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The iPhone 5s vs the iPhone 6 Many people have been debating as to whether or not the iPhone 5s will be the next model released by Apple as opposed to the iPhone 6. There is a lot of speculation that goes in both directions, but we think it’s safe to say that Apple will definitely be releasing the iPhone 5s rather than the 6. Unless for some reason they really wanted to surprise consumers, there is no reason why Apple would jump straight to the iPhone 6 and break the pattern that they’ve stuck with over the past Apple iPhone generations. That being said, there is also some speculation about both models being released at the same time in order to increase competition and therefore increase profitability. In order to compete with less expensive Android phones, it has been rumored that Apple will release an iPhone 5s “budget” alongside the iPhone 6 in order to offer a more affordable option to consumers who would usually buy a cheaper android phone. Opening up this type of option to Android users seems like a smart move but only time will tell if A. it will actually happen and B. it will be a successful tactic.

What we do know about the next iPhone Some of the givens of both the iPhone 5s and the iPhone 6 (no matter which one it ends up being) are that it will have a better camera and a faster processing system. Outside of those two things, it’s hard to make a clear cut, black and white distinction as to whether or not other features will definitely be included. There have also been a few big reports that state that the iPhone 6 will not be coming out this year and that when it does come out next year it will have a bigger display and a different design. This is a trend that would also ring true to Apples past trends so this sort of speculation does not seem that far off base. There are also rumors that rather than make the screen wider, Apple will be making the screens on the purported iPhone 6 taller. This type of design modification would make it so that the iPhone 6 stands apart from other, larger screened models yet still gave users the ability to see more content and still fit the device in one hand; a feature that many other smartphone devices did not take into consideration when the widened their screens. One of the major selling points and reasons why we think if the phone does get bigger, it will do so in height, is because Apple recently released a video about how all iPhone models can be conveniently operated with one thumb rather than having to use any other fingers. This is due to the slim width of the device and therefore it would seem counterproductive to change that particular feature.

The iphone 5s vs the iphone 6