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River Thames Floods the UK Causing Serious Water Damage As the crazy winter weather begins to circulate all over the globe, the United Kingdom is seeing flooding that





the Colorado floods that took place towards the end of 2013. With roads




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inflatable rafts to get around, the amount of water damage caused is unparalleled. The issue surrounding the Colorado floods was that the area wasn’t built for that amount of rainfall – as that level of precipitation was unheard of. However, looking at the latest photos from the flooding, it’s somewhat resembling what New Orleans looked like after the levees broke.

Over 100 Flood Warnings Issued There has been a total of 141 flood warnings issued since the beginning of the storm that cause the River Thames to flood leading to several areas have also been evacuated.

Many residents of the surrounding area are blaming the local officials for not dredging the river (River Thames) before the storm. By dredging, they would have increased the depth and allowed more room for the incoming storm surge.

The day that the storm hit, Royal Marines prepared 20,000 sandbags for homes while several areas were evacuated as flooding was inevitable. For the past few days, the Environmental Protection Agency has been pumping water out of the severely affected areas – while the government is expecting millions in damages.

River thames floods uk  

Lots of UK homeowners of the surrounding location are blaming the neighborhood officials for not dredging the River Thames before the storm.