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Melting Ice Causing Severe Water Damage After an excruciatingly long and cold winter, the ice is finally beginning to melt however, that is causing some serious water damage for many homes and serious stress for homeowners. During the winter, if you do not take precautions for preventing ice dams, your home will likely succumb to some roof damage which leads to leaking within your walls. One homeowner from Minnesota was interviewed by local news where she mentioned that she attempted to call five roofing companies, but only one would show up to her home to repair the damages. In the event that this occurs to any other homeowner it is imperative that you contact restoration contractors that offer 24-hour emergency services.

Preventative Measures For Ice Dams After the weird configuration of storm systems that occurred this winter, conditions went from an average winter to a below zero blizzard that lasted for an entire week. When the ice begins to melt on your roof and it begins to snow again, it creates a build up that is commonly known as an “ice dam,” and many contractors are saying that these are the worst ice dam conditions they have seen in the past three years.

While we all love admiring the icicles that form along gutters during the winter, what homeowners need to realize is that they shouldn’t be forming at all if your roof is properly maintained. When you look at those icicles and see the thick bump of ice they seem to be dripping from, all underneath that bump is water – and as it sits there, it seeps into the shingles of your roof and into your home. If you are looking towards preventing winter water damage, the easiest fix is

new insulation in your attic and wall cavities – this provides more warmth beneath the surface, keeping the snow melting off your roof as it should.

Ice Dam Removal Contractors in Minneapolis In the event that your home is in need of water damage restoration or ice dam removal services, please contact us at Allied Restoration where our restoration contractors can assist in repairing the damages today.

Melting ice causing severe water damage  
Melting ice causing severe water damage  

Melting Ice is causing severe water damage across many homes in the MN twin cities area.