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Saltwater Pool System | The Pros And Cons Saltwater pool systems are growing in popularity because people assume that they are a better alternative to chlorine however, there are many pros and cons to installing this new pool system. So, before making the decision to undergo a saltwater system install, there are some things you want to make yourself aware of in order to properly care for your pool upgrade before you need some serious repairs.

Let's Start Off With The Cons: 

Saltwater pool systems often require more maintenance. While many assume that saltwater pools will take some slack off the one who’s cleaning the pool – you were mistaken. The only real maintenance changes revolve around the chemical balance because the saltwater systems process the chemicals faster than pure chlorine systems. So, if you’re 100 percent positive that a saltwater pool system is what you

want – then make sure whoever installs it explains to you the proper treatment for your new investment. Saltwater is very harsh on just about anything it comes in contact with. This essentially means that your bolting around the pool (railings, ladders, diving board etc) are at risk of rusting as well as the rubber seals around your pool being at risk for corrosion. There are new, specific types of pool tile and decking that are made for saltwater pool systems and hold off corrosion.

Now, What Are The Pros? 

Many homeowners choose to switch to a saltwater pool system because they are the more environmentally friendly option. Saltwater pool systems feature a salt cell which produces a large amount of chlorine to achieve “super chlorination,” and once that is accomplished, the chlorine is then filtered out by the same cell. Therefore keeping the chlorine to a bare minimum.

Saltwater is also better for one’s skin and eyes. By pumping out the chlorine through the salt cell within the system, the composition of the pool water is similar to the natural saline levels in one’s eyes. Also, in terms of saltwater on the skin, it leaves a smoother feeling rather than the itchy feeling that chlorine sometimes leaves behind.

Saltwater system repair  
Saltwater system repair