about amazing apps, we get as equally excited over the terrible ones. There seems to be an app for everything these days, and that only increases the chances that someone will develop a completely useless, utterly crazy iPhone app that nobody will ever use, or worse, people will use and hate. Here is out list of the worst iPhone apps in existence.

1. Hangtime Remember when you opted not to buy the insurance on your iPhone? Hangtime challenges you to see how high you can throw, and catch your phone. That’s right. This app encourages you to chuck your phone as high as you can into the air and catch it in order to “win”.

2. iAmaMan This app is perfect, if you’re a completely creepy woman stalker. iAmaMan tracks the menstrual cycles of as many women as you want, so that you know who to call in case one of your ladies is menstruating. If you’re ever wondering why your girlfriend is mad, it might be because you use an app to track the periods of multiple women. Then again, to some people it may be a completely normal use for an app.

3. Taxi Hold’ Em Hailing a cab can be tough. You know what’s tougher? Expecting a cab driver to read the text “Taxi” that’s displayed on your iPhone as he drives by. That’s exactly what Taxi Hold’ Em does. Install this app on your phone and you’ll be able to hold it up, and hope that a cab driver reads it, and stops without thinking there is something insanely wrong with you.

4. Will You Marry Me? If you ever hoped that you’d get to tell your children that you prosed to their mother with an iPhone, this app is perfect for you. By typing a personalized “Will You Marry Me” message into the app, it creates a very low quality JPEG that you can then show to your future spouse in hopes that this feet sweeping proposal wins them over.

5. Cry Translator Got a crying baby? Cry Translator can tell you why it’s crying. Just put your iPhone by the baby’s mouth and the app will tell you whether or not your baby is hungry, tired or cold. In case you don’t feel like keeping track of your child’s needs on your own, you now have the perfect solution.

6. Passion In case you were wondering how your skills as a lover are, you can download the app “Passion”. Passion rates your skills as a lover and all you have to so is pop it into an armband while you’re performing. Spoiler alert: you aren’t a good lover. You’re wearing your iPhone in an armband while you’re having sex.

The top 6 worst apps  
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