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The Triple Crown Curse Holds True The infamous Triple Crown curse still reigns true after this year's Kentucky Derby. The Triple Crown is the most prestigious award given among Racehorse Partnerships that compete as the challenge of actually achieving it is priceless. In order to take the title of the Crown, the same horse must consecutively win the Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes, and Belmont Stakes. There has not been a horse to take home the Triple Crown since 1978.

Horse Racing for the Triple Crown Last year, there were high hopes for a much respected competitor named "I'll Have Another," however, after winning the Derby and Preakness, he suffered an injury to his front left tendon and retired his career. There have been some jockey's that have taken individual Triple Crown victories on different horses, but the true victory is when an muscle machine can take all three victories. Since the official order of the races were declared in 1931, there have been 3,889 entries, 274 individual race winner, 50 to win both the Derby and Preakness, and a mere 11 have won all three.

The Triple Crown is what keeps fans attracted to the historical sport. Horses are amazing machines that are smart and crafted of pure muscle, therefore the competition of horse racing can be addicting as no race ever has a clear cut winner. There is only one horse that took all three races by storm and still holds all the records for the races, and that was Secretariat in 1973. The Kentucky Derby is held on the first Saturday in May, Preakness Stakes the third Saturday in May, and finally Belmont on the third Saturday following Preakness.

Racehorse Partnership Cursed by The Triple Crown  

The Triple Crown is the most prominent award offered amongst racehorse partnerships that compete as the difficulty of really attaining it is...

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