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Important Facts about Off-Campus Student Housing When a college student finds themselves considering on moving off campus, for many, it is their first apartment and their first time living on their own and having to fend for themselves. So, there are a lot of things to consider and look into before choosing your off-campus housing destination. The first step is determining how far your off-campus student housing unit is from the actual campus - don't forget to include traffic as a factor. Aside from choosing an apartment close to campus, you also want to choose one that fits your personality best. -

Do you like to have parties? Would that bother your neighbors?


Do you prefer quiet nights and your neighbors and on the louder side?


Are the walls thick enough to block out noise from surrounding units?


Is there parking convenient to your unit? (We all want to have a great parking space)

Those are just a few things to consider when choosing where you will live off-campus.

A sample living room at Clemson Lofts - located in Clemson, SC.

The Safety Concerns of Off Campus Student Housing Other things you want to consider is the crime rate in the area, especially females - feeling safe in your home is the most important thing - you don’t want to feel the need to look over your shoulder when walking into your home. If the complex has a gate and that's a requirement for you, make sure it fully functioning and secure - college kids will find any way to get through an apartment complex's security gate.

Off-Campus Apartments The other thing to consider is the inevitable cost of the apartment. When you're determining what you'll be spending monthly, make sure to find out what amenities are included - the more the better, but don't push your luck, you have to pay for some stuff. If you've already chosen your housing unit and are worried about maintaining the costs of bills, there are plenty of sources out there that will teach you how to live on a budget. Living off campus is something that allows college students to learn how to take care of themselves and understand what goes into maintaining a home - because they'll be living on their own one day. It's better to adapt to living on your own before graduation, so finding a job isn't on top of adapting to living on your own.

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