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Removing Ice Dams Before They Cause Severe Damage During the winter months, part of the beauty is driving past the home’s that have collected their fair share of icicles that create a beautiful buildup of ice that the sun seems to always reflect off perfectly. While those icicles look stunning, they can actually cause some serious damage to your home if they’re not either managed or removed entirely. So, let’s get into the details of ice dams and the damages they can cause to your home. Ice dams are a combination of the ice structure you see hanging off a gutter, plus a collection of water that has been building upon your roof underneath the layers of ice and snow. When it comes to taking preventative measures for ice dams, we want to help you keep your home damage free.

2 Tips For Preventing Ice Dams Remove the snow from your roof each time it snows. By letting the snow pile up, it will fluctuate between freezing and melting – which in turn creates the ice dam. The amount of snow that your roof can handle will differ from the homes of your friends – therefore you want to consequentially remove the snow for the first four to five feet from the edge line during each winter storm. If the snow is very heavy – do NOT put yourself at risk trying to clear off your roof – contact restoration contractors in your area to help remove the snow and prevent future damage. Clean the downspouts at the end and top of your gutter. By letting the snow and ice pile up in there – the water has nowhere to go, and if it is just staying still, then it will freeze. Keeping your gutters and downspouts is crucial from the beginning to end of winter, because once that ice melts – you don’t want to have to deal with any flooding. If your home becomes victim to an ice dam, the best thing you can do is contact restoration contractors in your area. At Allied Restoration Inc, we function throughout Minneapolis – therefore, we understand and have seen some of the damages that ice dams can cause. If you don’t remove your ice dam and just let it continue to build on your roof, you’re putting your home at risk of water damage that can be very extensive.

Water Damage From Ice Dams Can Cause:      

Ripped Gutters Loose Shingles Peeling Paint Warped Floors Deteriorating Ceilings Mold Growth Within Your Insulation

All of those damages can put a massive hole in your wallet – and some insurance companies are not fans of those customers who do not take preventative measures. Therefore, let us at Allied Restoration help you remove your ice dam before it causes serious damage to your home – because we know the snow doesn’t let up during the Minneapolis winters.

Removing ice dams before they cause severe damage  

Removing Ice Dams before causing severe damage is the key to not having restoration damages at your home.

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